This is my Dawn on the Dead FF. It's about my OC Jennifer McCondale - 16- and her little brother Timmy McConale. When there is no room left in Hell, the Dead walk the Earth. The zombies come in about the 4th paragraph! It starts out in her familes house! I do not own any thing except the plot, and characters. George A. Romero -aiiie!- owns it!

Jennifer's P.O.V.

Beep Beep! I rolled over, and smacked the off button on my cursed alarm blankets slid down as I sat up, revealing a black tank top. I pushed the covers off, and took my pj's off. I slid on a black and white stripped tank top, black shorts, a studded belt, combat boots, and a black lace choker. As I walked out, I threw my black hair with blue streaks in a ponytail.

When I came downstairs, my brother's Timmy and Carter were sitting down, eating pancakes. '' Hey, Jenny,'' Carter said. I glared at him, thinking some words that shall not be mentioned. Stupid older brothers. '' Mornin' Cart,'' I snapped, grabbing a plate of pancakes. He glared, and got up. I rolled my bright blue eyes. How flicked on the news, and I finished my pancakes. I made my way to the couch, which is where Carter was. The ditzy news caster, Celly, who Carter liked, was talking in her annyoing, high-pitched voice.

'' We have just got reports - Jeff is this right- of the dead returning to life, and feasting on the flesh of the living.'' She rolled her eyes, and continued,

'' You are recromended to stay in your applies to the state of Texas only - yet. Use your phones to call family, friends, but not armed forces, like cops, and those people. The most efficiant method to kill them is to shoot them in the head. Their bites are lethal, if you get bit, you get turned into could also decapitate them, just mess up the brain. This is crap, Jeff, there's no freakin' way the dead are returning to life. Get off the fricken' crack!''

Carter turned off the T.V., rolling his eyes. '' The dead returning to life,'' he muttered. '' Carter, we live in Texas,'' I said, laying a hand on his shoulder. He shook it off, just as a window busted. I yelped, and jumped off the couch. My hand - on isntinct- grabbed the phone, and dialed mom's number. Carter was wrestling with it, and it bit him on the neck. '' Carter,'' I screamed, holding the phone to my neck, and racing towards to Timmy, who was lying on the floor, crying. '' Pick up,'' I muttered, then I got voice mail. '' Shit,'' I said, and grabbed a butchers knife. I crept ( spelling?) around the corner, and almost threw up. Our neightbor, Mrs. Anderson, was currently devouring my brother, he had a vacant stare, and I ran forward, and plugned the knife into her skull. She fell down, and I threw the knife down, crying. Carter's eyes sharpened, and I gasped. ''No,no,no,no,no!'' I turned around, and grabbed Timmy from the kitchen' the phone, car keys to our van, and we ran out the door.