This story takes place after Urban Jungle and around year four at the quidditch world cup. AU Danny's Secret is revealed to his parents they accept him for who he is and as apology they decide to go to Greece for a vacation. Jazz, despite her parents obsession for ghosts is actually in compliance with this plan.

It was a few days since Danny had stopped undergrowth from taking over the globe. Tucker, through some odd incident was able to cut six lawns in order to raise 30,000 dollars which he decided to split between Sam, himself, and Danny. Meaning that they got 10 K each.

Mr. Lancer being the English literature lover that he was decided to have a little fun with his students. Danny could hear his speech in his head as he patrolled the town.


"Okay class" Mr. Lancer said after being annoyed by the class talking about their summer while he was trying to teach class. "Since everybody is enjoying talking about their crazy adventures they had over summer vacation I'll allow you all to have another crazy adventure".

The whole class cheered while Sam, Danny, and Tucker looked pale. Knowing Lancer who knew what he had up his sleeve.

"Your crazy adventure will entail" … he looked proud for once the class looked willing to do a fun assignment. But alas it was not to be. He continued "Reading Lewis Carol's 'Alice in Wonderland' and typing out a four page summary on the entire book."

Instantly everybody's hopes and dreams of a fun adventure shattered like china crystal. The three trio were most likely going to have nightmares, especially Danny. The book reminded him too much of his experience with Freakshow and the reality gauntlet.

End Flashback

"Well it can't be too hard you know" Tucker said trying to lighten the mood. "Disney did make an animated movie loosely based on it remember?" "Tucker I hated that movie" Sam retorted "Now that you brought that up I may have to watch it AGAIN."

"While I may have seen the thing Tuck all of these new ghost attacks combined with this assignment, I'll have a hard time keeping my head straight." "Hopefully Dash won't take his anger out on him.

"FENTINA!" A voice suddenly yelled.

Danny facepalmed himself. "Speak of the devil". He said as Dash to his predictions stuffed Danny into a locker.

"You might want to read ahead a little bit this time during your break man". Tucker if I can I will. Danny thought mentally the ghost attacks left him little time for a real break and the Box ghost and Skulker didn't help.

Immediately he gotten started on reading thankfully he spent almost an hour total the whole day with no ghost attacks. "I must be lucky today and I am almost done." 'this is a first.'

His ghost sense went off later after school where he encountered Skulker shooting a missile at him. Danny quickly evaded that thing and dove straight into an alley.

"I'm going ghost" he cried as the rings transformed him from Danny Fenton to Danny Phantom. "Skulker I am really not in the mood to be fighting you today. School work needs to get done you know." The hunter was relentless.

"Don't think so whelp, I will have your pelt at the foot of my bed". "Seriously dude. Eeww."

The fight lasted for several hours into the evening till Danny was tired not only from avoiding Skulkers attacks which he gotten hit a few times but he was trying to get property damage as minimal as possible.

Fed up and exhausted he decided to end this. Something happened as he thought about being right in front of the hunter and the next thing he knew he was there. 'Teleportation already? He smiled to himself. Quickly getting up close to the hunter and charging his hand up in ecto energy he proclaimed to Skulker: "As the red queen would say when she was angry 'OFF WITH YOUR HEAD' he used his hand to slice off a surprised Skulker's head off his body where the rest of it fell into a dumpster.

"You idiot do you know how long that's going to take to clean"? "No but tell Ember I said Hi will ya?" He threw the little green blob into one direction and kicked the head to another section of the town.

"That ought to give me a few hours". He slapped himself "Why didn't I think of that before."

Flying back to his home in exhaustion he thought to himself 'I need to give myself some time away from the books.'

He flew home from an exhausting dual in his latest battle against Skulker. Walking into the door he forgot to change back into Danny Fenton when the alarms in the house went off. His parents were quick to react to the alarm saying there was a ghost in the living room. Desperate Danny tried changing back to Fenton, but he only got halfway before he realized that his parents witnessed the rest of the shift. Frightened he ran up to his room and locked the door. Distraught, he threw himself onto the bed, thinking to himself that it was all over for him.

Down in the living room, his parents were dumbfounded once they learned that their son and the ghost child were one in the same. "Jack, did you see…?" "I can't believe he, he, he was Phantom?" "How could we have been so stupid?"

They sat on the couch wondering how they were going to get through this for several minutes till Jazz came home when she noticed the alarms and her parents faces. Knowing that it didn't look like anything good she approached them cautiously.

"Mom, Dad, is everything okay?"

"Jazzie, you might want to sit down for a little bit." Her dad advised her. Curiosity got the better of her. "Why haven't the alarms been reset?"

She didn't really care much about the equipment but she did know how much pride that her parents took in with their inventions. "Jazz," her mother started crying "your brother…" Fear filled Jazz's face, as she knew how enthusiastic that they were about Danny's ghost half.

"Where's Danny"? she cried. "In his room, Jazz he and Phantom were…" She couldn't bring herself to say it. "and we, we kept" she was suddenly sobbing uncontrollably.

"You kept hunting him even though he was Phantom this whole time. Now you know why he never told you." She sat down next to her parents in order to sort some things out. "You know very well that while it may be our secret as in danny's sam, tucker and my secret, basically its his secret all on his own." "He only tells those who he feels that he can trust." "During the time you guys hunted ghosts he only wanted to try to have as much of a normal life as he could. However, because of the constant ghost attacks that has been severely difficult for him to do. As such his grades had been slipping because they also showed up at school and in the evening!"

"If only we knew about this sooner." Jack moaned. Then his face lit up, in turn Jazz raised an eyebrow.

"Jazz we need to talk to Danny. You think he's still in his room Mads?"

Jazz shook her head. "Generally if he's upset or tired he'll go for a flight, but you'll be lucky if he is still in his room."

They both checked his room first and to their surprise he was still there. "What now he mumbled to himself but his mom heard it. To tell the truth even she was having trouble in figuring out what to say. So she took a deep breath and spoke to him. "Danny can we talk?" That is if its alright to you".

"Whats there to talk about you know everything don't you." His father was the one to reply this time. "No son we don't know everything but after that attack by that plant ghost earlier this week, we want to at least give you a chance to explain after all you did save all of our lives."

Danny half heartedly looked at them. "What do want to know?" "How did this happen?" was the main question that his mother had asked. He divulged everything that he remembered regarding the accident and then his friends and sisters roll in ghost fighting. He neglected to inform them about Vlad. Whether or not they wanted to know about him or not would have been too much for them to handle. Of all the things that were painful for him to mention, the one that hurt the most was how he never wanted anybody else to get hurt which was why he mainly fought alone. Letting his parents know would have a lot of ghosts attack them no matter what kind of experience they had.

"Danny," his mother began "Nothing we can do at one time can absolve everything that we have done to you in the past year." "Your mothers right son, you think it might be alright for the school to let you and Jazz off for a week? I know its during school year and all but you need to recooperate". "Jazz would you come up here please."

His sister walked through the door where she joined in the conversation. She thought that it would be a good idea to take a break from all this ghost hunting for a while.

He decided that he would ask Frostbite if he could borrow the infimap. He thought out loud when he said this.

His parents and Jazz asked about the infimap which intriqued them all, however Jazz advised her brother to get schoolwork for a week and then make preparations to leave.

Getting permission from the principal was difficult considering Danny's record but after a little bribery with the money they gave them, Danny and Jazz were free for a while. However, she warned him of the absentee days that Danny was allowed no more than seven otherwise he would have to repeat the year he was in.

They used some of the money to get express passports and Danny got the infimap from Frostbite to prepare for their trip. Frostbite was a bit hesitant on the maps current use but when Danny told him the story regarding the revealing of his secret to his parents the leader of the Far frozen understood.

At Danny's advice, his father locked the portal and put a shield around the house so that intangibility wouldn't work and neither would breaking in as the weapons defense system would be rigged to activate upon entry. Taking a look at the map Danny asked his parents where would be best place to go.

Jack said that he wanted to go to a place near his relatives in America, but Maddie reminded him this was Danny's trip. She advised Athens Greece as Danny was indeed a fighter who brought people together in order to accomplish a goal. This was similar to the Olympic games which originated in Athens and to today people from all over the world participate in the Olympics.

After some thinking Danny eventually agreed. He took a look at the map again and informed his parents that the quickest way there involved stopping at two locations near the capital of Europe near an airport and the second being the middle of nowhere in Europe which would give them almost a full day before they had to get to the portal that would lead to Greece.

Packing a few more materials he and the rest of his family got ready to leave for Europe as their first stop. What they didn't know was that something was going on there at that time, something similar to the Olympics, and something that they were not supposed to see….

At the Burrow, a group of people that most would consider challenged (and not the physical type) were attempting to get ready to attend a special event. One that only came every few years. These people referred to themselves as wizards.

Red head teens were berating their brother about the time he spent working "Geez Perce, couldn't you at least lighten up a bit, I know you have that cauldron essay but…" "At least take some time to enjoy your favorite sport" the other added in a taunting manner.

The Weaselys and a couple of their youngest son's friends were getting ready to attend the Quidditch World Cup. A sporting event played by witches and wizards. "Fred George, I need to get this thing turned into my employer Mr. Crouch by the beginning of next week. So I would appreciate it if you at least calmed down all of you and let me work!"

Outside Bill the eldest son was battling with Charlie using old wooden tables for their own fun. Bill mentally scoffed at his sibling's remark to his younger brother's remark to his siblings 'recluse much mate' he thought.

Later that evening the whole family along with famous fourteen year old wizard Harry Potter and close friend Hermione Granger were discussing the outcome of what the World cup might be.

Percy on the other hand had little taste for athletic sporting events. As he and his father were currently on speaking terms regarding Ludo Bagman and Barty crouch.

Arthur weasely was involved in a discussion on how the security of the cup should be held. While Percy admitted that the location was safe from muggle eyes he didn't exactly trust Ludo Bagman who was once one of the best players for Britain. He was more interested in the hype for the sporting events themselves rather than the security of them.

The following morning the group had to wake up early in order to walk to their destination so that they could make their way to the Portkey that would take them to the destination of the world cup. Some of the group were complaining because the eldest three sons could apparate to the World Cup.

"Mom why can't you side alongside apparate us? From what I hear dad say 'some muggles actually let their children drive before their legally allowed just to get experience'. So can we"?

Mrs. Weasely gave her son a stern look before answering him. Ronald Weasely just because muggles do it doesn't mean that we have to. Besides I will not risk my children become splinched on their first experience.

Ron heavily complied as he and the rest of the trio trudged up stoatshead hill in pure exhaustion. Harry despite only recently learning what apparition was was more than willing to give it a shot just so as to get there quickly and go back to sleep.

"Mrs. Weasely whats the legal to test for apparition"? The woman turned a slight hint of red as she narrowed her eyes to look at Harry. "The legal age is sixteen or seventeen I'm sure. And don't get any ideas Fred and George Weasely. Ron that same thing goes for you and Harry".

Once they reached the top of the hill they met Amos Diggory and his son Cedric. "Mr. Weasely what a pleasure to see you and is that?.." 'Harry Potter' he mouthed. Cedric not to mention Harry were embarrassed to be referred to in such a manner when Amos brought up last years quidditch event of his own son competing with Harry and winning.

"Mr. Diggory are you really sure that's necessary?" Mr. Weasely hated it whenever people try to rub achievements in other people's faces.

"Sorry Arthur but its interesting to hear my son beat the boy who defeated you-know-who!" The twins interrupted before things got out of control. "well this reunion is touching and everything but should't we all you know get to the World Cup before their completely filled up and everything." They both asked.

"Your right" Cedric said and Mr. Diggory gestured to everyone to touch the portkey an old boot.

Harry who never experienced a Portkey in his life did as he was told and touched the old thing at the same time as everyone else. Instantly a suction around his waist grappled him. He felt as if all the air was being drained out of him. When he touched the ground he caught his surroundings as people were being issued into tents and Arthur gestured him and his family to their assigned tent. Harry being felt downtrodden walked into the tent where he suddenly stood in awe as to the interior expansion of the tent accomidating all the people inside. " Oh man how I enjoy magic" he said in awe.

"Are you how do they say it Harry 'Ready to get this party started' Hermione asked him.

"You have know idea" he answered her in satisfaction.

After getting the Specter Speeder ready Danny made calls to his friends and informed them of the news. They were a little bit surprised at first of the events that occurred that night but shrugged it off as if it didn't mean much.

"What's going to happen about the ghosts Danny? You know we won't be able to handle them all the time." Sam asked him with concern.

"Sam worry, I'll give you all a couple of thermoses to capture the ghosts and some weapons to fight them with hopefully no strong ones will appear. And if you need me to fight call me I'll be there as quickly as I can be."

Tuckers eyes widened in surprise. "Dude have you really mastered that power already?"

Danny looked at his friend as he mentally scoffed "no Tucker it appeared around my fight with skulker yesterday. So I'll practice with it a bit. Okay"?

Sam his closest friend grabbed his hand and gently asked "Danny please keep safe okay?" Danny smiled

"I don't want to end up doing both my essay and yours you know." He laughed at this.

After a while he and his family were ready to go. In the afternoon, they got into the specter speeder and flew through a natural portal outside of town where they would end up near the airport in Great Britain. Danny and his parents quickly went into the American Embassy there to get their passports stamped. Their next location in Europe was a spot located in the middle of nowhere. Due to the time difference it was well into the evening. They debated on taking a little hike to try and get some exercise and stake out there till the portal to Greece opened up.

Getting out of the Speeder Danny went ghost and flew up into the trees where he saw a bunch of people getting around an incredibly large stadium in the distance. Thinking to himself that he would maybe check that out later he flew back down to his family to help set up a cookout.

(A/N) there will be another couple of chapters depending on the reviews I get and for the record urban jungle takes place around august from what I gather and school already started same as the world cup. However the schools in Europe don't start till September.