To say that he was pissed at the guy was an understatement in the very least. Sure he may have abused his powers to an extent when he was just starting out with them, but never to the point of actually physically hurting people. Only thing close to that was overshadowing others. Still…

When he grabbed the white ferret and the wand, he vanished in a wisp of green mist.

Trying to figure out what the best course of action would be he would go to another instructor in order to have it reversed but who could he trust? Who could do the same thing what was the guy's name, Moody do but in the reverse.

Transforming people into different things was more desiree's power, but what were the subjects in the school?

Astronomy, which was analyzing planets and stars, Care of Magical Creatures which he hadn't seen yet but assumed what it was and wasn't what he needed, potions, the guy used a stick so that was ruled out, charms well it was a shot but it didn't sound like something in that field so that only left transfiguration.

Stopping for a moment to get his bearings , he remembered where McGonagall's office was. Flying through the halls may not have saved some time but he needed to keep a cool head and not make this kid in his hand overreact to going through walls and floors his first time while in this form.

Finding the transfiguration office wasn't that difficult considering that he had been shown around earlier that morning. Luckily for him, Professor McGonagall was in.

"Well this is a surprise, I didn't expect to be visited already".

"I wish this was a bit of a social talk, unfortunately that isn't the case right now. There's a bit of a situation that I think requires your attention."

One of the professor's eyebrows rose a bit.


Danny set the ferret down on the desk. "One of the other students I believe, blonde hair, gelled back, hazel eyes?"

Her face took a look of shock, as she pointed her wand at the twitching ferret on her table. A second later, instead of the rodent, there was Draco Malfoy. The child jerked his head side to side as if expecting an attack then ran like his life depended on it. It wasn't really that far off considering the DADA professor was toying with him too much.

"What happened"

He relayed to her what he had seen from above after seeing the professor toy with Draco. Afterwards he disarmed the man and presented her with his wand. She was a little disturbed when he attacked another professor, but when presented with the accused individuals wand, her new opinion spoke volumes especially if she saw what the dangers of using a transfiguration spell on a student would bring.

"I appreciate your actions for helping another student but you have to know that there might be a complaint filed by Moody himself."

"Well then, if he intends to slander those actions, he will need to answer for his own. It would only be fair after all, treating something a student in that manner would bring a lot of fire to your school, retired magical law keeper or not."

Minerva nodded. There was something else of course …"Why did his actions bother you so much" He might be older than a regular teen but he still acted like a kid it might bring a few things to light.

His experience spoke for itself. Catching his breath he decided to at least give the professor a taste of what some ghosts could do.

"At one point in time I came across another person who had their body transformed by a third party. To something that gave him powers like my own, the downside was that due to his inability to control his jealousy, the powers started to corrode his humanity. If it was left unchecked for a predetermined time span, the power she gave to him would have made his transformation …. permanent."

She could feel the blood starting to drain from her face at the description of the story. "Who was this third party?"

"Are you familiar with what nonmagicals call 'genies'?"

The more technical term was called djinn, but she acknowledged it so far.

"One of the spirits back home had the power to grant wishes to people, however any wish granted always came out differently than intended and she is not limited to just one master."

That … got her scared. If no single person was limited in the amount of wishes granted…. The damage could not even be described. And this was just one of the spirits he knew?

"Than…Thank you for that piece of information."

"You're welcome, Professor."

"Just to be clear, wizarding law keepers are called aurors."

Danny understood that bit and thought to keep it in memory for future reference. And he vanished.

True to her predictions, Alastor did indeed issue a complaint not only for a spirit attacking a professor, but also to have stolen his wand. Albus would have reprimanded Minerva brought up the fact that Moody had indeed used transfiguration to punish Mr. Malfoy if he wanted to put it that way.

Of course she had to give the spirit points for expressing his acceptable morals without harming people, something she had a feeling many other aurors especially Madame Bones could understand.

That decision was questioned when Moody brought up the point where the spirit tried to kill him with the killing curse from his eyes and was willing to provide a memory of the attack.

Albus and Minerva both watched the events unfold.

It's true that the attack used looked like the killing curse but to Albus at the same time it wasn't. The killing curse didn't use much physical force from what he remembered and it also required contact with the skin to take effect. The fact wasn't lost that while the attack was green and somewhat touched the skin, he was left unharmed.

This left him torn on rebuking the guest spirit for attacking a teacher or to reprimand his old friend for his actions towards the students. He did not want a feud between these two the entire year not another harry grudge towards snape and vice versa.

Not even a week in this school, and Danny was already having a lot of the good morals he knew being challenged. Sure there a bunch of people who could sympathize with some of those morals.

Getting a small supper since he wasn't someone who ate a heavy meal often at night, he had decided to look over the books.

Heading off to the common room he decided to get some reading in when he realized that while reading up on the magical material, when he realized that in order to fully understand the basics he would need to read through all the years that they have studied when an idea came to him.

Duplicates! It was so simple, the duplicates could transfer small bits of information but could obtain the complete set once he reabsorbed them. But, he didn't have unlimited amounts of energy let alone the power to spare in a couple of weeks. He would need to bide his time on when he could do that. Danny still needed to make a few rounds around the school every now and then. Tonight wasn't the night to start on practice.

Well, he could always look through the astronomy, history, arithmancy, and magical creature books. So he decided to get started on them after he spoke with his friends back home.

Unfortunately he wasn't going to get a relaxing evening like he wanted.

Back down in the common room, most of the lions were chatting up a storm. Ronald Weasley, youngest son of the Weasley clan always loathed Draco for lording his fortune above his family. Of course seeing the Malfoy heir getting turned into a ferret was a good way for him to see him get what was coming to him in his eyes.

"Harry, Hermione, please don't speak to me for a little while I try to fix that moment into my memory for life."

"What are you talking about Ronald?"

"Draco Malfoy the amazing bouncing ferret." Ronald and Harry got a bit of a laugh out of it. Hermione didn't seem to find it too funny.

"You know that Moody could have really hurt Malfoy like that. I'm just glad that the new guard the school hired was able to stop it."

Ron just looked at her as if she had said the most incredulous thing. "Hermione what are you talking about, Malfoy had it coming to him. So what, if he helped him, I applaud Moody for his decision in teaching him a lesson."

The room temperature suddenly took a nosedive; about thirty to forty degrees give or take.

"So you applaud an instructor who casts magic on a student and then nearly kills said student? Am I hearing that correctly?"

The voice came from Danny himself. The entire Weasley family who had been enjoying the humiliation of Malfoy in one moment were suddenly scared of the newcomer. His eyes looked as cold as ice and it seemed to be generating the power in and of themselves.

"Oh come on new guy, the jerk had it coming to him for a while now."

"Whether or not that guy deserved a kind of punishment from anybody for anything that they did wrong, that professor put him into a form that could have killed him with his own actions, and by the way you say it, it didn't sound like your professor was going to stop anytime soon."

Ron's eyes narrowed at the American student. "What makes you think that way, you sound as if you were there."

Danny's breath caught into his throat as he realized he almost gave himself away that time. Thinking fast he had to come up with a reasonable answer.

"Look, there are people in this world who enjoy torturing others for prolonged periods of time, and I have seen and heard my fair share of people who enjoy torturing others for short periods of time. Whether it was at school, or you read about it in the paper."

Technically it was true, he himself was tortured by Vlad, and there are cases where bullies in high school tended to go overboard.

"They have stuff like that in muggle papers?" Danny face-palmed at this. Honestly, these people need to get a grip that the entire world doesn't revolve around one person's curiosity or their opinion.

'I am starting to wonder about people and their common sense here.' "You'd be surprised how far some people will take their grudge. Even so far as to killing the victim or driving them to suicide."

Harry thought about it and yes it was true. While there were instances like that outside Hogwarts, there were no instances like that inside.

"Guess that house rivalries do tend to get out of hand." Harry resigned in admittance.

Danny frowned at that. So they get at each other's throats over the issues of house points and rivalries. While it may be a good plan to try and have people further their efforts in school, the students didn't need to assault other people just for the sake of house points. The concept just seemed too ludicrous.

"What's with this Moody character anyway? One would think even adults would have been a better example and role model to people."

"How dare you talk about Moody like that!" Ron pretty much shouted at him. "The man is a legend amongst the aurors and a veteran from the last war, seen and fought creatures not seen by muggles."

Danny looked at him with a straight face. "A veteran magician who transforms people into animals and then tortures them to a point where their life is on the line like a sick twisted maniac? Are you telling me that is the kind of role model that you want to have? So far, I am not liking magical Britain."

Harry and Hermione looked a bit downcast. Ron couldn't see it but Danny was right in a sense. Actions do speak louder than words and Moody's actions towards newcomers even first year muggle-borns would have definitely been a bit of a negative light on the school , let alone magical Britain.

Danny took a few breaths at that. He shouldn't have acted out like that. Now it would be a bit harder for him to fit in… somewhat.

"Look I am sorry for lashing out like that, but this … everything feels foreign to me and I am not talking about just the nationality."

"Since we're on the topic of nationality, why don't you tell us a little bit about him then. You seem to have been lecturing us about our methods why don't you tell us about his flaws and views." Hermione asked him

Danny considered his words carefully as he was not only going to be describing his ego but himself as well. Opening his mouth he spoke. "As long as I have seen him around my town and seen him in action, he tends to be a little arrogant, cocky, but yet he does mean well. He hasn't really used his powers to harm humans and even if that were true it's not to a severe degree or at all. True some other ghostly entities get a bit of a bashing, but as far as I could tell he never wiped them out, as I have seen some of them come back either for unfinished business, a fight, or have a personal vendetta against him for the former two of the three."

He hated speaking negatively about himself but if he was going to be somewhat honest with them he had to start somewhere.

"So what you are saying is that they could be hurt?" a round faced boy asked.

"Hurt, tortured, dissected…. even skinned". He added. Those facts always grossed him out. True to thought, some people seemed grossed out at the concept. One of the other students looked ready to lose their dinner. "Just because there are people like that doesn't mean that everyone is like it."

Hermione decided to change the subject before things took a wrong turn. "Could you explain something to us though? The ghosts that we see around here are usually incorporeal. The actions you described these spirits perform are those of which should be impossible for ghosts like Peeves the poltergeist to even perform so how is that possible?"

Taking a few seconds to decide how to answer her with a logical solution, when Hermione didn't think she was going to receive an answer he admitted that he wasn't an expert on the ways of the supernatural but from what he could see with the spirits that roamed the castle, that they contained lower levels of ectoplasm; which were what the ghosts were made of, than ghosts he had seen. This seemed to satisfy Hermione somewhat but somewhat also meant that she had never been in contact with a large portion of ectoplasm other than the ghosts here.

After that they just let the subject drop,

Danny decided to leave and take a little stroll around the castle at least to clear his mind. It always helped in some cases. Too bad for him he wasn't about to get some rest quite yet.


Peeves the Poltergeist, if he remembered correctly. "I'm not the one to look for trouble as for me its generally the other way around."

Peeves blew a raspberry at Danny "Whatever, I may not be able to torment you too much, but I had better get it while I can. SUCKER!" He proclaimed as he chucked some balloons filled with paint at the teen, surprising him.

"What the…" as paint of different colors had splattered on his clothes. "Seriously, this the best you got?" he asked as he phased all the wet paint off him as easily as it had been water.

Danny's eyes flashed blue as he shot some ice towards the poltergeist, pinning him to the wall.


Danny smirked as he looked at the guy. "Only if you can break out of there or the ice breaks or melts, the latter, won't happen for awhile or unless I let it melt."

"Then would you mind letting it melt please?"

Danny turned and didn't see anybody. "Oh I'm sorry I haven't had the chance to speak to you in person, Mr. Phantom." Looking down Danny saw a diminutive looking man with graying white hair.

Tilting his head to the side in confusion Danny still smiled. "Well I haven't exactly spoken to all the staff up close myself either."

"Filius Flitwick, Professor of Charms."

"I would introduce myself but the headmaster already did that I think at the starting dinner last night right?

"Indeed, he did he did." His face lost a bit of the smile. "That's one of the reasons I came to look for you. Do you think you could follow me please? Headmaster Dumbledore requested your presence in a meeting."

This interested Danny a bit. "A meeting of what? There are only a few things to think of and I really would rather not jump to conclusions."

" Professor Moody has reason to believe you attacked him with lethal means."

Danny sputtered a bit. Lethal means! He may have been a somewhat average student but he knew what that word meant. 'The guy thought I was trying to kill him? Even I have never tried killing anybody.'

Student/half ghost & instructor were at the office in a few minutes. Of course Danny was a bit surprised with the entrance to the Headmaster's office, especially since it was a gargoyle and his choice of a password. 'Well to each his own' as the saying goes.

The office was occupied by what appeared to be the four heads of house, Snape included along with what appeared to be a plump woman wearing some form of green gown with plants. Danny knew Sam had a bit of a green thumb but that was taking it a little too far. In her opinion, it would have been tacky, and he would have agreed with her anyway.

He had an idea on why he was here as he noticed Moody in the corner sizing him up. That eye was really starting to creep him out maybe even annoy him.

"Looks like everyone's at the table and we can get started. Mr. Phantom do you happen to know why you were asked to come here? "

"By the way that he is here behind me sizing me up with that eye of his I have a good guess." Danny answered the headmaster.

Albus didn't expect to be having this kind of meeting so early in the term. Especially with a foreign guest. But he needed to take into consideration the safety of others especially the teachers.

"Earlier today Alastor Moody had claimed that he was trying to teach a student some manners in discipline. Of course his methods may have been questionable with said student's well being."

'Draco Malfoy'

The Headmaster continued: "While he was administering some of his own points in discipline, according to him you attacked him with what is considered to be a show of lethal power."

Danny's eyes rose a bit. "And what would be your definition of lethal, from my understanding, it isn't the power that's dangerous but the way that it is used. Am I not correct? After all I saw a bunch of witches and wizards use their powers on others by placing them in danger near flames after that game of yours over the summer. Wouldn't that count as lethal, Mr. Dumbledore."

The staff couldn't fault logic there, as there were many cases of people who used spells other than the unforgivable to harm muggles. There was still the matter at hand that needed addressing. "Be that as it may we still need to know what you shot at Alastor, regardless of it disarming him."

"I don't see how it would benefit you as you wouldn't really understand it seeing as how you tend to disagree with the existence of different kinds of ghosts. Get my drift."

Minerva pinched the bridge of her nose as she knew that wouldn't get them anywhere.

"The attack that you saw was a type of attack by my type of ghost called ecto-rays, basically it is a beam consisting of psychic energy and ectoplasm, depending on how much power we put into it, the bigger it is the more powerful. The brighter it is, the more concentrated. The more powerful ones usually leave something similar to a scorch mark. It wasn't that powerful if it was described to you as I believe that it was."

Dumbledore and Severus were beginning to see some logic of it. But it left a few questions still unanswered. "Any particular reason that your attack was green?"

Danny turned to Snape "May I ask why? It is the general type of attack for most ghosts I know of. They only come in five colors. Mine being green is the weakest and the most common."

Dumbledore's eyes widened at this piece of information. Weakest and most common? "Just how many colors are there?"

He didn't think that this piece of information would be very harmful but better to let them know than find out the hard way.

"In ascending order, at the bottom you have the most common; neon green which is my own general color. Above that you have what is a combination of magneta-pink which is in the middle. The level above that is Navy Blue. Second to most powerful is royal violet."

"Let me guess sonny, the most power type color is golden yellow."

Danny narrowed his eyes at the ex auror. "Wrong there old timer, shows how much you truly know. The most powerful color which I have only seen once, was crimson red."

(Think Plasmius, Fright Knight, Frostbite, Pariah)

It was silent to the point you could hear a pin drop. Not the kind of reaction he was looking for.

Snape groaned as he knew it would be best to break ice now rather than later. "I take it the ghosts you are aware of don't know of the wizarding community."

"To the best of my knowledge they don't."

"There are three curses that are highly forbidden. Using one on a single person is a one way ticket to Azkaban the wizarding prison. The first two don't leave any traces of light to follow. They are called the Imperius Curse and the Cruciatus Curse. The former allows one to control the actions and the mind of the victim it is cast on. The latter causes extreme pain like they are having hot knives driven all over their skin."

Danny winced at the mention of the second curse, sounded too much like being electrocuted by skulker's traps or vlad's devices. He has had enough experience being controlled by freakshow to last him a lifetime.

"What about the last one, you mentioned three."

Minerva knew this one was probably haunt him. "The last one is known as the Killing curse, and it is generally identified by a green light being shot from a wand. Usually the curse leaves no physical mark on contact and contact on any place of the body will do."

"Wait Wait a minute you are telling me.., that everyone is panicking just because I disarmed someone with a technique that has green light? Is that what you are telling me?"

"Unfortunately, is there anything else that uses green light. It makes people very uneasy."

"Considering the extreme culture shock, its not really a surprise. Some ghosts can make a construct of sorts that is made out their energy or an explosive sphere. Those are the only ones I can think of. The latter takes a lot more focus and concentration."

"Constructs?" Flitwick asked, not familiar with the term.

"Basically it is a manipulation of a ghosts energy into a object of their choosing which they can use as a tool or a weapon, swords, shield, armor, you name it, the less concentration the more flexible, like a rope." As he concentrated ice into his hands as he focused ice into his hands to create a sword. Making everyone's eyes go wide at the demonstration. "You can hold it, its actually real." He said as he handed the sword to Flitwick. The Professors eyes nearly burst out of his sockets as he held the blade. It actually was real! The hilt was big enough for him to hold and the blade of the sword looked like it could actually cut. This is something he could only dream of doing, heck most wizards and witches would be coming to learn to do this. Albus could see that his old friend was having trouble in forming words.

"You never told us you had ice though."
"I used it back at your game over the summer to put out the fires." He dryly reminded them.

"Some ghosts have an elemental core. For some it might be electricity or fire. For me it's ice. Its just easier to make constructs like that out of ice for some reason. That will melt after a little while, its not permanent."

Albus looked at his staff. "What do you all make of this?"

Flitwick decided to voice his concern first. "Albus, I may not be able to find anything wrong about him other than what he admitted was culture shock and difference in race. I'm not an expert on ghosts, but I am sure that the ones we are familiar with are not able to perform those techniques. Let alone create what I am holding in my hand here." He claimed as he brandished the sword.

Pamona spoke next. "Despite his nature, he didn't particularly attack anybody physically in the memory. Disarm your DADA instructor, but nothing serious."

Minerva continued, "At least he took the student's safety into consideration. If he wanted to, he could have hurt everyone else with his power, but he didn't. I will admit Draco Malfoy's actions were rash. Of course considering his history in the school, I figured something like that would happen sooner or later."

Snape went next. "Albus I would have to agree with Finius to a degree. On the day of the welcome feast, Draco came to me asking to get rid of some rotten food he found on the train. The food was just a bunch of sausages.-"

The staff caught Dumbledore's chuckle before he covered it up.

"These sausages wouldn't have been regular franks with green eyes and sharp teeth would they?"

Everyone stared at the headmaster like he lost his mind. Till Snape sputtered at him. "That's correct how did you know?" He may have been an occlumens, but how could Dumbledore know that?

"When Barty, Arthur, Amos, and I went to America, Barty and Amos had the idea to go in themselves to meet the Fentons first. And got chased out by the same things. I tried to banish them, of course. To my surprise they were unaffected by the vanishing charm."

"Yes Draco pointed them out to me as I tried vanishing them. After cutting one of them open… oh don't give me that look it was only sausage, I found out that the sausage was infused with a large amount of concentrated ectoplasm."

McGonagall raised an eyebrow at that. "As far as I know we usually come across ectoplasm in our line of work and it is usually concentrated."

Snape shook his head. "Minerva, Mr. Fenton was reported to have given that to Draco. The amount of ectoplasm in that piece of garbage was enough to make the amounts we come across seem diluted."

"Diluted, you mean…weaker? Surely it can't be that much of a difference Severus."

"Believe me Minerva, it is. If our friend is from a place where the ghosts are more powerful, then we need to keep a better eye out in case something else comes up. We need to understand what we are dealing with." Snape added as he finished.

Moody decided to step in. "All opinions aside, we can't just let it go."

Albus decided to end the meeting. "Overall, I think due to the types of powers mentioned between ours and his there are differences and similarities. A warning is all that I think will suffice for now. That sound fair with everyone?"

That sounded fair to everyone except Moody, who decided to let it drop for the time being.

Danny decided to speak up. "Well if that is everything, is it alright for me to leave?"

Albus nodded. "You may."

Several minutes later, Danny was back in the common room, in his human form. He decided to try and read up on Care of Magical Creatures as he had the class the next day.

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