Journal of Guard Laewe in the Winter of the Long Icicles

Escape from Lockhaven

My second day in Lockhaven, although I had not acted myself, was, nevertheless, still enjoyable. The third day was anything but. So far had I managed to avoid mice that might have recognized me, but Gwendolyn wanted to see her newest guest and in the morning, was waiting at the door to greet me. I put on my cheeriest smile and thanked her for her hospitality (that sentiment, at least, was genuine) and chattered about how exciting Lockhaven was and how I wished I could be here in the summer for I hear it's ever so much more beautiful then . . . and on . . . and on. She seemed slightly put off by my demeanor as if the mouse she thought she recognized was not prone to the behavior said mouse was exhibiting (she was right). Every time I thought she might be getting closer to the truth I asked her a question or some other such thing to lead her astray and break her train of thought. I believe it worked. She eventually bade me farewell citing her duties and that was that. Eternally I heaved a sigh of relief. Now that I had my information, I needed to get out - before someone did put two and two together. That required another excuse. Why would a mouse want to leave safety, without a patrol, when her home was overrun by predators and a patrol was soon to be leaving for her home (if she didn't care about the predators)? In the end I simply snuck out through a tunnel that I gambled wouldn't have a guard. I was right, fortunately. I wasn't sure how well known the tunnel had become since I had used it in my youth.

Tonight I have stopped short of my goal (Rootwallow). I wish not to be discovered; by the birds ... or by the mice.