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Title: Restoring Balance
: Tsukino Usagi, Luna, Mizuno Ami, Aino Minako, Hino Rei, Chiba Mamoru, Kino Makoto, Tomoe Hotaru, Meioh Setsuna, Tenoh Haruka, Kaioh Michiru, Artemis, Willow and Heather Gale, Grace Fables, and Analee Michels
: mentions of Usagi/Mamoru, Usagi/Ami
: M
: 1
Words for the piece:
: AU, shojo-ai, violence, swearing, OCs, and the standard whatever else this demented author thinks up.
: Usagi wanted Mamoru more than anything, but he left to stay in the US. Usagi wasn't going to give up that easily and was going to prove that she was right for Mamoru. Yet, while her plan doesn't work the way she wanted, she gets dragged into a fight with four mysterious new senshi and has to learn that some things are more important and so are some people.
: This started out as a what if Mamoru stayed in the US after Stars and Usagi became determined to impress him by doing well in school fic. It then morphed into this one with some senshi I created years ago. SO, we'll see how the ride goes.
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Chapter 1

A girl with blonde hair collapsed onto one of the beds that was in her new dorm. She wasn't alone in the room, as she was starting this university with one of her best friends. She made a noise and played with one of the pigtail that was hanging from the ball shaped hair that it came out of. The other girl looked over at her and took notice of the girl's exhausted state. This girl had blue hair that was shaped into a bob cut. She tilted her head at the blonde haired girl. She sat down on her own bed.

She watched her friend for a few more moments. She then decided that it was time to quit their period of silence. ~Are you really fine with being on the west coast of the United States, Usagi-chan?~ The blonde haired girl turned her head towards her friend at the use of her name. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. She then yawned. She made a noise and thought about what the other girl had asked.

She made a noise after the thought had had enough time to get through her mind. ~I'm fine with it. After all, I put in a lot of work to get here. I wanted to prove Mamo-chan wrong. I wanted to show him that I'm not the idiot that he thinks I am. However, the work I've done isn't enough to completely erase my past laziness. I accept that, Ami-chan.~ She sighed and brushed her bangs back. She obviously didn't want to think about it. She then gave Ami a smile. ~Besides, I've got you here with me, Ami-chan.~ Ami came over to her and touched the girl's shoulder. Usagi took her hand and smiled at her friend. Ami sat on the mattress next to Usagi and hugged her. Usagi returned the hug. ~We should check out the campus. I don't think that it will be like the one back home.~ Ami nodded and stood up. Usagi stood as well. They walked out of their room.

The duo made their way out of the dorm and walked around campus. They took in the sites of the place that they were to stay at for the next year. Yet, it didn't take long for them to run into some other people. Two girls bumped into them. They looked at the girls. One of the girls had black hair that fell to just past her shoulders, though she also had a braid that was bright red to the left side of her face. That braid fell to mid-chest. The other girl's hair was as white as untouched snow, but it was tainted by the lilac coloured bangs that she sported. The two had the same sharp features that told anyone that they were related. The girl with the black hair scowled at Ami and Usagi, but the look disappeared when she received an elbow to the stomach from the other girl. Ami looked at them and gathered her thoughts. "I'm sorry."

The black haired girl went to say something, but she received yet another elbow to the abdomen. The white haired girl smiled. "It's all right." She gave the other girl a look. The other girl rolled her eyes at the first.

The black-haired girl huffed and crossed her arms for a moment. "You know, Willow, you shouldn't treat me as if I'm going to continually snap at people. I am capable of being a kind person." She looked away from Willow. Willow shook her head and gave Ami and Usagi an apologetic look. She was obviously used to such behaviour from the other girl.

Willow brushed some hair over her shoulder. "I'm just making sure that you don't insult the exchange students, Heather." The duo glared at each other for a bit longer and walked away from Ami and Usagi rather suddenly.

Usagi blinked and looked at Ami. ~They're a bit unusual.~ Ami nodded and the two of them walked off to get something that they were required to get. They found the student services building and received their new student IDs. They then found their way to one of the food places and got lunch. Ami and Usagi sat outside and tried to take in more of the sights that their school had to offer. However, screaming interrupted that moment they were having. They looked at each other. That was a sound that they recognized all too well. They nodded to each other and quickly made their way over to where all the screaming had come from. They had grown used to doing so over the years, though their lives had been quieter since the end of their tenth grade year. Usagi made a noise. ~Why does it have to be at lunch time?~ Ami shook her head as they reached the area where the creature was.

There was a monster attacking the people. People were running away and screaming from the sight. Ami and Usagi quickly ducked between two buildings and nodded. Usagi pulled out a white compact and held it into the air. "Moon Eternal, Make-Up!" A flash of pink and gold light covered her. The light disappeared moments later. When it was gone, she was left in a white body suit with a triple layered skirt of blue, gold, and red. She had pink princess style sleeves, angel wings, white knee high boots, and a crescent moon on her forehead.

At the exact same moment, Ami held up a pink and blue wand. "Mercury Crystal Power, Make-Up!" She was enveloped in flash of blue light. The light disappeared and left her standing in a white and blue outfit that was a little different from Usagi's. She had a blue bow behind her skirt instead of wings. Plus, she only had a single layer blue skirt and blue boots. She also had a gold tiara on her forehead. The two girls looked at each other and ran out to face the monster that was still attacking people. The monster turned towards them and swung its arm out at the girls. Usagi went flying back with a yell.

Ami looked at her. "Sailor Moon!" She turned towards the monster. "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody." A blue stream came out of a harp that had appeared in Sailor Mercury's hand. It attacked the monster, but he brushed it aside as if it were nothing. Mercury stared in shock.

Sailor Moon stood up. ~I can't believe that. I'm going to cut this short. I'm Sailor Moon and I'll punish you in the name of the Moon!~ She then made what looked to be a white sceptre appear in her hands. "Starlight Honeymoon…Therapy Kiss!" A light flew at the monster, but it did nothing to stop the creature. She stared at it. Yet, a girl in red and black chose that moment to appear and kick the monster.

She glared at the creature. The new girl's outfit was a white bodysuit with a black skirt that had a transparent red one peeking out from underneath the top layer. She had long gloves that were halfway up her upper arms like Sailor Moon's, though they had black rolls at the top. She had a triple layer shoulder pads that stuck out and were transparent as well. She also had black boots that were up to her thighs and had red straps around the ankles. She smirked. Another girl appeared next to her. She was wearing the same kind of outfit as the first, yet her colours were pastel purples and greens. She had a little bit of pastel blue hinting here and there, but they were in places like the transparent section under her top skirt. She had white boots like Sailor Moon's with purple straps around the ankles. The girl in black huffed. "Stupid monsters. They had to come at the worst time." She smirked. "Blood…Sword!" A red sword appeared in her hands. She brought he sword down in front of her and caused a red light to come out of it. Leaving a slash across the monster's chest, it caused the creature to scream. The sight had shocked Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury, but only because they hadn't been able to do any damage to the creature.

The other girl smiled. "Well, it's my turn now." She held her hands up. "Light…Wave!" A light of green came out of her hands and smashed into the beast. It wasn't like the first attack that had injured the monster. Instead, it just trapped the monster in some kind of field. She smiled. "Like I would injure a monster on my own." She laughed at the thought.

The two girls then took each other's hands and looked at the monster. They stood back to back with their hands pointed towards the creature. "Life…Death…Energy…BEAM!" A light that was a mixture of black and purple came from them and smacked into the monster. The creature was blasted to pieces the moment that it was hit. Yet, a person was left where the creature had been standing. In fact, the person was what had been left behind when the monster's body was shattered. The person collapsed.

The girl in red and black looked at Mercury and Moon. "You two will need more power at some point. I'm Sailor Death. The other girl is Sailor Life. You just might see us again." They then left before more could be said among the four.

Mercury looked at Moon. Neither seemed to know what to say as they stood there, but it was obvious that they were in shock at what they had seen. They ran off when they realized just where they were. They had to get out of the area fast. It was something they already knew, and were very good at.

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