Remember Me Chapter 3

Hey, so not so many reviews but we'll work on it! If you tried for Beautiful People, the results are now up so go check 'em out! First I have to connect the dots with that story but it will be ready ASAP. Alright so this story many people say is going nowhere. This story is about him remembering the times with her and her forgetting. Italicizes

Is the flashback and the normal is the real life. Hope you enjoy!

Ty's POV

I rushed to the hospital as fast as I could, and as soon as I got the message. When I got there, the ambulance already beat me. I ran into the emergency room to see my beloved Cece with bandages. Her eyes were closed and doctors rushed around her.

"Cece!" I called, as if my voice would wake her up.

"Sir, calm down," a doctor said, trying to push me back. I tried to avoid her push, to get past her, to see Cece again. I remembered the first time we ever met…..


"It was so fun!" 9 year old Rocky Blu fantasized as her and my mom walked through the door.

"I'm glad you had fun! Did you make any friends?" Mom asked, setting her purse down on the kitchen table.

"Yes! I met a girl named Cece Jones! She just moved here from New York City! Her family hasn't bought a house yet, but they are going to!" Rocky explained.

"How nice!" Mom cooed.

"I bet this 'Cece' girl is fake," I accused, emerging from my room.

"Oh, shut it Ty! At least I have a friend!" Rocky retorted.

"I have many friends. More than you, at least!" I countered.

"Ty and Rocky, knock it off!" Mom demanded.

Rocky and I went silence, still sharing evil glares.


"Rocky! Ty! Come here!" Mom yelled.

What did we do this time? I hopped off my bed, pulling the earbuds from my ears. I opened the door and walked out to see Rocky standing next to Mom.


"A new family just moved downstairs. I want you to go meet them," Mom explained.

"Yay!" Rocky cheered.

"Rocky, hold the cookies," Mom directed.

Rocky grabbed tight to the cookies. Mom walked out the door, Rocky and I following. We went two flights down to an open door.

Mom knocked on the open door. "Hello?"

A girl about Rocky's age popped from behind the door. She had curly red hair and wore a polka dot shirt with a black tutu, ripped leggings, and gloves.

"Sorry, my mom told me not to talk to strangers," she said, bouncing on her toes.

"Cece!" Rocky cried.

"Rocky!" the spunky girl cried.

They ran and hugged each other.

"How did you know I lived here?" Cece wondered.

"We didn't, we live two floors up!" Rocky giggled.

The girls squealed and I felt butterflies in my stomach. So Cece was real… though she felt even more real than she was.