"Vulpix?" My mother said. I slowly opened my eyes. I saw my mother, a beautiful Ninetales. I got up from my hay bed.

"Yes mother?" I said, still trying to open my eyes.

"Remember what today is?"

"It's Saturday…"

"Yes and Saturday is…"

"Saturday is…" And then I finally got what my mother was saying.

"Oh no! What time is it?" I said trying to find my Celebi clock. I rushed to bathroom to wash my face. I brushed my fur and ran to the kitchen. I grabbed an Oran Berry and my backpack. And headed out the front door. Before I left, I stared at mother. I can see she was afraid in her eyes.
"I'll be fine mother" I said

"I know you'll be. Just come back when you're done. Okay?" She said.

I gave a nod and then left. I started running, hoping I won't be late. As I got there, I looked up at the Contest Hall. I took a deep breath and walked in. An Eevee greeted me at the door. She smiled and I smiled back.

"Let me show you to your dressing room" She said as she walked towards the "Contestants only!" door. I followed her. She led me to a room that marked "Contestant #4"

Great! I'm the last one here. That means I'm the last one to do everything I thought to myself.

I went inside the dressing room. It was had red and white walls, like the Pokémon center. I set down my backpack. As I set it down, I saw a clipboard on the back of the dressing room door. It said…

"Contest Theme: The Colorful"

I looked in my backpack for some accessories. I looked in my backpack. Something caught my eye. I pulled it out. It was a strange one.

A blue rose? I thought to myself.

Is there even a thing existing here? All we have are red and pink roses. How is that even possible?

I didn't even think as I put the blue rose behind my ear. I looked at the full body mirror. It looked okay. It matched the theme. As I finished, I looked like I lived in the forest all my life. As a wild Vulpix.

Since I was the #4 dressing room, I went last. But of course, Delcatty was first. Delcatty was the most popular Pokémon in all of Shinnoh. But she was selfish. And always got what she wanted.

As I watch Delcatty get on stage, she had all of these expensive accessories. As she modeled and twirled, she had all of these pretty flowers and a tree stump. The judges were impressed. But I thought she didn't deserve it. She didn't have to earn all of those accessories.

As she got off the stage, she turned to me

"Good luck!" She snorted.

I felt that I wanted to use Flame Burst and ruin all of her "Precious" purple fur. But I would know that she would get the Contest Hall to ban me.

As I stepped onto the stage I could feel everyone staring at me. And they were. All 200 pairs of eyes were on me. I took a deep breath and did what I was supposed to do. I twirled and my fur was shining on the stage lights. But in the middle of my twirl, I saw someone. Not just someone, but an Umbreon. He was standing behind the curtains and staring at me. He was holding a blue rose in his mouth. It was the same type of rose I had behind my ear. As soon as he saw that I've noticed him. He started dashing off to the backstage door. Without thinking, I started to dash off to him.