Title: Sanctuary Down Under
M for later chapters *smirks*
With the election of a new Prime Minister in Australia, Helen is called over to introduce her into the program.
Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla
Authors Notes
: Hey there! Okay, so I want to thank chartreusian for helping me think up this story and beta-ing it and for giving me inspiration from her fic 'We'll Meet Again' (Which if you haven't read, you really must XD). Thanks also to my friend Justin who dared me to write a Five Chapter story in five days XD Please review, even if you don't like it, please tell me so I can fix it :D

Helen Magnus rested her head on her hand, reading over the report in front of her. It was possibly the hundredth time in an hour that she had read the same line and she felt the familiar stirrings of annoyance prickle over her neck, not just at the piles of paperwork that she couldn't focus on. There was an incessant tapping coming from her in front of her that she had been trying desperately to ignore but she found her patience wearing thin.

"Nikola!" she snapped, her hand shooting out to his, trapping the pen he was tapping, to the desk. The man in question smirked up at her, and she released his hand, sighing. "I am trying to finish these reports and I am finding it rather hard to with your constant disruptions. Do you not have anything of to keep you occupied?"

He grinned when she said 'hard', wiggling his eyes suggestively and he kicked his feet up onto her desk. "Well, now that you mention it…no." Helen rolled her eyes. "You invited me to Christmas dinner, Helen. You can't just expect me to leave after I have food and presents."

Helen laughed humorlessly. "Because you have never done that before," she mumbled. "And to correct you, Nikola, I didn't invite you. If I remember correctly, you invited yourself."

Nikola grinned, nodding.

"You have to admit though; I did make the festivities much more interesting!"

"I wouldn't call getting my team drunk enough to pass out 'interesting'," she scolded, ignoring the niggling voice that told her that she did rather enjoy his presence at Christmas. It was like old times with The Five and until Nikola was there causing trouble, she had forgotten how much she had missed those times.

The computer behind her bleeped and Helen spun around, making her way over to the console, frowning. She wasn't expecting any incoming calls but in the corner of the screen was a notification of a call from the Australian Sanctuary. She clicked on, sending Nikola a warning glance.

A woman appeared on screen, her light strawberry-blonde hair hanging around her face in loose curls and her green eyes twinkled as she saw Helen.

"Hey Doc!" She greeted and Helen smiled at her, taking in her relaxed posture.

"Joy, this is a pleasant surprise! What can I do for you?" If Joy wasn't tensed or seemingly stressed, then Helen knew she would have nothing too serious to handle.

Joy smiled, rubbing her slightly freckled nose.

"We just received an incoming from Parliament House and Kev said he wanted you informed. He would have done it himself, but he is tied up with the new intakes, so here I—" her eyes scanned past Helen to Nikola and she gasped. "Is that Nikola Tesla?" She said, her voice an octave higher.

Helen laughed, nodding as Joy swept a hand through her hair to flatten it to no avail.

"Oh gosh, I am like a huge fan!" She grinned and then blushed when Nikola threw her a smile.

"Joy, focus please!" Helen said, unable to hide her amusement, though she knew she would be hearing this from Nikola for months, provided he stayed that long.

"Right," Joy turned back to her, "Sorry. Where was I? Oh right. So the new prime minister has been informed about the Sanctuary Network and she's coming to check it out on Wednesday—"

Helen nodded, catching on. "And she requests my presence?"

Joy smiled. "Well, yeah but don't they all? Oh and hey, you should bring Mr. Tesla and Henry!"

Nikola grinned, moving in behind Helen.

"She'll be there," He told Joy who looked ready to faint at the prospect of being spoken to by the Nikola Tesla.

Helen frowned but agreed, telling the woman that they would leave in the morning before she disconnected, turning to Nikola who was watching her with a smug grin.

"Nikola, you are not—" She began but Nikola's finger on her lip silenced her.

"You heard the woman, Helen. I have to go, too. You don't want to break that poor girl's heart, do you?"

Helen said nothing, staring at him for a long moment, considering her options. If she took Nikola with her to Australia, it was possible that he would cause all sorts of trouble for them and the new Prime Minister might find him all too much. On the other hand, if he was to stay here alone, and she knew Will, Henry and Kate would be determined to come to Australia too, Nikola would only wreak havoc and when she got home, she may not have a home to come back to. She knew what she had to and she sighed, tapping her fingernails on the desk.

"Fine, you can go." She said finally and Nikola grinned, kissing her cheek and his lips lingered for longer than necessary. His touch set her jolted with electricity and she fought back a shiver. Their relationship had changed since Christmas two days ago when Nikola had inebriated her team and lead her into the light falling snow outside, telling her he wanted to show her something. Reluctantly, Helen had followed him, though she had refused to close her eyes and when they finally reached the small frozen pond, Nikola had asked her so politely to look away for a moment and when she turned back, there was a small Christmas tree glowing in front of her. What amazed her was that it was made entirely out of what looked like Tesla Coils and electricity bounced from them, the light dancing across her face. It had seemed so romantic at the time and she had found herself kissing him softly before she could stop herself.

"Go where?" Kate's voice broke through her thoughts and Helen pushed Nikola away, standing as her team entered her office.

"Australia, and before you say anything" Helen said, holding up her hand as Will and Henry opened their mouths, "yes, we are all going, though I need one of you to stay here to help look after things while we're away."

An argument erupted between the three as they fought to go and Helen stood, making her way from the room with Nikola hot on her heels. She'd come back when they had decided.

Helen smiled as she stepped out of the plane into the warm Australian sun, breathing in the clean air around her, clad in a white tank top and corduroy pants and she turned to her protégé who clambered down the steps, grinning. Australia was one of Helen's favourite countries to visit, especially after Christmas, with its crystal clear beaches and the cuisine that was to die for. She looked around the air strip they had landed at near Brisbanr, surrounded by Gum trees and dense green paddocks. In front of them was the Sanctuary, a large three story building that was only half the size of the one in Old City, but just as breathtaking. It was made back in 1901, not long after the country gained independence from the British government and the architecture was all consistent with that time. Henry grinned as he stepped out and stretched, moving beside Helen, her enthusiasm contagious.

"Been a while since I was here," Henry mused, looking over at the Sanctuary, his face alight with fond memories as a man approached them, grinning. Helen greeted him warmly, as did Henry but Will took his time studying the man. He was tall, his long legs exposed by a pair of very short shorts, which Henry later told him were called 'stubbies' and he wore a thin kaki button up shirt, his skin a golden brown colour. His hair was blonde, speckled with grey but his eyes were a piercing blue colour and Will had to wonder if he was the strangest person he had ever met, and that was saying something with his line of work.

"G'day Magnus, Henry! Welcome back!" He said cheerily, punching Henry's arm in what Will hoped wasn't an affectionate gesture. "Long flight?"

"25 hours, two stop overs," Will yawned, "Yeah, I'd say it was a longflight!"

Helen smiled at the Australian man, ignoring Will.

"Kevin, always the charmer," She said as he kissed her cheek and he threw her a toothy grin.

"And I take it that this is Mr Tesla?" Kevin said rounding to Will and a laugh sounded from behind them near the plane.

"I'm insulted that you would mistake me for Dr Expendable here. I'd like to think that I am better looking than him," Nikola said, his hands on his hips, a cheeky smile gracing his lips and Helen rolled her eyes.

"Kevin Harman, meet Nikola Tesla," She introduced and Kevin grasped Nikola's hand tight, shaking it.

"G'day mate."

Nikola grimaced at him, wiping his hand on his trousers when Kevin let his hand go. Helen finished the introductions. When they had received the message from Australia, Will had been very eager to go, having never been to Australia and from the stories Helen and Henry had told him, he couldn't wait.

"Anyone for a cold beer before we get to work?" Kevin and Will's head snapped up at the word beer. He glanced over at Helen who laughed, nodding and Will grinned.

"Lead the way."