Helen pushed the door open, letting the old wood creak as light filtered into the room they were about to enter and a foul stench hit their noses. Will grimaced, covering his mouth with his sleeve and sent a questioning glance to his boss who raised her eyebrows to him. Joy must have explained the situation to him; she realised and gave him a soft smile before she stepped into the catacombs, aiming her stunner around her.

The others filled in behind her silently, their boots crunching on the dirt beneath their feet and up ahead, they could hear Bazza's laboured breathing.

"Be alert," Helen ordered, scanning the catacombs around them. "That smell could mean that the Denophedopolis is preparing to mate and it most certainly does not enjoy having someone interrupt it."

"Does anyone?" Henry murmured and she chuckled softly.

"You said it 'could mean' the Deno wants to mate," Will started as he glanced at her again, "what, if not to mate, could it have made that god-awful smell for?"

Helen hesitated, inching along the hallway slowly.

"That it is getting ready to feed," She said after a pause and all heads turned towards her.

"Great," Will groaned, dropping to the back of the group and in silence, they made their way towards the Australian man who was trapped against the wall with a thick yellow slime. He turned his head as he heard them approaching and he grinned, his silver eyes sparkling in the darkness.

"About bloody time," Bazza whispered and Kevin lowered his gun, making his way towards his friend slowly, cautious of the Deno that could have been hiding anywhere.

"Look out!"

Helen's warning rang out through the catacombs in time for her team to drop to the ground, but Nikola spun to face her instead and his whole body went flying, old stone and dust filling the air as he hit the wall. Blood was seeping from large gashes in his chest and Helen did her best to hold back the cry that threatened to fall from her lips. The Denophedopolis stood intimidatingly in front of Bazza, its claws bared and its face torn with fury; protecting its mate, Helen thought to herself, a shiver running down her spine.

Crouching low against the wall, her eyes locked on the Australian man stuck to the wall in a dull coloured slime as she fired her stunner at the Deno. A blue current ran across the creature's body and it let out a cry of annoyance but didn't falter, instead rearing up at her. Kevin shot it as well, another energy blast running over it but it only roared again, swinging its giant claws at the man. One sliced his arm and he hissed in pain, dropping to the floor.

"Magnus!" Will called, holding his stunner to the Deno. Helen nodded in understanding and switched the mode on the weapon,.

"Three…."she counted, "Two…..One!"

At once, she, Will and Kevin fired at the Denophedopolis and with a cry, it fell heavily to the floor, unconscious.


"Hold still Nikola!" Helen demanded as he writhed under her fingers.

"Ow, well you've got the worst bedside manner I have ever seen Helen!" He said through gritted teeth. "I don't understand why you have to clean the wound anyway!'

Nikola sat on an infirmary bed as Helen dealt with his wounds, Kevin standing next to Bazza who was now unconscious.

"I've told you; the Denophedopolis has a very toxic chemical on its nails that would render even a vampire immobile." Helen explained.

He said nothing to that, and soon she was done, his wounds gone and she turned to the unconscious man.

"I got the scan results!" Joy rushed into the room, her hands clasping the results and she quickly handed them to Helen, whose eyes bulged at the sight.

"Dear God! It impregnated him!" She hissed and started pacing around the infirmary urgently.

"What?" Came Kevin's reply of disbelief.

"Kevin, I need you to set up an OR right now. Nikola, I'll need you're hands to help me remove this creature, if you're up to it?"

Nikola nodded.


They had been at the operation now for an hour and Helen had still to remove the baby from Bazza's stomach. She and Nikola had been relatively silent most of the time until Helen broke the silence with a question.

"What is your problem with Joy, Nikola?"

He didn't answer for a while but she waited patiently.

"I like to think that I am one of your best friends, and I know you do too Helen, so I don't understand why you didn't tell me about Joy. For you to have had another daughter is quite a big thing to keep from me and frankly I am hurt." He said slowly.

"Nikola, you're the one who left for 60 years and didn't even send a letter, nor did you reply to mine. How was I to tell you anything?"

Silence descended around them like a heavy cloud and Nikola knew she was right. She always was, not that he would tell her so. When she had sent him a letter, begging for him to come be with her after she impregnated herself while James was in London, he had been too furious at her to go.

At least she had told him about Ashley, he thought bitterly. He had had his reasons not to go- various government agencies were hunting him and the public believed him to be dead- he liked to tell himself that that was reason he didn't go, but he knew different. He had been angry at her, raging!

Why in Gods name would she want to carry that monsters child? After all that he did to her, put her through, how could she impregnate herself with John's child?

"I am not sorry that I didn't tell you about Joy, Nikola," Helen said finally. "You do not rule my life, that is something you must remember."

She turned to him, her eyes sparking with anger and hurt.

"Joy is not my real daughter and that is all I will say of the matter. Now, put your petty jealousy and your bruised ego behind you and help me remove this creature from this mans stomach."

He was taken back by the vehemence in her voice and in silence, they continued with the surgery.


How dare he? Helen raged as she stalked down the hallway, her heavy heals clicking angrily on the wooden floor. How dare Nikola assume that everything she did had to go by him first? She had survived perfectly fine without him hanging over her shoulder, coddling her for more than sixty years; she in no way needed him! And yet here he was, judging her for not telling him about Joy. She wasn't even her flesh and blood!

Men, Helen thought darkly, pushing into Kevin's office where her team, Joy, Kevin and Sammie, the other member of Kevin's team, sat waiting for her news on Barry.

No one spoke as she took a seat next to Kevin.

"I managed to remove the infant from Barry without causing either of them lasting damage but it may be a few weeks before he can return to work, I am afraid."

The group nodded, sighing with relief and Helen smiled.

"Now, the prime minister arrives early tomorrow, so before any of you get sleep, I want all of the abnormals secured and -"

Joy cut her off.

"We know the drill, doc," she grinned and Helen raised her perfect eyebrows to the girl.

"As long as the plumbing is fixed this time, Joy."

Taking that as their dismissal, the group stood and began filing from the room, Joy planting a chaste kiss to the older woman's cheek.

"I got it covered."

Helen watched them leave and she dropped onto the couch, her anger at Nikola ebbing away slightly, giving way for her exhaustion. Maybe she should have told him about Joy, she thought suddenly. He was after all, one of the only dearest friends she had left. She sighed, running her fingers through her dark curls and she just say there for a moment, gazing out at the Australia wilderness. At some point, she drifted into dreamless sleep.

"You in there, Magnus?" A hand was on her shoulder, shaking her slightly and Helen sat up quickly, blinking her sleep riddled eyes. Kevin stood over her, that permanent cheeky smirk gracing his lips and she smiled gently up at him.

"Sorry, I must have drifted off," she stifled a yawn.

"Have a nice nap? You missed tucker last night. Will wanted to wake you but I told 'em to leave you."

"Thank you."

The walkie on the table in front of her crackled.

"Uh Doc?" Henry's fear filled voice came through with static and she frowned; something must have been interfering with the signal.

"Yes Henry?" She clicked on, watching as Kevin tensed, ready to leap into action.

There was white noise for a moment before his words, in clipped sentences, filtered the air.

"Joy...Nikola...glowing...attacked her..."

Static cut of his words and Helen cursed, jumping to her feet and snatching a stunner from the wall, she and Kevin raced out of the room. She had no idea where Henry was but the last place Nikola was, was the infirmary though she doubted he was there.

The Lab, she decided, knowing that Joy was going to check all of the lab equipment and security systems for the PM's visit.

As they made their way towards the labs on the main level, Kevin was radioing the others, letting them know to be on the lookout for Joy, Nikola or Henry.

"Will's gonna meet us down in the lab and Sammie is still sitting with Bazza."

Helen nodded and stopped as they got to the door of the Lab, checking the charge on the stunner. There was nothing but silence through the wood - she wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not- but she wasn't taking any chances

She exchanged a look with the man and with a short nod, they crept inside.

A glowing white light stung their eyes as they entered and Helen shielded her face, seeing Kevin copy her. Where on earth was that light coming from?

"Doc!" Henry called from somewhere in front of them but Helen could see nothing through the pulsating light.

"Henry, you'll have to keep talking to me!" She replied. "I need to find a way to shut off that god-awful light!"

"Good luck with that! It's coming from-"

A groan from another direction cut him off and Helen started towards it blindly, her hand that wasn't cast over her eyes feeling in front of her for any obstacles. After a few cautious moments, her foot connected with something hard and there was another, very familiar groan.

She bent down and rolled over the man she had been friends with for more than a hundred years; Nikola Tesla. His face was covered in fading burns and he had large gashes covering his chest.

"Oh my god!" She breathed.

And then the light filtered into her head, white searing pain burning through her cranium and it wasn't long before she passed out.

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