a/n: Still, working on a title actually, but this is going to do for now. I hope you like it. These were my first thoughts after I thought of the prompt.

It is the way he looks at him when he tells them of his plans, his eyes meeting his for just the slightest moment, tinted with the just barely-repressed hint of possession that has Loki weak in the knees, wetting his lips before he looks away, occupying himself with something else before he draws the attention of the others.

It is the way his hands grab the back of his neck, when they are alone, the way the hot breath on his neck makes him want to fall to his knees.

Fucking Bane was only ever supposed to be about power-the ability to control something in his life, even if it's only the the violent swelling that is the man's release.

But that was before Bane's fingers began to brush delicately against his face, before he would lean into his ear, his voice softenin just the slightest, shedding nearly everything he was outside.

Now, legs spread wide as the man mounts him, Loki lets out the slightest moan, trying feebly to hold onto some semblance of control. The larger man's hands grip tightly against his waist, clutching him hard enough to leave bruises, and he bites down on his wrist to keep from screaming, his eyes rolling back into his head. He wraps his legs tighter around him, spreading his hands across Bane's large back, the only sound in the room, his own heavy breaths and Bane's occasional grunting. He is all sinew and bones, a solid wall of alpha-male and it is only when he is with him that he feels-

Bane twists his hips just so, and Loki cannot hold back a yelp, his back arching, turning his head to the side. Before he can cover his mouth again, his wrist is snatched back, held tightly above his head in an iron grip.

Glassy-eyed, Loki looks up at him, pupils blown, his lower lip quivering in ecstasy, mouth bright red from biting down so hard. Bane is suddenly feral, and the savagery with which he uses to thrust into him, almost violently, is suddenly familiar. But his voice is low and controlled when he bends down and whispers into his ear, the cold metal of his lips pressing against his skin.

"No need to hide such pretty sounds from me love,'' he says, and Loki can only mewl in response, nuzzling his chin against the side of the man's head, a faint trail of saliva sliding out of his mouth.

Vaguely, Loki thinks that part of the pleasure is the fact that it is only him that can make this man act like this. Is the only one he really looks to you in confidence, is the only one that can bring his voice softer, is the only one that can bring please him. Is the only one that can make him forget the throbbing pain throughout his body. Is the only one that is allowed to be fucked by him.

It makes him feel so...powerful.

Bane looks down at him, lifting up slightly, and runs his hand across his cheek, and he whimpers a sound he is so often afraid of, reluctant to make, and he comes, white exploding across his vision, and for a second he is unable to think, breathe, hear, not even able to make a sound.

He drifts down slowly, the warmth leaking out of him the only sign of that anything else has happened in the past twenty seconds. Before everything fades to black, he lifts a weak hand up to touch his face, but it falls limply before he can, chest heaving, words struggling to push their way out of him. A finger presses gently onto his lips, sliding across his face and digging into his hair just the slightest and Loki leans into his hand, a faint smile spreading across his face. And then, finally everything fades.

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