a/n: This is a mini-plot set up here. I'm open to any constructive criticisms you guys might have. Thank you very much to all the people who are watching, and to everyone commenting. I hope it satisfies.

Chapter One: Set-Up

Commisioner Gordon almost doesn't notice the man walking idly around the station until Blake points him out. The man is an annoyance, but for the past couple of weeks since he got here, he can't say he hasn't been useful, if more than a bit...overeager.

According to Blake, the man's man been standing around for the past half hour.

Gordon decides he really should get some sleep. He's been missing out on that a lot lately. Taking a look up at the man, he covers his eyes with his hands and gives a long sigh. "Deal with it." he muttered. There. That should keep him occupied with something for awhile.

Blake is annoyed. So if he confronts the man a bit harsher than is necessary, so be it.

"You wanna explain just what the hell you're doing here?" he almost spits out.

He is barely glanced at in response. "I'm a reporter for the Gotham City Globe. Peter Schatz." He finally turns to him with a half-smile, bright green eyes glowing, proffering a hand.

Blake raises a brow. Ignores the hand. "Still doesn't explain why you've been wandering around the place for so long without authorization." He narrows his eyes. "How did you get around security exactly?"

"Like I said-I'm a reporter. I have my ways. I don't believe you introduced yourself by the way..."

"John Blake. You've got about ten seconds before I escort you out of here."

Schatz sighs as if he isn't joining in on the game. "I'm here investigating the disappearance of the masked vigilante known as Batman after the events preceding the death of District Attorney Harvey Dent."

Blake almost bites his tongue. "So's everyone else for the past eight years." he replies with a barely-repressed scoff. "The trail's cold as ice since I've been here."

The reporter gives another of those half-smiles. "And suppose there was something that could lead you to him?"

Schatz sees the cop tense almost immediately, his gaze instantly sharpened.

"Such as?"

He plays coy. "Now, I understand you must've heard the same claim from many of my coworkers the past couple of years-however, I assure you that my claim is legetimate. I would only be too happy to assist you in finding this criminal. Particularly after what he did to such an outstanding member of the law."

Blake opens his mouth to say something, but Schatz cuts him off, tone tense.

"Provided of course that you come to terms with certain 'conditions' of mine."

"Alright, I've heard just about enough." Blake growls, obviously thinking this is some type of bribe in the making. He starts toward him grabbing his shoulder, but Loki stops him with a hand.

"Please, ." he says quietly. "I need you to listen to me. I cannot impress upon you enough how honest my intentions are." He-very slowly, and with a placating gesture at the officer handling him-he reaches into the pocket of his coat. "Take this files to Commissioner Gordon. In it, you will find various leads and possible suspects, all researched more thoughougly than the entirety of the Gazette and the Globe combined."

He nearly grins when the man's eyes widen with interest. "I also threw in some low-level criminals linked to various organizations in there. I hope that'll clear up some other loose ends." Schatz leans against the wall, steepling his fingers under his chin. "Naturally of course, my sources prefer to keep total anonymity. And, as a journalist, it goes against my code of honor to implicate them in any of this. All I ask, is to protect my clients. And to be provided with any new information on this vigilante of course. I want to be inside, Mr. Blake."

He looks up at him again, gaze level.

They stare at one another, until finally Blake folds. Just the slightest.

"Hand me the files, and we'll get back to you."

He grins. "Here, my information-"

"We'll find you. Beat it."

Schatz does, barely containing his glee.

When Loki walks out of the Police Department he nearly bursts into laughter. Oh, they probably won't look into it now, but when they do, they will certainly be calling him back. The leads of course, are false, the trail as cold as Blake said it was. Neither he nor Bane know exactly where the Batman is. At least, not yet. But Gordon doesn't know that, and by the time they figure it out, it likely be much too late anyway.

Loki still isn't sure if Bane is really into finding this caped crusader at the moment, or if this merely a preemptive gesture on the police to keep an eye on them, but he will be delighted to find out.

When he walks into the cafe not too far from the station, he is in an elated mood.

What a delightful man he has chosen to spend his time with.

a/n: John Blake is the character James Gordon-Levitt will be playing. He is described as a beat cop given special duty under Gordon. Idk, but from the ten seconds I saw of him in the trailer, and more specifically this picture of him I saw, he seems like a guy who is either really no nonsense, or a guy that's tough on the ouside, a big ol' sentimental softie rookie on the inside. Eh, speculation. I'm tryna give this a TDKR kind of feel, but of course the movie hasn't come out yet, so.. More on them, and Gordon soon I suppose, if I can force out this plot. I'm gonna try and do some big time research.