Onodera Ritsu is a twenty-five year old male who was transferred to Marukawa Publishings in the shojo manga department, he works with the emerald team and is starting to get used to working there. But the one problem is that his boss, Takano Masamune, was his first love in high school and due to a misunderstanding, Takano had dedicated himself that he would make Onodera say he loves him again.

Onodera promised himself that he would never fall in love with anyone ever again because of what happened with Takano ten years ago and he keeps telling himself that he would never fall in love with Takano ever again. Takano never gave up and he keeps trying; when a couple of months passed, there were times when Onodera had sex with Takano, but he still doesn't admit that he loves him.

Onodera woke up at seven in the morning and started to get dressed for work, once he was fully dressed, he grabbed his bag and walked out the door; at the same time Takano came out of his apartment as well. Onodera got a little annoyed and just walked passed him and pressed the elevator button.

"Aren't you supposed to greet your superior when you've seen him?" Takano asked, standing right behind of Onodera.

"Good morning" Onodera replied in a cold manner.

"Good morning" Takano replied back.

The elevator door soon opened and they both got inside, once the elevator door closed and Onodera turned around, he was greeted by a pair of lips on his own.

"What the hell are you doing?" Onodera yelled once he broke the kiss.

"It's a good morning kiss" Takano replied bluntly.

"I-I don't have time to deal with you this early in the morning" Onodera said, looking away, trying to hide his blush but failed.

Takano backed off and stood beside of Onodera; the elevator doors soon opened and they started to walk off towards the train station. They soon got to the train station, but it was really crowded, so it was a tight space; Onodera was standing and pressed against the wall by Takano; Onodera felt embarrassed at how close Takano was to him.

"C-could you back up?" Onodera asked and pushed against Takano's chest.

"I can't idiot, it's too crowded, you just have to get used to it until some people get off" Takano said and looked at Onodera.

Onodera looked to the side, away from Takano's gaze; it wasn't only until a few minutes passed when Onodera felt someone's hand groping his ass; Onodera blushed a dark red and looked at Takano, who was smirking.

"C-could you n-not d-do t-that, w-we're in a public p-place" Onodera managed to say and tried to shove away Takano's hand.

"I know, but no one's looking" Takano said and continued to grope Onodera.

Onodera pressed his back against the wall, hoping to get away from Takano's sexual harassment, but to no avail, Takano kept groping him. Onodera's whole face was red and he was about to say something, but then the doors suddenly opened and some people started to get off; Onodera took the chance and rushed off the train. Onodera was glad that it was the right stop; Takano got off too, but lost Onodera, so he decided to catch up with him at work. Onodera managed to escape from Takano and made a run for it, after about four blocks away from the train station, Onodera stopped resting.

Damn it, why did Takano have to do that on the train, he's such a bastard, I don't want Takano to get any closer to me than just work.

Onodera's face was red and he was panting, feeling really embarrassed and angry at the same time; after resting for a while, Onodera began to walk the rest of the way to work. Onodera soon made it to work and got in the elevator, he pressed the fourth floor button and the doors closed, he soon made it to the top, he got out and started to walk towards his department.

Once Onodera got to his department, there were three men at their desks, looking half dead; the people Onodera worked with are Kisa, Mino, and Hatori. Onodera sat at his desk and opened his laptop and began to work; it was only about ten minutes when he saw Takano come in. Onodera avoided eye contact and continued to work, he still felt embarrassed and angry at Takano for groping him on the train earlier.

"Onodera, do you have the proposal for one of your authors done yet?" Takano asked.

"No not yet" Onodera answered and started to work on the proposal.

"Get it done then, I'm not going to accept half-assed work from anyone" Takano said sternly.

Onodera ignored that, but was really mad, and continued his work; he wanted to show Takano that he doesn't do anything half-assed and he never had and he never will. Onodera's phone suddenly beeped and he jumped a little; when he picked it up, it was a text from his mother; Onodera opened the phone up and read the text.


I was wondering if you could do me a favor and watch out for your cousin, Nana, for a while, she's got into some trouble and she keeps getting into more, and since you're such a good son, I was wondering if you could help her be a good girl and change her, please.


Onodera looked at the text for a while and decided to reply back, he said sure and sent the message back; Onodera soon put his phone away after he sent it and got back to work. Onodera was wondering who Nana was, he never heard of her before, but since she was family related, he decided to help out; he probably thought since his mother mentioned that she gets in trouble a lot, they don't want to mention her and ruin their good family name.

After Onodera finished with his proposal, he closed his computer and started to work on his storyboard, he only got fifteen pages done and he still had a lot more to complete. Onodera completed some of the photo typeset and fixing some toners; he spent about an hour doing this until his phone beeped again; Onodera took his phone out and it was another text from his mother.


We finished packing some of Nana's clothes and things she needs once she gets to your apartment, we'll drop her off at your place at around eight, make sure you send us your room number and floor so Nana knows which one to go to, thank you so much.

Love Mother.

Onodera texted his mother the place, floor, and room number; he would probably be off work by nine, so he would know that Nana wouldn't be there long. The more his mother mentioned Nana, the more Onodera became interested in knowing who she was. His mother seemed that she didn't want to take Nana in, and he wondered why she couldn't just stay at someone else's place or at one of her relatives places.

Onodera finally came up with his answer; it was because most of his relatives were big in business and he guessed that they couldn't afford Nana ruining they reputation, so they declined the plead. Onodera felt kind of bad for Nana now, it was like she wasn't accepted by anyone because of how she acted or how she is.

Onodera couldn't wait to find out who she was, maybe he could change her into someone who will be accepted willingly and not shut out by everyone. Onodera continued to work until it was time to leave, he tried to make the time past by doing his work or fixing anything he missed. Onodera talked to some of his authors and ask a couple of questions about their storyboards and his other authors sent their storyboards to him at work.

Onodera worked more hard than he usually did, he didn't take a break either, and he just completed the necessary tasks that needed to be done. Onodera heard Takano yelling on the phone again at one of the authors, he just ignored it and just focused on his work.

"Onodera, I need you to come with me to the authors house to complete the photo typeset, some of her assistances are out and the storyboard is due tonight, she still has about seven pages left and I need your help" Takano said as he grabbed his bag and walked past Onodera.

"Ok" Onodera said and gathered his things and put them in his bag and walked behind of Takano.

"I need you to stop with the texting, you need to actually finish some work, you don't have time to text your girlfriend" Takano said sternly once they got in the elevator.

"That wasn't my girlfriend, that was my mother, she asked me a favor to watch over a troubled relative" Onodera said and lend against the wall.

"And who would that be?" Takano asked and looked at Onodera.

"T-that's none of your business" Onodera said in a frustrated tone.

Takano was a little annoyed, but he didn't show it; the doors soon opened and they got off, they grabbed a taxi and road to the author's house. By the time they arrived, it was two, there were about three people there and they looked half dead too. Takano started to yell at a woman and she was mad and was crying and yelled back; Onodera took a seat at a desk and started to work on the photo typeset on some of the completed storyboard.

Takano sat right in front of Onodera and started to work as well; Onodera work on pasting toners and fixing and finishing the photo typeset. By the time they were finally finished it was seven; Onodera and Takano drove back to the office and delivered the storyboard. Onodera and Takano soon got on the elevator to get back to their department and finish their work; Onodera felt really tired and he couldn't keep his eyes open.

Once the elevator got to their floor, Onodera walked in the other direction to grab some coffee or tea to help wake him up a little. Onodera bought himself the strongest coffee they had and drank it; once he took a sip, it woke him right up, he didn't feel as tired as he did before and he continued to drink the coffee. Onodera drank the coffee in only ten minutes and he felt fully awake, he threw the cup away and walked back to his department; when he got there, he only saw Takano and Mino at their desk.

Onodera sat at his desk and started on his work; Onodera took a look over his proposal in case he forgot something. After completing his proposal and finishing half of his storyboard, it was already nine-thirty, Onodera completely lost track of time and had to hurry home. He shut his computer down and gathered the rest of his storyboard and his coat and headed towards the elevator.

Once Onodera got off the elevator he walked towards the door and left the building; Onodera had to stop by a store and grab some food for him and Nana to eat and decided to drop off a book at the library on the way. Onodera grabbed the last train home and he happened to run into Takano there, he wasn't too happy to see him again after what happened the last time they were on the train, but there were barely any people on so he could sit down.

The whole train ride home was quiet and it felt a little awkward for Onodera; once they got to their destination, they walked the rest of the way home. When they got to their building and got on the elevator, Takano was the first to speak.

"Have you finished the proposal yet?" Takano asked.

"Yeah, I just finished it at work, I'll email it to you tomorrow" Onodera answered.

"Why do you have two meals with you?" Takano asked and pointed at the bag.

"My mother texted me that she was going to drop my cousin off here and it's pretty late, she's supposed to be here at eight" Onodera answered.

"What's her name?" Takano asked.

"Nana" Onodera answered, feeling like the elevator was going really slow.

"Do you know anything about her?" Takano asked.

"No, this is my first time hearing about her, my mother wants me to look after her and change her, she said that Nana was a troubled child" Onodera said and looked down.

"Then why did they leave her to you?" Takano asked, looking at Onodera.

"My mother thinks I'm a good son and thinking that I could change her to be a good girl, I don't even know what she got in trouble for" Onodera said and looked at the door.

"No, I mean why would they leave her to someone like you, your such a jaded and rebellious man, I think you would just make it worse" Takano said bluntly.

Onodera glared at him and the door suddenly opened; the first thing Onodera and Takano saw was a girl with a long black jacket with the bottom torn and the hoodie pulled over her head. She looked up at the two men, her eyes a little wide when she saw them.

The girl had long hair that went to her waist and it was blue, she had green eyes, she was wearing black shorts and a black band t-shirt and she had a real pretty face, she looked a little sad and scared at the same time. The girl mostly stared at Onodera once she saw him; then she spoke.

"A-are you Onodera Ritsu?" the girl asked nervously.

"Y-yeah, are you Nana?" Onodera asked and stepped out the elevator.

"Yeah" Nana answered.

"Where were you about to go?" Onodera asked and saw two suitcases and three boxes in front of his door.

"I-I thought you weren't coming, s-so I decided to leave" Nana said and looked down.

"Why?" Onodera asked and walked towards his door with Nana following.

"I-I thought that y-you knew who I was and decided not to c-come" Nana said, still looking down.

"W-well I might not know who you are, but I would like to get to know you better" Onodera said with a smile.

Nana looked up when he said that and saw him smiling; it made her blush a little and look away; Onodera laughed a little and patted her head, but she flinched once he touched her head.

"Are you alright?" Onodera asked in a concerned tone.

"Y-Yeah, it's not o-often that someone w-would touch me like that, the only time I would get any skin contact is if someone hit me" Nana said, tears forming in her eyes.

Onodera felt bad for her, he didn't know that someone had hit her; she was so young, so he thought that she was a little traumatized by it.

"It's ok, you're safe here, you don't have to be afraid, why don't you come on in" Onodera said and opened the door, taking her suitcases in; when he was about to pick up the boxes, Nana called out.

"W-wait, you don't h-have to do that, I-I can get it" Nana said nervously.

"Are you sure, I can help you if you want me to" Onodera asked and looked at Nana.

Nana nodded and picked up two of the boxes and brought them inside, once she set them down, she brought the third box in and set it one top of the other two. Onodera looked at her and walked inside too; closing the door behind; Onodera and Nana took their shoes off and carried Nana's stuff to the living room and set the down.

I hope Nana can talk to me about what's going on, I would like to get to know her more.