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It was the Kagamine's birthday at last. Eighteen years old by anniversary, although, they were Vocaloids, therefore forever trapped in a fourteen year olds body. Although occasionally in some PV's, they had aged a little. Age wasn't the only thing they were celebrating though. Rin and Len also had their first year anniversary (Dating, not marriage) It was one year since Rin had confessed her feelings, revealing to be neutral in seconds. Ever since that day, the Kagamine's were even more inseparable then before, openly showing their affection in public, since technically they weren't related.

Tonight was the night though, that Rin would give Len the best night of his life. She was sure they were ready; in fact they were planning on doing it sometime soon. But every time they were in a hot steamy situation, something always had to go wrong. Not this time though. Rin decided her birthday gift to Len would be herself, in any way he would want it.

Her hand dipped into her silky panties, her fingers coming in to contact with a white mess as the image of Len sprawled out in her mind's eye. She breathed out heavily as her fingertip pointed inside her, before whipping her finger out instantly. Her hand rose to her bow on her head. Alone in their room was the best place to be when she was as turned on as this. Miku downstairs was calling her, telling her to come down for a surprise. Rin wondered if she had ever heard of the songs "Revolution" or "Okay, Green is the enemy!", but smiled at Miku's caring instinct anyway and hurried downstairs.

Len Kagamine awoke in a dark room. He was fully clothed, he could move, and he knew he shouldn't be as scared as he was right now.

But he was.

Because in that room, was Rin. He could only see the outline of his eternally flat "sister", in what seemed to be a...ready pose.

"So, Len..." she purred. "Do you remember what you said at the party just now?"

Len stuttered at her forward approach. "W-What?"

"what you just happened to tell everyone ?" she mewled, so innocently Len had to blink twice and think over the situation, to make sure he had heard right.

"N-No..." he said trying to deny whatever it was.

"Well..." her tone was immediately darker. "Think back to what you said when Kaito and Gakupo asked about us…what you said about me?"

Len gasped, remembering and regretful. He didn't say anything.

Rim smirked darkly, a perfect image of Len's. "Well then, that answers our question doesn't it? How could you say that about me Len, it was so embarrassing! That I was the pathetic uke in our relationship, and how every time we do stuff I'm a blushing, moaning mess! I'm not that pathetic…or at least not anymore…" as his eyesight adjusted to the dark, he could see her eyes glistening with tears in the corners. He knew it was all just an act. He felt sad at the sight of her, and pulled her into a hug.

Rin hugged him back, but remembered her mission. Len wouldn't get away that easily with making an uke out of her. She still had in mind the gift she would give him…but now it was more of revenge.

Her grip tightened on his shoulders. She twirled his ponytail, and removed the elastic in one swift move.

"Now the second question Lenny...have you lost your virginity?" Her aura changed back into the dominant, and Len could tell he was in trouble.

He stayed still, not daring to move from the bed he had found himself on. He hadn't lost his virginity...yet. Recording the video for "Spice!" was uneasy enough...but was he ready now?

Rin certainly didn't care.

"Now, Len..." she simpered, pulling out her always perfect hair bow. He watched scared as she spread herself out on top of him, stretching out her arms and Len's. With a quick movement, she tied Len's wrists together behind the bed post with her bow. She smiled as he shivered, happy she had him her prisoner. She removed his tie and slowly slid down his body, picking at his clothing occasionally. She continued until she got to his leg warmers and slid them off. She then tied his ankles together, again behind the post, with his own tie. She stood up, smiling deviously at him.

"Rin, what are you-"

The elder twin was cut him off by Rin grabbing his shorts and ripping them off, exposing his underwear. He moaned quietly, arousing Rin. Her delicate hands slid towards his penetrating crotch, cupping the solid member. Len moaned louder, the bulge now clearly visible in his blue-and-black boxer shorts. Her hands rose to his sailor-style shirt, and skillfully ripped it off. She smiled once more, and lowered her head to his nipple, licking and nipping it gently. Len groaned loudly, knowing it was wrong but oh so right at the same time. His bulge became bigger and bigger, until Rin had no choice but to notice.

"Now Len, I want everything from you..." she smirked darkly, raising her head from his chest.

Her tongue started to trail down his stomach, kissing occasionally and fluttering against his peachy, cold skin. Her mouth neared closer and closer to his pulsing crotch, until her fingers were pulling at the dark elastic. He murmured slightly, as she pulled them down past his knees. She massaged the tip of his cock, rubbing it slightly as it grew. He exclaimed loudly, as she licked her lips and kissed the head. Before long, her lips had edged their way over half his cock, sliding up and down his member. He was now groaning in pleasure, the sugar-sweet feeling buckling his legs and sending shivers down his spine. Jerking madly, he grunted loudly as she sucked harder.

"a-ha…Rin…stop, its embarrassing… I can't take it anymore…"

A feeling of pleasure spread through him as his eyes flew into his head. Rin was enjoying it as much as he was, sucking for lengths at a time. But she wanted to punish him too. As soon as she felt Len's member pulsing more and more, about to spurt, she let go and brought herself to his level, slapping him across the face. He moaned loudly, sweat dripping off his forehead. She smiled as his breathing hitched, and a dreamy look filled his eyes. She smirked even more as he blushed deeply, and she slipped herself out her short t-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra. She then pushed her small, plushy breasts in his face, teasing him. She pushed a nipple into his mouth while sitting on his chest. His tongue encircled the rosy bud, sucking with his eyes closed.

"What a good boy you are..." Rin breathed teasingly, her hard nipple puckering in his mouth.

She still wasn't satisfied; in fact she was far from it. She brought herself higher, and slid off her shorts and panties. The white pre cum leaking slowly out and dripped into Len's mouth, leaking over his face. He loved every second of it. His lips engrossed her entrance and licked the juice off, tasting her. He pushed tongue farther into her and hummed idly as she moaned in pure bliss. He had to please his princess after all. The hot mess spurted out of each of them, as Rin moaned loudly. Len, only getting seconds to gasp in-between each drawn out lick on her tight entrance. She pulled away and slapped him again playfully, softer than before, and smiled.

"Ready for the best part, my Lenny..?" she asked seductively, her fingers trailing up and down his chest.

He only grunted softly, as his cock stood high in the air. She looked it up and down, watching Len's blush grow deeper as she posed herself on top. At this point, Len was worried about the position he was in at the moment, but no matter how hard he struggled with the binds, he was at the mercy of Rin. She rested her tight opening over his tip, and slid down him slowly, moaning loudly. Len grunted in heaven, engrossed by her tight, pulsing walls. A warm tingling sensation built up inside him and his seed splashed against her virgin womb. She shrieked, but then sighed loudly as she splashed all over him once more. She hit her orgasm at long last, and rid hers and her twin's. Her finger narrowed their way up inside his arse, making him shriek out louder than her. She smiled, moving her long finger further into him.

"RINNNNNNNN!" he screamed, competing with her long moans.

Rin ignored him, waving her fingers inside him. Although his feet and arms were still tightly stuck, she was now considering a gag in his mouth. She bobbed up and down faster on him, her finger digging deeper and deeper up his tight hole, spreading the size. He cried out in pain and pleasure, still having his orgasm. He wasn't sure if he was enjoying it or not, but knew he wanted MORE. Watching Rin's deluxe figure, shaven and peach, ride up and down him was amazing with the amount of please he was gaining from it. He spurted out again inside her. She moaned, and pulled out of him. Grabbing his feminine hips, she pulled her fingers out of him and kissed his head, stroking his damp hair. His wet chest pulsed rapidly, his body still craving for more. Rin smiled, and pushed her lips against his, stroking his face.

"Who's the uke now Len, hmm?" she said chuckling softly. He was still breathing hard and could only narrow his eyes at her with a mix of longing and angry realization. She put her clothes back on and headed to the door.

"Goodnight, my beautiful Len..." she simpered and left the room, closing the door behind her. The dark steamy room grew fuzzy as Len tiredly fell asleep.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" said a voice that sounded like Gakupo. Len opened his eyes groggily, but quickly squinted them, not yet accustom to the brightness. His arms felt numb and sore, and there was an unpleasant breeze that blew on him…

"It seems that Len's the real uke in this relationship!" this time Len recognized the voice as Kaito's. He tried sitting up, but was quickly stopped by a sharp pain in his shoulders. He opened his eyes all the way, and blew his undone hair out of his face. He saw just in time the rest of the vocaloids enter the room pausing in shock, and he only had on a bed sheet barely covering his…

Then it hit him. Rin never bothered to untie him. He flushed cherry red as the males busted out laughing. Len knew one thing, and that was he would somehow get Rin back. He'd get her back good alright. He fumed and let out an aggravated yell.


Rin, who was downstairs at the time, finished slicing the banana for Len. She smiled to herself, knowing her plan had worked.