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Len's famous sadistic smirk played on his face as he toyed with the steel vibrator in his hands. He was going to get Rin back, no matter what the cost. He flicked a small switch on the bottom, as the vibrator whirred into life, shaking violently in his hands. Turning up the setting, he put the tool of full, until it hit the floor, still buzzing. A small, fuzzy feeling was left in his palms, but he was content with the power the object could go. Perfect, he thought, bending down and switching it off.

After his encounter with Rin just two days before, he was more than ready to get his revenge on her. It was to be expected, couples fight every now and then, but maybe this isn't exactly the kind of 'fighting" implied.

He didn't think about it too long though. Now, he was going to give it to her, hard. He smirked again at the thought. He had planned everything out in his head; he was going to re pay her for that night, his own "sister". Of course, he had enjoyed the pleasure he'd received, but how she had proposed him the minor of the relationship...! Yes...that's what he needed revenge for.

He left the room, the vibrator in his pocket, to go and get "supplies" for his fun tonight.

Rin got out the shower and pulled on her fluffy, pale orange robe and walked out the bathroom, and into her and Len's room. She sat on the bed, and slowly began drying her blond hair. Little to her attention, in the room was also Len. He had a whip, chains and handcuffs, not to mention lots of sex toys. He wanted to get her back, badly. He watched as Rin slid herself out her gown, and shook her hair out in a cloud around her head. As she stood up to get her clothes on, he spoke up.

"Stay right there, my Rin..."

She spun round, exposing herself to him. She quickly covered herself, but he smiled and walked over. He lowered her wet arms, and kissed her gently. He continued, before long turning to tongue, their lips melted together. Although it seemed like an innocent make-out session, Len was already carrying out his plan. He pushed her naked body unto the bed, and spread her out in a star shape. He then chained her hands quickly, before she could protest against his "fun".

"Now, you're going to enjoy tonight, aren't you, Rin?" he growled rousingly, cupping her chin.

She tossed around, trying to shake herself free of the chains tightly holding her. Len smiled at her struggling, and drew out a whip from his pocket, much to Rin's horror. She tried to scream, but Len quickly tied a gag around her mouth, muffling her shrieks.

"The only noise I'll allow is your beautiful moans, my Princess..." Len laughed darkly, running his fingers softly over her stomach.

She shivered as Len growled at her, pressing his lips to her stomach. His tongue dabbed at her soft flesh, all the way up her neck, as he tapped her lightly with the black whip he had in his hands. She purred as he stood up, and circled her around the bed. He looked at her tight opening, her small breasts and beautiful face. He caressed her cheek lightly, and kissed her lips once more. His fingers trailed down her stomach, until his hand was tickling her dripping folds softly. She let a small, muffled moan escape her lips accidentally, whilst Len stared at her longingly. His nipped her breasts hard, making her squeal accidentally again. He smiled and grabbed hold harder, squeezing the nipples. He reached into his pockets, and brought out several clips for his princess, and strapped them to her skin.

She cried out in pain as he pressed them down harder into her skin, but not so the flesh broke. Pain and pleasure aroused her, swirling her veins. She moaned as he took them off quickly, and places two on the lips of her pussy. She shrieked and moaned, complaining silently. He chuckled darkly, and ran his tongue over the wet clit. He looked up and her, and crawled up her sleek body. Her mouth was freed from the gag, and Len pushed down his shorts and pumped his dick, showing Rin his solid erection. She looked at it; her eyes glassed over with lust and love. he pushed her lips open, and put his throbbing member in her mouth. He groaned loudly as her lips engrossed him, and moved her head up and down. She tried teasing him by going slowly. Big mistake. Len thrust slightly into her mouth causing her to gag for a second due to a surprised deep throat. He smirked as she, with tears in her eyes, sucked him hard. He sighed loudly, pleasured. He pulled himself out his glossy-eyes sister and reached quickly into his pocket. He then strapped a collar round her neck reading "Property of Len Kagamine". He chuckled to himself at the thought before scaling down Rin once again.

"Huh? Ah, Len! What are you about- ahhh!"

She was cut off by Len thrusting a finger into her pussy. He continued a fast moment until she closed her legs shut in pleasure and embarrassment. He removed his hand from her hold and observed it. Then, in one swift motion, he grabbed both her knees and spread her open. He could hear protest in her whines, but ignored them. A high moan came out from Rin as Len leaned his head in and kissed her clit. It started off gentle, but without warning, he slowly and strongly licked her opening. He continued, eventually poking his tongue in, continuously going deeper and pushing harder. She moaned throughout the entire experience, and no matter how hard she tried to pull away, the restraints kept her still. The familiar warm sensation that was pooling at the bottom of her stomach grew intense as he began purposely rubbing against her clit. She only lasted a few more moments before her back arched and her feet contorted in pleasure. Len backed his head away from her as she had her orgasm. After a few seconds, she started breathing normal again, and looked at Len, his face in a grin.

"O- Okay, it's over now. Let me go already!" she wisped to tired to talk normally. She was obviously embarrassed from the ordeal. Len simply shrugged.

"It is punishment my dear Rin, if I let you off that easy, what would the others think? That I'm some kind of uke?" at that moment, Rin shivered from the memory, and wished she had gotten him back in a different sort of way. Len decided it was time to pull out the dildo.

He turned the setting to full, so once again it fell out his hands, but he caught it this time. He pressed it against her clit, and smiled as her legs shook violently and she moaned loudly. His finger snuck into her opening, making her whine a little louder. He slid it in and out quickly, building up speed again. He felt her insides pulse, and inserted another finger in. He pulled out, he wanted to do more to her so he took the vibrator, and put it inside her. She purred loudly, moaning even more. Len smirked, tickling her sensitive skin. He pushed in it far, and she almost screamed from it hitting her G spot. He left it there making sure it wouldn't move from that position, and clipped the gag back on her mouth, along with blindfolding her. She moaned louder, although now it wasn't as audible. Her musical arousing moans were becoming too seductive for Len. It became apparent with his undone shorts exposing his penetrating dick. The buzzing, moaning and purring from in the room was still getting to him. Looking down he could see himself growing rapidly. He took another vibrator, and put it up Rin's ass.

She cried out, the cum from her pussy sliding down her legs, back and onto the bed. Len's fingers rubbed the opening, and put his hand just under the leak, and brought it to his mouth. He loved the taste of his sister, and listening to her cry out in such a way was becoming too tempting for him. She cried out loudly as he drummed the ass vibrator quicker into her, whilst holding the other in. He then took the leather whip and tapped her legs and stomach with it.

"You really shouldn't be so bad Rin…" with this, he whipped her with it, grinning sadistically all the while.

"Shouldn't ever underestimate me." once again, he slapped her with it, causing her to cry out though the gag.

The vibrators continued, whilst Rin, although her mouth occupied by the gag, was whining loudly. Len slapped her harder, saying seductively naughty things every time. He took several chains, and wrapped them round her chest, exaggerating the size of her breast.

"My my, Rin, you're more slutty than usual..." he laughed, nipping her neck.

She was now barely audible over the buzzing and moaning, her protests hardly made it past her mouth anymore. He left a love bite on her shoulder-bone, and stood high over her. He took out the vibrators, quickly turning them off.

"You should be nice and sensitive by know…" he whispered to her.

Rin mewled quietly, shaking and feeling fuzzy from the vibrators. He pulled off his shorts and boxers, and kneeled at her entrance. He caged her body, leaning over her. She sensed him over her, and shivered.

"Cold, Princess?" he smiled. He heard her moan, and smirked sadistically. "Don't worry, my Rinny, I'll make you warm..." he neared closer to her ear. "I'll make you warmer than you've ever been..."

She didn't reply, only purred a little as he put all his light weight on her, and inserted himself into her tight entrance. Although she had lost her virginity only two nights ago, the experience was just as pleasurable. A slightly pained moan escaped her, but was otherwise laden with sex. Her eyebrows knitted together, Len inside her was all she desired. He pushed himself into her as her tears softened the blindfold. He suddenly hit her spongy, weak spot, as a shriek erupted from her throat. Len pounded into her madly, sliding in and out faster and faster grabbing her hips to balance himself. He pulled her closer and lifted one leg over his shoulder. Grinding his teeth softly and grunting, he spurted out inside his 'sister'. She cried out, still slightly muted by the saliva-enriched gag in her mouth. He plunged even deeper, pulling back and then returning back into her, each pound accompanied by a loud, musical moan from Rin.

Panting and sweating, Len pulled himself out his sister after over an hour. She was crying, but with pleasure and orgasmic bliss. He smiled at her sleek, pulsing body, and untied her quickly. He kissed the bruises and punctures he had left on her skin, and got his shorts and underwear back on. He helped her get dressed, and bridal carried her to the kitchen, where he got her an orange.

"Did you like that, m'lady?" he smiled, bowing as he served her orange.

She had sweat trails on her forehead, a constant leak in her panties and her eyes were still damp with lust. She narrowed her eyes at him and bit into the orange.

"Oh, I almost forgot..." Len slid his arms round her neck, and toyed with the collar. "My property..." he laughed.

She looked down and groaned.

"Take this off Len." She said whining. He laughed.

"That doesn't come off until I say it does. Only I have the key. Besides, I want EVERYONE to see that." He said smirking. She was about to complain, but Len quickly brought his hand to her entrance and barley touched it.

"AHHHH!" she moaned out.

"Remember Rin, I have control over you're for the next hour or so." He said smiling. She shifted uncomfortably, and slowly made it so she was resting her head against him and yawned.

"I hate you." she hissed closing her eyes.

"Love you too." He chuckled and kissed her head.

"I'll get you back, just you…" but she had already passed out before she could finish.