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2010 a.t.b, August 10th.

The new Britannia Empire declared war on Japan.

The neutral islands to the far east and the world's only superpower, Britannia. In between them was the epicenter of the deeply rooted diplomatic conflict created by Japan.

During the mainland battle, the Britannian army used Mobile Humanoid Armored Vehicles, Knightmare Frames, in combat for the first time. Their power was beyond anything imagined and the Japanese defense forces were easily defeated by the Knightmares.

Japan became a territory of the Empire and had it's freedoms… rights… and name taken away.

Area 11. That number was the new name for Japan after the war.

By the rubble of what was once a proud city of Japan, a dark-haired and purple-eyed ten-year-old boy said one thing to his brown-haired and green-eyed friend.

"Suzaku…. I'm going to destroy Britannia!"

However, this boy is not the one we shall be following. Our story focuses on a man who had just realized his destiny, and was swiftly taken away from his world defending his friends and soul-brother.

This man's name was Kamina, soul-brother of Simon the digger and former co-pilot of Gurren Lagann. He was nineteen when he died fighting the Beastman general Thymilph. He was tall and well built. He had light blue, short, spikey hair and wore dark orange 'boss' sunglasses over his red eyes. His skin-tone was peach-colored and he had dark-blue tribal tattoos over his arms, shoulders, and upper back. He had bandages wrapped around his abdomen, dark blue pants, a white belt, and simple brown sandals. A defining thing he once wore was a dark red cape that on the center had the purple version of the symbol for the Dai-Gurren gang while the bottom had orange colored flames. He also once carried nodachi which had a purple sheath and handle stolen from his very own village chief.

Kamina lived a good life. He went to the surface, something he was too afraid to do as a child with his father. He made many friends. He helped Simon begin to realize his true potential. He even fell in love with Yoko, the sharpshooting young woman of Team Dai-Gurren. However, life was no fairy tale world. And he was killed in the heat of battle.

His soul knew that it could leave the world to Simon. However, it felt…. unfinished. As if it could do more than it already did. However, it's mortal body in the world had already died. Thus, the spirit could only wander across the planes of existence. Finding a place where it could finish it's purpose. Eventually, Kamina's spirit found such a world. The world felt as if it were screaming for help from whatever violence was being inflicted on it. And as Kamina's spirit landed in an alley between the Tokyo Settlement of Area Eleven and the Ghettos, it began to glow green.

And in a flash of light, Kamina was reborn!

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The Infamous Man Presents…

Code Geass: Kamina of the Revolution

June 4th, 2017 a.t.b (Tokyo Settlement):

Kamina blearily opened his eyes and groaned. The last thing he remembered was telling Simon goodbye before closing his eyes. Oh, and the pain. Yeah, getting almost torn in half was painful as hell. Kamina then closed his eyes to collect his thought before they snapped back open.

"Wait, how can I open and close my eyes if I am dead? Could it be…?" Kamina then looked down and patted his midsection. He did not feel any pain! And there was no sign of the wound.

"I-I don't believe it! I'm alive! I'M ALIVE!" Kamina shouted as he jumped up and pumped his fist to the heavens. "I knew that ugly ape could not put the mighty Kamina down! Simon! Yoko! Where are…?" Kamina then stopped and finally took note of his surroundings. It was definitely not the Dai-Gurren medical ward!

"Where the hell am I?" Kamina asked himself as he looked around some more. He was definitely on the surface. That much he knew. But on the opening to his left looked like as if a piece of Forehead Boy's village had risen from the ground with all it's building's in clear view. The place seemed to radiate…. depression.

"Geeze. That place looks like a dump!" Kamina thought to himself before looking to his right. His eyes widened in surprise with what he saw. There were buildings that looked like they were made with glass and looked like they reached up to the heavens! The floors were covered in some sort of white stone and people seemed to be walking without fear.

"Wow! I guess the surface still has cool stuff after all!" Kamina said to himself before looking to his side and grinning. His stuff was here too! Kamina picked up his awesome sunglasses before putting them on with a smirk. He then lifted his cape, and his face fell at what he saw.

"Aw damnit! It's trashed!" Kamina yelled as he observed the damage. It was true. There were numerous cuts, holes, and big rips all over his father's former cape. And Kamina had absolutely no knowledge to sewing stuff. That was usually the girl's jobs back in Jeeha Village! "Crap, I liked this thing too." Kamina muttered to himself as he folded the cape and stuffed it into his pocket, making it bulge a bit. Kamina then picked up his nodachi and hung it from his back before walking out of the alley into the sun of the Tokyo Settlement.

Five Minutes Later:

"SIMON! YOKO! KITTAN! FOREHEAD BOY! ANSWER ME!" Kamina yelled as he dashed across the streets of the Tokyo Settlement, getting looks of surprise, slight confusion, and even disgust from the many Britannian citizens. He had been running around these past few minutes shouting his head off for his friends all the while taking in the amazing things from the surface city. But he got no answers. Where the hell were they?

"All right! That is enough!" a voice said before grabbing Kamina on the shoulder. Kamina turned around to see two uniformed men wearing blue pants and shirt with some sort of black vest on top and a hat with the weird symbol of and X with two stars on the side.

One glared at Kamina before saying, "Look kid, you have been disturbing the peace looking for your friends. Now lets make this easy for the both of us and…"

Kamina then got up to his face and asked, "Who the hell do you think I am? I am the mighty Kamina! I do not need help to find my friends!"

The second one then smirked before saying, "Kamina huh? So I guess you are an Eleven. Which means…" The police man then took out his baton. "We don't have to play nice with you for you're insolence!"

"If it's a fight you want then bring it!" Kamina shouted as he faced the second cop and shifted himself into a combat stance. A crowd then started to gather around the three and several jeers were heard.

"An Eleven fighting the police? What a fool! I hope they kill him!"

"Yeah! Kill the damn Eleven monkey!"

"What a dumbass! He deserves everything that is coming!"

"You guys want some too!" Kamina yelled at the origins of the jeers, who shrunk back in fear.

"STOP!" The first cop yelled before calmly saying, "This is what he wants. He wants us to loose our cool and go down to his level on purpose. Now please, go back to what you were doing." There were a few angry mumbles but the gathered crowd dispersed. He then pointed to Kamina before saying, "You better go crawl back in your hole Eleven. I am giving you one chance and only one chance. If I hear you are causing anymore problems I will put you back in your place myself!" The two then left, leaving an angry and confused Kamina behind.

"Yeah you better run you assholes!" Kamina yelled before walking away thinking, "Geez, who the hell do these guys think they are talking too? Everyone knows about Team Dai-Gurren! Some surface people are real assholes! But what the hell is an Eleven?"

"Quit your blabbering Eleven!" A voice shouted from a nearby alley. Kamina quickly walked to the entrance of the alleyway and saw four guys ganging up on a beaten-up brown haired woman who wore a ripped up maid's outfit and was on the floor.

"P-please! I didn't mean to…!" The woman sputtered before the lead guy, a tall and broad brown-haired teenager, kicked her across the face. Making her spit out blood.

"You think you can just bump into me and not apologize you Eleven slut? I think we need to show you your place and teach you some manners!" The leader shouted before he raised his fist ready to strike.

"HEY! HEY! HEY!" Kamina shouted, making the five turns their attention on him. "You've got guts hitting a woman! Especially one that you bumped into because you were so goddamn clumsy! But I won't stand for anymore of your crap!"

The woman's eyes widened in horror at Kamina and shouted, "Please! I am fine! Just leave!"

"Another goddamn Eleven. They are just crawling out of the woodwork here! Michael, take care of that dumbass!" The leader shouted to his black haired companion.

Michael then walked towards Kamina and said, "Hope you are ready for a…!" A punch in the face courtesy of Kamina stopped him from finishing his sentence. Michael was instantly launched back to his fellow thugs and knocked down to of them.

Kamina the began to un-sheave his nodachi slowly saying, "Please, just who the hell do you think I am? I'm Kamina of Team Dai-Gurren! And I would never let idiots like you defeat me!" He then threw the sheath to the side as the leader quickly grabbed something from his back and pointed it at Kamina. It looked like the handgun Yoko gave to him when he tried to hunt for food, but it looked a lot more powerful.

"Y-you don't scare me Eleven! Die!" The leader shouted bravely before beginning to pull the trigger. Only for Kamina to rush forward and slice off the thug's hand, making the hand, gun, and blood fly as he clutched the bleeding stump.

"GHAAA! MY HAND! MY GODDAMN HAND!" The leader shouted in shock as his fellow thugs looked at Kamina with horror.

Kamina glared at the four of them from behind his sunglasses, which was enough for them to quickly get up, bring their leader to his feet, and run.

Nearby The Alley:

Lelouch Lamperouge blinked in mild confusion as four Britannian thugs ran out of an alley nearby the property of the Britannian noble he was facing in chess today. He and Rivalz, as usual, had skipped class today in favor of gambling and rode to the supposed 'undefeated' noble that was offering a large sum of cash to anyone who could beat him. Lelouch, needing some form of funds for his future crusade against the Holy Britannia Empire, would always do this with his best friend who just needed extra cash.

"Hm. Seems they have attacked the wrong person this time." Lelouch thought as he spotted the biggest of the thugs clutching a bleeding stump of what was formerly his right hand. He truthfully detested the Social Darwinism that most of Britannia followed. It was an uncivilized way of thinking one was superior when in reality, they were not. And now those idiots learned that fact the hard way. If Lelouch could, he would have shaken the perpetrator of the injury….


Or maybe not. Whoever did it sounded like an idiot. Who the hell reveals their identity right after they struck against a Britannian? One might as well paint a big target a big target on their chest and ask a soldier to please shoot them. If one wishes to strike against Britannia, it must be done in secrecy and pinpoint accuracy. From the shadow without revealing you're plans to anyone. Which is what he will do when the time comes! He will…

"Man, that was something. Guess they must have really pissed an Eleven off. Right Lelouch?" Rivalz asked while taking off his helmet and putting it inside the passenger seat of his motorbike. Lelouch quickly shook himself from his previous train of thought.

"Perhaps. But whoever it was is a fool. Now the police force will be looking everywhere for this 'Kamina'." Lelouch said with a scoff as he and Rivalz entered the building.

"But still, why do I get this sense of foreboding?" Lelouch thought to himself as he walked down the hallway before entering a lavish room where a wig-wearing fat noble was reclining on his chair.

"A little young for a true opponent aren't you?" The noble asked in a bored tone as one of his servants placed the chessboard in front of him.

"Perhaps, but I can assure you this game will be most interesting Duke Smith. Now then, shall you start?"

Back With Kamina:

"You okay?" Kamina asked as he sheathed his nodachi while the woman slowly rose up.

"W-why? Why did you fight them for me?" She asked shakily to Akmina, who simply smiled at her.

"Please, just who the hell do you think I am? I'm the mighty Kamina! Defender of the weak and defeater of Beastmen! There is no way I would just let them hurt a defenseless woman!" Kamina said with a laugh while she looked worriedly at him.

"Y-you have to leave now! Those men, they were Britannian! The polic will hunt you down for hurting them!" She cried out while Kamina just shrugged.

"Then I'll kick their asses when they come. Real men never run from a challenge!" Kamina spoke as he hung his nodachi from his back.

"Please! Just stay and hide in the Ghettos for a day or two, the police will give up their search in a week. I cannot allow the one who protected me kill himself!" The woman pleaded while pointing to the area which had the ruined buildings.

Kamina looked into her eyes. She really did not want to see him get hurt for defending her. But at the same time he would really like to have another crack at the assholes …

"Fine. But you should get home, and don't take that type of crap again!" Kamina sighed out before jogging towards the direction she pointed out.

As he left, Moka Kozuki looked at his back and thought, "That boy, he is almost like…. Naoto-kun…."

In A Hidden Lab:

The immortal witch only known as C.C opened her eyes as she sat herself up, despite the fact she was restrained by her straightjacket. It would only be a few minutes before Clovis' men 'examine' her, trying to determine how to replicate her Code. It hardly bothered her that they constantly killed her in multiple ways now, testing the limits to her Code. Death, while very painful, has happened so often to her that now it is practically boring. However, her 'old bones' seemed to shake with excitement, something that had not happened since the last two World Wars.

"Something very interesting is going to happen." C.C thought to herself as she closed her eyes once more.

To Be Continued….

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