"Hikaru, do you have time for a question?"

"Smile for the camera!"

"What's your next album going to be like?"

"Marry me!"

The young pop star would have gone blind from the flashing camera lights of the paparazzi, were it not for his designer sunglasses and expert bodyguards parting the crowd so he could slide into the limo waiting for him after his concert.

Reaching into a mini-fridge on his left, Hikaru grabbed the first ice cold water bottle he touched, taking a long swig before he looked over at his personal assistant, a woman in her late twenties by the name of Aoi with a black bob of hair and a collection of matching blazers and pencil skirts; today's color was navy blue.

"So, what's the rest of the week look like, Business Lady?" Hikaru asked with a smirk, watching as she grew irritated at the nickname. She had been his personal assistant for almost seven months, but within the first ten minutes of knowing each other, Hikaru had labeled her, as he did with everyone, and due to her serious and neurotic nature, she was thus donned "Business Lady".

Aoi scowled, and replied, "Tomorrow is a press conference, along with the dinner party, day after is filming for the cologne commercial, and Saturday is the charity event."

"Boring." Hikaru sighed, looking out the tinted window at the glittering lights of Tokyo. "Why is everything these days so goddamn boring?"

"You get bored easily." Aoi's eye twitched as she growled, "I'm sorry the rest of the world just can't be as interesting as you."

Hikaru smirked. "It really is a shame; seems I'll need a new toy."

"What are you, five? Entertain yourself for a change."

"But there are so many ways to mess with people! I think my next victims are going to be the hotel cleaning staff."

Aoi pinched the bridge of her nose, Hikaru only grinning at her obvious annoyance. "How in the world do all your fans and the press see past your faults?"

He leaned back, running a hand through his spiky ginger hair. "Simple, Business Lady," Hikaru told her knowingly, Aoi feeling the urge to slap the smirk right off his face grow, "Because everybody loves me."

"All right, I'm on break for the next ten minutes," Haruhi told the five high school boys, taking her seat at their customary table in the corner of the coffee house. They all were still wearing their uniforms, consisting of white long sleeve collared button-downs, red ties, black slacks for the boys, and a gray plaid skirt for Haruhi. She wiped her whipped cream and coffee-stained hands on her green work apron, apologizing, "I'm sorry I've been so busy, but this place has been getting a lot more business than usual."

Kyouya took a sip from his mug, suggesting, "I believe that might be due to Kaoru."

"I didn't ask to be a look-alike of some cookie-cutter idol," Kaoru grumbled, holding his head in his hands, his ginger hair covered by a black beanie, his amber cat eyes concealed with aviators. He looked to Haruhi, giving her a half-smile and promising, "I'm coming in disguise from now on, though."

The brunette blinked, shaking her head. "You really shouldn't do all this; it's not that big of a deal."

Tamaki smothered her in a hug, cooing while Haruhi gasped for air, "Oh, my little daughter is so kind and adorable!"

"Tono, you're choking her."

"AH! I'm so sorry Haruhi! Daddy didn't mean to!"

Haruhi silenced him with a glare, causing Kaoru to laugh and Tamaki to whimper, probably whining in his head about how cruel she could be.

Hunny took an impossibly large bite of cake, and smiled, hugging his Usa-chan tighter to his chest. "I had a lot of fun watching Takashi at the Kendo Club today. Both of us have tournaments coming up and you should all come, right Takashi?"

"Yeah." The dark, silent boy nodded in agreement, letting a small smile lift the corners of his lips.

"Ooh! Wonderful! This will be the perfect family bonding opportunity!" Tamaki cheered, his eyes lit with excitement, "What with Kyouya and me on Student Council, Haruhi's part-time job here, Kaoru's Art club, Mori's kendo, and Hunny's martial arts, we haven't been able to spend nearly enough time together."

Kyouya turned to Hunny, asking, "When is it?"

"It's next Saturday; I'm competing at noon, and Takashi is competing at two. Can you all make it? That would make me super happy!"

Haruhi thought for a bit. "I can take an early shift, so I'll be there."

"As Student Council President, I can reschedule the planning for the fundraiser."

"Being Vice-President, I'll remind Tamaki to do so."

All eyes turned expectantly to Kaoru, who visibly deflated. Great, I'm the only one who can't offer to change my plans. Thanks for making me look like a jerk, guys. "Uh, actually," he began awkwardly, scratching the back of his head and trying to find the right words so he wouldn't sound like an inconsiderate prick, "The Art Club is going to be painting a mural for the school that weekend, and since the school is threatening to shut us down due to lack of funds unless we paint it for free and make it look good, I'm required to be there." He quickly added, speaking mostly to Hunny and Mori, "But I'll try to sneak away, and I'm sure we'll be done by one."

Hunny smiled, nodding understandably. "It's okay; I know it's super important to you, Kaoru. I'm sure it'll work out, anyway. You can still hang out with us after the tournament for cakes and candy!"


"Haruhi! We need everybody working! It's going to be another busy day!"

The said girl sighed, standing up and telling the others, "Looks like my break is over. See you all tomorrow at school." Her friends waved as she made her way to the counter, ready to work the register as a long line of impatient customers slowly grew.

"Well, Takashi and I better get home and train!"

"Tamaki and I still have to work on the meeting schedule for the Student Council."

"Bu-but I wanted to see Ayame today-"

"You should have thought about that before deciding to put it off for so long."

Kaoru chuckled, watching his friends leave and waving goodbye, deciding to stay a few more minutes. They were a strange mix alright, unlikely friends, and none of it would've been possible if Tamaki hadn't transferred in from France. Kyouya had been chosen as his tour guide, and so the two came to develop a strange friendship. Hunny and Mori were cousins, so their bond already existed. Tamaki had walked in on not only Hunny's martial arts club, but Kaoru's art club meeting as well, and the blond had certainly left an impression, causing them to begin to hang out and become close friends in Kaoru's second year of middle school. In his third, they met Haruhi, again, purely by chance, as Kaoru and Tamaki decided to see who could spit their chewed gum the farthest, Kaoru's landing three feet away, and Tamaki's landing in Haruhi's hair, causing quite a scene and for the girl to give herself a haircut. The next day, Kaoru saw the horrid mess of chopped locks and set to work on correcting it, and thus sealing Haruhi's place in their group.

Before he had met everyone, Kaoru hadn't made any real, life-long friends. He wasn't anti-social, but he was a bit spacey, and his passion for designing clothes labeled him as a bit odd. He was kind, polite, but he felt like there was a half of him missing, and to this day, he couldn't understand why. Still, he was happy, and even with this weird feeling he couldn't shake, Kaoru had to admit, life was good.

"Hikaru Hitachiin's concert sold out in record time, with seats being gone in as little as ten minutes. He'll be holding a press conference tomorrow for his newest album, 'White Noise', set for release in two weeks."

Kaoru frowned at the television hanging in the coffee shop. He was happy, anyway, until he started being mistaken for that singer. I have to admit, though, we do look alikeā€¦I mean, change the hair a little, and-whoa, we could be twins. He shook his head, getting up from the table and walking out the door and onto the street. Yeah, well, if I'm related to that guy, then there are penguins on the moon.

Somebody better call NASA.

Hooray for AU, making things like the majority of the Host Club being middle class, Hikaru a Japanese idol, and the twins not knowing they're related possible.

Seriously, though, I actually had more fun writing about Kaoru's life than Hikaru's. Probably because I had more characters to work with and it was a larger difference from the original show.

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Hopefully I've kept the twins in character, or at least considering the circumstances. The only rich brat in this is Hikaru, Haruhi being the poorest, the rest middle class. I also figured that since the twins didn't grow up together they would prove to be a little more social (at least Kaoru would, anyway). I think their differences would also really show.

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