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Blossom's POV

My friends and I have the document. All we need to do now is return it to base safely without being noticed. But who would suspect four fourteen year olds to be a threat?

My friends are Bubbles, Buttercup, and Bunny. We are training. We got to Breakwood Private Academy For Extraordinary Young Women.

Most people just don't know how extraodinary we really are. To the eyes of strangers we are snobby, preppy little girls that go to a school were you have to be invite to go to and we think we are all that because we attend the school.

In our case, that is something good because with that they don't suspect much of what is really happening inside the doors of our academy.

Something simple you would learn in kindergarten would be learning your colors. For us, in kindergarten we learn how to deactivate a missile in less than a minute.

See the difference? One would never know, I know how to kill a man with a paperclip in seven different ways.

Eveyone that goes to our school has a special talent. I'm super smart, determined, and I'm a born leader. My friends say I can be a bit bossy at times though. I have pink eyes, long flowy orange hair that reaches my calves, and I'm 5'7". I wear glasses in public that are to identify people and other spies. You can't tell though they look like ordinary glasses. I'm the smartest of my friends by far.

My younger friend Bubbles is sweet, cute, and nice. That's her talent sneakyness. She can enter any place without being thought as a threat. I mean she looks so naive. Who could tell she could easily sneak in a poisin into your food and kill you without being suspected. She's blonde, 5'5" with sky blue eyes.

There's also Buttercup. My green-eyed, black haired 5'6" friend. Her specialty is battle. Buttercup is strong and fierce. In all the battle she has been, she has won all. Weapons or no weapons she is the strongest by far. Another good thing, she can lie her way out of any situation without breaking a sweat.

Bunny is my last friend. She has brown hair, purple eyes, and is 5'6". Bubbles is the shortest. Bunny is the most observant. She is a great spy and can remember alot of the things she has heard or seen but sometimes she forgets. She can also be very good at being unseen. Well you notice her but you don't take a record of what she was doing or anything at all, she sort of blends in with the crowd even with purple eyes.

Right now we were on an assignment. Our assignment was to retrieve a document without leading others to the academy.

Letting other spies follow you is a bad idea and you have to get them out of your tail. Like my dad said, 'once is okay, twice is a coincidence, and three times someones following you.'

We managed to get to the academy without being questioned or followed. That's not a surprise to me. We all are great spies. We should be allowed to go on REAL missions but the teachers say that once we are senoirs we can go. We are only freshmen right now.

After our teacher Mrs. Glower says how good of job we did and pointer on how to improve we head for our dorms. I share a dorm with Bubbles. Bunny and Buttercup share a dorm to and it's across the hallway from ours.

"Ugh, this is boring! Why can't we go outside?" Buttercup says after a while of doing our homework.

"Because we are only allowed to with a teacher's permission." Bunny says.

"Why do you want to go outside?" I asked looking up from my homework.

"Well, we almost never get to go out. Haven't you ever thought about how it is to be a normal teenager." Buttercup asks

"That's something Bubbles would say not you," Bunny says.

"Hey! Well it is kind of true I do sometimes wonder how it is to be a regular teen but still." Bubbles says joining in on our conversation.

"How about we sneak out once and you know go to the park or something." Buttercup said.

"THE MALL!" Bubbles says.

"NO THE AQUARIUM!" Bunny shouts.

"THE LIBRARY!" I yell.

"Shhh! See we should go but one at a time so we can cover for each other. Okay?" Buttercup asks.

"YEA!" we say.

"SHHH! And who goes first though?" she says.

"Well, I'm pretty sure we all want to go first..." Bunny says.

"So..." I continue.

We have to find out who will go first and that's hard because we all want to.

"I think Bubbles should go," Bunny finally says.

We all stare at her questiongly.

"OKAY! I'll go first." Bubbles says happily.

"Why her first? It was my idea!" Buttercup says.

"Because she has clothes that don't have school logos and we don't. Therefore, since she wants to go to the mall she can get us clothes." Bunny explains.

"Fine. But nothing to girly! Okay Bubbles?" Buttercup says looking at Bubbles.

"Yea I know." Bubbles says. "What time should I leave and come back, Bloss." she says looking at me.

"I'm not sure. Let me do the problem out and I'll tell you before we go to sleeo." I say already working out the problem of when the coast will be clear and what secret passway she would have to take.

"Alright. We'll keep working on our homework" she says.

Bubbles, Buttercup, and Bunny continue doing their homework. I finish working out the problem and tell my friends on how we are going to do it all. I hope this works or else we will be in a huge amount of trouble.


Bubbles's POV

Yay, I'm going to the mall. I'm going to the mall. It's time to shop! It's 5:30 a.m. and I'm getting ready to leave.

I'm wearing a white mini, a sky blue tank top, and white flats. I have my hair in pigtails and a sky blue clip on the right side. I also have on some gold bracelets and earrings. One of the bracelets has a lazor, the earrings are cameras, and the clip can turn into a key that can unlock ALMOST everything.

I have on blush, mascara, lipgloss, eyeshadow, and eyeliner too. Buttercup made fun of me when she saw me by saying if I was going to see my boyfriend or something. I don't have a boyfriend. I want one but I don't have one.

By 6:30 I'm all set. I have about $200 in my purse and we are heading out to the secret passage that is behind the picture of our 8th president.

Blossom, Buttercup, and Bunny are wearing our school uniform. A plaid skirt in a different color that you can choose, a white blouse, a vest with the school logo on the right breast, white socks up to the knees, and maryjanes.

"Bye-bye. See you at 9." I say and head out.

"Bye Bubbles." Blossom says.

"See ya later," Bunny says.

"And if you get a boyfriend make sure he ain't ugly," Buttercup says lastly making me frown. Oh how I would love to see how it will be when Buttercup falls for a guy.

I wonder when she will get her first crush. Blossom, Bunny, and I already had. They were from an all boy spy school but Buttercup just doesn't seem to like guys.

Once outside I decide that I should get breakfast first because my stomache is growling. I find a place called Emily's Pancake House and go inside. (It's an actual place I never been to it but I see it alot.)

I order some coffee and some pancakes with maple syrup. Once I finish I pay and go to the park. It's a beautiful morning. It's only 7:45 but already there are kids in the playground, elderly feeding the birds, and people going to work.

"Hey," I heard behind me say.

I turn around and come face-to-face with a very cute boy. He looks about fifteen. Tan skin. Muscular. Dirty blonde hair. Dark blue eyes.

In my head I keep hearing Buttercup's voice. And if you get a boyfriend make sure he ain't ugly. Well I don't know if he would be my boyfriend but he sure isn't ugly and he does seem friendly.

"Hi," I say politely.

"Are you new here? I never seen you here before and I've been living here my whole life." He says.

"Actually no. It's my first time out though." I say.

"What do you mean first time out?" he asks.

"I go to Breakwood Private Academy For Extraordinary Young Women." I say.

"Oh. You go to that school?" he says. He is nosy.

"Yea." I say

"So shouldn't you be you know in school?" he says.

"Yea but I snuck out. I wanted to have a day for myself you know..." I say.

"Yea I come to the park sometimes to get rid of all the drama at home." he says.

"Yea well, my school is just so boring inside. I just want something to do besides learn."

"Lol. I thought everyone that went to that school was stuck up," he says smiling.

"Don't judge a girl by her cover," Is what I say in response. That itself has many meanings.

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