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Bandit's POV

"So you got a date with a girl?" I ask Brick.

"Yes! I thought we got that clear already!" Brick yells.

"Well that's a big surprise, Brick." I say.

"What's that suppose to mean!" Brick shouts at me.

"Well, you usually don't even pay attention to girls or even bother to get a girlfriend." I say.

"That's because she's not like the other girls. She's …different." He says.

"Mhhmm, Well I don't really know what to tell you besides don't mess up." I say and am about to leave Brick's room when he stops me.

"Wait!" Brick says.

"What?" I say.

"Can you go on the date with me?" He asks.

"What?" I shout.

"I mean like hide somewhere were I can see you and give me signals on what to do so I don't mess up." He explains.

"Really, Brick? I don't think you need me. If you got a date with her, just knowing her for hardly a day, she must like you for you." I say.

"True…but just in case I freeze or something. Please? Come on do this one favor for me, bro." Brick says.

"Fine, but just this once. Next time get someone else!" I say and leave his room.

"Thanks, Bandit! I owe you one!" He shouts.

"You got that right." I say walking to my room.

Blossom's POV

Come on pick up the phone, Pick up, pick up. PICK IT UP ALREADY, BUNNY!

"Hey, Bunny speaking." Bunny says finally picking up the phone.

"Bunny! It's Blossom!" I say.

"Oh hey, Bloss. How's your day been?" She asks.

"It's been okay. Well actually it's been fantastic but I need your help now." I say.

"My help? What for?" Bunny asks.

"Just come to the central park. It's by the public high school and the ice cream parlor on 10th street." I say.

"Fine. Be there in 15 minutes." She says and hangs up the phone.

While I waited for her, I started to read The Midnight Theft. (A/N: FAKE BOOK!) The book was about a lost ruby necklace that was lost in a fire. The fire was started by the WSESI; The World's Smartest Engineers, Scientist, and Inventors who claimed to only started the fire because the married couple, who had it, wouldn't give it up. The necklace had dark secrets that many people wanted to get their hands on, so the couple was trying to protect it.

Supposedly, the ruby was lost in the fire along with the secrets it held but me being a spy; I knew there was something more to the story.

I had actually heard about the book before in school and our class discussed what could have happened to the necklace.

Bunny and Buttercup DID find something. Supposedly, the author of the book was a close friend but had to keep low profile after the fire, he somehow was able to say in the book using an ancient code to say that the couple had kids and not only did they have the ruby necklace but THREE other artifacts that most be kept safe.

Unfortunately, no one knows were the kids are and the fire happened along time ago. No one knows if they are even still alive. It's a mystery not even the top secret organization knows. All we know is that many people ARE after those four artifacts.

"So what do you need?" Someone says and out of surprised, I make a noise and drop the book.

"BUNNY! What was that for?" I say after realizing what had happened.

"I was just asking why you needed my help." She says sitting down next to me.

"Oh yea…well…umm…." I say not sure how to tell her how my day was.

"Well what?" She said.

"I went to the library and got some books." I say slowly.

"And?" She says telling me to go on with my story.

"There was boy who helped me pick out some book…" I continue.

"Are you going to tell me or are you going to just waste my time?" Bunny says.

"The boy asked me out on a date, today." I finally say.

"You got a date?" Bunny shouts in surprise.

"Yea." I say nervously.

"Why do you need my help then?" She asks.

"Well, I need you to go with me." I say to her.

"What do you mean go with you? This isn't my date! You can go by yourself, Blossom. Plus I'm not an expert on dating." Bunny says.

"Yea, but you don't get nervous or shy AND you're good at blending into the crowd so you can help me out by doing some sign or something. You would be helping me by not letting me mess up my date." I conclude.

"I doubt you'll freeze up or something." Bunny says.

"Please, Bunny. I really need your help!" I say.

"You'll do fine!" She insists.

"Just incase!" I say.

"Ugh, fine! But just this once!" She exclaims.

"Thank you! You are a life savor!" I say.

"Whatever." Bunny says like it's no big deal.

"Well, I should go ask Bubbles for advice on what to wear." I say.

I grab my books and Bunny and I head back to school. But not before we got ice cream at the parlor.

Bunny's POV

Blossom and I finished our ice cream, which was the best I ever had, and went into the tunnel to get back in school.

Buttercup and Bubbles met us back in the roof balcony. This was a place where many of the other girls came to but it was because the place was just beautiful. Especially now that it's almost six.

I remember when we were all younger and came up here to see the sunset. Those were some of my favorite days. We came here for many reasons. Mostly to relax, clear our mind, or just hang out.

Now we are here again but for different reasons. Now we are here to help Blossom out.

"Wow, Blossom! I didn't know you would get a date on your first day out!" Bubbles exclaimed with glee. You could tell she was clearly happy for Blossom.

"Yea who knew?" Buttercup said mockingly.

Don't even start, Buttercup, I mentally say with an evil grin making its' place on face.

"Shut up, Buttercup!" Blossom says.

"Why? I'm just saying the truth." Buttercup says with an innocent face but you can clearly see through it.

"When is your date, Buttercup?" I say.

"W-what?" Buttercup says taken back.

Blossom smirks and Bubbles giggles as she sees Buttercup small pink blush on her cheeks.

"So, Buttercup, you never really told us; who is this special guy?" Blossom says with a smirk still adoring her face.

Buttercup face had now turned into a scowl and her eyebrows furrowed as her eyes narrowed.

I cracked up seeing Buttercup like that. Who would have thought we see the day when we say Buttercup blush?

"SHUT UP!" She shouts as all of us (but her, obviously) were laughing.

"Bc, we were just kidding." Bubbles says.

"Ya, no need to get offended." Blossom says.

Buttercup growled one more time before we heard someone coming up the stairway.

"Dude, this school has alot of secret passways and tunnels! We should explore mre to see what kinds of things we can find." A deep male voice says.

We all look at each other and in confirmation hide.

Bubbles's POV

After hearing someone talk, all of us hid to see who it was.

As the door to the roof opened, we see four guys.

"Blake?" I whisper and step a bit out of my hiding spot.

As soon as the word escapes my mouth the boy with light brown hair turns around and I'm staring into and ocean of royal blue eyes.

"Bubbles?" He asks coming towards me. Not knowing how to respond, I nod.

Blake smiles and that makes me smile.

"Woah!" I hear someone shout and I see Bunny falling from the ceiling...her hiding place.

I laugh at her and she glares.

"Thanks for blowing our cover." Buttercup says landing on her feet as she comes down the ceiling as well.

"Yea and thanks for making me fall." Bunny says.

"It was gravity, Bunny. Not me, for I can't control gravity." BC says back.

"But I wouldn't have fallen if you didn't push me."

"Yes, you would have!"

"Are you saying I'm weak!" Bunny shouts.

"I didn't say it." Buttercup says.

"Just stop arguing!" I hear Blossom say and steps out from the shadows.

"Blossy?" someone says. I see brownish-red hair and brown almost red eyes. Blaze. I almost forgot about the boys.

"Yup, nice to see you again Blaze." Blossom says.

"Bunny?" The dark brunette says. Blane.

"What's up, Blane? Long time, no see!" Bunny says now happy.

Blane, Blaze, and Blake smile but the guy next to them seems confused.

"Oh sorry! Forgot to introduce ourselves!" I say.

"Oh yea! Out bad, Blade!" The boys say.

"Yea, it is." He says, "Well I'm Blade and I'm guessing you already now one another."

"Nice to meet you! I'm Bubbles!" I say.

"Great to meet you. I'm Blossom." Blossom says.

"I'm Bunny. Nice to meet you." Bunny says.

"Yo, I'm Buttercup. What's up?" Buttercup says.

" Not much. Just the same thing as always. Going on missions and assignments. Beating up some guys. Same old, same old." Blade says.

"Ha, You wish you couls go on at least ONE mission!" Blaze says. Blade frowns and glares at him.

Everyone else laughs.

"Don't worry! We got the same problem." Bunny says.

"Yea because we 'have to be a senior in order to go on missions'" Buttercup says in a funny imatating voice of our headmistress.

That just makes everyone laugh harder than we were already.

After settling down, Blossom speaks.

"Well it was nice meeting up again and everything but we have to go." She says.

"Sure, I guess see ya later." Blaze says.

"Bye, Bubbles." Blake says kissing my hand.

"Bye, Blake." I say.

"See ya later. boys!" Bunny says leaving.

"Peace out my weaklings." Buttercup shouts leaving as well.

When Buttercup said that, I felt like running away and hiding! I don't know why but it was just embarrasing to me!

"Sure, Bye, Girly!" Blade says just loud enough for Buttercup to hear.

Wow, I don't think no one has ever called her that.

"What did you say?" she shouts turning around.

"Oh oh." Blossom, Bunny, and I say.

We each hold on to Buttercup and drag her to Blossom's and my dorm while she screamed, kicked, and tried to punch us!

"Calm down, already!" Bunny shouts.

"He called me girly!" Buttercup shouts.

"We can get revenge on him, later. Right now, we have to help, Blossy, get ready." I say.

"Fine." She says and finally starts to calm down. Thank goodness!

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