Chapter 9

They rode in the yard of the house. Ben, Hoss and Joe had mounted off their horses and walk into the house. Amelia takes her horse and walk into the barn.

She puts Sapphire in his stall and starts to brush him when Adam walks in and watches his sister. "If you're gonna lecture me you better do it now and get it over with" said Amelia annoyed.

"Why would I lecture you?" asked Adam. "I know you're dying to give me one the riot act. So I'll save you the trouble. I know drinking to numb the pain was not only reckless but stupid and irresponsible. If Little Joe hadn't found me then I'll be a lot worse off than I was" said Amelia frustrated.

"I couldn't say it better myself but that's not why I'm here. I just wanted to see if you were alright" said Adam, he knew that for Amelia to stand and take Bobby's crap was hard for her to do and he knew that what Bobby said struck a nerve in her.

Amelia turns to him "I'm fine Adam" she said unconvincingly. Adam looks at her and he knew that she wasn't fine. "What's bothering you shortcake?"

"Nothing I'm fine" she said. Adam walks over to her and gently grips onto her arms. "Amelia what is bothering you? Something is eating away at you and you need to let it out"

"Fine if you want to know I'm scared. I'm scared that everyone blames me for what Josh did" Amelia blurted out. "Why do would you think everyone is blaming you for something that clearly wasn't your fault?" Adam asked.

"Because I was dating him I was in love with him. I was in the school when Josh decided to have convicts hold it at gunpoint. I bet people think I helped him or knew about it" said Amelia bitterly.

"No one thinks like that and no one blames you. Everyone feels sorry for you" said Adam. "Except for Bobby Palmer" muttered Amelia.

She walks by him but Adam turns her around. "Bobby Palmer is a punk don't pay him no mind. Don't let him get to you" said Adam. "Shortcake I know you are in pain and what Bobby said didn't help. Things will get better and I am so proud of you"

"Why?" asked Amelia. "Well for how you handle yourself with Bobby and how you took charge during a very dramatic and scary situation. You protected the children and only did you save them and Miss Wilcox but you saved Emily and Nancy" said Adam he caresses her cheek and says "You're a hero".

"No I'm not and I am sick and tired of my brothers telling me I'm a hero. I'm not and I don't want to be refer as one not by you or anyone else ever again" yelled Amelia she storms out of the barn and was halfway across the yard when Adam grabs her and turns her around.

"LET ME GO ADAM!" she yelled. "Not until you let all of the hurt and anger out" ordered Adam he didn't want to do this but it was the only way his sister would be able to heal.

Amelia starts to fight him trying to break away from his hold. She starts to punch him "I HATE YOU...I HATE EVERYONE...I ...HATE JOSH!" she screamed.

Ben, Hoss, Joe and Hopsing hurried out of the house to see what the ruckus was about. Amelia starts to cry and looks up at Adam. "Oh God! Why did he do that? I loved him Adam...I really loved him" she wailed.

"I know honey...I know" consoled Adam his heart was breaking. "I'm sorry...I'm so...very sorry. It was my was all my fault" sobbed Amelia, overcome with emotion she collapse to the ground crying her heart out with Adam's arms still holding her.

Adam holds her and strokes the back of her head and rubs her back as he whispers soothing words in her ear. "You better get her in the house son" said a worried Ben.

Adam looks over to his father, nods and lifts Amelia in his arms then carries her to the house.