I know what you're thinking...another Godric inside the Fellowship of the Sun story. My only excuse is that I just got all 3 seasons for Christmas and having just finished all of season 2, I'm kind of excited to write about Godric and an OC of mine. I am entitled to that at least, right? I only got HBO this past year! Although, I am currently at work on 3 other stories (that's smart). And I can't promise that this story will be something you like...ah well. Stated simply, I hope you stay with me and enjoy.


Neko smiled widely at Steve Newlin, nodding her head like a puppy at some rant he was hopefully almost done with.

"What do you think, Nicole?"

She cringed internally at the longer pronunciation of her name, but replied politely all the same.

"First we have to worry about gays getting married, but now vampires too? What is this world coming to?" she scolded in an irritated tone.

Steve's vehement nod informed her she'd said the right thing.

Damn, I really could be a good spy.

The group nearest them soon departed into the pews, but Neko stayed rooted near the back. If she had to listen to one of Steve's insane, hate-filled babbles about vampires one more time, she'd stake the man herself. Plus, time was running out for her to do the thing she'd first infiltrated the church to do.

But, Steve stayed glued to the spot as well and Neko silently cursed at the man's sudden interest in her. For two weeks, she'd been overlooked easily by the young Newlin couple. Yet, here all of a sudden, on the day where she was going to risk her life and cover for a cause she partially believed in, the man finally took an interest in her. What kind of screwed up, Shakespearean irony was that?

"I know you probably think you are lost among this crowd, but I have listened to the way you've helped those lost souls once associated with those fangers, find their way. Your work is greatly appreciated," Steve acknowledged, stepping toward her.

Neko risked a glance to those in their pews, but none of them paid attention. Inhaling, she pasted the same two week old grin back on to her face.

"Well I appreciate you saying that more than you realize. It's good to get people back on to the right path and into the infinite glory of the sun. What is more gratifying than to witness those caught in the darkness, find their way to the light?"

Steve's smile widened immediately.

Nonchalantly, he placed one hand atop her arm and stepped within two feet of what would normally be considered her comfort area.

"Perhaps after this meeting," Steve suggested, catching her eyes with the same smile, "you can finally be given a task I find only the most suitable for those with the strongest of souls."

"Does it have something to do with our own secret revelation in the form of...a most wicked of creature?"

She knew mentioning what she'd learned from Sarah was risky, but she needed to know more information about what exactly was going to happen to the vampire. Just gaining the information from Sarah proved to be more difficult than expected. And from the whispers she'd gathered around her, the event taking place was approaching fast. There was no time to keep to the shadows and wait for information to come.

Steve seemed somewhat surprised at her knowledge of the event, but took it in stride.

"I hope it was alright for Sarah to tell me. We were having tea and she was complimenting me about how I got through to one of the fanger's latest victims. I've told no one else of course, but she trusted me enough to mention my having something to do with this event."

Some sort of decision was settled within Steve's mind for he leaned toward her, his mouth near her ear and his grip on her arm, stiff.

"Godric will reveal himself to the sun shortly before this evening near 6:30. Meet me after this mass ends and I will inform you of the duties God has put you on this Earth to achieve."

Neko kept back her flinch as Steve's fingers trailed slowly across her arm, causing all of the hairs to stand on edge. Slowly, he moved his head back from hers and let his arm fall to the side. But the meaning of the touch wasn't lost on her.

It's definitely bad when I find a reverend scarier than a vampire.

"I cannot wait, nor will I disappoint you, Mr. Newlin. The thrill of fulfilling my God given duties is more than I could have ever asked from the Fellowship of the Sun," she praised, forcing a genuine smile to appear.

Nodding, Steve answered her smile with one of his own before beginning his march up the aisle. Around him, the parishioners hushed and some clapped as their savior approached.

Neko could only stare. She felt a strange mix of pity and awe for the people. Pity because hate deteriorated them so quickly and awe because they honestly believed murdering whatever lay in the unknown was the way to ease their fear.

But the church bells rang suddenly, indicating 5 o'clock and all of her musings were postponed for the moment.

Instead, Niko used the current distraction to silently slip through the back door and into the nearest hall. She had a vampire to find.


Upon arrival to the Texas church, Neko and those with her had been forbidden entrance to a separate section of the building. At the time, Sarah had joked that it wasn't quite suitable for the eyes of God and when repairs were made to it, it'd be accessible to them.

But as she slipped into said hallway, Neko had the sudden urge to mumble 'liar, liar, pants on fire'.

Not only was the hallway immaculately polished, but entirely deserted.

Way too easy, that's what this is. After two weeks, I refuse to believe that Godric is so easily accessible to anybody wandering by.

Granted, she did possess one of Sarah's keys that she'd been able to slip away from the woman. That had helped her get into the hallway.

Technically, my theft should be overridden by the knowledge it's being used to force a vampire to meet the sun. That counts as something, doesn't it?

Shaking away all philosophical inquiries, Neko studied each door carefully before glancing down at the crack between the door and the floor. Those with sunlight shining through indicated the building to be on the same level with a window inside. About three of these doors were on each side she passed.

However, as she turned a corner and neared the end of the hallway, one doorway's bottom remained pitch black.

Basement? Only one way to find out.

Sliding Sarah's key into the knob, Neko turned it.

But the key refused to turn. Once more, she tried the door, even tried it without the key for good measure, but the door was locked.

"Damn it," she murmured, slapping the palm of her hand against the door.

It was with this slap that she felt something brush against her arm and fall to her feet.

Kneeling down, Neko picked up a stray bobby pin from her messy bun. She'd had an abundance of them ever since she started dressing the part of a Christian woman.

She glanced at the door knob then at the bobby pin before an idea struck her.

Usually, this only works in the movies. But what the hell?

Ten minutes of whispering harshly at the door later and the sound of the lock turning greeted her ears.

Neko stayed paused in her position, not quite believing it worked. Standing, she opened the door and observed the stairs leading down to the basement.

Do I call Eric? I don't even have his number.

He'd been so sure Neko couldn't do anything for him after the Stackhouse girl and her boyfriend refused his offer. He hadn't even offered a number where she could reach him.

I could always try Fangtasia.

But light still claimed the sky and talking to Ginger would be as helpful as talking to a brick wall. Plus, Godric meeting the sun was going to happen in roughly an hour and a half. Whatever needed to be done to save the vampire's life, had to start with her.

Straightening herself, Neko closed the door behind her and descended down the basement stairs.


The basement was dimly lit, but still manageable to maneuver through. The shadows littered around offered only more area for Neko to scan, so she did so blindly, going so far as to stick out her hand and feeling the cold walls to make sure no one was there.

She stumbled over a few boxes at times, even brushed her hand through a particularly stubborn cobweb, but as of yet, the vampire she sought was nowhere to be found.

Pausing, Neko inhaled and exhaled.

It's alright. I've still got a little while to find him. A little while before Steve finds out I'm a double crossing vampire loving, sympathizer set out to rescue Godric. He'll probably have Gabe deal with me...creepiest Christian I ever did see.

Remembering Steve's fingers trailing across her forearm and the way he looked at her just before he left to preach, made Neko reconsider Gabe's presence. At least he didn't want to-.

Stilling, Neko turned her head slightly as the shuffle of feet met her ears. The sound ceased shortly after, but Neko detected a presence behind her. The same way she could detect Eric's presence at times, shortly before he scared the living daylights out of her.

"Godric?" Neko whispered, turning her body toward a particularly shadowed area she had already explored.

Nothing answered her, but the same presence weighed deeper in her mind.

Squinting into the shadowed corner carefully, Neko couldn't hold back her gasp as the darkness parted.

"Godric?" she questioned gently.

A movement stirred uncertainly before revealing itself in the dim room.

The person was incredibly pale with tattoos sliding across his arms and back. A hooded, white robe covered him and ended just above his ankles, indicating how tall he was in contrast to it. Short, clipped, chocolate brown hair as well as eyes greeted Neko's open mouth, and an almost lost expression marred his features.

"Have the Newlins sent you? Is it almost time?"

Neko shuddered at the hope in his voice.

"No, and no. I'm here to get you out of here," Neko explained, surprised at how steady her voice came out.

A puzzled tilt of the head was her only reply.

"Eric Northman hired me...not really believing a human, much less a female could really do the job...but I'm here nonetheless. Think how thrilled he'll be to see that you're alive and well and not about to be roasted like a marshmallow in front of a bunch of zealous bigots."

"They are not keeping me here against my own will," Godric answered. "I will meet the sun as atonement for my sins."

Blocking out her shock momentarily, Neko allowed one familiar emotion to claim her. Anger.

"So you're saying that if I disobey my parents, I should go and get my arm cut off because it was a sin?"

"Your sins are not as great as mine."

"Well who's to say that? Each sin is our own and we feel its' consequences in our own way. It is in our nature to sin, and it is in God's nature to forgive our sins if we are truly sorry for them. I'm pretty sure God wouldn't mind a simple prayer of repentance rather than you killing yourself."

She recognized her words to be truthful, yet pleading as well.

Never in her wildest dreams did she actually expect to discover Godric's whereabouts, much less talk to him. Eric never believed she would and unfortunately, his disbelief rubbed itself off on to her.

But she did find him and now with the sudden revelation that he was choosing to meet the sun, brought up a whole new, complicated problem. He didn't want to be rescued.

"I have murdered and tortured your race for thousands of years," Godric admitted.

"I once stole a police car and crashed it through a nursery home," Neko argued.

Godric paused before continuing.

"Our sins could not possibly compare."

"Okay, so maybe they don't. But it's never too late to ask forgiveness. God gave us that opportunity when he created us. To stop us from doing something as reckless as taking away what he gave because he knew we were flawed."

"Asking forgiveness is not enough."

Sighing, Neko took a step forward. Her entire body was sweating from the conversation and nervous that she'd be caught at any time. But for the moment, she observed the vampire and blocked out all other worries.

"Whom are you asking for forgiveness?" she quietly asked.

For the first time since she'd descended into the basement, Godric looked confused.

"If you've taken a step as drastic as this, then I'm sure you have done your atoning and repentance to God already. It may not feel like it because you'll always remember the things you've done, but those acts were wiped away the moment you became sorry for them. So now that God has forgiven you, you're asking forgiveness from whom else? Yourself?"


"Then forgive yourself, Godric."

"It isn't so simple."


"Because of the harm our race has caused. My meeting the sun is not only a personal atonement, but one for all vampires."

An incredible sadness blasted through her insides. But Neko quickly ignored it.

"For a man so ancient, you remain incredibly...ignorant."

Godric considered the statement and a small smile soon followed.

"That is an interesting observation," he noted.

"It's a true one. You cannot forgive yourself for your sins and are trying to make up for the ones your race has made. Does that not become weary at some point? Don't you ever look at yourself in the mirror and try to accept that you are who you are? That maybe you have gone through all of the bad, just to discover the good you are capable of? And perhaps accepting yourself is something you can pass on to other vampires because they couldn't possibly learn without someone to teach them."

Her words struck something inside him, that was obvious. But were they enough?

"For one so young, you are incredibly perceptive."

"No time for compliments," Neko expressed, extending one hand. "We have to get going. I've been parking my car near the back end of this hall for the past two weeks. You've got your robe and I've got plenty of blankets and if we can just throw them over you and get you into my ca-."

"I am not going."

Neko's arm fell to her side.

"Even after everything I've said?"

"And I appreciate your kind words greatly. But what I am, the unspeakable acts of torture and depravity I've committed, are not things a being such as I am able to be forgiven for."

Forcing back the need to scream, Neko didn't realize her hand had swung across the air and struck Godric across the face until the resonating slap echoed off the walls and reached her ears.

Her mouth parted at the sight of the vampire's head turned toward the basement stairs, but she noted his fangs had extended.

Slowly, he turned his gaze toward her in surprise.

"Snap out of it, Godric! I refuse to believe that your entire being is content with walking out into that sun and allowing all of that good inside you to go lay in a pile of ashes. There is a part of you that is still burning and clawing its way to the forefront of your mind. It's begging to continue on, not just because of your revelations, but because it craves to live. It enjoys thriving inside you. Let that feeling through."

The fury was burning through her gaze and only ignited further as Godric's brown eyes met hers.

"I cannot."

Keeping her hands down at her sides, Neko thought of something else.

"What about Eric? How am I going to explain to him that you lost the desire to live because you could not forgive yourself for your own sins, even though you have already been atoned? To a person who loves you more than you could ever imagine."

That same hesitancy reappeared in his eyes, but Godric shook his head at the statement.

"He will understand."

"Are we talking about the same Eric?" Neko questioned indignantly. "Because the Eric I know would never allow someone he loved to kill themselves. He would fight with every fiber in his being to make sure it didn't happen."

"You will be able to explain-."

"No, I will not," Neko angrily responded, taking a step toward them. Only a foot separated them, but Neko couldn't find the time to think the position strange.

"Forget what the Newlins told you about your nature. Forget the punishment you believe needs to be placed on you for yours sins. Remember what it's like to live again and hold on to that feeling as if it's the most important feeling in the world. More important than your need to feed, more important even than your impulse to step out into the sunlight."

By this time, one of her hands was around his bicep and the other was resting across his shoulder. But she held him in the stance and forced his gaze to stay attached to hers. It wasn't even convincing him to forgive himself anymore. It was convincing him that the need to live far outweighs the need to die.

"I-," he started, but closed his mouth shortly after.

Neko knew she'd struck a nerve within him once more, even if said nerve was dead.

"Are you too afraid to live? Does this world scare you too much?"

His eyes instantly hardened, and Neko internally smiled. She had a tactic now.

"Is this really how I'm going to witness the end of a 2,000 year old vampire? It's completely sad. So much potential and vibrancy, wasted by fear and-."

"I am not afraid," he dictated, grasping one of her arms and pulling it toward him.

Her body hit his and the power he emitted was nearly overwhelming. Yet, Neko refused to back down.

"Prove you're not afraid. Come with me just for today. Talk to Eric. Follow that need to live."

Godric at that moment, seemed to remember himself for he released the grip he kept on her arm.

"I am sorry if I hurt your-."

Neko shook off the apology.

"Come on Godric. Come with me and try living one last time."

Said vampire frowned deeply, but did not back up from her. His gaze couldn't have strayed from hers even if there were a dozen Soldiers of the Sun standing behind him, giving up a battle cry as they aimed their weapons.

Minutes ticked on between them, but Godric stayed in the same position.

Either he's really thinking about what I've said or I put him to sleep.

"My impulse to continue living is just that...an impulse. It takes no sensible form."

This time, Neko didn't hold back her groan.

"You stupid, stupid, stupid vampire. Can you not see your potential with all of the things you've discovered about yourself?" Neko half yelled, half whispered.

Godric had the audacity to look surprised at her outburst.

"Come on," Neko demanded, smacking his arm once.

The brunette did nothing to fend off the attack, but his eyes trailed over the spot she'd hit him, curiously.

Am I going to have to beat some sense into this man?

They met gazes once more and before she knew it, Neko laid another smack against him. Same area, opposite arm.

An amusement filled Godric's features, until Neko brought both arms forward and pushed the tall vampire.

He backed inches away, but Neko kept at it. It was too late to not feel responsible for him. He awoke the best and the worst in her and she was not leaving this church without him.

"Stop being so damn," Neko emphasized with another push against his chest, "afraid of yourself. Afraid of life."

Stumbling back some, Godric's face remained impassive as she continued her assault.

Another smack across the face and his fangs were out once more. When she managed to corner him into a wall behind with another push, Godric growled.

And when a vampire growls, it's nothing like a dog or a bear or even a human. His growl was a clear and present warning, rumbling off the walls like a steam engine. But through this, Neko knew she was getting to him.

"You do not have the right to growl at me, Godric," Neko angrily stated, clutching on to his shoulders. "You are the one ending your life today, not me."

Another growl followed, but Neko was too far in to care of the consequences.

"Snap out of it!" she shrieked, shaking his shoulders.

Godric attempted another growl, but Neko pushed him back into the wall.

"You did not survive everything you've done and everything you've seen just to step out," Neko expressed with another shove against his shoulder, "into the goddamn sun!"

The vampire squelched his growling, but his eyes were pin pointed on her in the same way Eric's had been when he'd first discovered she was a virgin. Accidentally of course...she wouldn't tell that man anything so personal just to have him gloat about it. Or worse, offer to take it away. But he'd discovered it nonetheless and from then on, made an extra attempt to gaze at her as if she was the Holy Grail of blood types.

To be honest, Godric's stare unnerved her. But it was better than listening to him speak so lowly of his own life.

When stare at her was all he did, Neko swung back her hand and aimed for his face.

Before her arm could even reach him however, Godric's cold hand grabbed it. With his other arm, he pulled Neko toward him so their bodies touched once again.

"You will not hit me again," he warned.

Mimicking his tone, Neko replied just as threateningly, "You will not meet the sun."

At a standstill, Godric did not reply to her words. But he made no move to let her go and if Neko was remotely interested in vampires, she'd have thought her position to be rather provocative. Their hips were pasted to each others and the coolness from his body passed through the balmy Texas heat currently residing in Neko's own.

"Stubborn child," he murmured, his hand sliding through her own that was ready to strike him only seconds previously.

Like you should talk!

But Neko kept her words to herself. Instead, her ears picked up the sounds of footsteps pattering above them and somewhere nearby, a unanimous "Hallelujah!" filled the hallway.

I do not have any more time to fool around. It's either now or never.

"You are a complete and total," Neko announced, "scaredy cat. You put not only the vampire race to shame, but the human one too."

And whether she wanted it to happen or not, Godric's reaction raged through him. One minute she was posed awkwardly within his embrace, the next she was pinned up against the opposite wall as one of Godric's hands pressed itself at the dip in her collarbone, fingers resting across her neck. His other hand pressed into her shoulder firmly, keeping her from moving.

Still, the greatest shift was in his features. With fangs extended, Godric's brown eyes bore into her own dark, turquoise ones. Only centimeters away, his face was set into what she believed was his posture to attack. He wasn't necessarily sneering, but something coursed through him enough to give off a brand new emotion. Determination.

"I will not be mistaken for a failure of both races," Godric assured steadily.

Keeping herself from hyperventilating, Neko managed to extend one hand from in between their bodies, to him.

He glanced down at it, then back up at her.

"Prove it. Please Godric, come with me."

Her plead was little more than a whisper, but Godric's hands eventually fell back to his sides.

He studied her limb one last time before almost cautiously, slipping his own hand into it.

Their eyes met for the final time and with a smile of relief, Neko squeezed his hand once. Then, she pulled him after her, to the basement stairs.


"I'll have 10 minutes at best to sneak you into the car," Neko explained, her hand still holding his. To be honest, she was afraid he'd change his mind if she let go.

They were at the exit of one of the main hallway's doors. The congregation was still fully immersed within Steve's enthusiastic preaching, but wouldn't be for too much longer. And when Steve discovered his little surprise-.

Well, she wasn't going to think about that just now.

"Stay here. I'm going to my vehicle to get the blankets. They're the thickest wool I could find and will take in the sun's rays. I'll be covering you from head to toe, but trust me to lead you into the right direction. I will not abandon you or desert you and if you decide to take off the blankets because you suddenly change your mind, I will personally kill you before the sun does," she threatened.

"Of course," he reassured, but she didn't miss the brief smile that stretched over his lips.

Gazing down at their entangled limbs, Neko carefully released her hand from his.

"I'll be back before you can say the alphabet five times."

And with that, Neko opened the door, leaving Godric behind her.

Please let him still be here when I come back.


With the blankets clutched heavily in one hand, Neko fumbled with the key in the doorway. Its importance was much more obvious now because it literally allowed her access to each door within the church, minus the basement.

Figures you wouldn't think your wife to be equal to you, sexist pig.

Her fumbling was saved when the door eased open and Neko almost shouted for joy to find Godric standing there, hood over his head.

"So relieved I could kiss you," she mumbled through the blankets as she squeezed her way into the hallway.

Dropping the pile on the floor, Neko released one particularly thick, gray blanket and glanced at the vampire across from her.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

No matter what she'd done to get him to this point, Neko still had to remember that he was doing this by choice. While her straightforward remarks may have worked to get him out of the basement, entering her car deserved much gentler attentions.

"Yes," he stated.

Together, they raised the blanket over him and poised it so it reached the ground equally around him.

"Don't look so scary now," Neko noted with a smile.

By the time a seventh blanket covered Godric's form, he was ready to walk under the sun.

"Will walking during the day, hurt you?"

"I am old enough as to where no harm will come from it," was his muffled answer.

"Okay," she mumbled to herself.

With one last great inhale, Neko yanked open the door and allowed Godric's form to pass her by.

Hasn't burst into pieces yet.

Placing both hands on each side of his covered form, Neko kicked the door shut behind her one final time.

"Easy now. My car is only a few feet away. You're going to have to keep the blankets on until I get somewhere shaded so I can tint the windows with aluminum foil."

She realized only momentarily that Godric trusted her completely with his life and only prayed he still felt the need to live. Otherwise, her whole mission was for naught.

But she hardly thought it a mission now. Not with this vampire beliefs and mannerisms toward life.

"We're here. Let me open the door for you," she advised, holding Godric in his place.

Once the door was open, Neko gently eased Godric's head area down and shielded herself in front of him. That way, if a limb was shown to the sun, it wouldn't hit him right away.

Slowly but surely, they worked together to ease him into the back seat of her 97' silver Malibu.

"It's best if you lay," Neko suggested, lifting his feet on to the seat.

He did as she was told, and when his entire form was safely inside the car, Neko slammed the door shut.

I can't believe I did it. He's alive.

Neko slipped herself into the driver's seat, shut the door and turned on the ignition.

Pressing on the pedal, she easily slipped around cars entering for the lock in. What would they think if they knew she was taking away their main source of entertainment for the evening, she didn't know.

This was another thing she tried not to think about. And she succeeded.

Finally, the main road leading out of Dallas met her gaze and with steady breaths, Neko turned on to the road and left the church behind.

Good riddance.


"No, I'm not looking for a regular hotel. If I remember correctly, the brochure said there is a hotel for vampires in Dallas," Neko insisted.

She nearly cursed as the same bored tone on the other line informed her that they never heard of such a place.

Throwing the cell to the side, Niko grumbled to herself.

Her eyes strayed to her rearview mirror to make sure her silent vampire was alright. No smoke was coming from him, but Neko knew it wasn't the best position to lay in for a long period of time.

She'd completely forgot about the vampire hotel until she remembered a gas station she'd stopped at. While the gas station's name wasn't memorable, Neko did observe a brochure advertising new hotels in the Dallas area. The vampire hotel stuck out in particular, but the name didn't register.

So she called the advertising company, but her enthusiastic listener did nothing to help her.

Godric needed not only rest, but probably blood.

"How are you doing back there, sweetheart?" Neko questioned.

She received no answer.

"Crap," she mumbled.

Okay, let's go back to the original plan.

Keeping her eyes open, Neko observed the scenery around her.

A highway met her gaze, but she couldn't get on it yet. She needed to make sure Godric would be alright for the three and a half hour ride back to Shreveport.

One particularly shadowed gas station surrounded by a mass of woods, piqued her interest. Shortly, Neko found herself pulling around the station and into a garage reserved for oil changes.

"I'm just going in to get some tape and something to block out the sun getting into the car," Neko explained. "I'll be back."

No reply greeted her, so Neko slammed shut the door and locked it for good measure.


"That all, miss?"

"I checked in the beverage section but you don't seem to have any TruBloods. Do you have any in stock by any chance?"

"Sorry darlin'. We're sold out. Dallas is a popular place for vampires and I keep tellin' my boss we gotta get more frequent shippings, but he don't listen too well."

"That's alright," Neko said, grabbing her supplies. "Thank you."

"Have a good evenin' miss."

It wasn't until she stepped outside, did Neko realize the sun was slowly but steadily falling. There'd be two hours of sunlight left at best.

Jogging to her car, Neko unlocked it and threw her supplies inside.

"Need any help?"

A man dressed in slacks entered the garage and watched her carefully.

"Nope...just need to...actually...would it be too much trouble if you left a light on in here, but lowered the garage door shut?"

The man glanced inside the back of her car.


"Yep," Neko answered, knowing she couldn't come up with a better lie. "Just need to cover up the windows."

"Well...," the man uncertainly stated, "make sure you don't take forever. If a car needs the garage, I'm gonna have to kick you out."

"Not a problem. Thank you."

Nodding, the man flicked a light, then pressed down on a red button. Ducking under it, the garage soon separated Neko from the searing rays of the sun.

"Alright then. First thing's first."


Neko hadn't disturbed Godric's still form the entire time she'd taken to tape up the windows. Surprisingly, the whole process didn't take anything more than 30 minutes. Four layers of aluminum foil covered all the backseat windows as well as front seat ones. Half way through covering the passenger side windshield, Neko realized she'd have to find another route back to Shreveport. One that didn't include the highway, lest she wanted to die in an accident.

But the entire time, she was tempted to uncover the vampire to make sure he was alright.

So when the task was finally complete, Neko lowered a hand and slipped it underneath the heavy blankets.

To her utter embarrassment, when her fingers found contact with the vampire, it was his open mouth they first slipped inside of. With a yelp, she pulled them back out and the covers suddenly became animated.

"I am so sorry," Neko stammered, pulling off the blankets one by one.

Finally, Godric's head appeared in the dimly lit car.

"I was in between sleep," he admitted, "when I felt your fingers inside my mouth."

"Just wanted to make sure you were alright. The windows will keep back the sun. You just have to stay down or on the passenger side to be able to sit."

Godric nodded, but his strength faltered when he tried lifting the blankets off him.

"You're weak," she noted.

"I will be fine."

"You're also a terrible liar. Now, they didn't have any TruBlood inside, but," Neko expressed, taking a seat beside him and throwing her hair to the opposite side, "I'm willing to be a donor."

The vampire stared at her neck indifferently, but Neko witnessed the slight hunger inside.


"Godric, you've probably been keeping yourself up when you should be sleeping. I doubt the Newlins were nice enough to buy you some TruBlood. Please, I am asking you to take some blood from me so you don't die."

"I won't-."

"Nevertheless," she interrupted, "you are weak. Think how low Eric will think of me if I drop off a nearly dead vampire in his club. Anyway, human blood is a better substance than the synthetic blood. You'll get better faster."

He was ready to argue again, but Neko shifted toward him and trailed one finger down her neck.

She'd never been bitten by a vampire before, but she'd be stupid not to see how weak Godric was. Not horribly so, but enough to where it was noticeable.

Why am I not afraid of doing this? Each time Eric asked me to be a donor at the club, I protested high and low.

But she didn't have time to ponder over Eric. Right now, Neko watched Godric place one hand on her opposite cheek.

He glanced at her once more to confirm she was alright with this.

When she nodded, Godric's face disappeared and Neko braced for the impact.

"If you relax," came his cool suggestion after a moment, "it will hurt less."

Neko inhaled and exhaled evenly, trying not to hold in her breath like she did each time she got an injection at a doctor's office.

And after 20 seconds of this breathing, Neko felt Godric's fangs sink swiftly into her neck.


They'd entered Louisiana almost half an hour ago, and the closer to Shreveport Neko got, the more nervous she became. The wounds on her neck were covered by a scarf she'd found in her back seat and Godric slumbered inside, safe from the sun.

Why she was nervous, Neko didn't know. Not only had she gotten Godric out alive, but she was going to bring him back to Eric who was the most concerned about his disappearance.

She'd slightly over-exaggerated when telling Godric that Eric hired her. The words had spilled forth before she had time to think about them.

In actuality, Eric only told her because he trusted her to be third in command behind Pam and Chow, to run the activities inside the club while he traveled to Dallas. Yes, Neko wasn't some important girl with an elite status. She was quite simply, a human worker at Fangtasia. But one that Eric had found curious, if not irritating at times whenever she tried to spread her beliefs of what women were capable of, to the other workers there. Eric had claimed that her inner feminist was one of the reasons she remained a virgin. To that, Neko had flung a glass of bourbon at him. He'd caught it and drank it with a self satisfied smirk.

Yet, just in one year alone, Neko had gained an exclusive glimpse at not only the fangbangers, but vampires themselves. And they intrigued her, if not petrified her at times. Even in her own way, she'd managed to establish a professional relationship with her boss who could be anything but professional at times.

When Eric announced he was going to Dallas and that Pam, Chow and herself were in charge, Neko understood for the first time that Eric appreciated what she did enough to trust her.

So without really meaning to, she'd asked the reason why he was leaving and to her astonishment, Eric told her.

He gave her no information on who he thought was responsible or what his connection to Godric was, only that he was a sheriff of Texas and was 2,000 years old. By that time, Neko had understood power according to hierarchy. The older the vampire, the more powerful they were. So Godric's disappearance was a big deal.

And to hear Eric talking about him in such a detached tone, informed Neko how important the vampire was to him.

Eventually, Eric had come back with no news. That was when he tried to get Bill Compton and his human girlfriend Sookie involved. Quite reasonably, they denied the task. Neko still remembered the anger resonating off Eric the next night.

"I will force Compton to give me her services," Eric had angrily stated.

The other workers were busy setting up, but Neko had paused in concern at his worry. Because even after all the times he'd made fun of her or embarrassed her, she still had the understanding that it was out of respect of sorts.

"And if you need something in the near future and you expect help from Bill or Sookie...well consider that help gone if you force them into this," she offered.

"I am sheriff. Compton is within my area. He will respect me."

Rolling her eyes, Neko studied Eric carefully. He'd been on edge with everyone since he'd come back, but she knew not to take it personally. He was frustrated.

"My dad was a private investigator before he was charged with possession and incarcerated. He taught me a few things that might help figure out Godric's whereabouts."

Eric's laugh was cruel and condescending. But as usual, it sparked anger inside her.

"Do not laugh at me, Northman! I bet I can go to Dallas, find Godric, and be back here in a month."

This time, Eric fell off his chair from laughing so hard.

Pam threw an amused smile at the proceedings, but when Neko caught her gaze, she looked away as if she wasn't listening.

"I knew there was a reason I kept humans around in here," Eric finally stated, shaking off the last of his laughter.

Burning with embarrassment, Neko bit back all snide remarks. At the time, she understood her assumption to be rash. If Eric and his friends couldn't find Godric, how the hell could she?

But each time the blonde vampire claimed she couldn't do something, something inside Neko found great satisfaction in proving him wrong. And on many occasions, she had.

So she left the conversation at that, but when it was time for closing, she pestered Eric about giving her three weeks off to find Godric. For a short time, Eric couldn't see her seriousness on account of closing his eyes from more laughter. However, when he noticed Neko still standing there with the same determined stance, he finally caved in. Sort of.

"You do understand there is no chance for you to find him, right? Those in power within Dallas can't even find him."

"I don't care," she'd stubbornly replied. "I'm going to find him so you can stop getting pissed off like some schoolgirl on her period and so you...get your friend back."

She hadn't completely extended her thoughts on how much of a change she saw within Eric and how much it truly affected him. But somehow, Eric kept their deal going.

"Alright, Neko, if you insist on providing me with entertainment at such a gloomy time. I'll even let you have one of my credit cards, don't get any ideas because there's hardly enough on it to run if you tried, for gas or any other item you need. And when you come back in three weeks..."

He'd left it that way on purpose, knowing they could both fill in the blanks.

For the first week in Dallas, Neko had filled it in, or at least been convinced that Eric's words had some truth to them. However, her father had been a private investigator before the police caught him with selling and possessing prescription drugs and marijuana. Before his incarceration, he'd taught her a few important steps to finding and shadowing someone.

Almost immediately, the Fellowship of the Sun had popped up on her radar. An anti-vampire hate group such as them had many rumors floating around. By that time, her first week was nearly up, so with little information, she infiltrated the church.

And now two weeks later, she not only was able to convince the missing vampire to not kill himself, but was on her way to Shreveport so she could drop him off at Fangtasia. Eric would be the first to want to see him, no exceptions there.

Why am I nervous again? I should be ecstatic! I can prove just one more thing to Eric!

But her meeting with Godric went nothing like she expected it too and a part of her still couldn't believe she really had gotten him.

Is that really a bad thing?

Neko pondered over what she was feeling and when dawn finally descended over Louisiana and a sign indicated Shreveport to be 20 miles away, she finally reached down in the passenger seat and grabbed the cell phone.


"Can I talk to Pam?"

"This is she."

Neko's eyes widened.

"Wow. You sound really...depressed."

There was a pause on the other end.



"Oh is Eric going to have some fun at your expense. Poor thing, needs to cheer up anyway. You're lucky we didn't give away your job to some fangbanger."

Neko inhaled while simultaneously gripping the steering wheel.

"Pam, no time for games. Is Eric there?"

"No. He left for Dallas yesterday to meet with...friends of his. They're still looking for Godric. Perhaps you'll still be able to-."

"Pam," Neko firmly interrupted, "I have him."

Another silence greeted Neko's ear.

"Him who, darling?"

"Godric. I have Godric."

And once more, nothing was said for a long time between the two.

"That is a dangerous thing to say, Neko."

"Not when it's true. I'll be at Fangtasia in 10 minutes. Meet me in the back."

With that, Neko closed her cell phone and set her sights back on the road.


As Shreveport neared, Neko let out an audible sigh. Until a freezing hand touched the side of her neck and caused her to nearly go off the road.

"Sorry," Godric whispered into her neck, pulling himself into the passenger side of the vehicle.

"It's fine. Just forgot you were back there. You don't breathe or move or make any noise," Neko explained, observing his seated form. "You certainly look better."

"You are my favorite blood type."

Neko laughed at the statement, feeling like Godric had proclaimed her his favorite pet.

"Thank you, I think. We're almost to Fangtasia. I've told Pam you're coming, but I don't know if she took me seriously. Whatever happens though, Eric will be there and you'll finally understand the worry you put him through and how much he loves you."

She felt kind of sappy saying it, but it was true.

Godric didn't reply, but out of the corner of her eye, she caught the gazes he threw her way.

Finally, after minutes of staring, Neko said something.

"Are you still hungry? You probably took about a pint, but I think I could risk a little bit more."

"No, I am not hungry. Merely observant."

Neko nodded as if that explained everything, but a weird coil of intensity spiraled inside her tummy. And worse still, Godric kept on staring.

When Fangtasia's lights appeared, Neko let out one final sigh.


"I cannot believe what I am seeing," Pam stated.

If the situation was less important, Pam's wide eyes and open mouth would almost be comical. But Neko kept her lips tight as she stood beside Godric in front of her car.

"Is Eric coming?" Neko questioned.

"He is now," she answered, pulling out a cell phone.

In minutes, Pam was handing the phone to Godric who replied calmly to Eric's yelling.

This entire scene struck something inside Neko and when she realized what it was, she let out a gasp of her own.

Am I in love with Eric? No...that's insane.

But why else did she try so hard to prove herself to him? Granted, the man was good looking. Still, Neko had never been attracted to vampires before. It had nothing to do with who they were, but more with the atmosphere she surrounded herself in. Just working in Fangtasia let her know that vampires weren't the type for relationships...most at least. There were few such as Bill Compton or Dedulus Oslo, a very eccentric vampire who had walked in with his human Paulina and never looked at another the entire time.

Overall however, vampires weren't good at monogamy.

I hate it when he gets me riled up or when he says something to embarrass me.

Secretly, Neko was pleased when she'd been able to counter back an equally biting remark.

That doesn't prove anything.

Perhaps the scariest part was how eager she'd been in going to Dallas to find Godric. Because she'd witnessed the pain Eric concealed and understood something human about it.

But I was never prepared for Godric. If I wouldn't have said the words I did, Godric would have met the sun.

And this thought truly rattled her.

I'm not in love with Eric...but I care for him more than I realize. That will never turn to love of the physical kind, but I was willing to go to Dallas for him without even realizing it. Because I felt and understood his pain. And once there, I came across something I wasn't ready for. Something that meant so much and were it not to be handled right, would certainly have meant Godric's death. I don't know if I can be responsible for something like that again. As long as I stick around Eric, I'll care about him in my own strange way. And that can be very, very dangerous.

Making up her decision, Neko nodded in confirmation toward herself.

"Neko, dear-," Pam began.

"I quit," Neko announced.

Godric stopped halfway through his conversation to glance at her while Pam rolled her eyes.

"I was kidding about giving your job to a fangb-."

"Thank you for everything you and Eric have done for me," Neko responded, backing toward her open car door. "But I really don't think I can continue to work here anymore."

Before Pam could say another word, Neko slammed the door shut and began the car.

The last thing she saw was Pam's confused glance toward Godric. By then, she was out of the parking lot and on her way home.

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