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On Da Chao......

Yuffie and Vincent were searching for Godo and looked all over the place.

"Maybe he's in the village...?" Asked Vincent.

"Well, he's not on the Da Chao mountain, so we can look in Wutai." Yuffie said. Vincent nodded, and the two ran down the mountain side into the village. Yuffie went in one direction as Vincent in another.

Yuffie ran near the ortho's place and searched.

"DAD! DAD, WHERE ARE YOU!?" she shouted.

Vincent ran near Turtle's Paradise restraunt and searched.

"Lord Godo! .....Lord Godo!" he yelled, yet he heard nothing in response.

About 30 mins later Vincent and Yuffie met in the middle of Wutai.

"Yuffie, any sign of him?"

"No. You...?" the young ninja asked. Vincent shook his head.

"Damn! Where could he be?!" Yuffie demanded.

"Yuffie, let's just go home, we can search for him after we grab a bite to eat."

**Finally!!!** Chaos grunted.

*Shut up!* Vincent told the beast.

Vincent and Yuffie began walking home. *Hmm, we've searched everywhere in Wutai and everywhere in the house, so where could he be?* Yuffie thought.

Vincent and Yuffie arrived home and walked through the door and sat down at the table near the kitchen.

"I'll grab us something to eat, okay Yuf?" Yuffie nodded. Vincent got up and went into the kitchen only to find...

"Yuffie, come here please." Vincent asked with a serious tone.

"What's wrong?" Yuffie said standing up. She walked over to the kitchen and looked over Vincent's shoulder.

"!!! DAD!!!!!!!!!?!!!!" Yuffie screamed. Godo was sound asleep on the kitchen floor with the refrigerator door open and he had a cookie in his hand.

Godo woke up quickly and stood up in front of his daughter. "What, why did you scream?" he asked, cookie still in hand.

"We thought you were kidnapped!" Yuffie said. "We checked everywhere in the house but the kitchen I suppose." Vincent finished.

"What were you doing sleeping on the kitchen floor?" Yuffie asked.

"Well, I was getting a little snack. You see I woke up in the middle of my nap and I was hungry, so I went to the kitchen and got a cookie and was going to get some milk, but I was so tired that I fell asleep when I opened the frige and fell into a deep sleep." Godo explained.

"..........." Yuffie and Vincent were tired from looking for him and they were glad they found him too.

"Well good-night again!" Godo said with glee as he ran off to his room. Yuffie and Vincent just looked at each other. Godo ran back into the kitchen and looked at the two.

"Oops! Forgot my cookie!" he said as he ran back to his room again.

Yuffie and Vincent were still silent.

And so, Yuffie and Vincent,in the later years,got married and had two kids and lived happily ever after.


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