So I got some amazing ideas from some of you regarding what you want to see. This person didn't want to be named, but they said gym sex. I haven't read a Rizzles fic yet where they have sex on gym equipment so here goes. Let me know how I did.

Also, I'm thinking Jane needs to have a toy used on her so any of you naughty readers out there… what would you like Maura to do to Jane that I haven't already done in this fic? Thanks!

Oh and since I have no idea what gym equipment is called, this is the machine I'm talking about.

www. fitnessscape Merchant2/graphics/00000002/valor-fitness-bf-7-olympic-weight-bench-m. jpg

Maura was in a similar position to the one in the bedroom, but this time her body was draped over a workout machine in her personal gym. Maura didn't even know that Jane knew about this room, but suspected that she probably used it a lot when Maura was sleeping or out running errands. Ever since Maura gave Jane her key a few years back Jane had sometimes just shown up, making dinner in her house or watching TV uninvited. Yes, if Maura had time to think about their friendship it was like they were always dating, just without sex. Maura grinned. The sex part was definitely an added bonus.

Maura shifted, now feeling that her hands were cuffed beneath the bench of the machine she was laying on, and her legs were straddling it. Wiggling her butt, she could feel that the toy was still deep inside of her ass and she moaned a bit. Maura looked around the best she could, given the circumstances. Jane was nowhere to be seen, but she could feel her eyes on her.

"Jane. I'm beginning to learn that you have quite the fetish for tying me up." Maura teased lightly, pulling on the cuffs just to add to the statement.

Maura heard Jane's raspy chuckle coming from a few feet behind her. "Are you objecting?"

A grin formed on Maura's lips. "No. I find that being tied up only heightens my arousal. Although I would prefer if I could feel your hands on me right now."

Unable to resist, Jane walked over, straddling the bench behind Maura's bum. Her hands slid up Maura's sides, dragging short nails down Maura's back. Maura shivered and moaned. "Like this?"

"Yes." Maura breathed out, head resting back down on the bench. As she turned her head Maura noticed that the large, wall mirror was directly next to them and Maura could fully see them. A gasp slipped as Maura saw the strap on secured to Jane's waist once more. Jane caught her gaze in the mirror. Shifting just a tad Jane smirked. Maura could now see her entire sex, along with Jane's. "Oh my Jane… I can see everything."

"I know Maura." Jane's hips slowly grinded into her, moving the toy along her folds. "You're going to watch me fuck you and then when you're ready it's going to be your turn." Jane promised. "You can have me any way you want."

Their relationship was based on more than just Jane claiming Maura. It was equal. What Maura gave to Jane, Jane would give back to Maura. "That sounds… oh fair." Maura withered beneath Jane, on the bench. She was watching Jane slowly move the dildo along her sex and every time Jane got close to her hips the anal toy would wiggle slightly. "Jane please. Don't tease this time."

The dildo being slowly pushed into her sex was her reply. Jane could feel the increase tightness of her pussy because of the toy in her bum and was careful to push in slow. "Talk to me Maura."

Maura gasped, hands fisting beneath the bench. "It's… oh Jane… it's so tight and full." Her eyes never left sight of her own sex in the mirror. Watching as the toy disappeared inside of her, finally resting buried deep inside of her. Knowing that Jane was the one doing it to her, the one inside of her, made the sight the hottest she had ever seen. Her entire sex was full and throbbing. "Please." She begged again.

Jane slowly slid out and then back in, careful not to bump into her ass too hard with each thrust. It felt good, and Maura was moaning, but something inside of Maura snapped. "Jane please. Harder. Faster. I need… I want more."

Jane groaned. "You sure?"

"Yes." Maura hissed, arching her back more. "Pound me Jane."

A loud cry was heard as Jane pulled out and slammed back in hard and fast. Maura could feel her sex convulsing around Jane's cock and her ass muscles clench down on the toy. "Oh God!" A lusty haze consumed Maura's eyes as she watched Jane's cock slid in and out. Each pull out showed a slick coat of her juices and Maura could see they both of them were slowly soaking the machine beneath her.

The sounds of their sexes meeting over and over again and Maura's gasps of pleasure were the only sounds in the room. Jane's hips rocked at a rapid pace and her feet dug into the ground on either side of the bench.

"Jane! Jane yes!" Maura screamed as the rocking forced her hips into her butt. Jane rocked hard and fast. As Jane pushed deeper than before with the force of her rocking and the deepness of her thrusts the anal toy fell out of her ass. "Oh fuck!" Maura yelped.

Maura swearing never failed to heighten Jane's arousal. Kicking the toy out of the way, Jane's hips jerked and pushed and took all Maura gave her. Maura watched the toy plunge into her a few more times before she shattered.

Screaming and jerking underneath Jane, Maura's orgasm crashed into her. The sight of Jane's toy sliding in and out of her soaking pussy was too much for her to take. Her eyes slammed close as pleasure shook her core.

Jane pulled back after Maura stopped shaking, only tremors rocking up her spine every once and a while as she came down from her high. Pushing the toy off her hips, and bending down to uncuff Maura's hands, Jane helped her into a sitting position. "That was so hot Maura. You're perfect." Jane kissed her gently, still kneeling on the ground.

"Mmm." Maura moaned into the kiss, her arms sliding around Jane's waist. "Thank you."

Jane smiled, kissing down her neck. "How about we eat lunch and then we can continue…"

Maura smirked, standing up flush to Jane's body. "Oh yes. I have a lovely fantasy I would like to fulfill after eating." Maura's hand trailed down Jane's chest.

Jane groaned in anticipation. "We'd better not get a murder."

Maura just laughed.

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