I'm sorry it took me so long to upload. This chapter had to be perfect so it took me awhile to make it so. I've also just been busy with marching band, work and school but I finally sat down and finished the chapter. Enjoy!

Butterflies in my stomach, I fidgeted nervously behind the door. The bridesmaids were nearly done and I was waiting for my grand entrance. I thought about how my father wasn't here to walk me down the aisle, how my mother and Teddy wouldn't be sitting in the front row to smile and cry as I said my vows to the love of my life.

"Don't be nervous," my grandfather whispered to me.

"I don't think I can help it." I giggled. "I just…I never thought this day would happen. Is this the right thing?"

"What do you mean?" Grandpa looked at me quizzically.

"Is marrying Adam the right thing to do?" I asked again.

"Mia, let me ask you a question. Do you love this man?" he asked. I nodded, tears filling my eyes. Of course I loved Adam, I never doubted it for a minute. "Does he make you happy?"

"The happiest I've ever been,"

"Then you're doing the right thing. You deserve to be this happy, Mia. After everything you've been through…you deserve this so much." Grandpa leaned in for a hug and I hastily wiped the tears from my eyes.

"Time to go," he wiggled his eyebrows at me. I gasped, the breath being knocked out of me. I was going to trip or pass out or something embarrassing. The doors swung open and immediately cameras were going off. Flashes popping, I began my decent with Grandpa down the aisle. I scanned the crowd, seeing all the familiar faces of friends and family. There was Mrs. Schein, my aunts, uncles and cousins. Grandma was sitting in the front row next to Henry and Willow. On the other side was Adam's family. His mom and dad in the front row with his mom's parents and his dad's mother. The rest of the pews were filled with his various other relative and his friends, his band mates standing next to him at the altar.

His smile was radiant, making his whole face light up. He was looking at me like I was the only thing in the room. I looked down, blushing. I was five, four, three steps away. And then he was taking my hand and my grandfather was kissing me on the cheek and saying to Adam, "Take good care of my girl".

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to witness this man and this woman join in holy matrimony," the priest started. The butterflies picked up and I could feel myself tearing up already.

"This is it, babe," Adam smiled at me and I let out a small laugh.

"Is there anyone here that believes these two should not be wed?" the priest asked.

"Hell no!" someone yelled and we all burst into laughter, even the priest.

"Okay, well then let's move on…" and he began reciting his long list of words that I was barely listening to. All I could focus on was Adam. His eyes shining as he held my hands, a goofy grin on his face. No one had been surprised when we called and said we were engaged. They had seen it coming from the moment we had gotten back together two and a half years ago.

"As soon as I saw you in that hotel lobby, I knew he was a goner." Liz smirked when I met her at a coffee shop to go over some plans.

"As soon as you guys met, I knew it was over!" Kim had laughed in agreement. "You just fit so well."

"I love him," I had said simply and opened the bridal magazine in my hands. And now, seven months later, I was standing here with him in my dream dress and listening to him pour his heart out to me through his vows.

"I knew the moment I told you I loved you that I wanted to be with you forever. And even after we had spent those three years apart, we still managed to find our way back to each other. You saved me, Mia. There's no words to describe how I feel about you, how much I love you. You've made me the happiest man alive. And you'll continue to make her happy until the end." He said, sniffling.

"Mia, it's your turn," the priest said and I took a deep breath.

"Walking away from you three years ago was the hardest thing I had ever done. It killed me. There wasn't a day that went by when I didn't think about you, about us. I must have picked up the phone to call at least once a day for the first few months. But I never called because I figured it was for the best. But then you came to my concert and I knew that I was trapped again, that this time there was no leaving. And I never want to. From the moment you came into my dressing room, shaking and stammering, I knew we would be back together. And I can't wait to start my life with you, Adam Wilde. There's no one I would rather spend it with." I was on the verge of sobbing now and I saw Adam wipe the tears from his cheeks.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. Adam, you may kiss the bride." Everyone cheered as Adam grabbed my waist, pulling me in for a kiss. It was passionate without being over the top and I felt my body flood with heat. I pulled back, staring at my new husband. He was tearing up again and holding my hand for dear life. And I never had to let go again.

"And now I'd like to welcome the newlyweds out for their first dance." The dj said into the microphone and the opening chords to "Swing Life Away" by Rise Against and I grabbed Mia's hand, dragging her onto the center of the floor and twirling her around. I know she hated to dance but this was our wedding day, she had no choice. Pulling her close, I closed my eyes and breathed in the scent of her hair, the familiar scent of her lilac shampoo.

"How's your night going, Mrs. Wilde?" I asked.

"Eh, it's okay…" she shrugged, making both of us laugh. "It's everything I thought it would be."

"I'm glad; I wouldn't want to disappoint you." I said sarcastically.

"You never could," Mia answered seriously and I leaned down to kiss her. The thought of having her in my arms for the rest of our lives was surreal. I still hadn't wrapped my mind around the fact that we were together forever now, man and wife. I just couldn't believe it.

"I love you so much," I whispered into her ear. "More than I've ever loved anything."

"I love you too," she laid her cheek on my chest and we finished our dance, everyone applauding. The opening rhythm to another song came on and my head snapped up, listening intently. I knew this song…I wrote this song. Mia started laughing and I turned towards the dj stand to find Liz and Fitzy smirking at me.

"You guys are assholes!" I shouted. The worst song I ever wrote kicked in and the lyrics began. It had a pop tune to it where the rest of our music didn't and I don't know what convinced me to put it on the record. We had gotten blasted for it by the critics and I could never bear to listen to it again. But here I was, on the dance floor at my wedding, listening to the god damn song.

"Let's get you a drink." Mia joked and I made a beeline for the bar, asking for a Jack and Coke. I watched as Mia danced with her cousins, twirling them around and laughing. She looked like an angel in her white dress, her smile lighting up the room. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

"The bride looks so pretty," the bartender said to me as she handed me my drink. "You must be lucky."

"I really, really am." I nodded. Soon enough the guests were leaving and the dj was packing up, the tables being cleared. Mia took one last sip of her wine before her grandmother shooed us towards the door.

"You guys have to get home, you have a plane to catch in less than ten hours!" she yelled.

"They're going, they're going!" Gramps laughed, giving Mia a kiss on the cheek and handing her the white shawl she had to put over her bare shoulders. It was a chilly fall night and Mia shivered when the air hit her skin.

"You cold?" I asked, getting ready to take my jacket off for her. She nodded and nestled into my side for any spare warmth. "Well maybe I can help warm you up when we get home." I grabbed her and pulling her in for a kiss. Her tongue tasted like the wine she had been drinking all night and I felt like I could've gotten drunk just off the taste of her lips.

"Tempting," she nodded. "But I still have to pack. Save it for the honeymoon, buddy." She winked.

"Ugh, I can't wait to get to Hawaii. White beaches, warm sun, you…" I reached down and kissed her again, pressing her against the closest parked car.

"You're gonna get my dress all dirty!" she yelped in protest. She pushed me away, heading towards the limo.

"Faster we get home, the faster I can pack…" she hinted, slipping into the limo. I chased after her and eagerly got into the back seat with her, putting my arm over her shoulders.

"Let's get ready for our honeymoon, Mr. Wilde." Mia smiled.

"As you wish, Mrs. Wilde."HA