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She was so fucked.

Why the hell did this happen? In fact, how was this even possible in the first place? This kind of stuff didn't happen in real life. It usually only happened in the deep corners of the obsessed fan girl's mind, or at least in the wonderful and sometimes traumatizing world of fan fiction. But no, it was happening, and it was happening to her.

She was so completely, utterly, and thoroughly fucked.

She looked at the metallic, claw-like hand that was, for the time being, hers. She let out a slightly hysterical giggle and flinched when it came out in a darker, manlier tone. It was a tone that she had never managed to get to come out of her regular, female body.

She slowly dragged her vision from the offending claw to look at the rest of her body, still not completely wrapping her head around the complete impossibility of the situation. She had seen this body before, although, not at this angle. Anyone who had ever watched Transformers knew exactly whose body she inhabited. She released another insane giggle.

'I'm in Megatron's body and I'm going to die.' She thought. Oh god, what does one do in this type of situation? She ripped her gaze away from her body to look around the room she was in. It was dark and slightly dingy. It was big- even for a Cybertronian; she could only wonder how big it would look from her regular view point. She didn't look at the room for very long or take in many details, though. She guessed that it wouldn't matter since she planned to get out of there as soon as possible. Hopefully back to her body and her world where things made sense.

She went to take a deep breath to steel herself and promptly realized she couldn't breathe. She had a mental panic attack and tried to make her mind understand that she didn't need to breathe when she was like this. Unfortunately, the part of her that was screaming that she couldn't breathe and was about to die wasn't in the mood for logic and she passed out.

Exactly eight minutes, forty-three seconds and seven milliseconds later she regained consciousness. She stared at the dark colored ceiling for a moment, wondering how she got on the floor before she remembered what was going on. She got up slowly, distracting her brain from thinking about breathing. If she ignored it then maybe she wouldn't have a spazz attack again.

What was she doing before? Oh, right, she was going to get the hell out of here. She looked around the room again and quickly walked to the only door. It slid open like all of the doors on science fiction movies did. She stopped for a second to appraise the door before hurrying down the hall.

Now, let's see. She was most likely in the Decepticon base, considering she wasn't locked in and that, well, she was in Megatron's body. Ok, so she could mostly likely leave as well. She was disguised as the head honcho around here. If any of the cronies had a problem with her leaving, they wouldn't dare voice it in front of her. Well, Starscream might. But he would probably just bitch, so there wasn't a real threat unless Megatron had severely pissed him off beforehand. That, or Starscream was plotting something that would happen today.

She paused in her brisk walking. Could this be Starscream's doing? She then shook off that thought and continued down the barren hall. He may have been a scientist and was trying to overthrow Megatron but she doubted he would go through all of the trouble to take her from her dimension for the soul purpose of making Megatron weaker. It seemed like too much work for something he could just as easily do with any human already on this planet if he, indeed did, figure out how switch the minds of a Cybertronian and a human.

She stopped dead in her tracks again. Panic racing through her mind briefly. If she was in Megatron's body, where was Mega-?

"Lord Megatron?" A monotone voice questioned. She jerked slightly looking at the Decepticon that had crept up on her. She recognized him as Soundwave. Even if she didn't, the way he talked gave it away. She was still for a moment before motioning him to continue, not trusting her voice.

"Situation: A few lower ranked Decepticons have stolen high-grade energon and are intoxicated in the main hanger." Well, at least that might help her find out where the hell she could find an exit. She was too lost in her thoughts to have any idea which way she went and had no clue on how to get out of here. She nodded to him and made a lead the way gesture. He stared at her for a moment, seeming perplexed before turning and leading the way back from where she was originally going.

She felt like a lost puppy as she followed the armed and more than likely dangerous Decepticon down the dark hallways, though she didn't act like it on the outside. She didn't want him to think anything was amiss, though he probably already had an inkling. He was Soundwave, after all. He was a mind reader for Pete's- her thoughts cut off right there. What if he was reading her mind right now? She frantically blanked her mind while silently fearing he would whip around and shoot her. The mech just continued to walk at a slightly hurried pace.

Maybe he didn't read his commander's thoughts. Or maybe she would know if he did and he didn't want to take the chance of Megatron crushing Soundwave's face into the ground.

"Query:" Soundwave intone, breaking her train of thought and making her lift her head, "Is there a malfunction with Lord Megatron's vocal processor?" She stared at him blankly for a moment as they walked before it hit her what he was asking.

"No." She growled out quietly. Still somewhat surprised and disturbed about much like Megatron she sounded. Soundwave did not talk for the rest of the short trip to the main hanger of what she could only assume was the Nemesis. She faintly hoped that she was in the movie verse. If she wasn't she was in a boat without a paddle. Even if she was though, she still didn't really remember enough know how to be adequately informed. She let out an irritated sigh as they finally reached the door to the main hanger. Soundwave swung open the door and looked at Megatron.

'Aw, looks like chivalry isn't dead.' She thought sarcastically. She strode in proudly while trying to stop another oncoming panic attack. She had no idea what Decepticons acted like outside of battle and the ones she was about to see weren't even sober!

'Shit, why me?' She thought pitifully. She then heard a metallic screech before freezing at the sight that played out in front of her. First of all, the room was huge. Also there were way more than a few drunken Decepticons in the room. It seemed that there were a lot more than there was supposed to be and most were looking on in either irritation or amusement. Most straightened their stances when they saw her enter the room.

But that wasn't what was so shocking. What made her stop on a dime, and quite truthfully, made her day was the unknown, to her anyway, three Decepticons clinging to Starscream like he was their favorite childhood toy that they never wanted to let go of. If it wasn't for Starscream's shrill shrieking and the fact that he was about to shoot one of them in the face it could have been considered cute.

She, personally, didn't want to interfere. It's not that she wanted to see the drunken Decepticons get killed, no, because even if they were evil alien robots hell bent on destroying the human race, they were still alive. She didn't like the thought of anything being killed. And in her mind that was also a good reason not to get involved. Who knows if the enraged Starscream wouldn't aim his weapon at her? Sure it seemed slightly illogical but she didn't exactly want to take any chances when it came to her life. But then there was a part of her that felt bad about the blissfully unaware expression on the Decepticon that was about to be incinerated. The words slipped out before she even had the chance to re-think it a third time.

"Starscream," She called, trying not to wince at the sound of her voice again, "What do you think you're doing?" She felt a hint of pride at the way her voice came out. It was threatening and demanding at the same time. Also it was totally believable. She quickly made a note to self to try to pursue a career in acting when she got back to her own body. All thoughts of Hollywood lights and Broadway left her mind at the dark glare sent her way.

"I believe I was about to scrap these useless frag heads, my lord." He spat the last two words out sarcastically. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

"Lower your weapons." She snarled. Internally she grinned when she realized how stupid her earlier thoughts of him shooting her were. Sure, he might try to murder Megatron though sneaky tactics and malevolent schemes but he was never so direct as to outright shoot him. He also didn't have the gale to do in the middle of a room full of Decepticons.

"But-," He was going to protest, practically snarling while his irritation grew as the three drunken Decepticons still groped at his arms and legs. She was amused at the three's antics, silently praising whatever deity it was that made them happy drunks.

"Lower your weapons." She said again with an air of finality. Starscream deactivated his guns after a moment, muttering, what were most likely obscenities, under his breath. Then he let out another scream as one of the three yanked him to the floor. She had to hold back a cringe at the murderous expression on the Air Commander's faceplates. She sighed before realized she probably had to get physically involved. Joy.

She walked forward until she was in reach of the Second in Command. Hoping she wasn't acting too out of character she reached out and grabbed the seeker by the arm and yanked him out of the dog pile. Starscream quickly ripped his arm out of her grip and sneered. She didn't resist the urge to roll her eyes this time. She looked down at the giggling Decepticons and idly wondered what anyone expected her to do with them.

"Well?" Starscream questioned sharply. She raised Megatron's equal of an eyebrow at him.

"Well, what?" She drawled back. Starscream looked at her like she had just grown a second head before his expression darkened. She sent a quick glance around the room at the spectators and they all seemed slightly confused over something.

"Statement: These three stole Lord Megatron's high-grade." Soundwave intoned from her other side. She was able to hold back her jump of surprise and wondered how someone so big could be so quiet. She sent him a look out of the corner of her eye and saw he had one of his birds on perched on his shoulder and Ravage by his feet.

'Ah, now I get it.' They all expected Megatron to get furious over his stolen equivalent of liquor. She looked down at the three and saw that they must have taken a lot to be this buzzed and were probably too drunk to care if she beat their faces in.

Not that she wanted to. She let out an aggravated sigh and would have pinched the bridge of her nose but luckily stopped when she saw the claw-hands inches from her face. 'Close call.' She'd rather not have large gouges in her face, no matter what body she was in.

She pondered why she seemed so calm about this all of a sudden when before, not even a half hour earlier, she was panic driven. She shook her head before lowering her arm again. She could feel the weight of many gazes on her. Some confused, some curious, others in apprehension and the rest in excitement or indifference.

"Inquiry: Are you positive there is nothing wrong with your health, Lord Megatron?" The quiet question caught the attention of many, if they weren't the center of it already.

"I'm fine." She said somewhat gruffly, still trying to be as Megatron-y as possible without randomly slaughtering humans. She still had to get out of here. If they even had a thought that she wasn't their leader she had no doubt they would try to kill her, and most likely succeed. Yet, she still had no idea how to get out of- a sudden idea came to her.

"I'm going on patrol," She said abruptly. "Soundwave, deal with these three accordingly. Also you're in charge while I'm gone." The mech nodded. She turned to Starscream who still wore a scowl on his face and opened his mouth to protest.

"Why is he in charge?" He snapped. "I am the one who's in Second in Command." She smirked at him.

"Because you're coming with me."

(Line Break)

She could practically feel the pent up anger and suspicion that Starscream was emitting. She learned quickly that Starscream did not like patrol duty and was not above what humans would call a temper tantrum to get out of it. Unluckily for him she was unwavering in her decision. Actually, it was a good thing that he didn't seem to want to do it, or at least not for very long and in Megatron's presence. She didn't blame him, in fact, she was glad. She didn't want him to be with her for long anyway. She just needed him to help get her out. Then they could fly around for a bit and she could tell him to get back to base. She had little doubt that he wouldn't jump at the chance to go back.

She could see how tense the seeker was as they walked, his wings held taunt. He was probably worried about the fact that Megatron was behind him, waiting for a blow that she was not going to give. She sighed softly and figured the only way to ease his tension was to walk beside him. She caught up to his stride effortlessly, barely a half a step behind so he was still leading the way but having it be less obvious.

She saw Starscream send another suspicious glance at her from the corner of his eye. She looked to the heavens in defeat. It seemed even the comfort of being able to see every move she could or would make still wasn't enough for the skittish Second in Command. The only thing that would probably work is if she told him that she wasn't the mech that continually beats the ever living crap out of him. That was out of the question, of course. He'd probably do one of three things, 1) Kill her immediately, 2) Strap her to a lab table and experiment to figure out how this happened in the first place and then kill her, or 3) Not believe her and kill her then tell everyone Megatron went off his rocker. None of the options ended well for her. She wouldn't have been able to tell any of the Decepticons. Even Soundwave, the most loyal, would maybe have found a way to bring his leader back but probably at the expense of her life.

All in all, this was not a safe place to be. She had to leave, and quickly. She didn't know where she would go or what she would do next but anywhere was better than here. She cringed and amended her statement when she remembered Sector Seven. But other than those two, she'd rather be anywhere else.

"Something wrong, oh great and powerful leader?" He must have noticed her change in expression. She let out another sigh. Did he have to be so sarcastic when he addressed her? Maybe if he acted like less of a smart ass Megatron would hit him less. Mercifully they made it wherever it was that they were headed, saving her from having to reply.

They entered the room as the door slide to the side. She looked around quickly, noting that it seemed to be somewhat like a camera room. It had a wall of cameras, all showing different angles of the same ocean. She could see how someone could get bored here easily. In fact… She glanced at the mech that seemed to have drifted off into recharge. Starscream let out a snarl before stomping up the unsuspecting Decepticon. He woke up with a jolt at the loud sound of metal feet slamming into the ground. His head shot up and he stood quickly, eyes locked on hers.

"M-My lord… I-I…" It was obvious that he didn't have a good excuse as to why he was asleep while there could have been an attack on the base. Especially with him as the only one able to let the other Decepticons know before it was too late. When she didn't say anything Starscream glared darkly at the 'Con.

"Just raise the tower, you fragger." Starscream bit out before whirling around and leaving the room. She raised an eyebrow, her eyes following his dramatic leave before heading out of the room. She saw him standing down the hall, the door in front of him opened to what looked like an airplane hangar. She stepped in, the door shutting behind her. Suddenly the floor jolted upwards. Her surprised flickered across her face for a moment before it was concealed again. She felt slightly giddy at the thought of finally getting out of here. That was, until she remembered one key detail.

She had no idea how to turn into her alt form.


Wait, wait, wait. It couldn't be that hard, could it? It seemed like second nature to them. Like instinct. Surely she could do it too. She heard the rushing of water as the air hanger breached the surface of the water. Only a few moments later one of the walls slid up to reveal the open ocean and sky. She stared at it in hidden awe. Seeing it in such a clear view and new perspective made a huge difference.

"Are you coming or not, master?" Starscream asked snidely. He had yet to change into his alt form, probably hoping she would change her mind about bringing him. Blinking, she realized she could tell him he didn't have to come now and prevent future lost time with pretending to be on patrol and possible embarrassment over her lack of flying skills. And since she was leaving for good she could slip up a little in Megatron's character and Starscream would probably just think it was the Decepticon leader messing with him.

"You don't have to come if you don't want to." She blurted out quickly. She saw the Air Commander's eyes widen in surprise. Rightfully so, especially with how adamant she had been that he come with her.

"What?" His voice was a mix between shock and indignation. She cringed internally. She could definitely see a hissy fit about to start. "You make me come all the way up here just to tell me I can't go-" She cut him off quickly, hoping to avoid the rant that she knew she deserved.

"You're absolutely right." She was pretty sure Starscream just made a dent in the floor with his jaw. "And plus, what sense does it make to have the First and Second in command doing simple patrol duty? It would be pathetic." She saw she hit a nerve there. Starscream was not pathetic. "So stay here and I'll just go." She went to shift into Megatron's alt form, praying that if she didn't think about it, it would just come naturally.

The gods were not on her side.

She had absolutely no idea someone could fuck up a transformation that badly. If she still had her human body she would have been redder than red. The heat on her face would have burnt out the sun with its intensity. And the whole time Starscream looked completely dumbfounded. Like the world had ended and that his god, Primus, came up to him and said the meaning of life was cheese.

"What is wrong with you?" Starscream said in mild horror and amazement. She had definitely thrown him for the biggest loop. She grunted as she transformed her body into something somewhat recognizable. She was not as graceful as she hoped she would be and fell flat into the ground with another grunt.

"Nothing." She barked back. God, why couldn't the floor just swallow her up? Even if she wouldn't admit it if asked by anyone in this universe; Starscream was in her top five favorite Transformers characters. This was just sad and pathetic and embarrassing.

"You call this nothing? That was completely awful. What happened? Does the great Lord Megatron have a glitch?" He continued to rant as she thought over what she did wrong that time. She was pretty sure she went too fast too soon. She stood up carefully as she drowned out Starscream's taunting and tried again, slowly letting every gears shift into place and settle. She let out an inaudible sigh of relief.

"Shut up, Starscream." She growled out menacingly. She heard him start to cackle but ignored it, starting the engine of the jet and flying off in a roar that muted the sound coming from him. She flew off without looking back.

(Line Break)

She really should have thought this through.

Let's count out her list of problems, shall we? Well, first off, she had no idea which way she was going. She didn't even know if she was headed toward land or not. All she could see, no matter how impressive her new range of site was, was an ocean. That's right; she didn't know even which ocean she was over. She should have stayed and gather more information. Or possibly just have taken Starscream on patrol and then convinced him that it would be beneficial to go to the nearest land to make sure the closest humans had no idea of their base's presence. But it was too late to go back now. She didn't doubt that the Second in Command hadn't told everyone about her brilliant transformation. Then again, the seeker might be keeping it to himself for future blackmail. She wasn't going to take that chance, though. Soundwave already had his suspicions that there was something wrong with the Decepticon Leader. Hearing about her flummox would only provoke him to get her checked by their resident medic. She shuddered internally at the thought of the small Decepticon in the second movie, moving around through Sam's nose and throat.

Second on her list of how stupid she was, was the fact that she had no plan as to what to do next. Or where would be a safe place to stay and/or hide. She was still debating whether or not she should try to find the Autobots and tell them of her problem. They would most likely be more helpful and less prone to kill her if they knew she wasn't Megatron. On the other hand, why would they ever even think to believe her? Maybe if she ended up in Bumblebee they might be keener to look into it, but not when she was temporally the not-so-enthusiastic owner of the Decepticon Leader's body.

Although, even if she was going to go to Optimus Prime and the others she still had no idea how to contact them. And she didn't delude herself into thinking that making them come to her by scaring the ever-living shit out of some people would make them want to listen to her. She didn't feel like getting shot today, or any day, thank you very much. She never had a good memory but wasn't the Autobot base in Diego Garcia? Or was that just a regular military base? Not like she knew where that base was anyway.

Because, number three, she had no idea how to access the internet. And as an avid online chatter and fan fiction junkie, it was more than just annoying, it was infuriating. But no way was she going to check through the inner workings of the most psychotic alien robot's mind when she could possibly crash into the ocean and rust. Her refusal to search what this hunk of metal could do was also the reason for her inability to see if she had a com. link that she could have also used to contact the 'Bots. But it wasn't just her dislike of the idea taking her eyes off the skies or of what scary or kinky, if fan fictions had anything to them, things she would find in this skull. It was just one thought. One, kind of illogical, thought that sent her mind into terror at the prospect of diving deeper.

'What if he is still in here? Like a parasite eating me alive just under the skin.' She locked that thought away quickly. If she was going to get through this she need to hold down her paranoia and keep herself together. Furthermore, this was not the best place to have a panic attack.

She was pulled out of her thoughts by land in the distance. She angled herself slightly upward so that when she got closer she might get a better idea of the shape of the land and be out of site from any cloud gazing humans. Suddenly she realized another problem she had. A jet was not a good alt form to have when you are entering another country. She idly wondered if it was just her destiny to get shot.

'You know what?' She thought as she reached the sky over the unknown land, 'Screw it. I'm going to get shot anyway.' She jerked downward, plummeting towards the ground at high speeds. She aimed so she would land just inside the empty park she saw in the seaside town. She was surprised with the range of hearing when she heard screaming. Meters from the barren patch of grass she jerked again so the nose of the faced skyward, a complete one-eighty and transformed. She tried to land on her feet and let out an aggravated snarl when she landed flat on her ass. Screaming reached her ears again, along with the sounds of cars swerving, most likely in shock of the giant alien robot that landed in their hometown park. She folded her legs into a pretzel position and crossed her arms. She would wait. People ran from the scene like bats out of hell. Soon the city seemed devoid of life.

A few minutes later she was completely bored out of her mind. Where were the cops? Where were the Autobots? Where was anyone? She started tapping the ground with her claw and made an irritated noise when it pierced the ground. She started to look around the town she was in the middle of, hoping to find a sign that would give her an idea on where she was. Maybe it would give her an estimate on how long it would take for the 'Bots to get here. Nothing was a useful as she thought it would be. Most were just storefronts that could have been in any state. Well, at least she was in the US. Anywhere else would have just been a hassle and a long wait for the Optimus and the others to get here.

That didn't quell her absolute boredom, though. She realized how odd it was that she could be bored when she was in the Transformers movie. She wondered if she could overcome her dread at the notion searching Megatron's mind on how to access the internet. She would have loved to be able to go on imgur or fanfiction at a time like this. And just think how much quicker she could probably read fan fics now. Or if she went on imgur: how fast her connection would be. She sighed and shook her head. Frowning, she looked around again. How could Prime not be here yet? She could have leveled the whole town by now! She briefly questioned if anyone had even called the cops. If not, she probably looked like an idiot.

She heard a noise from behind her and quickly snapped her head to the side to look over her shoulder. There was a quiet gasp and a thud. She blinked at the sight that met her. Dressed in a pale yellow dress was a little girl, about seven or eight, though she was never a good guesser of ages. What was she even doing out here? What was wrong with her parents? Letting the girl this close to a giant alien monster was just so completely reckless and stupid. Speaking of parents, where was the girl's? Shouldn't she be near them during an alien invasion? Wait, why wasn't this little girl in school? Now that she thought about it, she had no idea what day it was either. As she looked at the girl again, she had a feeling that she had seen her before. But where-?

"Are you a friend of the Tooth Fairy?" The girl blurted out, clearly not that afraid. She blinked again before she burst out laughing. A deep, amused sound. She decided she didn't mind it as long as it didn't sound ominous. Well, at least she knew where she knew the girl from. She was the girl that saw Ironhide in the first movie when he landed by her pool. So was she near where ever that girl lived? Was she in California?

"Not yet." She said in amusement, voice deep and gentle as to not scare her off, "But I would like to be." It would be fun to be friends with the Transformers, though she doubted any of them would be enthusiastic to bond with her when she looked the way she did. The little girl beamed at her and came closer. God, she was small compared to her. She put out a hand for the girl to climb on before she could realize it might not be a good idea. Too late now though, the girl had already sat herself in Megatron's clawed hand. She sighed and brought that hand closer to her face slowly, fearing that she might fall if she moved to quickly.

"Then why don't you?" The little one asked curiously. Before she could answer she heard the sound of sirens entered her hearing range. She knew immediately that it was the Autobots. Suddenly a ping box entered her vision. She looked at it in surprise but was not shocked to see that it stated that Optimus Prime was the one who sent it. She assumed it was like a greeting and that she was supposed to identify herself by sending one back. If she knew how that is. The sound of the siren wails got louder before the cars finally came into her range of sight. She counted quickly, seeing that there were three headed in her direction. She could tell that they were Optimus, Ironhide and Ratchet. She was slightly disappointed that Bumblebee wasn't there even if the logical part of her brain told her that he was most likely protecting Sam and that it didn't matter because she was about to die anyway.

Once the three cars saw her they increase their speed, barreling towards the park. That is, until they saw the girl in her palm. The sound of squealing of tires stopping cut through the town like a gunshot. The three cars came to a stop just on the edge of the large square of grass. The tense silence was broken after a moment, when the Autobots transformed. She felt a small amount of envy and a lot of awe about how effortlessly they did it. All the gears move smoothly and fluidly into place. It was almost like a dance with the inner workings of their bodies. In a word, it was beautiful. She still didn't move, afraid to break the spell of magnificence that they had created with doing the simplest of things for them. All was calm and peaceful for that one moment in her mind.

Until Ironhide pulled out his cannons, charged and pointed right at her face.

"Ironhide," Optimus barked, eyes still locked on the hand holding the small child who didn't seem to have a care in the world. "Lower your weapons."

"But Optimus-," Ironhide tried to protest and got a glare for his efforts. She was reminded of her confrontation with Starscream earlier. Although, it seemed that Ironhide didn't need to be told twice. The command in Optimus's voice and the sharpness of his glare was enough to make him comply. Hell, it even made her want to crawl in a hole and it wasn't even directed at her yet. His voice also made her want to melt in a pile of goo. Now don't misunderstand, she wasn't one of those rabid fangirls that would kill someone over not liking what they deemed to be 'da bestest thing EVA OMGZ *fangasm*' no. She would usually just feel the need to laugh and felt a little more girly around the things she liked the best. She had only two of those things at the moment. The Joker from Batman, because, god, who didn't love the Joker? And the other one was Transformers. So, in other words, his voice, in person and his Optimus-ness, in person, was just getting to her. As long as she played it coolly, calmly and stayed collected she would be fine and the fan would stay locked away behind iron bars silently screaming.

Prime looked up from her hand to look her in the eyes. His bright blue optics were hard but she could still the sadness, the helplessness and the pain. How could she have not realized before that he thought she was going to kill the child and he could do nothing but watch? She opened her mouth to speak, to assure him that she didn't want to hurt the girl, that she just wanted- needed help. But it seemed that she didn't have her inner fangirl as trapped as she once thought.

She emitted a sound that she never wanted to make again, ever. The sheer embarrassment of it was a million times worse than the crappy transformation in front of Starscream was. It was a mix between a gurgle, a few unknown words, and worst of all, something that could only be called a squeal. She wanted to die. Right then, she had never wanted anything more. She had never squealed over anything. So why did the time it finally happened have to be in front of Optimus mother fucking Prime? She avoided the three bewildered stares she was most likely receiving when she heard giggling. She groaned and carefully brought her empty hand to her head in a facepalm. What a wonderful first impression.

She let out a yelp when a red sensor hit her in the side of her neck. It felt like she accidently pressed something hot against it for a moment. She looked up and grimaced when she saw Ratchet had scanned what was most likely her vocal processor. She felt a fleeting sympathy for when Bumblebee was hit with it in the first movie.

"A little warning would have been nice." She muttered bitterly. When the medic bot was about to reply with what would have been a scathing retort she cut him off by saying, "Anyway! I need your help." She thought being blunt would be the best course of action. Prime seemed to reel in shock.

"What makes you think we would ever help slagging 'Con like you?" Ironhide snarled.

"Watch your fucking language in front of the child." She snarled right back, albeit ironically. The girl's giggling only got louder. Ironhide sputtered, obviously unable to think of a comeback at the moment. Ratchet let an amused smirk tug at his lips briefly before it disappeared. Optimus seemed to get his bearings on the situation back and asked the question the three were most likely wondering.

"Help with what?" His voice was cautious and curious. She grinned at him, probably not so non-threatening with Megatron's freakishly sharp teeth.

"Maybe this conversation would be better held somewhere more private. You know, less prying eyes." She said, pointedly looking at their surroundings. Optimus nodded before speaking.

"As long as you leave the human child here and unharmed." She stared at him for a moment before looking down at the girl quickly before looking back up, then down again.

"Oh. Oh, right. Duh." She went to put her hand down slowly before pausing in midair. There was something she was forgetting… She pulled her hand back up, closer to her chest and stood carefully. The three mechs moved into defensive and wary stances in under half a second. She waved them off with her empty hand before holding it near the one with the girl in it. She strode over to Ironhide quickly and grinned again, holding her hands out so that the little one could see him better.

"Meet the Tooth Fairy, little one." The girl waved cheerfully, still trying to stifle her laughter at the Bot's expression. Ironhide started at the familiar nickname, gaping like a fish before he snapped his mouth shut and growled darkly.

"How did you-" She cut him off by quickly turning around and placing the girl on the ground gently. She straightened after the girl climbed off of her hand. The little one smiled up at her again before hugging her foot. The girl pulled back and started walking towards the street; presumably back to where ever her parents were.

"Good luck!" She called over her shoulder before she darted around the corner. She couldn't stop the soft smile that graced her metal features. She glanced to the side to see Prime looking at her with a strange expression. She made a large sweeping gesture that seemed to say 'after you' and spoke.

"Lead the way."