A/N: This relates to the actual story in no way,shape,or form- but I seriously have to get on the ball with these stories of mine. Then again,If I forced myself to write,they wouldn't be nearly as good. Just saying. Oh yeah, I got more smut for ya toward the end of the chapter. :3


12 weeks,and multiple negative pregnancy tests later,I've officially given up. I've decided that something has to be wrong with one of us,but Peeta still thinks our timing is off. We've been trying for four months now,I think we've run out of timing options. I finally broke down and made a doctors appointment for the both of us. Peeta still isn't happy with it,but he has to suck it up- because he's going whither he likes it or not.

"Katniss,do your realize how emasculating this is?" He hissed as I dragged him to the car.

"Yes,and I don't care either." I say simply,fending off Haymitch's Houdini geese with a stick. He has a pen for them,but they keep escaping. I threaten to set snares between our houses,and actually do,but he doesn't seem to care that Greasy Sae gets to make goose soup every few days. He gets more every Saturday on the train,now to remedy that situation. Peeta grumbles something under his breath as I shove him in the passenger seat. One of the geese bites at his pant leg,and Peeta smacks at it until it lets go.

"Stupid things." He mumbles,crossing his arms over his chest. I roll my eyes and pull out of the driveway.

When we pull into the parking lot,he actually opens the door and gets out by himself. "Sorry about the temper tantrum." He whispers, smiling sheepishly. I smile and hug him. He nuzzles his face in my neck,kissing me softly. I really don't want him to stop,but he eventually pulls back and takes my hand in his. "We better get going,we don't want to be late." He says.

The rest of the afternoon is spent between multiple stuffy rooms. Blood tests,ultrasounds- you name it. At least Peeta seems to understand to a degree,and probably more than me at this point. After what feels like hours,they put us in a room with a desk and ask us to wait there. I curl up on the couch with my head in Peeta's lap and fall asleep. He must have fallen asleep too,because we both jump when a middle aged man comes in,greeting us. Peeta pulls me up,draping his arm around my shoulders.

"Sorry about that,folks!" The bumbling man says,acknowledging that he startled us. He introduces himself as Doctor Tybalt Roman,and goes on this long tangent about why it took so long. He's far too peppy,and I find myself wondering what he's been taking.

"So! Mrs. Mellark!" the doctor's chirpy voice disrupts my thoughts as he pulls a few papers out of a folder. "From what I can see here,everything is completely normal. You're completely fine!" I nod and sigh in relief. Peeta looks over and smiles,almost as if a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders.


"Now. Mr. Mellark,we did find something abnormal with you." I start panicking,over the past few weeks,Katniss has started wanting this just as much as I have. Dr. Roman must recognize my panic because he quickly amends his statement. "Of course,it is treatable! Just extremely inconvenient." He pulls out a copy of my ultrasound reports- which,by the way,was extremely uncomfortable. Perfect reason to promise myself that nobody but Katniss is allowed to touch my balls from here on out.

After neither Katniss or I speak,he continues talking. He spent about 10 minutes explaining what I can simply state as my little Peeta's are swimming in circles. Doesn't get more emasculating than that. He writes a prescription for me quickly and sends us on our way.

When we get home,Haymitch is sitting on our porch.

"Where have you two been?" He grumbles,following us in the house. Without thinking,I throw my box of pills on the table and go to start dinner.

"Doctor,Haymitch." Katniss calls from the top of the stairs. Haymitch sits at the table and picks up the pills.

"What are these for?" He asks and starts reading the box. I finally realize my mistake,but far too late. Haymitch finds his answer and cackles like a maniac.

"Peeta. I knew you were having trouble,but-" I cut him off with a death glare and he opens his mouth to continue when Katniss comes down the stairs. He tends to avoid teasing me when Katniss is around,probably because he knows she'd kill him. Besides,this is embarrassing enough without him teasing me about it.

Dinner is fairly silent,and Haymitch leaves after he finishes. I don't remember inviting him in the first place,but what does it matter anymore? Katniss and I clean up and do the dishes and go out on the back porch. Katniss curls up in my lap on the swing,staring off into the distance. She's been extra clingy today,and I'm not really sure why. I decide not to ask her,because she'd deny anything. I start dozing off eventually,and notice Katniss is already sound asleep. It's a nice night,and I don't really feel like going upstairs- so I gently slide down the length of the swing and lie down,still holding Katniss tight, and drift off to sleep.


When I wake up,Peeta and I are still outside. Did we spend the whole night out here? And if we did,how did we not fall off the porch swing? I hear Peeta yawn next me.

"Good morning,beautiful." He whispers and kisses me.

I hate when he does that,I never know what to say. His blue eyes looks at me expectantly, waiting for me to say something. Instead,I make a rash decision and my lips crash into his. The chains on the sides of the old swing rattle at the quick movement,but silence eventually. Peeta seems confused,but forces his tongue in my mouth all the same. I moan quietly,and Peeta's hand slips up my shirt and unhitches my bra. I start undoing the buttons on his shirt and he tosses it aside,turning onto his back,leaving me straddling him. His lips leave mine momentarily so he can take my shirt off. I unhitch the button on his jeans and he kicks them off while I slide off my shorts. Peeta is about to switch places with me,but I object. He's never let me be on top before,and now is about as good a time as any.

"It'll be quieter this way." I mumble against his lips as I slowly lower myself onto him. We both moan,and this time I'm the one forcing my tongue in his mouth. I lurch my hips forward and his eyes squeeze shut. I had no idea this would feel so good- or else I would have insisted on being on top sooner. He moves his hips opposite mine,so that when I come down on him,he still thrusts me. I reach my breaking point and bite his lip by accident- sending him over the edge as well. I collapse on top of him,waiting for our breathing to steady. I'm just starting to drift off again when someone yelling wakes me up.

"What that fuck are you two doing!" Haymitch yells from his porch,next door. Both Peeta and I are too stunned to answer. "I come out here to get some fresh air,and see you two naked on the porch swing!"

"How long has he been there?" I hiss. Peeta shrugs and looks back at Haymitch. Neither of dare move until he goes back inside. Besides,all I can see are our shoes at the door. Most of our clothes must have landed in the grass,but there's no sense looking. He finally goes back in the house when he gets bored of us just laying there. We both run into the house and scramble to put some clothes on and go back downstairs for breakfast.

A/N: I felt like smut was the best way to end this chapter! xD Eh,Peeta's redemption for his emasculation earlier. A few of you guys were figuring they would have fertility issues,but you never guessed it would be Peeta! Anyway,stay tuned for the next chapter. Oh yeah,I got this idea to start writing this other story about how Haymitch got to be how he is. You know,a drunk,cranky,bastard. Like maybe 5 short stories. Tell me if you think it would be a good idea. :3