Ok this is based of the movie Cyberbully. I'm not trying to copy or anything but this movie gave me an idea and yes, this will be Evan Bourne And Kelly Kelly.

Kelly's POV

I was on my family's desktop talking to my best friend Mickie.

Kelly:Did you hear Brie about my jacket? She said hideous.

I got up grabbed my shoes off the stairs and my backpack to get ready for school. Then Mickie typed back.

Mickie:Brie wouldn't know how to spell hideous.

I giggled and typed.

Kelly:She's been weird to me since that stupid day in Health.

Then my mom asked.

"Kelly have you had breakfast?"

"No i'm not hungry." I said.

"Not exceptable." Mom replied as I sent the message.

I started putting on my shoes when my mom came in with a breakfast bar.

I looked at it with disgust.

Mickie saw she wrote back and chuckled then she started typing.

Mickie:Shoes please.

I put the breakfast bar in my mouth as I typed.

Kelly:My red ones.

Mickie:Ew, hideous.

I chewed with a smile on my face as my mom said.

"Gotta go figure out what the latest public relations crysis is today." She said as she kissed my head.

Kelly:Just come get me brat.

"Who you calling a brat?" My mom questioned as she looked at the computer.

"Private." I said with attitude.

"Well what you do online isn't exactly private." My mom said.

"Oh, I almost forgot. It's your birthday." My mom said walking toward me giving me another kiss on the head as I said.

"Mmm don't forget to get me a present."

"I'm gonna tie a string around my finger." Mom said

"Good." I said

"Zack don't you dare miss your bus again!" My mom yelled to my little brother.

"It wasn't my fault last time!" He yelled as she went out the door.

Just then my brother came dashing down the stairs looking for his backpack.

"Hey you seen my bag?" He questioned me.

I pointed to the chair and whistled as he ran over to where i was.

"All you need is a brain." I said hitting him and he hit me back rushing out the door.

"You can't hit me on my birthday!" I yelled.

End Of POV

So how'd you guys like it I hope it was good. I'm working on my capitalization and guys are overreacting about that and it's really annoying me.