From Death to Damnation

Chapter 1: Murder: Day Zero

"Mom, PLEASE reconsider what you're doing!"

"And why SHOULD I?"

Palkia was stuck in an argument with his mother, and the Goddess of all Pokémon, Arceus. It was very typical for most children to get in a fight with their parents; all kids do now and again. However, most arguments generally don't involve billions of lives at stake.

Palkia knew what his mother was doing was insane. It was crazy. It was outrageous. It made his mother look a sadistic psychopath. Arceus was on the verge of erasing every single trace of humans on the planet.

Now, one would have to ask, just WHY would a Goddess even consider destroying her creations?

It was the creation of Pokéballs by the humans. Arceus had no qualms about humans and Pokémon working together and was, in fact, someone she enjoyed seeing them do. However, once the Pokéballs were invented, it gave her the illusion that Pokémon were being kept at slaves by the humans. To say that it made her mad would be an absolute UNDERSTATEMENT. The day Pokéballs were invented was also the day Arceus would begin her planning of the genocide of the human race.

She didn't want to show them any mercy. She had the genocide perfectly planned out, too. It would be very simple. She would first create an extremely contagious virus that only affected humans. Anyone who caught this incurable virus was doomed to die a slow, painful, and agonizing death. She deduced that within a month, all humans on the planet would be dead. Then she would take it upon herself to erase every human-created object that ever existed. A long and tedious job, to be sure, but part of her looked forward to it. Then finally, Pokémon could live in peace again without the fear of being captured.

No one knew anything about this until she announced it just a few days ago.

Three of Arceus' creations: Dialga, master of time; Palkia, master of space; and Giratina, master of antimatter, all desperately tried to get her to reconsider. Dialga was slightly cynical and distrusting of humans, but even she saw a mass genocide of them as taking things way too far. Giratina, even someone who despised humans and the idea of capturing Pokémon, had to take Dialga's side. Palkia, however, was more optimistic of the humans than his siblings were. He believed that, despite the circumstances, humans had to have some good in them. He could never adhere to the idea that all humans were heartless bastards, either.

Even though Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina all held opposing views on humans, they shared one belief in common; Arceus was going way too far.

Dialga and Giratina, unfortunately, were too scared to face their mother and tell her this. They knew that Arceus had a HORRIBLE temper whenever she was angry, and she would very often unleash this temper on anyone who dared to disagree with her.

Palkia was one of those individuals.

"I know you hate the idea of Pokéballs and being captured… but wiping out the human race is taking things WAY TOO FAR, MOM!"

Arceus ignored her son's desperate plea as she continued analyzing her plans. The genocide was to be carried out tomorrow, and Palkia knew changing his mother's mind had to be either now or never.

Dialga and Giratina feared for their brother's safety. Both of them had to admit, he had more guts to challenge his mother than they did. But Arceus was capable of anything when she was furious, and I mean ANYTHING.

"You know very well why I'm doing this, Palkia. These humans deserve to die for keeping my creations in slavery."

"But… it's not really slavery. I went down to the surface and…"

Arceus turned around and looked at Palkia, with daggers in her eyes. "You mean to tell me that you went down to the surface, WHEN I EXPLICITLY FORBADE YOU FROM DOING SO?"

"Hear me out, please. I know I disobeyed your orders, but I had to…"

"Had to what?" she interrupted, snarling at him. "Had to just be a fancy-shamcy rebel who thinks that he can do anything he wants just because he's the son of a GOD!"

"Mom," Palkia pleaded again. "It's not like…"

"Oh, my mistake." she replied with sarcasm dripping from her teeth. "It's not like that AT ALL. I see it now. You went down there to warn them of my plans. You've sided with the HUMANS, haven't you?"

"No… I mean yes… wait, I mean… I just think genocide is uncalled for! Can't we come up with a compromise?"

Dialga made her voice heard in their argument. "Mom, as much as I hate to admit it, Palkia DOES have a point. Perhaps you should reconsider."

Arceus gave her daughter a hateful glare and said to her in spite, "You'd better shut your trap you bitch, before things end up REALLY bad for all of you guys!"

"HEY!" Palkia shouted, directing Arceus' attention back at him. "You might be the Goddess of all Pokémon, and even my mother, but you have NO RIGHT to talk to my sister like that! You don't know what you're doing!"

"Oh, there's that REBEL again! Someone's being a VERY disobedient child!" she shouted, now losing her patience and more than a few shreds of her sanity. "You need a good lesson to put you in your place! One that will make you think twice before even questioning my authority!"

Palkia's look of hatred towards his mother now turned to one of fear. He had invoked the wrath of Arceus, an act that no one should ever do, unless they LIKE dying in slow, horrible, and very graphic ways. Arceus looked at her son with vengeance in her eyes.

"M-Mom?" he stuttered fearfully. "W-What are you…?"

"I know the PERFECT punishment for you."

Palkia looked at Arceus gently, begging silently for a humane punishment. How… bad of a punishment could his own mother give him? It couldn't be anything TOO drastic, right?

The aura of hatred that Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina all felt around Arceus suggested otherwise. She quickly enclosed herself and Palkia inside an impenetrable shield, leaving Dialga and Giratina helplessly watching.

"A-Are you going to… kill me?" he whispered. "You… wouldn't do that to your own son, right?"

Arceus was still too blinded by rage to head Palkia's desperate cry of mercy and instead proceeded to show him just WHAT she had planned.

Arceus levitated Palkia in the air, still inside the psychic shield. Palkia felt his body tense up, and couldn't move. Then, with just a single thought from Arceus…


Palkia screamed in pain as he felt one of his bones, his right femur, snap. He couldn't believe it. He didn't think Arceus would go this far. His own mother… his own mother was going to KILL him. Piece by piece; fracture by fracture.

Dialga and Giratina knew that Arceus had gone off of the deep end, and tried to penetrate her psychic shield, but even their combined efforts couldn't match their mother's.


Palkia grimaced in pain again when he felt a bone in his left arm snap. He looked at his mother, who had a sickeningly sadistic smile on her face. This couldn't be happening. This had to be an awful, AWFUL nightmare.

"Mom… stop it. Please." he begged to no avail. He began to tear at the fact that his own mother, who had raised and taught him right and wrong, was slowing murdering him.

Dialga and Giratina kept trying to penetrate the shield, firing off a Shadow Force and Roar of Time. It shook, but came nowhere NEAR close to breaking.


This time, his wrist was fractured, leaving it limp. After she bended the wrist back further, much to Palkia's horror, his blood began to leak out. Drops of blood touched the bottom of the psychic shield which enclosed them, vaporizing instantly upon contact.

"Mommy…" he pleaded further, breaking down in sole desperation. "It hurts…"

Arceus grinned. "Do you want to know what I have planned for you after you die?"

Palkia couldn't respond, with blood beginning to clog up his throat. Dialga, outside the shield and watching her mother brutally murder her brother, could only look on with a hopeless desire to help him. She silently cried.

"Well, I'll tell you anyway. I'm going to send you to the worst realm in the galaxies that you could never imagine in your most terrifying dreams." she stated calmly.


Palkia felt his metal wings rip off from his shoulders, leaving a bloody gash where the wings were once attached. His wings… the wings that his mother had once carefully crafted for him… were just ripped off like that.

"You WILL learn not to mess with my authority. After all, there's only one way down where you're going. And to seal the deal…" she smiled sadistically again.

"No… mama… plea-"


That time, Palkia's neck broke, cutting off his oxygen supply to his brain and instantly killing him.

"PALKIA!" Dialga and Giratina both shouted in horror.

"That takes care of that." she said to herself. Instead of bothering to dispose of the body (and having to pay for FUNERAL services), she teleported Palkia's carcass to the same realm that she sentenced his spirit.

"I'm being generous." she said. "He should be happy; at least he gets his body back."

Dialga and Giratina were left speechless. They simply did not know how to react to their mother's reaction. Even Palkia's requests for mercy didn't faze her. He begged. He pleaded. He CRIED. And still, Arceus showed no hesitation. Arceus was known for her temper… but this was just uncalled for.

Still, Dialga and Giratina BOTH knew better than to rant to Arceus about her actions, unless they wanted to die the same way Palkia did. Arceus turned to Giratina and Dialga.

"The plans are still on." she informed them. "Palkia's rebelliousness doesn't change a thing." She then deactivated the shield and walked off to her quarters, where she continued perfecting her plans.

Dialga and Giratina looked at each other.

"What do we do?" Giratina asked the master of time.

"I don't know. I don't anything about Mom anymore. I don't know if I even want to call her Mom anymore. But one thing's for certain. We NEED to put a stop to her plans."

"Wherever she sentenced Palkia's spirit to…" Giratina muttered to himself. "I just hope he's OK."

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