From Death to Damnation

Chapter 7: Taking Off the Time Bomb

Dialga and Giratina popped up in the past of just a few days ago. The setting looked the same from where they left, so they couldn't tell at first.

"You're sure that time warping thing worked, right?" Giratina asked Dialga. "Because things don't really look any different."

"Of course it worked." Dialga assured him. "I'm not called the Temporal Pokémon for nothing."

"All right…" Giratina muttered as they walked out of the library. Notably, no Pokémon were after them. Not even Landorus, who was out for their blood earlier. Now, he was in the garden enjoying nature. He saw them through the window and while the two Dragons were nervous at first, they soon realized that Landorus was no longer a threat.

"So, now what do we do?"

"Well, we can't FORCE Palkia to do what we want… and we can't tell him that we're the future versions of Dialga and Giratina… but there's nothing in the rules that says we can't PERSUADE him into leaving."

"Isn't that still technically against the rules, though?" Giratina pointed out.

"Oh, who cares?" said Dialga as she ran off towards Palkia's room… which wasn't exactly a fast speed. Giratina flew past her in Origin Forme, heading to Palkia's room with much faster speed than Dialga.

"Oh curse these legs." she muttered as she kept going, determined to persuade Palkia into not heading to confront his mother.

"Let's see, what should I say…?" Palkia muttered to himself, pacing around his room. "You're insane? True, but kind of overdone. Could you please consider NOT destroying all of humanity? …Nah, not forceful enough. Reconsider what you're doing? …That'll work." He was about to walk through his door and leave to tell his mother when Dialga and Giratina stepped in.

"Hey, Palkia!" Dialga grinned, more nervous than she had ever been. "How are you doing?"

"Fine." he answered. "…What are you guys doing?"

"Oh nothing much." she replied. "Checking out the Hall, played soccer with Landorus, did a bit of time-traveling… to save you from being murdered…" she whispered out the last part inaudibly.

"OK. Well, if you'll pardon me Dialga, I have to go talk to mother right now."

"Uhh, about what?" she continued, attempting to distract him. She sat in front of the door, refusing to budge. And with her weight, Palkia certainly wasn't moving her any time soon.

Palkia began to get suspicious. "Why are you trying to prevent me from leaving?"

"No reason." Dialga lied as she started to become visibly flustered.

Palkia looked at Dialga, unsure if what she was saying was truth or lies. "I don't know… how- …wait a second! Landorus doesn't have feet! He can't play soccer! Are you lying to me?!"

Dialga gulped nervously, before thinking of a fabricated lie on the spot. "Landorus can't play soccer in Incarnate Forme." Dialga told him. "We played it with him in Therian Forme."

Palkia was still unsure. Sure, that was still believable enough. "But that still doesn't explain why you're blocking my way!" he shouted.

"Oh crap…" Dialga thought to herself. "I gotta think of something else quick!"

"So, you want to know how the soccer match went? It was quite a good one." she said, still sweating nervously and was VERY close to breaking.

"…Get out of my way, Dialga." It was then that Palkia went over to the left side of Dialga and unleashed a fully charged Aura Sphere, a Fighting type move super effective against Dialga. She slumped over to the right in excruciating pain, unable to move as well as unblocking the door. He headed out and came face to face with Giratina, who was outside his room and had created a Shadow wall to block Palkia from getting out. He levitated in front of it in Origin Forme.

"Oh come on." Palkia muttered. "Now YOU'RE blocking my way? What is WITH you guys? Why on earth are both of you so determined to prevent me from talking to Mom?!"

"If only I could say that…" Giratina thought.

"Get out of my way!" he repeated to Giratina, shouting this time.

Giratina stood his ground and refused to move or lift the barrier. "No."

Palkia stood there; ready to unleash his signature move on the Renegade Pokémon. "Spacial Rend!" he yelled, slashing a purple glow of cosmic energy towards Giratina.

Giratina held his ground, and waited for the attack to connect. "Shadow Force." Giratina said. Suddenly, Giratina disappeared, causing the attack to harmlessly be absorbed into the wall. Before Palkia knew what hit him, Giratina counter-attacked. While the attack did not do too much actual damage to the sturdy Palkia, it did disorient him. Giratina took advantage of and grabbed Palkia with his ghostly limbs, attempting to prevent him from escaping. With the limbs surrounding Palkia's entire body except for his head, it seemed that he wouldn't escape.

Or so it seemed.

Palkia managed to fire a Dragon Pulse out from his mouth, coming into direct contact with Giratina. The sudden and sharp pain caused him to accidentally release Palkia. He took this chance to fire another Spacial Rend at Giratina, knocking him down. With the two of them finally down and out, Palkia ran to the main Hall, intending to stop Arceus once and for all.

Both of the Dragons laid helplessly on the ground, knowing what fate would await Palkia.

"Great." muttered Giratina to Dialga who was still in Palkia's room. "We go back to the past, try to save him, and he kicks our tail ends. If things play out the same way they did the first time, then-"

Giratina was interrupted by Palkia's helpless shouts in the next room.

"A-Are you… going to kill me? You… wouldn't do that to your own son, right?"


The scream filled throughout the hall. Dialga and Giratina couldn't bear to hear his screams of pain again.


The scream was louder this time. And the two Dragons could easily tell how much pain Palkia was going through. Dialga attempted to get up, but Palkia had knocked her down well. Along with causing extremely painful injuries, the Aura Sphere Palkia launched at her zapped nearly all of her energy.

"Mom… stop it. Please."

His voice was more desperate this time. Instead of pain, more sorrow was in his tone. He was BEGGING with her. Pleading. Asking for mercy.


It was refused.


Came the awful noise again. At this point, Dialga and Giratina tried to block it out. But they couldn't. That was their brother being murdered, and both of them were powerless to stop it. Dialga tried to fight the tears again, not wanting to relive her brother's death.

Finally, a sheer will and determination filled her. Using all of her remaining power plus an adrenaline-fueled body, she forced time to rewind once more. Going back to an hour ago, she lost control over the time rewind and released it.

Both of them were back in the library.


Time: ?:?

Palkia found himself once again staring at the roof of his small house. He couldn't believe what had just happened out there. Another victim had fallen prey to this sick and twisted game. He shuddered, thinking about what happened to him. And to think, he had almost fallen for the bait too.

He mused at what that blue blur possibly could have been. A large blue blur. It didn't take him long to connect the color blue and Dialga together.

"But… why did she appear?" he wondered. "If she didn't truly come here, then I must have been hallucinating. …Still, even if it was a hallucination, it was a hallucination that saved me from a fate even worse than my death."

He thought back to the events that had happened only a few hours. No matter how hard he tried, the mind scarring events wouldn't leave his head. His mind sailed to a million different places before he managed to settle on something that could give him solace.

"I'm hungry." he said.

"You don't get food down here." came a voice. Palkia looked at the small door to see Armaros coming through it.

"…What do you mean?" asked Palkia, who was both curious and confused about his statement.

"You don't know, do you? Well, I guess everyone else expected you to already know." Armaros sat down on his bed, staring at the floor. "You're never fed down here."

"No food?" Palkia muttered. "But, how do they expect you to be able to fight?"

"Well, problem is that you can't die down here because you're already dead. So you can't kill yourself or even die of starvation to escape. Believe me, if starvation or suicide could get us out of here, I would have already chosen the latter."

"…You'd really kill yourself?"

"If it meant getting out of here, then yes. In a heartbeat."

"…I'm starting to see where you're coming from…"

"…" Armaros remained silent.

"…Do you have any idea what's coming up next?"

"Yes. Lucifer keeps the order the same every time he decides to hold this. Lust is always the first day, and gets rid of almost every male down here. Although the first one, I will have to admit, is excruciatingly difficult, even for a veteran like me. It gets harder and harder to resist that beautiful demon's advances. Literally, the ONLY thing that stops my sexual desires from consuming me is thinking back to the wife I had before I died… There's nothing wrong with having sexual desires at all. It's when they consume your life that I believe is wrong. Anyway, I'm surprised you stopped mid-run towards her. Very few males have done that successfully, even the ones that had loving relationships with their wives. Heck, even some of the women couldn't resist her, and I don't exactly blame them. She IS a demon with the soul of a siren, after all. What power compelled you to stop?"

Palkia thought back to the blur appearing before his eyes, then answered Armaros's question. "I think it was a guardian angel, honestly." he smiled. "One I'm very thankful for."

Armaros set his claw on Palkia's shoulder. "Here's to hoping that he'll stick around for ya."

"She, actually." Palkia corrected him.

"Oh." said Armaros. "Well then, here's to hoping that SHE will still be here for you."

"Yeah." said Palkia. "Me too."

Armaros nodded. "I think we should get to rest. Wrath is up next."

Palkia crawled into his tiny bed before looking at Armaros. "Wrath? Should I dare ask how that one works?"

"It's the most destructive of all of the Seven Deadly Sins, in my opinion. Wrath works having your points of anger and stress amped up, to the point that you become blind with madness. The anger reaches a truly ridiculous degree during this test, and if your anger results in destruction, death, or ANY form of simply losing all control… you're out. And then you meet a fate not unlike Bowser's…"

After Armaros was done talking, he crawled up more into bed and fell asleep. Palkia simply couldn't get his mind off of this. He was still mad at Arceus for cursing him down here, and if what Armaros said was true, then he easily pictured himself becoming completely consumed by rage.

"…Dialga…" he muttered, trying to go to sleep. "Help me. Please…"

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