Outside the Gates

Summary: What if Skye snuck out of Terra Nova after her parent's deaths and ran into a scruffy young man that wrote equations on rocks? If they had met earlier would things have been different? An AU Lucas/Skye story.

"Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives have swiveled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark."
― Bryce Courtenay

Ch 1.

She was on her back with the soft grass against her neck as she looked up the clouds. He held his plex screen in one hand and the other was typing equations furiously with the other, his head resting against her stomach while she absent mindedly threaded her fingers through his hair.

It was these times with him that she truly felt content, like everything that happened before was just a dream that the rest of the world didn't exist; it was always just him and her.

Their guns lay within easy reach on either side of them, her knife still in sheath on her calf. Most of the time this area was peaceful and serene, but this was Slasher territory so they were always prepared if an attack came.

She loved feeling the softness of his hair through her fingertips and to hear his steady breathing as he worked. She never thought she'd have anything in common with the man she met in the jungle. He was older, accomplished and rough, she was young, a nobody and lonely. But somehow fate had brought them together that one sunny afternoon.

He noticed her breathing had changed and he thought she had fallen asleep. He turned his head; she had a dreamy look in her eyes and smile on her face. She looked so beautiful, her hair fell in waves past her shoulders; the sunlight gleamed off of her giving her an almost ethereal glow. He didn't know how he got so lucky to have found her. So much of his life was consumed by hatred that he never thought he'd be able to feel again. Then she came into his life and filled that dark place inside him with warm sweet light.

He never had much time for women, he used them to satisfy his needs, he wasn't a monk but other than that he found them a distraction at most and annoying at least. His work was far too important to worry about their feelings or whether or not they had a future. She was different, they could sit here like this for hours without saying a word, there was no need. Just being with each other was enough.

Lucas typed the last few equations in and closed the screen. He flipped himself over, lifted her shirt and started pressing soft butterfly kisses up along her flat stomach.

Skye picked her head up and smiled at him. "Are you done?" she asked still with a whimsical look on her face.

"It's all I'm going to finish today" Lucas replied resting his head on her stomach. "What are you thinking about?" he asked.

"The day we first met" she replied smiling softly.

She slipped under the gate and just ran, in no particular direction, just away from the colony. The only thing she took with her was the knife her father made for her. She needed to do this, everything felt like it was crashing down around her, she needed to escape.

She ran through the jungle, her heart pounded to the beat of her feet as they hit the ground, everything was a blur as the wind rushed past her face, it was exhilarating. When she came to a clearing she dropped her hands to her knees and stopped to catch her breath, sweat beaded her forehead, and her hair clung to it. She wiped it away with the back of her hand and looked up. What she saw was breathtaking; in front of her was a huge cliff with a waterfall that descended downwards to a pool on the bottom.

She made her way over the rocks and stood at the edge she watched the water as it tumbled down the rocks in a steady pattern of endless rhythm forming a mist of white at the bottom. Without even thinking she closed her eyes, leaned forward and fell. With her arms outstretched for a brief moment she felt like she flying until gravity carried her down. Her feet hit the water first, the cool water shocked her awake as she broke the surface.

She waded in the water; it was empty, nothing but the thunderous roar of the waterfall to let her know she wasn't alone. That's when she saw the markings. A flash of yellow and white caught her eye; she climbed over the rocks to investigate.

Her hands glided along the complex equations and graphs when she heard his voice. "Find anything interesting?" She spun around and reached for knife, holding it out in front of her. A smile splayed across his lips and he held his hands in the air. He looked about twenty-something, scruffy with brown hair, intense light green eyes, and a medium build.

"I'm not going to hurt you" he said with his arms still in the air.

"Who are you?" she asked gripping the knife tightly in her hand. Palm facing down, thumb wrapped underneath her other hand hovering on top in a strike position. Just like her father taught her. She'd used a knife on the practice dummy and a retractable fake knife with a real person in her training, but never a real knife on a real person.

"What are you doing out here, kid?" He asked.

"Exploring" she replied.

"Exploring" He repeated with a laugh. "It's dangerous out here for a kid, even one that appears to have training" He said to her kept his eyes on her hands.

"I don't care" she replied defiantly, she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of her seeing her look weak especially since he continued to call her kid.

"You don't" he smiled again. "You should. There are all sorts of dangerous creatures out here…and not all of them are dinosaurs. You don't want to find yourself confronted with any of them."

"Are you talking about yourself?" she asked with a lifted brow.

His smile widened. "Maybe" he answered with an amused smirk.

"Did you do these?" she asked tilting her head towards the rocks.

"And what do you think those are?" He asked, curiously.

"Equations, The ones on the left appear to be the formulas for the temporal fracture, the one on the right is a graph of the graviton particles which allows transportation through the portal."

His eyes widened, impressed. "What did you say your name was again?"

"I didn't." She replied.

"Right, well just because were in the jungle, there's no need to be uncivilized. I'm Lucas Taylor"

Now it was her turn to stare in shock. "Commander Taylor's son? You're supposed to be lost"

"You found me" he said with a grin. "So how is dear old dad?"

She looked away then back at him. "He's…Commander Taylor" she replied.

Lucas laughed. "Sounds like you him well"

"I do, because I live with him" Lucas raised his eyebrow. "My parents…died a month ago…Syncylic fever…" she told him taking her gaze from his "He took me in"

Lucas bowed his head. "I'm sorry" he said sadly in understanding. "I know how that is, I lost my mother when I was 14"

She nodded her head. "Well I have to go" she said backing away and began climbing back up the side of the cliff.

"Wait, what's your name?" he called after her.

"Skye" she replied.

He remembered thinking how her name suited her perfectly; she was bold, endless and uninhibited. Her eyes matched the color of her namesake, clear blue, infinite. And she excluded warmth that could only have come from heaven itself. He knew from that day forward that his world would never be the same again.