Outside the Gates

"Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives have swiveled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark."
― Bryce Courtenay

What if Skye snuck out of Terra Nova after her parent's deaths and ran into a scruffy young man that wrote equations on rocks? If they had met earlier would things have been different? An AU Lucas/Skye story.

Ch 5

After their close encounter with his father last time, Lucas didn't want to risk it again. When she arrived at their appointed meeting time he told her they were going somewhere else today, a field trip if you will. She just nodded her head and followed him.

"So you're really not going to tell me where were going?" She asked after they had been walking for awhile.

"Nope, that would ruin the surprise" he replied with a smirk. He had only found it a few days ago and the only person he wanted share it was with her. She sighed and took off her button up shirt and stuffed it in her bag. The heat was almost unbearable today, she hoped they were going somewhere with water.

They were deep in the jungle now, the branches dripped heavily with vines, the green foliage was so thick that the sky was barely visible above them. He had to hold back the umbrella sized leaves so she could walk through. They were almost there and he knew it would be worth it.

He stopped suddenly and listened, something was wrong it was too quiet. He glanced at her; the tenseness in her body told him she noticed it too. His eyes darted around as her head looked from side to side. First they heard it then they felt the ground quiver beneath their feet. There wasn't anything else they could do. He grabbed her hand and they ran.

The footfalls were behind them now, they didn't have to look back they knew what it was, a Nyko. Their only saving grace was it was only one. Splitting up would draw it in one direction but he couldn't risk it choosing her.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she ran, adrenaline keeping her going. The Nyko was right at their heels if they didn't do something quick it would get them. She looked at him her breathing was heavy, so was his. He shook his head slightly knowing what she wanted to do. She pleaded with her eyes. She saw him grit his teeth, the agony clear in his face as he nodded.

He wanted to scream her name as she slid her hand from grip and they split. The Nkyo speed kept it going in a forward direction as they twisted and went the opposite direction.

It was a momentary distraction, but they knew that as they continued to run. The Nyko choose him and he wanted to sigh in relief but he didn't have time for that he had to keep going. He felt wind over the top his head and looked up to see that the Nyko had launched itself in the air. He barely had time to react as it came crashing down in front of him, its teeth bared. He had faced death before and he would again to save her.

He saw the giant lizards claw in the air, then it tilted its head and looked to the side. Lucas followed its gaze and saw her standing there. "NO SKYE!" he shouted. "Run leave me"

"NO!" She shouted back and threw something at its head. The Nyko screeched, angered now turned and went after her.

Lucas scrambled to his feet and chased after them. Skye jumped over the various fallen trees and stumps like some kind of Olympic hurdler. It wasn't enough the dinosaur was roaring and slashing at her. She slipped behind a tree suddenly confusing the beast. That's when he made his approach and realized he had no idea what he planned on doing.

The Nyko whipped its head around and screeched when it saw him then charged. His head snapped to the side from the force of the hit and he hit the ground hard.

"LUCAS!" was all he heard as his mind started whirling. He couldn't focus, he couldn't concentrate.

She saw the claw swipe out and slash the side of his head; the blood spurted out as he hit the ground with a sickening thud. She screamed silently in her head or maybe it was out loud she couldn't tell. She suddenly remembered her knife, pulled it out and ran at the Nyko as it prepared to finish Lucas off.

She didn't even know what she was doing, her mind at lost all rational thought she only had one focus, one target. She leapt in the air screaming. Her knife sank deep into the neck of the raptor; it swung around in pain, slashing in every direction. She felt the stinging as its claw ripped into her side, she let go of her knife and was flung backwards landing hard on the ground, the wind knocked out of her.

She was focusng on trying to breathe again, a groan finally left her lips, then the ground shuttered. She picked her head up and saw that the Nykoraptor had fallen, dead.

She sat up slowly, biting her lip to keep from crying out. She brought her hand to her waist, it was slick with blood. Lucas her mind suddenly free from pain as she ran to him. He was dizzy and the blood pouring down his face was blurring his vision. He saw her hovering above him, enveloped in white light, his angel.

Blood was streaming down the side of his head from three long deep gashes, she removed the cloth he had on the side of his belt and pressed it to the wound. The blood soaked through it in seconds. She looked around, she needed fire and she needed it quickly. She walked over to the dead raptor, gripped her knife and pulled it out, wincing from the pain on her side.

She looked around frantically for the right kind of rock. When she found it she brought it over to some dead grass and she hurriedly struck the back of her knife against it trying to start a spark. "Come on, come on" she screamed at it, willing it to catch. She looked over at Lucas he had lost consciousness. "COME ON!" she shouted as she kept striking her knife against the rock. The smoke started forming and she brought it closer to the dried grass, she started slowly breathing on it. Finally the flames began to flicker then burn. She held her knife over the flames. When she saw it was hot enough she ran back to him.

She was glad he was unconscious because he did not want to be awake for this. She pressed the scalding metal to his head. The sizzling sound and the smell of brunt hair were making her gag but she kept at it. Holding it there for a few seconds then moving on the next gash until she was sure the bleeding had stopped.

She sat back on her knees she didn't know what else to do; he was so still and so pale. She wouldn't be able to carry him back to the colony. Even if she tried it would take her at least day and he needed medical attention now.

She turned to the side to look out and gritted her teeth she had forgotten about her wound while she was trying to save Lucas' life. She looked down her tank top was drenched in blood and she grimaced as she pulled it away from her lacerated skin to inspect it. She had three long tears in her skin; luckily the blood was clotting so hers was not nearly as bad as his.

She didn't how she was going to save him. There was just so much blood, his and hers. She was alone and he was dying. She brought her hands to her face and cried.

Then she heard voices coming towards their location. She listened closely and heard a voice she recognized. Mira the Sixers were on their way here. She looked at Lucas as tears streamed down her face. There was nothing else she could do for him but maybe they could.

They were getting closer and she couldn't let them catch her here. They would use it against Taylor and she couldn't let that happen either. No matter how much Lucas hated his father, Terra Nova needed Commander Taylor.

Skye touched the side of his face. This was her only option, he worked for them, they would want to keep him alive. They needed to keep him alive. She leaned forward and brushed a soft kiss on his lips. She had to trust that they would save him. She prayed they would save him.

She stood up, turned and ran as they approached the clearing.