Percy and Annabeth broke up at eighteen because of a misunderstanding. Now, their children, Wiley Jackson and Thina Conant meet each other at school and start to date. What ensues?

Thina POV

Starting a new school is tough. It always is. Being a grandchild of the god didn't always mean I was better in school than other demigods. I still had dyslexia and ADHD; guess a demigod's genes are stronger than a mortal's.

My name is Thina Conant, daughter of Andrew Conant and Annabeth Chase. My mother, Annabeth, was a demigod daughter of Athena. My dad is just a regular mortal, but he can see through the Mist. It wasn't absurd to me or him when my mother explained that she was a demigod from the odd things we've seen.

Anyway, I've been kicked out of two schools at only sixteen years old. I didn't exactly have a clean criminal record, either. Shoplifting, anyone? In my defense, my mom thinks my dad is a descendant of Hermes from quite a few generations back.

Plus, as of now, my parents are going through a nasty divorce. Currently, my mom has custody, but my dad is fighting hard to get me. I only get a few weekend visits to see him and his girlfriend. Personally, I don't want to go with my dad. He's had this girlfriend of his since before my mother filed for divorce.

My mother is being surprisingly tolerant of the divorce, but a lot of the time I find her spacing out at random moments, like at the dinner table or when we went to the library for my research project at my old school. Sometimes I find her staring at a picture of a young man with raven black hair and green eyes.

I've never questioned her about it, but she seems regretful of the picture. Maybe even a little infatuated, too. It is pretty weird because he seems to be only a few years older than me. Is my mom a… a… pervert? Oh my gods.

Anyway, I entered the school only to bump into what looked like a jock. He was muscular with beautiful sea green eyes. I bent over to pick up his books and handed them to him. "Sorry," I muttered to him.

He shook his head, waving his hand in the air dismissively. "Don't worry," he replied. "It's my fault; the door's windows are too blurred for you to see inside. I should have been more careful."

He said that a bit loudly, and people around him started to snicker. He scowled. A guy who was about the same size as him walked up to him and hit him on the back of his head before pushing him. "Watch where you're going, Jackson," he said, his goons behind him laughing.

'Jackson's' scowl deepened, and he started to chant under his breath. "Can't use powers to hurt mortals, can't use powers to hurt mortals…"

My eyes widened as he said the word mortal. I stepped forward, setting myself between the bully and 'Jackson.' "Hey," I said, tapping the bully's shoulder. He turned and his face met my fist.

His head snapped to the side and he groaned, holding his face. I watched the bully's moves carefully, and he finally sent his fist at me. I lifted my knee and heard a crack come from his knuckles. He gingerly held his fist with his other hand.

"I'm not that easy," he said, a smirk growing on his face.

He kicked at my shin, but I stepped backward. "Sorry, but that's it," I replied. "No more for me."

I grabbed 'Jackson's' arm and pulled him away from the bully.