A/N: Annabeth has a secret. Heehee.

Thina POV

It was terrifying.

My mom had this crazed look in her eyes. She yelled at Wiley's dad, Percy, with a few choice words until she noticed she was drawing a crowd. She grabbed Percy and pulled him outside.

"And you leave me for an Aphrodite girl!" my mother screeched at Percy once they had gotten far enough away from the restaurant.

Percy looked terrified, like he'd been through my mother's wrath before. "Annabeth, I didn't leave-"

My mother didn't allow him to continue. "Shut up! I saw you kissing that Aphrodite girl. Stop denying it!"
"She charm-spoke me!"

"So our love wasn't strong enough to break through charm-speak?"

Ouch, mom. That looked like that struck him deep. His face contorted from fear to anger.

"I never got over you! But look at you; you have a husband and a kid."

"Fuck you, Percy. I'm going through a divorce! And, look at you! I suppose you knocked up some poor unsuspecting woman just-"

My mom stopped suddenly. "So you knocked up some woman!" she substituted.

"No, his mother is Persephone!"

"So you loved the goddess more than me?"

"No, Annabeth. I loved you. But you left me because I was duped into kissing that Aphrodite girl. Plus, I saw you kissing Drake, son of Apollo. Persephone was a… consolation."

My mother avoided the subject of Drake. "So women are consolations, Kelp Face, eh? Nothing more to you?"

The nickname Kelp Face caused hurt to flash across Mr. Jackson's face. It must have held sentimental value to him at one time but it seemed an insult now to him.

"You were more to me than any woman!"

Wiley seemed to stare incredulously at his father for his wrong choice of words. Really bad choice of words, Mr. Jackson.

"So I'm not a woman?" my mother countered, looking angry and hurt.

"Y- N- You are not a regular woman! You are half goddess, for Zeus' sake!"

"So I wasn't lady-like enough for you? I didn't exactly enjoy it when you gave me flowers or chocolates? Was I too much of a challenge?"

"You were a challenge, Annabeth, but one I was willing to play and someday marry! I loved you, and by leaving you ripped my heart out!"

"I was nothing to you," my mom said icily. "I was just a play-toy; someone you could test your corny pick-up lines with and practice the smiles that made women melt at your feet. You never loved me like I did. You abandoned me like Luke did."

Mr. Jackson was really upset by now. His face was really red and his eyebrows were scrunched together. "I never abandoned you. You left me for Drake."

"He was only a… consolation," my mother mocked.

Finally, my mother got fed up. She grabbed me roughly by the arm, and pulled me away from Wiley's side. "You are never to see Wiley again, Thina. You hear me?"

I nodded numbly, casting a glance over to Wiley, mouthing 'We'll talk.' He nodded.

I faintly heard Wiley's father saying the same thing to him before my mom pushed me into the car in anger.