༺Chapter 6༻

It took a long while for Brittney and her friends to explain to me that I was a vampire hunter. It took even longer to calm me down. After a whole bunch of disbelief and screaming about lies and just plain flipping out, I finally calmed down.

"Are you okay now?" Brittney's face was filled with concern.

"Eh so-so" I laughed bitterly.

"Hmm, you look a little pale, Ivyx," I heard JD's voice say somewhere to my right.

"Wow," said Jamen's voice, "I think your right JD."

JD snorted, "I'm always right."

I cracked a small smirk, "you just keep telling yourself that."

There was a hushed silence and I prayed that I hadn't said anything wrong. Then, when I was about to apologize almost everybody burst into laughter. "This night just keeps getting better and better!" Brittney managed through a fit of giggles. Sapphire nodded her head in agreement.

Then I noticed Erike. He was the only one who hadn't laughed. Earlier I had observed that he was the quiet, calculating one of this group. But now, even though he wasn't laughing, he still had the smallest of smiles on his face.

"Ok," I said aloud, "I'm a vampire hunter. On the positive side I'll know how to identify and fend them off."

"Exactly!" Exclaimed Brittney, back to her care free self.

I sighed closing my eyes. I tried to picture my self fighting off someone with fags dripping blood. I wasn't really successful. After silently collecting myself I opened my eyes and flashed my most reassuring smile, "Ok, so what do I do now?"

"It's not tuesday so we're not training. You guys can do what ever, I don't care." That was Scarlet, who I figured out was their leader.

I felt Brittney nudge me, I turned to look at her. "Want to watch some TV?" She asked.

"Sure," I shrugged.

So we sat there, watching the news and eating popcorn. I glanced at Brittney, "So why the news, what's wrong with watching a movie?" I inquired.

"This is one of our many ways of tracking vamps."

I felt my eyes grow a little and said, "Oh."

Brittney grinned at me, "Don't worry Ivyx, your gonna be a great hunter."

I nodded my head and turned my attention back to the television. Brittney made it sound like a sport.

"...death in this tragic accident," an older woman with graying hair and hazel eyes announced. Brittney and I both were instantly focused on only the news, popcorn forgotten.

"The paramedics recently confirmed the Shannon Jiaston's death was instantaneous." The moment I heard the words "Shannon Jiaston" and "death" my heart felt as if it had stopped. My vision clouded and an overwhelming sadness overcame me. My mother was dead.

By the time I had registered the fact that my mother was no longer in this world I was stumbling down the hallways, trying to find my way out of the building. I fumbled around in my purse for my phone. I couldn't seem to find it soon enough, but in my attempt to get it out I dropped my purse. I didn't care though. I had to call my father. I had to make sure I still had him.

I called the house phone first but there was no answer. My heart pumped painfully against my rib cage, and I could hear Brittney's voice telling me that everything would be okay, it was all so far away though. Nothing mattered but my family right now.

My dad answered his cell phone on the third ring and I felt myself breath out in relief. "Hello?" I heard my father's voice repeat, "Ivyx, are you there?"

Tears came to my eyes and I finally managed to say, "Daddy, you have to turn on the news."

"Sweetheart?" his voice was filled with worry, "what's wrong?"

"Don't worry Daddy, I'll be home soon." I could feel sobs climbing their way up my throat. I hung up before he could answer, then told Brittney to drive me home. I knew I was leaving my car, but I felt that I wouldn't be able to drive. Actually, I realized faintly, I couldn't really feel anything right now but rage and sadness.