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"So this is yet another Harry Potter crossover, except this time the team goes in Harry's forth year to be bodyguards for the Triwizard Cup. They're from a school of "alternative magic" and have to pretend to actually compete so they aren't caught. I mean, can't you just imagine Robin flipping around the dragon, Aqualad doing the second task in either 3 minutes of like an hour because he was so busy talking to the merpeople? Kid Flash completing the maze in record time? I'd like this to be Robin/Kid Flash, but gen is fine too:)"

So I'm going to go with Gen.

I'm working on another YJ x HP prompt, but with this one I feel a bit more certain about where things are going. So enjoy.

Young Justice and the Pentawizard Tournament

The Five Champions

"So are they changing it or not?"

Wally rolled his eyes across from him, but he had an amused smile on as he continued piling food into his empty plate. He was already on his fourth serving, and the kids of the Hufflepuff table were trying not to stare, failing. Most of the school was failing, actually.

The Hogwarts kids had been giving them the same interest as the other two schools, but the Beauxbatons students kept shooting them dirty looks, and the Durmstrang kids thought they were the only ones who knew North Germanic languages. Conner was keeping an ear open for them, but informed that most was gossip and anything related to them was pure speculation. Sometimes the education given to him by the genomorphs was very useful.

"They're not going to change the Tournament's name just because you say so," Artemis pointed out, making a face at Wally as he continued stuffing his face.

"But it won't be THREE wizards, it'll be FOUR. So, it should be the Tetrawizard Tournament," Dick insisted, grinning widely at her. The girl just shot him a wry look that made him cackle loudly.

She still wasn't quite over the photo incident, it seemed. Given the specifications of the mission, and Robin's denial to be left out as backup, the whole team had been made aware of his secret identity. He'd feared their team dynamics might be affected by it, but the whole team had been pretty accepting of the fact he was the ward of one of the richest men in the continent. And while Artemis still seemed flustered that she hadn't recognized him sooner, given his troll tendencies, Batman was the one who got the short end of the straw. It was considerably harder for them to imagine playboy millionaire Bruce Wayne as Gotham's Dark Knight, but they had been off to the mission before anything could be said.

"Triwizard really doesn't seem to fit," Kaldur agreed, with all the patience one had to have to put up with this team. "But we've already discussed this, Richard-"

"Dick," he corrected.

"—and you can discuss it with Mr. Bagman if you get the chance."

"Hey!" Wally cried, seeming dismayed as the plates emptied. Sighing, he plopped the remaining apple pie he still held into his mouth, stretched, and turned towards the front along with everyone else. Wally had probably been the only one who enjoyed their second feast in a row as much as the first one, but not everyone could have super-high metabolisms.

Albus Dumbledore stood before the famed Goblet of fire, considering it with a soft smile on his face.

"Well, the goblet is almost ready to make its decision. I estimate that it requires one more minute." Dick eyed the wooden cup, the way its blue-white flames danced, and wondered how one could estimate that. "Now, when the champions' names are called, I would ask them please to come up to the top of the Hall, walk along the staff table, and go through into the next chamber where they will be receiving their first instructions."

And they were left in the darkness, all candles except those inside the carved pumpkins extinguishing, courtesy of a wide movement of Dumbledore's arm, while a bewitching silence came over the Great Hall.

"Talk about dramatic tension," Wally muttered from his seat, earning him an elbow to the side from Artemis's direction. Really, if they hated each other that much, they shouldn't sit next to each other.

The roar of fire against paper filled the room, the goblet's flames turning a bright red. A burnt piece of paper shot into the air, propelled by a single lick of flames and several sparks. Soundless gasps and murmurs of excitement ran through the room like a wave, but everything fell quiet once more when Headmaster Dumbledore caught a piece of what Dick made out to be parchment.

"The champion for Durmstrang," he read under the light of the once-more blue-white flames, "will be Viktor Krum."

"Told ya," Artemis's voice said amidst the booming cheer that had exploded along the tables. They all clapped politely along, and Megan twisted in her seat along with Kaldur to get a better look of the student in question. The guy walked with an almost menacing slouch, and Artemis gave a loud sigh of disappointment when he disappeared through the door behind the staff table. "That's one fine male specimen," she said, resting her elbows on the table while everyone quieted.

"I doubt Champions are elected depending on how 'fine' they are," Wally huffed. The goblet's flames were turning red again, making all chatter die, but their speedster continued in a low tone: "But if that were the case, I've got you all beat."

Dick snickered, and didn't have to look to know Artemis was the one making puking sounds.

"You wish," she added for good measure. Dumbledore had already caught the second piece of parchment, and held it closer to the light so he could read it.

"The champion of Beauxbatons, is Fleur Delacour."

A very pretty girl stood up from the Ravenclaw table, making a show of pushing her blonde hair over her shoulder before marching to the front.

"Are you sure they don't pick them for their looks?" Conner asked dubiously, though his eyes did not linger on her shape as long as the rest of their male teammates, Dick included.

"I'm sure they don't," Kaldur reassured him.

The Hall was quieting once more, and Artemis chose that moment to ask what had been on their heads since the first name came out:

"Who do you think will get picked?"

Despite the Age-Line Dumbledore had drawn around the goblet, each and every member of their team had dropped their names into the fire, though they made sure to do so late at night, with the Great Hall empty so no one could see the line being lifted exclusively for them, then being drawn once more.

"Well, who's the most daring, adventurous, handsome, and intelligent member of the team?" Wally said knowingly, chest puffed up and hands tugging at his white shirt's collar.

"Wolf!" Artemis whispered in mock understanding and a matching expression, even smacking her fist on her open palm.

Wally's outraged splutters and Megan's giggles were covered by the deafening cheers of the room when Cedric Diggory was declared the Hogwarts champion. Even Conner smirked at the dirty looks Wally was shooting Artemis, but Robin wasn't so kind in hiding his laughter. He even whipped a fake tear from the corner of his eye as silence once more covered the Hall, and knew there were eyes shooting their way again.

They were the only 'school' left, and it was obvious why the students were curious. Both Durmstrang and Beaxbatons had brought only their older students, and while they weren't many, they certainly weren't as small in number as their own group. Each had at least a dozen of students, while their team were a mere six people, half of which didn't look old enough to compete. If they had had to follow the age rule, only Megan would have been able to participate, seeing as the second-oldest was Kaldur, at sixteen, and his birthday was still a couple of weeks away.

For everyone in the room, it might seem like the only two obvious choices for champion would be either Kaldur or Conner.

"Everyone here has an equal chance of being chosen. No matter who becomes the champion, I'm sure all will continue performing their roles marvelously," he said. This was met with smiles from everyone; and of course Kaldur was right. If they were completely honest, the champion title mattered very little. Their mission merely required they have a man (or woman) on the inside.

Still, their eyes were sharp on the piece of paper that surfaced from the goblet, because they were still teenagers, and there was always a bit of a competitive streak in them.

Dumbledore caught the piece of notebook paper and unfolded it.

"The champion of Houdini's Institute for Alternative Magic," Dumbledore read, and Dick continued wondering who had come up with that, "is Richard Grayson!"

Both a loud groan and a louder whoop were heard as the smallest member of the group jumped to stand on his seat, arms held high above his head in an obvious victory pose, "Take that, Wally!"

"Dude, that's completely unfair!" Wally whined loudly into the shocked silence of the Great Hall.

"Congratulations, Dick," Kaldur said, and Megan was clapping excitedly, Artemis let loose a few wild whistles just to get on Wally's nerves, and Conner nodded his approval while also rolling his eyes.

People were murmuring around them, but the student body slowly began clapping along with Dick's team. He smirked at Wally one last time before vaulting off his seat in a back flip, and merrily skipping over to the front of the Hall.

Zatara was seated at the staff table, and was being bombarded with hissed questions from Mr. Karkaroff, but he still managed to catch his eye and sent him a small nod. The magician, currently dressed in a very elegant but completely non-magical three-piece suit, responded with a stiff nod that told him the man still wasn't quite over their little act of kidnapping his daughter. Dick snickered, gave a formal nod to Dumbledore, and continued on to the room behind the staff table.

He didn't pause when he noticed the ambient light behind him turn red for a fifth time, knowing his teammates would debrief him on whatever had happened once they were back together.

"Hey," he greeted the other three champions, completely unimpressed by their silent silhouettes against the fire. Instead of addressing their weirded-out looks, though, he examined the room around him, waving at the staring portraits and taking notice of any emergency exits. There weren't any other than the door he'd just come from and they probably wouldn't be needed, but you could never really forget Batman's training.

He was on his way to check out the roaring fireplace when he heard soft steps coming down the staircase.

His eyebrows arched, but given the info they'd gotten before coming here, he wasn't surprised when he spotted fourteen-year-old Harry James Potter standing uncertainly on the pathway.

Well, he thought, things were going to get interesting.

"Hey!" he repeated, noticing Harry seemed to be stuck staring at the older champions with dread and looking more than slightly intimidated. The look eased when his eyes landed on Dick, though, and he walked further into the room when he motioned him over.

"Do zey want us back in ze Hall?" the Fleur girl asked, and Dick almost didn't manage to hold back his snort.

Before he could correct her (because it didn't look like Harry was going to say anything), Ludo Bagman was rushing over to where Harry was and crying out "Extraordinary!" with shining eyes.

"Gentlemen, lady, may I introduce the fifth Triwizard champion?"

And NOW Dick snorted, throwing an arm companionably around Harry's shoulders, because it looked like Bagman was trying to squeeze the flesh out of his arm.

"About that, Mr. Bagman," he said, completely overriding the reactions the other three champions might have wanted to voice, "I was thinking we should rename the whole Tournament, given this year's attendance. I was very taken with 'Tetrawizard Tournament', but I suppose it doesn't really fit now. How do you feel about the 'Pentawizad Tournament'?"

Viktor's expression turned from merely darkened to scowling, Cedric's puzzled face could compete with Conner's, and Fleur seemed torn between frowning and giving him a blank look. Harry just looked at him with confusion, not bothering to get out from under his arm, and Bagman's eyebrows were almost reaching his hairline. Dick sighed.

"Yeah, I know. Doesn't sound as catchy, does it?"