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"You have to choose, Bella," they'd both said countless times before. This time, it was Jacob. "Me or him; you can't have both. Whose death would hurt you the most?"

I flinched as Edward growled. His eyes were onyx with anger as he glared at Jacob. He obviously hated the pressure Jacob was putting on me. I smiled reassuringly at him, and his gaze softened completely and instantly.

That never happened with Jacob. He was always still angry when I did that. In fact, I think it angered him even more. Well, there was one point.

I stood there, thinking.

While Jacob's death certainly didn't appeal to me, just the mere thought of Edward dying… it crushed me. Another good point, it seemed.

I looked at both of the hopeful, clueless men (clueless because they both had no idea what I was thinking), first at Jacob and then Edward. My gaze lingered on both as I tried to figure out who was more attractive to me.

I mean… seriously. How else was I supposed to figure out who was my mate or imprint? Or, rather, my mate or imprinter. Jacob the werewolf against Edward the vampire; the fact that they were mortal enemies and were both fighting over me was kinda funny.

'Cause, you see, as a vampire, Edward was supposed to hunt me. And, as a werewolf, Jacob was supposed to protect me.

To continue with the former train of thought, just looking at Edward did things to me. I licked my now dry lips and I swear I heard Edward gasp then moan. So, there was yet another point towards Edward.

But still, if I was being honest with myself… I felt most protected and safe when I was with Edward. Another, final, point for Edward.

That made my decision for me.

I gasped, tears springing into my eyes. My head snapped up and my gaze locked on Edward. Looking into his eyes, I said one word.

"You." It was more of a whisper really, and I knew that no human would have been able to hear me if they were standing where Edward was. My breath hitched, the tears flowing relentlessly down my face now.

But Edward definitely heard me.

He was over to me in a flash, the hope in his eyes bursting into something else. Something more.

He gathered me in his arms, and the tell-tale electricity flooded through Edward and me. It pulled us toward each other, like magnets.

And now that I knew what that electricity stood for, what it meant… I realized how right this felt.

"Mine," he said, mesmerized. The word made sense to me, of course, because vampires were very protective and possessive—among other things—of their mates. It felt right; just as so many other things did when it came to Edward. He traced my lips, then my whole face before leaning in and kissing me on that sweet spot behind my ear. I gasped slightly and he peppered my face with kisses, complete little nips and flicking licks along my jaw and ears.

He was marking me with his scent. And that was just so fucking sexy.

Arousal flooded through me and down to my panties and I gasped again.

Edward growled and pulled back then, simply looking at me, having smelt it. It, being my arousal.

Company forgotten, I said the only words that I knew were true. "I love you and yes, I am yours."

He smiled and I knew he would be crying if he could. It made me just a little sad to realize that it would never come… but I couldn't care right at this moment. My mate, my love had been waiting for me for a hundred years. And we were finally here. Together; we always would be.

"As I am yours, my love and, of course, I love you too," he said and I smiled, leaning up on my tippy toes and pursing my lips.

He knew what I wanted immediately and he purred in obvious delight.

He smashed his lips to mine in a passionate, heated and fucking downright possessive kiss. I moaned as he pulled me tightly against his body, leaving no space between us.

Only the small "ahem" broke us apart.

I sighed when we did, leaning into his embrace. I turned to look at Jacob.

"Jacob," I said but he cut me off.

"It's ok," he said, and I was surprised to see him smiling. It was grim, but it was a smile nonetheless. "Seeing the two of you together… I get it."

And with that, he turned and walked away.

For whatever reason, I didn't even shed a tear at the fact that that was probably the last time I would see him.

Instead, I turned back to Edward with a suggestive smile. He took it in and groaned, pulling me back to him.

"You're really going to be the death of me, aren't you?" he asked, but I knew the question was rhetorical. So, instead of answering, I let my suggestive smile grow.

Yeah, he groaned again and I felt his… length against me.

I gasped at the size and the feel of it. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Somehow, even hard as steel, it was the softest part of his body.

And my man was fucking big. And thick.

But there really was no surprise there.

My hips rocked forward of their own volition and we gasped at the new sensations and feelings that flowed through us.

Edward grabbed my hips, holding them away from his body. I looked up, hurt and confused, but he smiled his dazzling, crooked smile at me.

"Come with me," he said and, with that said, he grabbed me and half-threw me on his back. "Hold on, my love."

I locked my arms and legs around his stony form, smiling against his shoulder.

Fuck, this felt so right. I couldn't believe I'd nearly left my true soul-mate for Jacob.

The agony that gripped me then as I thought of the pain that Edward must have felt made me cry out.

Edward's arms flashed out, spinning my body around to his front. My limbs were still locked around him, but we were now face to face.

"Love?" he whispered, panicking slightly as he took my face in his hands. "Love, what's wrong?"

"I'm sorry," I said, chanting those two words over and over as I buried my face in the crook of Edward's neck.

"What?" my love said, still slightly confused, since he couldn't read my mind. "What has you so distressed?"

"I caused you pain," I said, whimpering at the thought. The image stuck in my head. "All these weeks—these months—I didn't know you were truly supposed to be mine. I nearly left you for Jacob—the pain you must have felt—god, I'm so sorry, Edward."

My voice broke here and there as I spoke between sobs, shivering and shaking with the grief and guilt I felt.

Edward growled, crushing my flushed form to his. "Don't be ridiculous," he said and I opened my mouth to say something, but he cut me off. "I admit, it did hurt—seeing you with him—but, love, you don't know how absolutely amazing it was to have to choose me. And to hear you say that you love me so completely… I can't tell you how that makes me feel."

I smiled, his words having calmed me significantly. I leaned in and trailed my lips up to his ear, kissing behind it, eliciting a moan before I spoke softly in his ear. "I love you and only you."

He purred in my ear, before relaying my actions and words exactly.

"Come, love," he said, tugging on my hand again. I looked up at him questioningly. He noticed, of course, and smiled at me. "Before I make love to you, my beautiful mate, I want to introduce to my… our family."

When he said 'our family,' he got all choked up and I smiled at him. The tears were still flowing, so it was a really watery smile.

"I'd love to meet our family, my love," I said and he threw me on his back. He ran us out of the forest and away from the Quileute boundary line.

I smiled into his shoulder, breathing his scent in.

Yeah, this is where I belong. Right here, in my Edward's arms.

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