OK! Since everyone loved CSI Phantom I decided to write a sequel! Hopefully it's as good as the first!

A Psycho's Revenge

Chapter 1

An Ectoplasmic Message

Detective Mac Taylor managed to hold back a yawn while walking to a crime scene inside of the Bronx Zoo. Not many members of his team were available yet. He knew his partner, Detective Jo Danville, was probably getting up and getting her daughter ready for school. Danny and Lindsay Messer were currently taking turns watching after their daughter in the early hours of the morning until their nanny arrived to take over (I'm assuming that they hired a nanny. How else are they able to work in the same shift?). This morning was Lindsay's turn. Messer was already at the crime scene taking pictures. Detective Don Flack approached Mac to fill him in on what they know.

"Zookeeper was opening up when all of a sudden the animals went berserk. He calls Animal Control to calm them down. By the time the animals calm down a dead body is found in the purple back gorilla habitat."

"Is he a zookeeper or one of Animal Control's?" asked Mac.

"Neither. The guy worked at the gift shop. Oscar Perry, 24 years old. Worked part time to earn enough money to pay off his college tuition after he graduates," Flack explained.

Mac nodded taking in the information given to him. "When was the last time you went to the zoo?"

Flack shrugged. "I'm going to take a guess and say Lindsay's first day on the job."

Mac smiled. The two detectives walked to the gorilla exhibit. There, they saw a medical examiner already examining the body. He was an African American man in his mid-20s.

Mac approached the man. "What do we have, Hawkes?"

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes turned around and faced Mac. "No gunshot wounds, no stab wounds. Not even a bite mark," he stated.

"So I'm guessing that King Kong has been ruled out?" Mac asked mockingly.

"There is a mysterious substance all over our dead friend's torso," said Hawkes. He lifted up the dead body's shirt. Glowing green slime covered the body's chest. "Look familiar?"

Mac tensed up. He recognized that glowing green goo anywhere. "Ectoplasm?"

"Most likely."

"Hey guys! You're going to want to see this," Flack called out. Mac and Hawkes went over to the other side of the habitat. What they saw made their blood freeze. More ectoplasm, except someone wrote a message in it. The word MESSER was written in glowing green goo.

"Danny! You need to take a look at this," Mac said nervously. Whoever wrote Messer's name in ectoplasm clearly had a score to settle with him, dead or not. Messer jogged over to where his friends were standing. When he saw the gooey green message, he instantly paled.

"Know any ghosts that hold a grudge against you?" asked Flack.

Messer shook his head no. He gulped. "M-M-Mac, I'm gonna call Lindsay…tell her what we just found."

"Tell her to stay where she is," ordered Mac. "Whoever this creep is has been nursing a grudge against you and possibly your family."

"Right." Messer turned away to call his wife.

"Think we're going to need a little help?" asked Hawkes.

Mac glared at Hawkes, knowing whom he was talking about. "I'm not going to call Danny Fenton and ask him to come all the way to New York City."

"Who else are gonna call, Mac? The Ghostbusters?" asked Flack.

"I think we should try to handle this ourselves," said Mac. "We can't always rely on a fifteen year old halfa who is barely passing through school."

"In case you forgot, Mac, the only things we're equipped with right now are a Fenton Thermos and Specter Deflectors."

"I agree with Flack," said Hawkes. "We've seen those kids fight ghosts. We have nothing to fight back with. It's best if one of us goes to the source and gear up against this guy."

Mac looked at the ectoplasm and then at Messer. He looked up at the sky, deep in thought. 'A ghost is after Danny and possibly Lindsay. He is one to make enemies easily but who am I to judge? I make enemies on a daily basis. Who could hate Danny and Lindsay so much that he could carry that same hatred to the afterlife?' It suddenly dawned on Mac who would leave a grisly message just for Messer and Lindsay to find.

"I know that look," said Flack. "That's his thinking look."

"What are you thinking, Mac?" asked Hawkes.


"Yeah, Mac?" Messer looked up from his phone.

"I think Shane Casey is back from the dead," said Mac grimly.


Danny Fenton slammed his fist on his alarm clock, turning it off. He groggily got out of bed. 'It's official. Mondays stink!' His sophomore year started a few weeks ago and he's still having a hard time getting used to his school sleeping schedule.

After having breakfast and avoiding another demonstration of another invention made by his parents, Danny managed to get out of the house and walked his way toward school. He stopped at his best friend Tucker Foley's house. Tucker stepped outside and joined Danny. They both started heading toward their other best friend, Sam Manson's house.

"'Morning Danny," yawned Tucker.

"Good morning," Danny yawned back. Maybe taking his best friends out on patrol with him in the late hours of the night wasn't such a good idea.

"You know, if late night patrol is interfering with your sleep you don't have to join me," Danny insisted.

"No way, dude!" Tucker exclaimed. "It gets me out of the house, which keeps my mom off my back."

"Well, whatever floats your boat."

Sam Manson came out of her house as quickly as possible. She joined the boys and the three of them continued walking.

"Let me guess: your parents wanted you to model a dress that you wouldn't be caught dead in," guessed Tucker.

"That and the fact that their sunny personalities always ruin my morning," Sam grumbled. The girl was a Goth who hated anything pink and/or frilly.

"Sounds like my morning," added Danny, "except my parents humiliate themselves using some invention that usually doesn't work."

Danny's cell phone started vibrating in his pocket. Caller ID said it was a New York number.


"Daniel Fenton?"

"Who is this?"

"This is Detective Mac Taylor from the New York Crime Lab. You helped me solve a murder a few months ago."

"Mac! Sorry, I didn't recognize the number. How'd you get my cell phone number?" Tucker and Sam stopped dead in their tracks and leaned in to try to listen to the conversation.

"Your friend, Tucker Foley, gave us all your cell phone numbers, in case you've forgotten," replied Mac. Tucker grinned sheepishly.

Mac continued. "Are you in school?"

"Not yet. We're on our way right now. What's going on?" asked Danny, slowly realizing that this was not a casual phone call.

"A homicide has occurred at the Bronx Zoo. Ectoplasm was found in one of the habitats. Someone wrote Danny Messer's name in the stuff. We're thinking someone is going after him or Lindsay," explained Mac.

Danny cringed. He met Messer and Lindsay during his visit to New York City after Jazz found a dead body in the bathroom at GhostCon. Messer may be the type to make enemies, but Lindsay seemed too sweet to do so.

"You think a ghost is after Messer or Lindsay?" asked Danny.

"I think so. There is only one person who died holding a grudge against the Messers. His name was Shane Casey."

"Shane Casey? Who's he?"

"Someone who is probably a powerful ghost now that he's dead and possibly after two of my CSI's!" yelled Mac. Danny had to pull the phone away from his ear. He better not push the issue further for his sake. Mac can be pretty scary when he's angry.

"Okay, okay! What do you want me to do?" asked Danny.

"We need to lure him back into the Ghost Zone."

Danny started rubbing the back of his head. "Um, that's going to be tricky. Natural Ghost Portals appear randomly all over the world. Your best bet is to lure him to Amity Park where my parents' Ghost Portal will send this Casey guy back into the Ghost Zone."

"How are we going to lure Shane Casey to your hometown?" asked Mac.

"Uh, I'm going to have to get back to you on that," Danny said hesitantly.

"Call me as soon as you have a plan," said Mac. The call ended. Danny shut his phone.

"So, judging by what little we heard, I'm guessing it wasn't a casual phone call?" guessed Tucker.

Sam glared at the techno geek. "Did it sound like a friendly phone call?"

"There was a murder at the Bronx Zoo this morning," Danny explained. "There was ectoplasm all over the body. To make things worse someone wrote Messer's name in ectoplasm, possibly as a warning. Mac thinks it's the ghost of someone who has a grudge against Messer and Lindsay."

"He wouldn't happen to be named Shane Casey, would he?" asked Sam remembering Danny repeating the name out loud when he was on the phone.

"Yeah. I wonder what Messer and Lindsay did to him to made him hold a grudge?"

"Did the victim die like some of those people in 'The Grudge'?" asked Tucker jokingly. Danny and Sam gave Tucker angry glares. "What?"

Sam rolled her eyes. "You watch way too many movies." She turned to Danny.

"So how are we gonna catch this Shane Casey guy if he's all the way in New York?"

For those who are not familiar with Shane Casey, he's a psycho who tried to kill Messer and Lindsay while they were on vacation! How mean!

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