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Chapter 1

Agent: Clarissa Fairchild Age: 18 Rank: Spy Physical appearance: Curly red hair, five feet tall, green eyes, freckles. Location: NYC New York Position: The Institute Jocelyn's office Time: 6:19:57 A.M. I walk through the black double doors that I knew all too well. Jocelyn Fairchild the head of all

agents of the New York City Institute and my mother was sitting at her desk. Everyone tells me

I look like her, same curly red hair and bright green eyes. She is beautiful but I always think of

myself as plain. There are Institutes all over the world. We are a group of agencies that protect

people from danger, we are like the FBI but better. The desk was piled with files. Then I

noticed Alec is already here.

"Ms. Fairchild, you're late." My mother said. "Care to explain? You know I don't tolerate

tardiness." She never treated me like a daughter, just an agent."Yeah, I know." She raised an eyebrow at me, telling me she wanted an explanation.

"Traffic?" I say questioningly.

Alec looked back at me and smiled. I took a seat beside him smirking at my mother. Alec is

one of my best friends, along with Simon and Izzy. We all have been partners for a couple years

now and they know me the best out of everyone. Especially since Jocelyn and Luke my

stepfather run the Institute 24/7 since I was eleven years old. I spend most of my childhood

exploring and creating chaos at the Institute with Alec. Then, when I was thirteen and Alec was

fourteen, Izzy, Alec's sister, and Simon, a good friend of mine since the first grade, were


Agent: Alec LightwoodAge:19Rank: SpyPhysical appearance: Black hair, Blue eyes. Pale. 5'11 160lbs Location: NYC New York Position: The Institute Time: 6:30:00 P. could tell she was annoyed with me but I didn't really care.

"Now that you're here Clarissa, we can now discuss how your assignment is going." Jocelyn

said. She knows I hate when she calls me Clarissa. "Who has made contact and how."

"I have." Alec said. "He is my adoptive brother, though he has not met Clary yet, I've talked

about her." He looked nervously at her. Alec was always intimidated by Jocelyn. Me? Not so much.

Jocelyn narrowed her eyes at me. I hate the way she looks at me. It is as if she looks at me with

disappointment. "Clary you will make contact tonight and remember no romantic


I rolled my eyes. Agents are not allowed to have romantic relationships with their assignments.

"What's so important about him, why have we been protecting him for three months?" I

questioned her, I always do and never get a straight answers. Today I will.

"Clarissa… he's..." she hesitated, she looked at Alec, "Can you give us a minute?"

Alec was about to walk out when I cut in.

"You can say it in front of Alec, he is as much apart of this assignment as I am." I say. She won't meet my eyes.

"Very well, Clarissa you know when you were young Valentine experimented on you. Injected something he believes was angel blood into you."

The angel blood makes me stronger then others, I have more balance. The scientists I went to say other things might surface as I got older, but so far nothing. Valentine was my father; he was an agent here until my mother found out about his experiments and kicked him out. He vowed to get revenge on us for kicking him out. We have heard rumors of him building an army and talking over the city. In my opinion, I don't know why he stops at New York City and just doesn't go with the United States but no one knows his mind state. I nodded. It was the only thing I could bring myself to do."You know there was another child." She met my eyes this time. I did, I dreamt of him only seeing the back of his golden head.

"Well, we believe that's Jace."