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Chapter 1

Maddy's got a cold and Mark is trying to make sure she gets her much-needed rest..

Mark dipped the bag of tea leaves into the hot water repeatedly. He had never really made tea before, so he hoped he was doing it right. In the bedroom he could hear his wife sneeze. Poor Maddy had contracted a cold two days ago and the symptoms still weren't letting up. Her mother had told her she needed to take a few days off from working at the lab to recover. It was difficult—Maddy was the type of person who needed to be doing something. Mark knew this, which was why he had decided to use some of his own 'sick' days to help take care of her. He wanted to make sure she was actually resting.

He poured some honey into the tea and stirred the hot beverage before carrying it into the bedroom. Maddy's head was propped up with several pillows, a box of tissues at her side. Her nose was red. Her plex lay on the pillow beside her—she had insisted on keeping it close on the off chance something went horribly wrong at the lab.

"Made you some tea," he told her softly, holding out the steaming cup. She smiled and accepted the beverage gratefully.

"Thanks, babe," her congestion was evident in her voice. She coughed a few times and then sipped the warm drink. "I feel better already," she lay back against the pillow. Mark sat down on the end of the bed. She started to reach for the plex but he stopped her.

"That doesn't mean you can start working again, you know."

"I know, I know," she coughed and reached for the plex again. "But I need to check my messages in case…"

Mark grabbed her wrist, a playful grin crossed his face as he prevented her from reaching what she wanted. "You just can't sit still, can you? You have lab assistants. Let them do their job. Right now, you need rest," he kissed her on the forehead as if she were a young child.

She heaved a sigh and took another sip of tea. "Fine," she croaked.

"I'm going to go pick up Adelaide from nursery school. Don't start checking your messages while I'm gone!" he wagged a finger at her. "I'll make some soup when I get back."

Maddy nodded, a sheepish smile touching her lips. "Fine, I'll behave myself."

"Good. I love you," he stroked her cheek as he got up to depart.

"I love you too," she replied, before sneezing into a tissue. Mark closed the door behind him. Maddy paused until she was sure he had left to get their daughter. Then she reached for the plex and began reading her messages. Mark was right, she couldn't sit still…

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