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"What's happening here?" asked Jason, suddenly standing up and looking out the window. "It's stopped snowing." He didn't know if he just hadn't noticed it before or that all the sudden the snow had stopped. It was as clear as ever as he looked out onto the night. The wind had stopped and the sky was a dark blue, stretched on for miles. It was like there had never been a snow storm, just moments ago.

He continued to stare out of the window for a second longer before turning and looking a Clarence, who was looking back at him, smiling.

"Man I need a drink," he mumbled to himself, rubbing his forehead. He then reached over to touch his black dress pants, expecting them to be wet. However, they were bone dry. He stood there puzzled by this for a second, wondering how long had he really been out for.

Clarence watched the mobster, "Well of course their dry!" he explained to him cheerfully, reaching out for his own cloths.

Jason looked up darkly at the angel, who had than began to get dress. "I'm going crazy," mumbled Jason to himself as he slowly pulled his pants off the drying rack and began to get dress. He figured the sooner he got out of here and back to his own life, the better off he would be.

The lighthouse had not been that far from where Jason had left his bike, or so he had thought. As him and Clarence walked down the snow cover road, trying to block off the coldness coming off the lake, Jason was once again lost in his own thoughts as he walked ahead to where he remember crashing his bike. However, when he reached the spot, his bike appeared not to be there. Swearing under his breath, he looked from left to right. He had been sure this had been the spot. It had been on the other side of the lake, where the tree was. The tree was still there, just not his bike.

Clarence slowly came up behind Jason. "What's the matter?" he asked towards him.

"This is where I had crashed my bike," explained Jason, not looking at the angel but continuing to scan the landscape around him for his bike.

"You have no bike," replied Clarence at Jason.

"Well...I did have a bike!" replied Jason, angrily. "I crashed it right here," he explained pointing to the tree. There was no evidence of there being a crash there anyways. There were no tire marks on the snow. It was like the crash had never happened. The snow surrounding the trunk of the tree was unmarked, except for the fresh footprints of Jason's boots.

"I must be losing it," figured Jason as he started out across the road, to the lake. This night was getting more and more stranger. He just wanted to get back home to Sam and make everything right with her. Shrugging his shoulders and wrapping his arms around his torso, he wished he had his leather jacket. It might have stopped snowing, but it was still cold out. Shooting a side glance at Clarence, he began to walk in the direction, or the direction he assumed would take him back into Port Charles.

What he failed to take notice was that he wasn't entering Port Charles but Port Chuck.

Retaking his route by foot, it took them longer to reach Jake's then Jason had thought it would. Both men were covered in white flecks of snow as they stepped into the noisy atmosphere of the bar. However since Jason had last been there, it had seemed to have changed dramatically. The bar was darkly lit, except for the harsh bright neon lit sign flashing in the window. It read The Floating Rib. Jason couldn't help but frown at this. He couldn't remember being here before. He had been positive that this was Jake's.

The bar wasn't much busier than it had been when he had last had been there. Both he and Clarence took a seat at the bar. They only had to wait a moment before being greeted by Coleman.

"Hi, there Fellows," spoke the bartender. "First time being in the Port?" He asked as he placed two clean glasses down in front of each of them.

The bartender's question had caused a frown to once again appear on the mobster's face. He didn't understand why Coleman was asking such questions. He assumed that he was directing the question at Clarence.

"yep, yep First time," replied Clarence cheerfully wiggling slightly on his stool.

"Well welcome boys, there is plenty to see and enjoy in our small town here. If you're just driving through, I suggest you stop by the Cinder club for some adult entertainment, if you know what I mean," winked Coleman, a smuggest smile appearing on his face, "Or if Lady's aren't your thing. There is always the Haunted Star, a small but great local gambling joint here in the Port."

"COLEMAN, Sweetie," came a familiar voice from behind Jason. He turned his head in response just as one of his best friends came up beside him at the bar; waving an empty glass in Coleman's face, "Fill me up!"

"Aw, speak of the devil herself," replied Coleman, giving the blonde a smile before taking her empty glass and refilling it. "This, boys is the very owner of the Haunted star, Carly. I was just telling these newcomers of our fine city where all the best places to go for some entertainment," explained the bartender as he handed over Carly her drink.

Jason looked from Coleman, to Carly and back. He didn't understand what the hell was going on. He didn't get why Coleman was treating him like a tourist of sorts. And what the hell Carly was doing here? Shouldn't she be at the party? He thought to himself as he took in the sight of his friend. She was dressed in a tight shimmering black tank top and low rise jeans. Her hair was it normal shoulder length except it appeared to be more blonde to him. She also seemed a few pounds lighter, than he remembered her being. She looked a lot like she used to look, when he had first met her.

"Really?" commented Carly as she took her drink from Coleman and turned her attention on to Jason and Clarence. "If you have time, you should most defiantly stop by the Star," explained the blonde. Her blue eyes looked from Clarence and Jason but stayed on Jason's. She then gave him a wide smile. She liked what she saw, as she took a sip from her glass; a lustful look appearing on her face.

A deep look of confusion spread across his face at this. He didn't understand why Carly was looking at him like that, like she wanted to jump him. "Aren't you suppose to be at the penthouse?" he asked her, ignoring her lingering looks.

"Penthouse?" asked Carly, a puzzled look playing on her face. She had no idea what he was talking about.

"Yes the penthouse, my penthouse," continued on explaining Jason, getting more frustrated by the second.

"You have a penthouse!?" asked Carly, her face brightening as she leaned slightly into him. She liked a man with money.

"Yes, Carly. I have lived there for years," his brows were fussed together, he didn't understand what games Carly was playing at but he didn't like it, "You have been there load of times..."

It was Carly's time to be confused at this, "I'm sorry have we met before? Because I'm sure I would remembered meeting a stud muffin like you." Her face was just inches away from his own as she touched him gently on the elbow with her finger.

Jason raised an eyebrow as he leaned back slightly on his stool, putting some space in between him and Carly. He assumed that she must be drunk as he spelt the alcohol on her breath. But how much had she drunk to forget who he was? And call him stud muffin? And since when did she own the Haunted Star? These and a thousand other questions seemed to race through his mind as he looked on at his friend strangely, trying to put everything together.

"Oh, I see what you're getting at," whispered Carly suddenly as she looked over Clarence for a brief second before meeting Jason's eye, "you want to ditch the old man. Well I have to head back to the Star but can meet up with you later on tonight, Blue Eyes. And you can show me your penthouse again," She then winked at him again as she blew him a kiss and straightened her back, looking over his head and smiling at Coleman, who was looking at her questionably.

A repulsed look came across his face at this suggestion. Sure he had slept with Carly once over a decade ago but that was long over with. He only saw Carly as a dear friend, nothing more. He would never be able to sleep with her again.

"See you later baby," spoke Carly towards him before she drained the remainder of her drink and placed her empty glass onto the bar surface," It was nice meeting you," she smiled, addressing Clarence, who smiled back at her.

"It was a pleasure meeting you too, Miss," spoke the Angel.

"Merry Christmas Coleman," she spoke addressing the bartender.

"Right back at you, baby," replied Coleman, a smug smile appearing on his face. He couldn't wait to get with her later on that night. They have been off and on for years now since meeting.

The three men then watched as the blonde walked out of the bar and into the cold snowing night.

"Shouldn't you call her a cab or something?" asked Jason, sounding concerned as he looked away from the door and up at the bartender, "She seemed to have had a lot to drink."

"Oh she will be fine," replied Coleman, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a set of keys. He had taken her keys the minute she walked through the door. He had been dealing with Carly since the first day she arrived in town. He knew her drinking ways. "Plus the Haunted Star is not too far of a walk from here," he added as he put the keys back into his pocket."So what can I get you guys to drink?"

"I'll have mulled wine, go heavy on the cinnamon please," spoke Clarence towards the bartender. This drink request earned him a puzzled look.

"Mulled wine?" he repeated like he had never heard the word before.

"Yes, you know hot spicy wine," explained Clarence, "it's the drink of the season."

Coleman continued just to stare at the old man. His eyes were dark with annoyance. He didn't like smart asses. "Look here old man; this is a bar, not some fancy golf club. We serve beer and hard liquor, nothing else," spoke the bartender, an edge in his voice.

"Well that's a shame," replied Clarence, "Because it is a lovely drink."

Ignoring this, Coleman then turned his attention to Jason. "You going to be a smart ass too?" he asked.

Jason who had been lost in his own thoughts over the whole Carly thing, did not hear what he had just been asked. Looking up from the surface of the bar, he turned his attention to the bartender, staring up at him blankly.

"You know what, I got to go check on my other customers. I will come back to you fellows when you have decided to stop pulling my ass," and with that Coleman walked away from them, moving further down the bar.

"People nowadays are rather strange," commented Clarence towards Jason on Coleman, "back in my day, we had some manners."

"Let's get out of here," mumbled Jason to the old man, standing up and moving towards the exit. He didn't understand what was going on. He had seen Coleman act strange before but never too him. He hadn't seen to remember that he had been here earlier. And since when did the bar only serve beer and hard liquor. Coleman wasn't a fancy drink kind of guy but Jason had never seen him turn down someone like that. He was usually open to making new drinks for people.

"Why didn't Carly know me?" he asked towards Clarence as they appeared back into the cold night. This night seemed to be getting stranger and stranger.

"Because you don't exist," explained Clarence towards Jason, "you were never born. So you never met her years ago at Jake' never became good friends. And without having many friends here in Port chuck, she spends most of her time drinking either here or at the haunted star.

"What about the kids?" asked Jason, assuming that she still had Michael, Morgan and Josslyne.

The angel just shook his head slowly from side to side at this. "She had no kids. You will see soon enough what has happened," answered the man at Jason.

Jason looked at the angel for a moment before shaking his head, choosing not to believe him. He must have heard him wrong. How could he have never been born? He was standing here wasn't he? He was breathing... "Come on, I need to find Sam," he mumble at the angel, motioning him to follow. Something must have happened at the party after he had left, he assumed, after seeing Carly here instead of with her kids at home. He hoped whatever it was, it was fixable. He didn't usually see Carly drinking her sorrows away unless something really bad had upset her.

Snow blew all around him but he ignored it as he continued to walk down the road in the direction of Harborview Towers. He wanted to get back to Sam. He wanted to hold her in his arms and nothing more. He just wanted to fall asleep with her and wake up to a new day. He was tired of this night.

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