A/N: Based off an Anderberry prompt I got on tumblr: "Rachel walks in on Blaine masturbating. Idek i just like awkwardness/embarrassment. Bonus points if he's moaning Kurt's name when she walks in/has no idea Blaine is interested in Kurt."

This little verse/series will be five chapters, one for Blaine at each age (13,14,15,16,17) while he discovers new ways to pleasure himself... and then Rachel walks in. That's basically it.

A Whole New World

Part One: September 18, 2008

Blaine was thirteen when things started changing. Hair started to grow in places that he didn't think hair was supposed to grow, his voice started to crack and squeak while he was singing and talking, and other things became a... problem.

It wasn't as though he wasn't familiar with getting an erection – it happened every morning and he could vividly remember his dads sitting him down and explaining that it was a normal occurrence upon waking up – but now it was happening all the time. Blaine was worried and embarrassed. But mostly embarrassed. Trying to cover himself up while he was in the locker room was no easy task, especially because he knew it was from looking at the other boys. It happened whenever Rachel convinced Kurt to come over after school, too, and found himself looking at a bright smile and happy blue eyes. The worst ones though were at night when he was asleep. He'd wake up thinking he'd pissed himself, only to find his boxers covered in sticky white stuff and his mind full of vague images of another boy pressed against him.

After the third night in a row, Blaine was starting to think that there was something wrong with him so he decided to look on the internet for answers. He was close with his dads, but it just felt weird to ask them something like that, especially if it ended up being normal. When he got home from school the following afternoon he went straight to the computer and started searching. By the time Rachel got home from her Glee Club practice at half past four, Blaine's head was swimming with everything he'd just learned. But at least he was normal, and apparently most guys "masturbated" to help with his situation.

As Rachel twirled her way into the room, Blaine exited the internet browser and dashed upstairs saying he needed to start on his homework. It was homework in a way, he tried to reassure himself as he closed the bathroom door. Once he figured this masturbation thing out he'd be able to focus much better on his studies since he wouldn't have a "hard- on (as the internet as called it)" half the night. So it was helping him in school, even if it was indirectly.

Blaine looked around the bathroom for a few minutes, debating where the best spot would be to try this out. Most of the websites he'd been on had cited the shower as the best location, but Blaine scrunched up his nose at the thought because Rachel used that shower, too. Eventually he closed the toilet lid and sat down, pulling his shirt over his head and dropping it on the counter. He'd never actually been awake when he'd "come" before so he wasn't really sure how much of a mess it was going to make. There was no way he was risking his favorite shirt in the name of experimentation.

It took him almost ten minutes to finally unzip his jeans, eased his hand into his boxers and tugged his cock out. And then he sat there and stared at it, too nervous and embarrassed to do any of the things he'd just researched. A flash of memory from his dream last night entered his mind – a sweaty, muscular chest pressing him down against his sheets –

Blaine gasped a little as he felt himself hardening and growing in his hand. It was both weird and exhilarating to feel and watch. Almost unconsciously he ran his fist up himself, grimacing slightly at the rough friction as something hot clenched in his stomach. He bite his lip as a thrill ran up his spine, slowly tightening his fist around his pulsing cock as something clear started to bead on his tip. He leaned back against the toilet tank, gripping himself as tight as he dared. Blaine knew from experience how much it hurt to get hit there. It only seemed logical that grabbing himself to roughly would end the same way. After a deep, steadying breath he stroked up and then back down.

A whimper fell out of his mouth as his balls tightened up and he stroked himself again. God, that feel amazing even if it kind of hurt because his hand was so dry. He was just thinking about turning on the faucet and wetting his hand when a fist pounded against the door.

"Blaine, stop messing with your hair and let me in!" Rachel hollered, and Blaine's fist stuttered over himself, even though his hips were jerking where he was sitting and his entire body was tense and tingling in a way he'd never felt before.

"G- g- go a-aw- way!" Blaine squawked, his voice cracking and jumping up and down octaves like it was on a trampoline. Even though he couldn't see her he just knew Rachel was rolling her eyes.

"I need my curling iron! Let me in now, Blaine Xavier!"

Blaine bit his lip as his eyes rolled up into his head and the warmest, most pleasant rushing feeling swooped through his stomach and balls, finally coursing up the length of his cock as something warm and wet oozed out over his fingers and onto his stomach –

"Blaine, what are you– "

Blaine's eyes flew open, his cheeks flooding red, as the door creaked and Rachel stepped into the bathroom. He swiped his shirt off the counter to cover himself, but he clearly hadn't moved fast enough.

"Oh. My. God!" Rachel screamed. A long and piercing note followed her words and then the door was slamming shut and her footsteps thundered down the stairs. The front door slammed a few moments later and Blaine was left alone again, feeling dizzy, mortified, and slightly winded.

Older sisters walking in was definitely not something the internet had warned him about.