A/N: Here's the last part of this (finally)! Things get kinkier, and Rachel's not the only sibling Blaine has to worry about anymore.

A Whole New World

Part Five: December 29, 2011

After Rachel's house party things took a turn for the better for Blaine. Once his sister had remembered parts of what she'd walked in on with Puck and Santana that night, Rachel had avoided going into his room like the plague. She'd sworn off alcohol for the rest of her life and would call him six times on his phone and then pound on the door with a series of rhythmic knocks that he had to add the missing beats to before she would enter his room.

Overall, Blaine didn't really care if she barged in at this point. He was seventeen now, and considering Rachel had spent the better part of the last four years walking in on him, or him and Kurt in various compromising positions it just didn't bother him anymore. Even Kurt didn't seem to mind that much because Rachel's reactions were always absurd and made for hilarious stories. Their apathy on the subject didn't stop Rachel from acting even more bizarre than usual.

The extreme weirdness had started after they had lost Nationals in May. At first Blaine had pegged it down to the twelfth place finish, and had been quite furious with both Rachel and Finn for making out in the middle of the performance. But his anger had only lasted so long and the more time that passed the weirder Rachel started to act. Over the summer Rachel spent hours on the internet, not posting videos, but researching something. Blaine had no idea what it could possibly be because every time he came into the room she was in while "researching" she'd shriek and slam her laptop shut before racing out of the house. The one morning she'd dashed past him in only her pajamas, which had been nothing more than an extremely old, baggy t-shirt one of their fathers had gotten from a Broadway show. He'd refused to let her in until well past noon when Hiram came home and found her pounding on the front door and screaming at him. But he still didn't get any answers out of her even then. By the time school started back up she had stopped spending mindless hours on the internet and had started pestering him constantly about his life before their fathers had adopted him – namely, about his older brother, Cooper.

Blaine didn't remember much about his time with his biological family. He'd been five and a half when his biological parents had died in that car accident, and he'd been taken almost immediately to the orphanage and separated from his brother. He remembered Cooper coming to visit him a few times when he could, but the mental picture of his brother was so distorted now he couldn't recall what he looked like at all. Just a big pair of clear blue eyes and the smile Blaine saw when he looked into the mirror. Cooper had been sixteen when their parents had died, and had been lucky enough to get emancipated and then use some of the money left from their parents to pay for year- round boarding at Dalton. Cooper had said he'd come find him once he was out of high school and able to support them on his own, but he'd never done it. After Blaine had met the Berrys for the first time he'd never seen Cooper again.

Eleven years later, Blaine figured the orphanage had kept Cooper from him because they'd already started the adoption process, or that Cooper had seen how happy he was and decided to let him go for the time being. Now that he was older he hoped that was the case, that Cooper had gone on to college and made a good life for himself. Some small part of him had still expected a phone call or to open the door one day and find those piercing blue eyes looking back at him.

It wasn't until Rachel started dredging it all up that Blaine told Kurt about his older brother, or his adoption. He knew Kurt had known the second part, but it was still nice to be able to say it aloud and have someone who wasn't Rachel to talk to.

Rachel spent most of the fall moping and being moodier than normal. Even Blaine's seventeenth birthday hadn't brought about the usual diva moment where she sang some endless classic to him as her gift. For the most part, Blaine enjoyed her not invading his life constantly since it gave him and Kurt plenty of time alone, but when December rolled around and she came to him in tears telling him she didn't have his Christmas present yet he got worried. The most he'd gotten out of her was that it was a big deal and had taken her a long time to save for or something, but it had been difficult to understand anything she'd said.

Kurt and his family had spent Christmas with his step-mother's family, but as soon as he came back they exchanged gifts at Blaine's house a few days before New Year's. They both laughed loudly when they realized they'd gotten each other the exact same promise ring, and as Kurt pressed him down into his bed, Blaine managed to forget whatever drama Rachel was having about his gift. Honestly, he didn't need her to get him anything, but she'd seemed really set on whatever this gift was.

"I missed you," Kurt growled against his lips, straddling him on the bed as he dug his fingers into the skin stretched over Blaine's hipbones.

Blaine hummed softly as Kurt's lips moved over his neck, pausing under the curve of his jaw to suck hard at the skin there.

"You were only gone for a week," Blaine murmured, his eyes drifting closed as a soft tongue traced over the swollen skin along his neck and Kurt started to roll his hips. "Next year's going to be even longer than that. How are you going to survive months in New York with Rachel if you can't stand a week away from me?"

"Phone sex," Kurt breathed, nipping at the large hickey he'd been working on. Blaine could feel the heat radiating off the spot, could feel his pulse pounding against Kurt's lips as the other boy gave the spot a lingering suck. "Or webcam sex." Kurt sat up, face flushed, eyes bright as he breathed heavily. "I except a show of your ass at least once a week, Anderson-Berry."

Blaine sighed in mock annoyance, sliding his hands, that had been lazily resting on Kurt's hips up his bareback and bringing his thumbs around to brush over Kurt's taut nipples. "You're such an ass man."

He pressed his thumbs more roughly against Kurt's nipples and slowly massaged the rosy skin, watching Kurt arch in his lap and whimper loudly. Blaine loved how sensitive Kurt was here, loved holding Kurt tightly against his chest as he pounded up into him and sucked one of those taut nubs between his lips. He was just about to push himself up to capture one of his nipples between his teeth when Kurt's hands wrapped around his own and forced him to stop.

"I want to try something new," Kurt whispered nervously. When Blaine nodded eagerly, ready for their pants and underwear to join their shirts on the floor, Kurt hopped off of him instead and grabbed his bag from Blaine's chair. Blaine watched him rummage around for a few moments, breathing heavily as the anticipation started to seep into his skin. He'd purposely not masturbated the entire week just so he'd be desperate and aching for this once Kurt came back.

Kurt lowered himself back onto Blaine's lap, his ass rubbing against Blaine's half-hardness. A small groan fell from Blaine's parted lips as he eyed Kurt's right hand, which was full of what looked like cloth. "I'm going to tie you to the bed and have my way with you."

Blaine's entire body jolted at his boyfriend's words and the lustful look being directed at him. They'd talked about tying each other to the bed – bondage, he guessed was what it was technically called – but they'd yet to attempt it even though he'd pretty much trembled and become achingly hard by the end of the conversation. Kurt had only smiled shyly and agreed that he definitely wanted to try it at some point, but that had been months ago and Blaine hadn't brought the subject up since then because he was scared it had freaked Kurt out. Apparently he'd been wrong.

"O- okay," Blaine agreed quietly, his voice shaky, and his body already tingling from the thrill of the idea. Being tied down and only being allowed whatever Kurt gave him, being touched and pleasured and pulled right to the edge over and over until he was crying and begging for release–

"Your safe word is apple, okay?" Kurt told him. There was a slight nervous edge to his voice, but Blaine propped himself up on his elbows and pulled Kurt in for a reassuring kiss.

"I trust you," he murmured. "Yours is... broccoli," Blaine invented. Kurt raised an eyebrow at him, looking rather unimpressed with the choice, but his head bobbed a little as he gently pushed Blaine back down.

"I'm not... not going to do anything extreme today," Kurt informed him, and Blaine had figured that much. They'd certainly talked about tying each other up and teasing the other, but nothing beyond that. Not the more hardcore activities that involved whips or chains or different power dynamics between the two of them. Perhaps they'd save those for the summer before they were separated for months on end, and then experiment a ton when they got to see each other.

Blaine watched Kurt tug a tie loose from the tangled material in his fist, knotting one end loosely and then slipping it around Blaine's right wrist. An excited whimper escaped him as Kurt tightened the silky material around his wrist and then used his grip on the tie to yank Blaine's hand away from his side and up towards the bedpost. He didn't realize how ragged his breathing had become until the tie was knotted to the bedpost and Kurt was leaning down once more, settling their bare chests together as he trailed a few feather light kisses over Blaine's neck.

"Always so eager," Kurt murmured, sucking softly on his earlobe. His left hand came up and tangled into the loose curls on the side of Blaine's head, making Blaine's hips buck sharply as Kurt laughed. "Just breathe and be patience, honey."

Kurt quickly tied his left hand to the bedpost as well, laughing softly at the noise that came out of Blaine's mouth as his hips arched up against Kurt, raising the other boy a few inches off the bed.

"You're not going to listen to me at all, are you?" Kurt questioned in exasperation, settling the last piece of cloth, a thick, dark silk tie, across Blaine's chest.

Blaine gave his bonds a experimental tug, feeling the sweat already breaking out across his back and chest from his excitement. They held him in place, not allowing his wrists more than a few inches of movement no matter how hard he pulled. When he looked back up at Kurt his stomach fluttered longingly at the seductive smile on his face. Everything about Kurt was breathtaking to him in that moment. The smile that promised all sorts of thrills this afternoon, the excited sparkle in his eyes, the light sheen of sweat coating his own pale torso as he picked up the last tie.

The silky material was dragged teasingly over his stomach and then up his chest. It was much cooler than his skin, much cooler compared to the heat radiating from Kurt's body where he was settled in Blaine's lap, effectively holding Blaine's hips in place for the time being. Another whimper escaped him as the tie brushed over one of his nipples. He was going to regret that short moment of rubbing Kurt's nipples, because while he wasn't quite as sensitive as his boyfriend he still whined and begged Kurt to suck on his own whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Blaine swallowed loudly, trying to control his breathing as the tie was slowly dragged up his neck to his cheek, and as the material brushed his nose he realized what it was for. He had one final glimpse of Kurt's tongue darting out to wet his parted lips for the tie was pressed against his eyes and everything became dark. There was still some light filtering in from where his nose pushed it away from his eyes, but then the bed creaked as Kurt leaned over to his night- stand and a few tissues were folded and pushed into the gap, taking away the last few rays of light.

It was a strange feeling for him. Suddenly every little noise seemed magnified, every spot where they were touching felt hotter. He could hear Kurt's own ragged breathing near his face, and then his whole body jerked as the tip of a soft, wet tongue traced over his cheek bone.

"Fuck," Blaine swore loudly, his hips rolling up against the hot press of Kurt's body against his cock.

Kurt's fingers played lightly over his shoulders for a moment as a rush of minty air washed over his cheek and the wet patch from Kurt's tongue. The soft pads of Kurt's finger tips started moving as Kurt's lips pressed against his cheek. The slim, warm fingers trailed slowly down his collarbones, over the smooth skin covering his pectorals and then settling on his sides, lightly rubbing as a warm, sudden pressure was applied to his nipples.

Blaine cried out as Kurt's thumbs pressed in more and then started to rub, his mouth sucking harder as it moved to Blaine's jaw line.

"Kurt," he whimpered, his hips bucking hard as his boyfriend shifted in his lap some, pressing their erections together through the thick fabric of their jeans.

"Didn't think I'd let you get away with that, did you, sweetheart?" Kurt murmured, his voice sounding loud to Blaine's ears as the pressure disappeared from his chest. In fact, the entire weight of Kurt's body disappeared and Blaine groaned miserably at the absence of his familiarity and warmth. Then the mattress was raised up several inches on the left side and Blaine's cock pulsed painfully against the zipper of his jeans. Futilely he tugged at his restraints, desperate to undo his pants and shove them off, but the ties held and he slumped back into the pillows with a pitiful whimper.

Kurt giggled from his left side as the mattress dropped back down onto its frame, and every inch of Blaine's skin seemed to tingle as the edge of the bed dipped. He was well aware of what was hidden between his mattress and box spring: two bottles of lube, a dildo, two vibrators and a box of condoms. Unfortunately without his sight he could only guess which ones Kurt had picked. Blaine took the momentary pause to mean that Kurt was placing the new items somewhere on the bed and then the bed dipped closer to him. He had about two seconds warning from Kurt's warm breath before a moist, firm pair of lips closed over his left nipple.

His shout of surprised turned into a loud moan as his arms tugged at his restraints and his body arched. Somewhere in the back of his mind Blaine knew he was babbling like a lunatic, sputtering Kurt's name, and swear words and a bunch of incoherent noises. Kurt's hand forced his hips back down and even over his own moans he heard the button on his jeans being popped open. A needy whimper echoed around the room as the zipper on his jeans was slowly pulled down, and Kurt's teeth grazed the hard bud of his nipple. It was already pulsing and aching from the last few minutes of rough sucking and Blaine felt dizzy as Kurt's tongue started to work over it, circling the hard nub and flicking teasingly against it.

Blaine's cock throbbed painfully, twitching slightly in his boxer-briefs and pushing up against the waistband away from the tighter cover of his jeans. The warmth of Kurt's fingers was still rubbing over his navel now, just circling teasingly, never trailing lower or bending enough for his nails to rake over Blaine's sweaty skin.

"Kurt," he whined, shifting his hips as much as possible to try and free his cock and push it into Kurt's hand. "P- please."

"Mmm," Kurt hummed around his nipple, eliciting another cry from Blaine. With a faint, wet smack Kurt pulled his mouth away. Even through the blindfold Blaine could see the bright, teasing grin. Could imagine the flush of his cheeks and neck, the way his lips – rosy, swollen and glistening – were slightly parted as he breathed deeply, and quirked into that confident little smirk that meant he knew what he was doing to Blaine, and he was going to continue to do it until he was hoarse and pleading.

Kurt shifted away from his side, and he felt the bed dip closer to his hip. A hand eased under his ass and he arched up quickly, digging his heels into the bed and wriggling his hips to make the removal of his jeans and underwear as fast as possible. But Kurt made a disapproving noise and pushed him back down. Through the fabric of his boxer-briefs he felt Kurt's fingers brush against him as he latched onto his jeans and slowly tugged them down his hips and legs. Frustrated, Blaine growled in annoyance and shifted some more, trying to get some sort of contact with Kurt's skin, but his jeans were being pulled over his ankles now. He heard them hit the floor and then felt part of the fabric of his underwear become pinched as it was tugged at.

"No, no, no," he pleaded. "Touch me, Kurt, please– "

"Nuh uh," Kurt told him as the fabric snagged on his cock, forcing it down a few inches before it finally slipped over it. Blaine had been about to continue to beg for contact, but his cock bobbed back up, falling heavily against his navel. He bit his lip to swallow the moan clawing up his throat as the waistband pressed against his balls next, but then it was tugged over those, too. Kurt wasted no more time removing them from his legs, but he still wasn't touching Blaine at all now and it was driving him crazy.

Blaine could feel where the bed had dipped down where Kurt's knees were pressing into it, felt him shift and then get up and heard the rustling of more fabric as he laid there and whined and tugged at his restraints.

"Kurt, come on," Blaine almost sobbed. "I want you. I need anything. Give me anything."

The edge of the mattress dipped back down and a hot gush of air was blown over his cock. He moaned, his cock stiffening a little more so that it lifted away from his stomach, leaving a wet patch of pre- come behind.

"Do you want me to touch you again, Blaine?" Kurt asked softly, and then something clicked. The click and the accompanying sound of a vibrator buzzing reverberated deafeningly loud inside his skull. Just the sound of the toy made his skin feel electrified, made his balls tingle and tighten as his cock throbbed.

"Yes, yes, I- please- touch- do- Kurt," Blaine babbled, jerking his hips in the direction of the noise, finally finding some skin to skin contact as his thigh brushed against Kurt's bare thigh. He groaned in longing as he realized that Kurt had gotten off the bed to remove his own clothes. And now he was sitting there, flicking the vibrator on and off and watching him fall to pieces, probably with a self-satisfied grin on his face.

The humming grew louder and then he felt it. Not the toy against his skin, but the way it pulsed and hummed through the air over his stomach, a hair's length away from touching him, but enough of a vibration to make a spark of pleasure course through him.

"Yes," he yelped. "Please, fuck me, baby. Fuck with- with that or your cock or - "

He'd meant to elaborate more, suggest that Kurt even fuck him with both, but at that moment a warm, slick finger – a finger he hadn't been aware of being lubed up – slid between his ass cheeks and started to massage the puckered skin.

A hoarse cry escaped from him as his hips jerked, and he rushed to spread his legs wider so that Kurt could settle between his thighs and stretch him open. The bed shifted under his as Kurt moved over his left leg and settled down on the mattress, the vibrator still buzzing faintly as more warm air brushed over Blaine's cock.

"You're always so eager for my cock," Kurt murmured, and he was so close to Blaine's balls that Blaine could feel the words against his skin, felt it contract tighter as he shivered and whimpered. "So needy and desperate and inviting," Kurt added, and Blaine jerked on the bed as the vibrator finally came into contact with the inside of one of his thighs.

"Oh, god," he panted, his whole thigh humming and tingling from the soothing vibrations electrifying his skin. "More, Kurt, more!"

"Mmm, you're so beautiful when you're falling apart like this," Kurt said softly. Then his teeth tugged lightly on Blaine's ball sack as his finger finally sunk into Blaine's heat, stretching the tight ring of muscles and making Blaine's toes curl as his hips bucked.

Some of his own impatience and desperate seemed to sink into Kurt's movements from the tight clench of his ass around his finger.

"Fuck, Blaine, you're so– "Kurt groaned as he slid his finger out and this pushed it back in up to the first knuckle. Blaine whined in the back of his throat, his muscles squeezing tightly around Kurt's warm, slick finger. He tugged once more at his bonds, knowing it was futile, but desperate for more, to hurry things up and have something thick and hard inside him...

The vibrator pulsed stronger as Kurt dragged it up his thigh and then over the jut of his hipbone, dipping in towards his navel and his hard cock. As Kurt pushed a second finger inside of him the vibrator was dragged over the length of his cock, making him keen loudly. His legs flailed a bit before looping around Kurt's chest and pulling him closer.

"Hurry up, baby, please," Blaine groaned, trying to just his restraints to help himself arch up and start fucking back onto Kurt's fingers. The vibrations across his cock disappeared and he was about to say something sassy and annoyed when Kurt's fingers slipped out and the vibrator was shut off. A wave of arousal shot through him at the familiar pop of the lube bottle's cap. His breathing was shallow and harsh even to his own ears as he listened for any sound, or felt any sign of movement. Kurt was being very still though, and it was only when he heard a wet squelch that he knew Kurt was preparing either himself or the vibrator. Part of him hoped it was both.

The bed creaked as Kurt moved. Blaine thought he might be sitting up or shifting closer, but he couldn't be certain. A moment later something warm, slick, and long was dragged between the halves of his ass.

"Yes," he sighed, feeling the vibrator start to hum gently as the blunt tip was lined up with his hole. "Fuck me with both," he demanded, rolling his hips as the tip of the toy slid inside. He heard Kurt's breath catch at his words. "Just think of how good it'll feel to have it pulsing against your cock as you fuck me."

The hand holding the vibrator was trembling slightly as the rest of it was thrust into him. Blaine groaned as he was stretched more, loving the feeling of his muscles tightening and then relaxing around the vibrator was Kurt fiddled with the end of it and turned it up some more. It was his new one then. They'd both found his first one to be rather troublesome because of the cord.

Slowly the vibrator was rotated inside of him, being twisted and rolled in Kurt's hand as the setting was increased once more. With the blindfold on, it seemed louder, felt louder inside him as Kurt tilted it just right and started the slow, dragging thrusts that Blaine loved to use it for. It he hadn't been tied down he would have been thrashing wildly on the bed as Kurt brushed the toy over his prostate and pleasure engulf him. His delighted moans echoed around the room as Kurt's mouth covered one of his balls again. He felt it pop into Kurt's mouth, being sucked at and rolled gently as a finger probed his stretched hole, finally sliding in to join the vibrator. Only the finger didn't thrust in time with the toy, it remained inside him as deeply as it would go, massaging over where his prostate was as a second was pushed in with it.

As the two fingers started to scissor apart and force him to stretch more, Blaine cried out, nearly bellowed, because of the sensation. He was panting and felt delirious from the slight burn the stretching was causing, but it felt to good to stop. Blaine had never been stretched this wide, how never tried to take more than Kurt's cock, but with the addition of the second finger forcing his hole wider he knew he was beyond even that size now.

The movements of Kurt's hand stopped at the noise he'd just let out, and Kurt released his ball.

"Are you– is it too– "

"Did I say apple?" Blaine growled, giving his right arm a forceful yank. The bedpost creaked a little, but he gained no more movement. "Keep going, god. Stretch me more. I want your cock inside me, too."

A desperate moan greeted his words, and Kurt's hands started moving again. The vibrator slowly working into him as the two fingers continued to scissor apart and stretch his ass more. Once Kurt slid a third finger inside and thrust the three in for a few minutes, scissoring them apart and stretching him a little more, he turned the toy off, but kept it in place.

"God, Blaine, I wish you could see yourself," Kurt breathed, kissing the inside of his thigh softly. "Just when I think you can't take anymore... "

"Fuck me," Blaine growled. "I want to feel you come inside me."

He knew without seeing that Kurt's eyes were wide and surprised. They'd barebacked quite a bit in the past few months, but Kurt had said it had never made much of a difference for him when he topped. Blaine figured it was because Kurt was circumcised, whereas he wasn't. When he topped without a condom it made a whole world of difference, because there wasn't something tight constrict his cock and holding his foreskin in place while they were having sex. With Kurt it didn't change because his foreskin didn't stretch enough to slip over the head of his cock. Usually, he wore one because of that, but there were still the rare occasions, like now, when Blaine begged him not to, begged him to feel the warmth filling him up as Kurt's cried out and jerked his hips hard.

"God, you're making it so difficult not to start dirty talking," Kurt whined, his fingers slipping out of Blaine. Blaine heard the pop of the lube bottle once more, and let his mind fill in what he couldn't see. Let himself imagine Kurt coating his own throbbing erection, stroking it slowly and warming the lube as he stared down at him panting and spread wide for him.

"Maybe I want you to call me a dirty cockslut, baby," Blaine said breathlessly, because he'd learned from experience that Kurt had a difficult time with talking that way to him. "I'm all spread out and begging you to fuck my ass, aren't I? I'd even let you fuck my face right now and then suck you until you were hard again and ready to fuck my– Fuck!"

His voice come out with a roar as Kurt lined himself cock up against his entrance, one hand holding the end of the vibrator, as he rocked his hips forward and pushed inside.

"Oh, god, Kurt," he whimpered, his muscles tensing all over his body as he felt Kurt lift his ass off the bed and hold him up, pushing in another inch as he wrapped his legs tightly around Kurt's waist. He felt his ass cheeks settle against the top of Kurt's thighs as a hand wrapped around his cock and stroked him slowly. The extra sensation was like a zap of electricity through his body, and suddenly everything felt like too much. His body was on overload from the pleasure being given to him as Kurt finally thrust in all the way and still.

His hole clenched and unclenched rhythmically, and try as he might he couldn't stop it. His balls were tingling as Kurt stroked his cock, jolts of pleasure popping up under his skin along his arms, legs, back, stomach.

"God, you're close. I can feel it," Kurt panted, slowly easing his hips back , one hand still at the base of Blaine's spine to support his lower body as the other tightened around his cock. "I'm not going to last either," Kurt moaned.

The hand fisting Blaine's cock disappeared as Kurt slowly pushed in once more. Every part of Blaine pulsed with pleasure at the feeling, and then something warm touched the tie covering his eyes. It was pushed up his forehead as the vibrator was turned back on. With a shout, Kurt's hips jerked roughly, thrusting shallowly as the vibrations pressed tightly against his cock. Blaine could feel it, too. Could feel the vibrations running through every spot inside him, could feel Kurt's cock trembling in time with the pulse.

"Want to watch you come," Kurt gasped, breathing shallowly.

Blaine pulled his arms taut and arched his ass up against Kurt, holding himself there even though he was shaking from the effort.

"Make us come," he requested breathlessly. "God, pound into me."

And Kurt listened instantly as Blaine tightened the grip of his legs around Kurt's waist. He started a slow jolting rhythm, that made Blaine's muscles tremble from the effort of holding himself up like that, and just as Blaine was about to encourage him to move faster, Kurt groaned loudly and his hips slammed forward hard.

This time Blaine screamed. He couldn't have stopped himself if he'd wanted to. His vision was blurring and his ass was aching from being stretched so wide, but the rest of his body felt like it was on fire with some sort of crescendoing pleasure that was moving like a wave through him. Somewhere in the back of his mind he could hear himself encouraging Kurt to fuck him harder, to make him scream himself hoarse, but then his voice caught in his throat as Kurt shouted above him, his ball sack smacking against his ass once more as they both came.

His arms gave out as Kurt fell forward into his chest and they both continued to jerk, pant and moan. Blaine's vision was still swimming a few moments later when Kurt moved up his chest and pulled him in for a lazy kiss. Then they both winced as the vibrator buzzed loudly against their over-sensitive flesh.

"So good," Blaine murmured sleepily as Kurt slowly eased the toy from him.

"That was incredible," Kurt corrected, dropping the toy on the bed and moving in for another kiss. Blaine became some lost in the pleasure warmth spreading through him, the feeling of Kurt's tongue tangling together with his own as Kurt's come started to seep out of his ass, that he didn't hear the door fly open until it slammed against the wall.

"Blaine, oh, my god, I found him! Your– "

Rachel's voice stopped, and him and Kurt broke apart to stare up at her in annoyance, but wasn't his sister that ended up catching Blaine's eye. It was the tall, dark man in the doorway, who grinned as he stepped into the room. With a jolt Blaine recognized that smile. The smile that stared him in the face whenever he looked into a mirror. His entire face suddenly felt hot as those bright blue eyes settled on their bodies tangled together on the bed.

"I always knew you were gay, Blaine," Cooper laughed, reaching down and swatting Kurt lightly on the ass. Kurt blanched, face flaming red, but the shift has made his cock, still slightly hard, thrust into Blaine. They both whimpered as Cooper picked the vibrator up the end delicately, glancing at Rachel's horrified, stunned face as he turned back to the boys. "Never pegged you for a kinky guy, but I guess it runs in the family, huh?"