Notes: Just a short little drabble I wrote after I stumbled over the prompt on drrrkink. Enjoy~
Title: My Dearest
Fandom: Durarara!
Pairing: Tsuki/Roppi
Prompt: Tsukishima, being an alter of Shizuo, also possesses his immense strength. However, being the adorable sweetie he is, he never/has hardly ever used it
Words: 254 words
Disclaimer: It's not mine. It all belongs to others who I am in no way associated with and I make nothing from writing this, got it?

My Dearest

It was... disturbing. Really, really disturbing. He was not supposed to be smiling at him like that. Not that he wasn't fond of Tsuki's smile – because he really, truly was – but it was just so freakishly out of place that it sort of scared him.

That smile did not belong on someone who was covered in bandages and plaster. Not when they'd broken both of their arms picking up a dumpster and throwing it at a gang of thugs. Not when he had pins in his hips and fractures in his spine or a broken leg.

No. It did not belong. It was wrong.

Roppi was, internally, a disaster, but he remained perfectly stoic on the outside. He would save his hurt and anger inside of himself.

And Tsuki... Tsuki just kept smiling at him and telling him how happy he was that he could protect him for once and it tore at him. It tore at him so much because of how much it hurt to see him like that; all covered in bandages and hooked up to machines and lying there looking so broken but so happy at the same time.

Everything about it was wrong.

Roppi was angry at himself. This should not have happened. Tsuki should not have gotten hurt protecting him. No no. It was wrong. Tsuki should not be smiling at him like that – so happy – and trying to reassure him. No, he should... he should...

"I'm just happy that you're safe."

The dam broke. He couldn't hold it back anymore.

He cried.