The Adventures of Superbat

It started with one man; a man that had failed. All he wanted was to finish his project, his life's goal. His destiny. At first he had been foiled by the Justice League when they took down Project Cadmus. Yes project Cadmus had produced clones. Even very successful clones. But he Doctor John Persons had not been a part of the actually cloning part. He needed to make a clone. Only then would his destiny be fulfilled.

So he got a job at Wanyecorp. He had managed to hold on to some Superman DNA before Cadmus had been shut down. Now with the technology Wanyecorp had provided, a bit unknowingly, he would create and even better Superman clone then the one Cadmus had. For one his clone wouldn't be tainted with human DNA. Superboy is not a perfect clone.

Doctor John Persons was in his lab working on the final touches to his clone experiment when the unfortunate happened to him once again. He received a visit from the head of the company. Bruce Wanye. The man was useless in Doctor John Persons' eyes. Clearly Mister Wanye was a figure head. He had been warned by the other scientist that these visits happen quite regularly but he had hoped it wouldn't happen to him. The man was a walking disaster.

"Hello Doctor People," Mister Wanye greeted him.

"It's Doctor Persons."

"I've heard it both ways," Wanye walked over to beakers that where bubbling and had tubes running to a glass tank, "What are these for?"

"My experiment." Doctor John Persons deadpanned.

"Well of course but what is your experiment?"

"It's part of genetic coding."

"I see," at that moment Bruce lifted his hand towards one beaker.

"Don't touch! You will taint it with your dirty hands!"

"That's uncalled for. I do wash I'll have you know."

"Just because you are a corporate head you have no right to touch things."

"I'm not touching it," Bruce held his hand over it smirking at the doctor, "See, not touching."

"Just step away from the equipment….please."

"You scientist are always so grumpy about your work," Bruce paused, "I didn't know we had approved of a genetic coding experiment."

"Of course I've had this project approved." Doctor John Persons had not really had the project approved because it was unlikely Wanyecorp would want another Superman but Bruce Wanye wasn't likely to know every scientist's projects was he?

"Huh, huh," Bruce started to take a closer look at the tubes, "I'm pretty sure we deal mostly in weapons. And I'm also sure genetic weapons were taken off the projects list."

John Persons stared. Who knew Wanye actually read reports? He couldn't kill the man but maybe knock him out long enough for the clone to materialize. All it needed was the beakers to reach the right—

"Achoo," Wanye sneezed. Over the open beaker that had the clone DNA. The man sneezed on his sample. He had hocked a big snot loogie into his precious DNA! HE CONTAMINATED IT!

Doctor John Persons ran up to Bruce Wanye throwing the man aside from his experiment. Bruce not expecting to be manhandled fell hitting his head on the corner of a table. As Bruce's vision fainted in and out he saw the glass box begin to glow.

"You have ruined everything! My perfect clone now ruined with your tainted DNA! You foolish man!"

It was at this point security came rushing in. No one gets away with hitting mister Wanye in his own building.


Bruce woke up not on the floor which is really what he expected. No he was in a bed in an infirmary. The watch tower infirmary and he could have sworn he heard crying. And Superman was there.

"We have a problem."

"You kidnapped me from work? Yeah we have a problem," Bruce growled. His head hurt damn it.

"I didn't kidnap you. Your work called me. Said there was a problem in the lab and a scientist had gone rogue."

"The one that threw me into a table?"


"They called you over me getting attacked? That's stupid. I'll have to talk to them over proper use of distress calls."

"That's not why they called now shut up for a minute. The scientist was making a clone Bruce. A baby clone that could lift a chair and throw it at said scientist. And since clone babies are apparently our thing in their minds they called the league. You are here because the scientist wouldn't stop yelling that your DNA had ruined his life. I told your people we needed you for testing."

"Are you telling me I have a clone?"

"Manhunter is running the test now."

"I'm too young to be a father Clark."

"You hit your head pretty hard didn't you?"

"What would I call this one? He can't be Robin, I have three of those. I don't want a Batboy. He might sing."


"It's a musical! And I can't have a singing Batboy. The Joker would love it but me? I couldn't handle it. That and I have a bad track record. The Fact I have three Robins is proof enough. I'm not a good father Clark. I keep breaking Robins."

Superman sat down at the end of the bed, "Bruce you are a great father. Your Robins just keep reaching the age of teenager rebellion and you have yet to figure out how to handle that. I couldn't do that no one in the league could. I think you're the only one who has kids…wait Green Arrow has a son. But he can only see him on weekends or something like that. So see you're a good Dad, you spend a lot of time with them."

Bruce stared at Superman. And stared and stared, "You suck at comforting more than I do. I did not think that was possible."

"It's only because it's you. If it where someone else having a break down I would do better."

"Are you saying I'm not allowed to have break downs?"

"I would never say that."

At that moment Martian Manhunter came into the room holding a black haired screaming baby. Bruce held out his arms for the baby. A look of horrified wonder on his face.

"Congratulations are in order I believe. You have a healthy baby boy," Manhunter handed over the child. He stopped screaming and giggled at Bruce.

"See you're a good Dad, he likes you."

"Shut up Clark."

"Bruce your genetic makeup is not the only one the boy has," Manhunter said.

"Really? Who's the other half?"


Note: I'm normally against Male Pregnancies. They aren't going to happen people. But cloning one the other hand could. That and a Baby with Superman and Batman DNA was just too adorable not to write about.