Alrighy so Alex and Brittany have a son named Paco, and girl named Ashley and another son named Nico. Paco is twenty, Ashley is eighteen, and Nico is fifteen. Paco got married, had a girl named Anna, divorced, then got another girl pregnant and had another girl named Rebecca. Ashley is a singer. Nico is gay. He has a boyfriend who is seventeen that wants to go into the Army. His boyfriend's name is Mike Montgomery. that's where PLL comes in. Might not be good. Weird thought in my head.

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Nico's POV…

"Michelangelo! Please come with me! I haven't seen you without a shirt on in, like, a whole three days! This will be perfect. You'll have no shirt AND you'll be all hot and sweaty!" Mike is the cutest guy on Earth and I wanted him to go to the gym and work out with me.

"No Nico. If Seargent sees me "being romantic" with a guy then he won't let me join Army anymore." He was so worried about pretending he wasn't gay in front of the Army officials. I hated that. He finally told his parents why he's been acting up-he's gay and wanted to get his parent's attention. I finally got to be introduced as "the boyfriend of Michelangelo Montgomery." And then he finds out that you can't be "out" and still be in the Army. You can be gay, you just can't tell anyone.

"Your Seargent probably won't even be there! Please, baby, please?" He hated it when I begged. I said this while I licked his ear and rubbed his biceps. "Besides, you're not even in the Army yet!"

"Yeah, but he won't want me to train with him! And if-OH!" I sucked his earlobe. "Okay I'll go." Yes! I knew I'd get what I wanted eventually.

We walked into the kitchen and I saw my parents embracing in the kitchen. Ewww!

"Mom! dejar de besarse!(Stop kissing! Google translate… might not be right.)" They immediately stopped. Mom blushed and left the kitchen. On the way out, mi papa smacked her on the butt. She giggled. *GAGG* "Really, Dad, really?"

"Whatcha need, Nico?" mi papá asked.

"Me and Michelangelo are going to Radiant Grac."

" 'Kay. Uhh have fun. And don't stay out too late." I call mi padre daddy. I have no shame.

"Okay Daddy. Tell Paco that if he comes over, he needs to stay here until I get back. I wanna see my nieces."

"Love you!" Mom called from the den. I also call mi madre mommy.

"Love you, too. Bye Mommy!"

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