Human kind didn't have a name for me. They always speculated, but never got it right. I've been called a demon, vampire, I've even been considered a god. No matter what they called me, it all meant the same thing: Evil. When your kind was huddled around the camp fire, I was the thing in the dark.

When I opened my eyes for the first time, I heard a voice. The voice was soft and gentle, and yet commanded respect. I called her mother. Because although I was born into an adult body I was very much a child. Mother taught me to speak, she told me what I was and what I could do. She told me how I was different from the humans, how they were food. My mother stayed with me, for a long time. It was a normalcy to have her soothing voice in my head, her comments on the people I observed, her praise and her scolding. She eventually left me though, with simple instructions. Create. And so I did.

I started small in ancient Greece. Historical figures such as Hercules and Archimedes, who were brilliant in war and were considered to be blessed by the gods, were simply experiments of mine. Almost identical to humans, their powers genetic but slowly becoming less potent with each generation; they weren't the most brilliant idea.

I had never been human. I didn't share the same human attributes that everyone else in the world had. It took me a very long time to act like a human in order to meld into society. I made friends with families, lived with them and then watched them die; either of old age or illness. I was protective of the humans I lived with. They showed me kindness when they had no reason to. I learned to value loyalty and love above everything else. It meant more to me then gold or silver. As a woman I did what was expected of me. I cooked and cleaned and farmed. I made wares to sell in the market. I seemed like a normal human, although I was constantly thinking about new ideas for creatures. Many people from the villages I lived in disappeared. They were unfortunate mistakes. Certain creatures that weren't going to go very far in life, that lived in constant pain. Each and every person I changed into a creature I considered a child of mine. And it saddened me to kill them. But I would rather they be with my mother, then suffer in this life.