Place: Somewhere in Italy.

A man lay limp in the arms of two vampires in dark cloaks. The man was in chains which jangled and echoed down the hallway as they dragged him past the cells. His feet were bloody and broken from being dragged over the stone floor. The vampires stopped and one produced a key, he stuck it in the lock and opened the cell door. They roughly threw the man into the cold dank cell, slamming the metal door closed with a deafening bang. The man slowly started to regain consciousness, enough to watch as the vampires smirked and walked away. He started to cough and covered his mouth, when he pulled his hand away he saw blood. He closed his eyes and leaned against the cool stone wall. "Isabella." He whispered.

Place: Forks, Washington.

A knock resounded throughout the house, I threw on my robe and walked to the front door. I opened it and the caterers were waiting patiently, I let them in and started talking to the human who seemed to be in charge.

"The kitchen is through there, it's all yours. I want everything ready, and you gone by eight. And back tomorrow to clean up. I have to get ready so please don't disturb me." I commanded, the girl nodded and rushed into the kitchen. I tightened the sash around my waist before going up stairs to get ready. I pulled my dress out of my closet and unzipped the plastic bag it was kept in. I had made it myself, like many of my formal clothes, and it was a bit old fashioned for the time. However, I knew William would appreciate the effort; I had befriended him in Britain before it was actually called Britain. He was a brilliant Celtic warrior, and a fantastic friend. I pulled on the dress and tied it myself at the back, the sleaves where just past my elbows and the hem swished around my knees. I smiled at myself in the mirror and pulled my ringlets into a twist, letting a few fall free. I smoothed out my dress and moved down stairs, I went into the kitchen and the working were in full swing. I ducked it and grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass and went back up to my room. I poured myself and glass and waiting until the workers were done. When I heard the last one leave, it was 7:45. I thought they were cutting it a little bit close.

I went down stairs, taking the still almost full bottle with me and put it back in the fridge. I went into my entertainment room and went behind the fully stocked bar. I pulled out my finest Claret and put it in an ice bucket. Over the years my friend's favourite beverages have changed, or simply ceased to exist commercially. However, I knew he had a taste for Claret when he was human, and Rum as he got used to his immortality. I place the ice bucket on the stand next to the table. The food had already been set out and it all looked delicious. The door knocked and I rushed to answer it.

"Welcome!" I greeted, pulling William into a big hug. He wore a dark suit, which contrasted brilliantly with his red hair.

"Isabella you look lovely this evening!" He exclaimed, holding me at arm's length to look at me. I could see behind him were several others.

"Did you bring quests?" I asked,

"Oh no," He shook his head, coming in (I smiled at his lack of manners, even in three hundred years he's still as brass as always) "I thought since you were providing the feast, I'd provide entertainment, food's this way I presume?" He said, pointing towards the entertainment room, I chuckled and nodded and followed him through. "Simply fantastic" He hummed, taking in all the food. The Fae trailed in behind us, one was carrying a small harp others were holding flutes and fiddles. They started to play a soft Celtic melody as we sat down at the table. William dug in straight away, enjoying the feast; I on the other hand ate only small portions.

After his fifth plate full of food he leaned back in the chair and took a sip of his Claret. "Lovely," he hummed,

"Now you're done stuffing your face, shall we talk?" I jested,

"Of course," He nodded,

"So, I hear you have made enemies with the trolls?" I raised an eyebrow,

He groaned, "They started it, I swear."

I laughed loudly, "I'm sure they did," I nodded, taking a sip of wine "However, that's not what I hear from Darius." Darius was the first of the trolls, the king.

"Darius is a fool and a thief!" William growled, thumping his open palm against the table, making the plates and glasses shake.

"Calm yourself," I murmured, he sighed angrily and took a sip of wine. "How about you explain your predicament, hmm?"

"He ordered for my daughter to be killed, and then to steal the crown jewels." He muttered angrily, trying with all his will to keep his anger under control, however despite his efforts his anger was causing a large storm to start outside.

My eyes widened as such an accusation, "It saddens me to see my children fighting so," I muttered, "But I understand your anger, I trust that Celeste is okay?" I asked,

"Yes, yes of course she is. I wouldn't let a daughter of mine go about without the necessary skills to defend herself!" William scoffed,

"But come now, when did this happen, one hundred, two hundred years ago? I think we put this nastiness behind us, after all, you did attempt you convert his land." I said,

"No excuse for an assassination attempt on my first daughter!" He thundered,

"Calm yourself!" I ordered, my voice rising slightly. I sighed, I realised my efforts were useless, some of my children were just destined to be enemies of one another. However I had made it law that killing the head of the species is forbidden, mainly because losing my first borns would cause me unmentionable grief. "Shall we dance?" I asked, standing up.

William smiled, glad that I had stopped the nasty topic of conversation "Gladly," As if on cue the Fae started to play a lively tune, I laughed merrily and took William's hand as we moved about the room. We danced for many songs and when we were done we retired in front of the fire place with a scotch in hand. When midnight rolled around William was very much intoxicated, mumbling about something or another.

"Get him home safely," I said to the young Fae girls who had been playing the music, they nodded and curtsied to me before helping William into a car.

The following day, as the humans were cleaning, I pondered what William was saying about the spiritual nexus. I decided I should scope out the area to see what other children of mine were lurking. I took to the streets of the small town, smiling at the humans, and making small talk with the ever annoying Mrs Stanley. That's when I saw them, the site of them instantly made me smile: Vampires.

One was a male, blonde, who was arm in arm with a short almost pixie like female. They're closeness told me they were mates, they were gazing into a jewellery shop window and the female tapped the males arm excitedly and pulled him inside. I saw him roll his eyes, and that's when I noticed the colour. Never before had I seen one of my children with such a colour to their eyes. They were golden, honey like. I watched curiously, moving closer. I pretended to look at the jewellery shop's display but I was really watching the two vampires. The female gushed over a necklace as the blonde watched her with adoring eyes, he obviously didn't care for the jewellery but as long as his mate was happy he didn't seem to mind being dragged around the street. They purchased the necklace and I watched from the corner of my eye as they walked down the street.

I decided against confronting them directly, I didn't want to frighten them off. Instead I followed them, and as they went around the corner they met up with another two vampires; each had the strange colour eyes. One was a stunning blonde female, another was a brawny male. The pixie-like one started to talk, "Jasper just bought me this adorable necklace!" She gushed, a huge smile on her face.

"Carlisle called from the hospital; he's going to be late and said to meet him at the hunting ground." The blonde girl said,

"I know, I saw." The pixie said, her statement increased my curiosity. I wondered if I should follow them to their 'hunting grounds', but again decided against it. Vampire's senses become considerably heightened when they're on the hunt. I was also wondering why they're coven member 'Carlisle' was at the hospital. I decided to check it out. I made it to the hospital and walked up to the desk,

"Hello, is there a Carlisle here?" I asked,

"Yes, Dr. Cullen is seeing a patient, would you like me to page him to see if he can fit you in?" The woman behind the desk asked kindly,

"No, no thank you." I answered and left. He was a doctor, how could one of my vampiric children keep their thirst under control to be a doctor? I decided to ask around, many of the humans I spoke to simply said they moved here last year, and that Dr Cullen was the best doctor they have ever had. He and his wife had adopted five teenage children who go to the local high school. This continued to baffle me; I couldn't believe that I had become so clueless as to what some of my children were doing. Such a large coven was barely heard of, and their strange coloured eyes were a continuing source of mystery. I went to the small reservation west of the town, to see if they had anything to add. I found some teenagers on the beach,

"Hi," I greeted, holding out my hand for a hand shake,

"Hey," The boy smiled, shaking my hand, his skin was like fire. I grinned: a skin walker. It was obvious that William was right about supernatural beings being attracted to the area. "I'm Jake,"

"Isabella, it's nice to meet you, Jake." I said,

"I haven't seen you before," He stated,

"Oh, yes I'm rather new in town." I answered, and he laughed, "Did I say something humorous?"

"Well no, it's just for a teenager you use some strange words." He shrugged, I pursed my lips, I'd have to change that. He noticed my expression and said, "Hey, don't worry about it. So are you going to Forks High?" He asked as we walked down the beach towards his friends.

I hadn't thought about that, it would give me a brilliant opportunity to investigate the strange vampires. "Yes," I eventually answered, "I haven't enrolled yet though," I continued, I wondered briefly what high school would be like. We reached his friends,

"This is Embry and Quinn, guys this is Bella." He said, introducing us. My eyebrows furrowed at the nickname,

"Bella?" I asked, peering up at him.

"Yeah, Isabella's too long." He shrugged, I studied him for a moment before shaking my head.

"So, I was wondering." I said, "Do you know the Cullen's?" my question made them all stiffen and the youngest looking one, Quinn, even started shaking. I knew this to be a sign that a skin walker is about to shift into their animal form. I took a step back just as a precaution and Jake put his hand on Quinn's shoulder.

"Yeah, we know them." Jake answered, his teeth were clenched, obviously trying to retain his own anger at my question, "Why?" He asked, his eyes were guarded and I was so very tempted to enter his mind to see what he was thinking, however I always tried to respect my children's privacy. It was obvious that the Cullen clan and this clan of skin walkers had a violent history between them.

"They just seem to be a little . . . different." I said, I wondered why their clan leader hadn't told them about me. Even if they were tenth generation they knew of their mother, me. Didn't they feel the pull? They were treating me as if I were a human, maybe they thought I was human.

"That's putting it lightly," Embry scoffed, a smile tugging at his lips.

I laughed lightly and returned the smile, I check my watch and said "I have to be going; however I'm sure we'll see each other around."

"I'm counting on it," Jake said with a flirty smile and I smiled to myself as I turned around and walked back through the forest to Forks.

It was obvious that the Skin Walker clan had something against the vampire coven in the next town, just another mystery that I was determined to solve.