Hello everyone!

I know it's been a very long time. Years, in fact.

However, it was never my intention to step away from fanfiction entirely, and so after a long break, I am finally back!


After much consideration, I have decided to pursue fanfiction under a different pen name. Abrus is now the pen name you can find my work under. I hope everyone decides to embark on this new journey with me, as a better and happier writer.

Rest assured that this account will remain open (for the time being)! I don't want to take away the stories that have brought so many people joy. I just need to distance myself from them and create a separate platform for my brand new (mature and improved!) work. Along with FF, I've decided to also slowly build accounts on other fanfiction publishing sites as well, in order to expand my audience. So be looking for an Abrus to pop up elsewhere as well!

On that note… I'm sure at least some of you are wondering about Have Mercy: Part Two.

Well get ready everyone… because that IS happening.

It will be between five and ten chapters; I have decided to consolidate the plot and give all of you something amazing, of quality, rather than of quantity.

After Have Mercy: Part Two is complete, nothing further will be posted to this account. It will all be found under Abrus.

I want to thank each and every one of you for sticking with me this far. It's been a crazy ride…

And as a consolation prize…

There is a BRAND NEW story posted on Abrus already. And brace yourselves because it's in the Harry Potter section. It's called What Every Teenager Should Know About Drugs. And if I see a boost in favorites/reviews/follows for the story and my new account, I'll publish the third chapter within 48 hours! (Don't worry. I update the story at least weekly anyway.)

THANKS AGAIN! Love and light to everyone,

Sunny. (Abrus? Yeah. Abrus. Go find me there.)