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I Kissed a Boy

All of Ichigo's friends were hanging out on the roof top eating lunch like they always do. Keigo being the main attraction as usual with his weird stories and antics, but today he decided to make a twist of things with making Uryū the new top subject.

"Soooo Ishida, have you ever kissed a guy?"

Uryū spitted out his drink that he unfortunately decided to take a sip from because he just drenched Ichigo all over with some orange flavored juice. He stared wide-eyed at the redhead that had his mouth hanging open due to the stains in his white school shirt.

"Ishida! What the hell! You could have at least aim somewhere else! Now how the hell I'm I supposed to do with this!" said Ichigo as he held his sticky shirt away from his body with his fingertips to stop it from sticking anymore to his chest.

Everyone else looked at Ichigo wide-eyed with neither of them knowing what to say to stop Ichigo from pounding the poor bespectacled boy when he'll get his hands on him. For the mean time, Orihime was kind enough to hand him a napkin and so was Chad and watched on as Ichigo tried to clean some of the juice off. With not much success as the orange stain still stood out in his shirt.

Uryū scowled over to Ichigo as he was cleaning his shirt off. "Don't blame me, Kurosaki! Blame your fri-"

When he pointed over to where he knew Keigo was sitting at, he wasn't there anymore. Uryū looked around to see where the idiot of a friend escaped to. Orihime hesitantly pointed to the roofs door.

"Uh, Ishida-kun, he left."

Uryū looked over to the door and gave it a death glare, he stood up from the floor to go after the annoying boy but he was suddenly grabbed by the back of his shirt and was pulled away by Ichigo. Both exited the roof top with everybody else looking at them and hoping Ichigo didn't hurt Uryū that much.

"Ahh! Kurosaki, let go! And where are we going?" asked a bewildered Uryū as he still was being pulled and to his annoyance, walking backwards since the redhead still had a tight grasp to the back of his school shirt.

"You're going to fix this! What else!" responded Ichigo as he kept walking to find the boy's bathroom.

Uryū continued to be pulled until he saw where they were headed to. "What! Why the bathroom? Do you somehow expect me to lick it clean or something?" he soon began to struggle, not wanting to enter the secluded bathroom to let himself be abused by the dumb redhead of a Shinigami.

"Oh no, you're going to get your ass in here and fix this mess you did, idiot!" said Ichigo as he pulled the squirming Quincy into the bathroom.

Once inside Uryū tried to escape but Ichigo quickly grabbed him by his upper arms and kept him locked in his hold as the Quincy thrashed around trying to free himself from his hold. Ichigo smirked the more Uryū tried to free himself. "What's the matter, Ishida? All I want you to do is fix the mess you did," saying it in an evil tone that froze Uryū for a second to try to reason with the redhead.

"Oh yeah, and how do you expect me to fix a stain that is bigger than my head, Kurosaki?"

Ichigo's smirk widened, "by trading shirts with me."

Uryū realized that there was no point in talking himself out of this and began to thrash again in an in tempt to break from the redheads hold. "Let me go, Kurosaki!"

Ichigo began unbuttoning his struggling captive's shirt, "sure, just trade shirts with me and I'll let you go."

"The hell I'll will!" Uryū saw that Ichigo was halfway done unbuttoning his shirt and began to turn a nice shade of red that could rival Renji's hair. "Y-you insane Shinigami, release me this instant!"

"Ah-ha!" Ichigo completed on unbuttoning Uryū's shirt and turned around so he could walk backwards to secure the door with his body. Once he did that, he released the Quincy that looked mortified at what was happening in the boy's bathroom.

Uryū looked over to scream at Ichigo but stopped short when he noticed the redhead unbuttoning his own shirt. "Wha-what the hell are you doing, idiot!" closing his eyes and looking away from the insane man that was trying to remove his own shirt now.

"What's it look like, I said we were going to trade shirts, Ishida. So, whether you like it or not, I'm not going to be the one leaving school today with an orange smelling shirt." Ichigo then removed his shirt from his shoulders and noticed that his chest was sticky from the substance that he was drenched with. His tanned body also smelled like oranges but in a few moments he would have a new fresh scent to take in.

"N-no way! You've finally lost it, Kurosaki!" replied Uryū as he kept his eyes covered up with his hands. His shirt was wide open for anyone to see his bare chest. Ichigo took this time to ogle at the nice six-pack Uryū had developed but shook his head and became concentrated on the task at hand.

He walked over to the Quincy and began pulling his shirt off his shoulders, more like tying since Uryū refused to let go of his shirt without a fight which Ichigo expected. "Let go!"

"Over my dead body!"

Ichigo then got an idea on how to distract the rebelling Quincy long enough to pull the shirt away from his shoulders. He walked closer to Uryū and as expected, Uryū walked backwards trying to have some distance from his attacker. But when Uryū felt his back hit the wall, he realized that he had no escape. At this, Ichigo smirked and closed the distance that remained making the Quincy turn a deeper shade of red if that was possible. Having a naked chest up close to his naked chest made his teenage hormones go insane.

"K-Kurosaki, wha-mmpphh!"

Uryū could no longer speak any more words as his mouth was occupied at the moment with another mouth. Mainly, Ichigo's as he ferociously kissed at his mouth and brought his hands to his cheeks to keep him from escaping. Uryū, of course brought up his arms and pushed at Ichigo's shoulders to have him removed, but as soon as he felt a tongue swipe at his lips, he idiotically closed his eyes and hesitantly opened his mouth to give entrance to the persuasive tongue.

Ichigo opened one eye to see that Uryū finally gave in and when he let out a soft moan, he knew he had the Quincy were he wanted him. Distracted now, Ichigo began slightly moving backwards to remove Uryū's body from the wall and soon began to remove the opened shirt which Uryū happily obliged as he let his arms easily slip the clothing right off.

The moment Ichigo had the shirt in his grasp he decided to continue the kiss until he had Uryū out of breath. He brought one hand up to tighten on the back of Uryū's head as he grasped a handful of hair. Uryū in kind did the same as he brought one hand up and let the other one rest on Ichigo's cheek. But when they had to depart to take in a breath of air, Ichigo took his stained shirt and shoved it to Uryū's face.

Waving the clean shirt which of course belonged to Uryū, he said, "thanks for the quick fix, Ishida!" and exited the bathroom with a wide grin.

Uryū was left dumbfounded as he just realized what happened to him. "That bastard tricked me! He took my clean shirt and left me with this ruined shirt!" exclaimed Uryū as he held the shirt tightly in his grasp and then he calmed back down when he came to another conclusion. I just kissed a boy. I just kissed a boy. I just kissed a boy…

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