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The Man Behind The Mask

The blaring sound of a phone ringing echoed throughout the dark living room. It rang for quite a while until the darkness of the room paved way to a man wearing sunglasses and dark clothing from his shirt to his pants. The only other thing distinguishing about the man was his abnormal, and out of place hair color. Orange spikes stood out as the only color he had on him but he gave no mind to it. It was the only thing he wanted to have as color to him, even though many thought he constantly dyed it.

When the man draped in black walked into the living room and sat down in an armchair, he was in no hurry to answer it and merely propped his elbow on the armrest to support his face as his knuckle did so. He closed his eyes and when the ringing stopped, he gave the phone a side glance and just like he predicted, the phone started blaring again in the quiet room. Crossing his leg over the other, the man reached for the handle of the phone, merely resting his hand there until he released a sigh and finally picked it up, placing it against his ear.

"We have a new target for you."

The man didn't respond and just waited for the other man in the line to just finish what he wanted to say.

"The director of Karakura General Hospital's son. Ishida Uryū."

The line then went dead.

Still having the phone up to his ear, the constant sound of the dead line kept beeping through his end. Moments later, he placed the phone were it belonged and leaned back on his chair. He looked to the side to the shades that were closed to the outer world and kept his eyes glued there, like if it was an enemy that he constantly had to look at so he could see every move made.

The living room wasn't filled with many pictures like any normal household; instead, this one carried only one picture hanging above the phone that he just answered a while ago. It was there to remind him why he did the things he does. The reminder and motivation of the smiling faces of his innocent, little sisters and deceased mother and father, the only thing that mattered to him the most. That one reminder gave him strength to carry out his plans and keep him moving forward, and never look back and regret all the things he has done in the past.

That's why the boy named "Ishida Uryū" meant nothing to him. The only thing that name meant was one thing and one thing only. Salvation.

Standing up from the chair, the redheaded man began his walk from the living room, up the stairs until he reached his own room. He walked inside and began to shed himself of his normal clothing, dropping his shirt on the black covered bed and then pulling off his pants so that he could also set them on the bed. Walking over to his closet, he pulled out a black long sleeved shirt, and some dark pants that gave him enough room to maneuver around freely. Placing on his attire, he reached into his closet and pulled out a black scarf. Covering his neck with the scarf, he lifted the front of it to cover his face semi up to his nose. He then carefully took off the sunglasses and placed them inside the closet so that he could place on his usual white skulled mask with red streaks going down it, almost like tears of blood, the mask was also broken from the bottom of his jaw from his last encounter with the merchandise. Not giving it much thought, he placed it on his face; he walked over to a mirror in his room and saw what he had become. He looked exactly how he felt inside, a monster.

Thunder crackled in the dark, mucky sky. It overlooked Karakura General Hospital and to those inside the hospital it meant it was about to rain. Many of the visitors have already left but there was still one eighteen year old boy with spectacles on and raven dark hair walking around an abandoned hallway with his book bag at his side. The mere reason the boy was there was because his father asked for the boy to bring him some documents he left at home and so the boy brought him his documents. He could have cared less to what his so called father called him for, but having a reason to leave the house was too hard to refuse.

Having lost his mother in a tragic accident in the age of eight was horrid. It made the relationship between his father and him a strain relationship, one where they hardly ever communicated and hardly ever said more than one word to the other. Then, at the age of twelve he lost his grandfather. The moment his father told him that he had more important things to do than to go to the funeral of his father shattered their relationship completely. The man that called himself his father became nothing more than an acquaintance instead of a family member. And he wanted nothing more but to forget all the tragic things that had happened in his life. The bespectacled boy should have been careful what he wished for.

Opening his book bag to see that he had everything he needed, he came to a halt in the middle of the hall and fumbled around inside his book bag to see that he had his journal missing. Cursing himself, the raven-haired boy turned around and began to retrace his steps back to the last spot he had his journal out. The room number 2066.

He had stayed in the room for the mere satisfaction of studying his notes he took from school that day since he didn't want to head home, and also because that room was the only one that was vacant, quiet and peaceful, there also was that window that made him look out into the town when he wanted to let his mind wander around when he was bored. It was such the perfect location that he never gave mind to anything ever coming to change his mind from ever going to it.

Reaching the room, the bespectacled boy saw his journal on top of a desk, just where he last left it. Walking over to retrieve it, he stopped in front of the desk and began to flip through his journal in a nonchalant manner.

The door that led to the hallway was open and a shadow of a figure past by the door. From the corner of his eye, the raven-haired boy quickly averted his gaze over to the open door. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary and merely placing it off as a figment of his imagination, the boy slowly turned his attention back down to the journal opened in his hands.

This time a slow creaking sound caught his attention and the boy looked over to the open door. He closed his journal and placed it inside his book bag. Carefully walking over to the door, the boy stuck his head out and looked to the left. Nothing was there and then he looked to the right. A door a couple of feet away from him was slowly closing, that must have been what was making that creaking sound.

Narrowing his eyes at the door that was slowly closing, the raven-haired boy carefully walked down the hall and when he saw that the door was about to close, he grabbed the side of the door and cautiously opened it up. Looking inside the room, he saw that everything was in place like every other room that was vacant. Calming down, he walked into the room and saw that the curtains were closed. Going over to the curtains, he pulled them back to see that it was really dark outside now. Little droplets began to land on the window due to a storm brewing and that's when he decided that he needed to leave if he wanted to make it home without being caught in the eye of the hurricane.

Moving his gaze form the edge of the window from where it was, he moved it back to the front of the window and that's when his body became frozen.

Through the reflection of the glass the boy could see a man behind him. He could tell that the man was wearing some sort of mask that covered his face and had a scarf covering the remaining half of his face that consisted of his jaw and nose. The man looked frightening cloaked in all dark and the raven-haired boy found himself frozen on the spot. Moving became an impossible task, the fear too great. That's when he remembered that he had a small knife stashed inside his pants pocket whenever he left the house just for precautions and some self-relive of walking around during the night-time.

He slowly moved his hand towards his pocket, never taking his sight from the reflection of the man behind him. Then something hit him, the man behind him looked like he was somewhat challenging him to try to take something out to defend himself with to just have the satisfaction of defeating him and then rubbing it in his face. Scowling at the thought, the raven-haired boy slowly moved his gaze towards his hand, but the moment he did that, loud thunder cracked outside the window which startled him. This gave the other man enough time to get behind the raven-haired boy and before he knew it, the boy was fading, the pain of something hitting him on the side of his head throbbing. And then everything was dark.

The redhead man looked down at the boy who dropped to the floor as he stood above him. He clenched to his switchblade in his hand as it dripped with blood from the edge of the hilt he smacked the boy with. He knew he had to be gentle to not have the boy lose too much blood or else this could all have gone to waste. He needed to preserve the boy until his use was finished. Pocketing his switchblade, he kneeled down to pick up the boy bridal style, the man headed out of the room and into an elevator. Knowing that he had a couple of more minutes before the cameras came back; he had to make a quick escape.

When the elevator stopped, he looked into the lobby and saw that it was vacant except for a woman in the front desk. Making his way out of the elevator, he noticed that the woman was turned around so he carefully sat the boy in his arms down and crouched down. In his crouching down position, he began walking around the desk, and still the woman was busy paying attention to something else. Stalking his way towards her, the moment he was behind her, he stood up and knocked the woman out cold by placing her in a rear naked choke, cutting off her blood supply. Though she somewhat struggled, she still fell unconscious and he carefully laid her down on the floor.

Once that was finished, he walked back over to the boy on the floor and quickly picked him up. He walked out of the hospital without any problems and saw a black car pull up in front of him. A man with red hair and tattoos came out and opened the back door for the man dressed in black to place the boy in. The man wearing the mask closed the door and made his way over to the passenger door as the other man with tattoos got inside and began the car. As soon as the car left the hospital the rain started to pick up.

"So, I'm guessing it went without a hitch, right?"

The man wearing the mask gave the other man with sunglasses on a side glance, though he couldn't see it. "… Just keep driving, Renji." He said through his covered up mouth, which made it come out a bit distorted, muffled.

"Heh. Still moody as ever."

The whole ride became quiet as they made their way to a secure location to drop off the boy.

The moment they stopped outside a night club for adults, Renji looked over to the boy who was still unconscious, head still spilling blood which landed on his pristine white shirt. "So, you want to bandage the kid up before we do anything else with him?"

Pulling down his scarf from his mouth, the man wearing the mask licked his dry lips. "Of course, I don't want him to lose a lot of blood and have to deal with the hassle of having to find a place to bury the damn body. Get him inside to one of the private rooms and I'll make sure to send up a medic to check up on him."

"Whatever you say, Ich—"

The man in the mask quickly took out his switchblade and held it up to Renji's throat. The redhead stopped atomically what he was about to say and knew he made a mistake in saying the other's name while he was dressed as… well, as a second persona that he developed over time.

"Don't ever say that word, understand?"

Renji wordlessly nodded and got out of the car. The man in the mask hid his switchblade once again and looked from the rear-view mirror everything the man in the tattoos was doing. He didn't pay close attention to the boy nor did he give a damn about him. All that mattered was that he could be a use to him, which was the only reason he would even consider sending him a medic to the private room. When Renji took the boy and tossed him over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes, he quickly walked over to a door and knocked. He waited for a bit and then the door opened up, letting him inside.

Pulling his scarf back over his mouth, the man left in the car looked though the car's glove compartment and found a black cell phone inside. He looked up his contacts that he had when he needed them and clicked on the one he was looking for. The last thing he wanted was the person on the other line to hear what his original voice sounded like; all he needed was someone to fix his merchandise back up, no questions asked.


"I need you to treat someone for me, now."

"O-oh! Of course, right away—"

He hanged up the phone and stashed it back in the glove compartment. Wondering how Renji was taking care of his recent catch, he exited the car and walked over to the door, knocking on it until it opened up. The moment it does open up, loud sounds are booming throughout the club, which is to be expected. But if there was one thing he hated second to someone saying his name in the darkest of night that would be clubs. He hated clubs with a passion, so annoying and too many people for his liking. Not to mention some of these drunks tend to get into fights over the stupidest things. Really irritating, especially if he's in a bad mood. Also, the little skanks tend to try to get frisky with him which just makes him surprise himself at how much will power he has for not smacking them. He also doesn't care if people see him with his attire on, no one ever said anything and don't even bother to care. Another reason why he still comes to the night club.

Walking off to one of the private rooms in the back, he stopped and knocked at a door which usually always is the door in where Renji takes the merchandise in. Seeing Renji open the door, he walked in and saw the boy lying on a bed. Nodding, he gestured for Renji to leave with a wave of his hand. Taking the hint, the redhead exited the room.

This was the first time he actually got to see the boy since abducting him from the hospital. He could see how scrawny, lanky looking his body was. He wondered if the boy was eating right, he then noticed that he had on some sort of bracelet with a cross on it. Striding over to have a closer look at it, picking up his right arm and looking through the holes of his mask to have a better comprehension of it. Hmph, what worthless accessory. Removing the bracelet from his wrist, he placed it inside his pants pocket. When he heard a knock on the door, he figured it was the medic he called. Making his way over to the door, the redhead opened it up and saw the same young man every time he called to come and heal his merchandise.

"Uh, I came to heal the injured."

Opening the door wider for the boy to walk in he said, "Go right ahead, and just make it quick."

The dark-haired boy nodded and quickly walked over to the injured raven-haired boy. The redhead took a seat on a chair next to the door and crossed his legs as he watched Hanataro take some tape to wrap around the head of the bleeding boy. Hm, come to think of it, the boy looks like a high school kid. Maybe seventeen or eighteen. Getting lost in his thoughts, the redhead didn't notice that Hanataro was already finished bandaging up the raven-haired boy.

"Uh, well I'm finished. He just needs to rest and he'll be fine."

Nodding, the redhead reached over and opened up the door in a gesture for the other young looking man to exit. Bowing, Hanataro exited and once again, the man in the mask was left alone with the bespectacled young man. Overlooking at the sleeping boy, he wondered just how much the boy was worth. Shaking his head, he decided not to dwell on it and left the room to head back to his own place. He has had enough excitement for one day and he knew Renji would contact him if anything was up. All he wanted right now was to go back home.

Waking up to the sound of a blaring phone was the most aggravating thing in the morning, but he knew no one but Renji called him, and only if it was important. Rubbing his eyes, the redhead walked to his living room, shades still shut to the outside world and merely flopped to the chair beside the phone. Releasing a sigh, he picked up the phone and held it up to his ear.

"What happened?"

"The boy is awake, and he's not in a good mood."

Rubbing his eyes again, he said, "I'm on my way. Don't let him escape and whatever you do, don't try to provoke him." He hanged up the phone and went to get his usual dark clothing on which consisted of some tight pants and a tight short shirt. Not wearing his mask or scarf since he wasn't going to a job, he just placed on his usual dark sunglasses that covered up his eyes nicely. When he finished, the redhead headed out of his home and into his car.

Throughout the whole ride, the man wondered just how the other boy was handling waking up in a night club's private room. He would have smirked if not for always seeing the same reaction from every single person he brought there: scared.

To say he was surprised was an understatement. When he was making his way to the door, the redhead could hear loud noises coming out off the room. Raising one eyebrow, he brought his hand up and knocked. The door opened to show a disheveled looking Renji on the other side, panting as if he just ran a marathon.

"I would ask what happened but that would imply I care. So the boy—"

"Who the hell are you people!"

Cooking his head to side, he said, "It seems the boy really must hate the accommodations we had to offer, oh well. Renji, get out," he said turning his head to the man.

Renji scowled but just left the room, all ready pissed off that his whole attire was a mess, thanks to some lanky nerd. But he did get his revenge as he left him spread open for anyone who wanted to have his way with him; he just hoped his friend would do the honors of doing so. The bespectacled boy really needed someone to knock him down a peg or two.

As Renji left the room, the door closed and the man in sunglasses looked over the boy. "Well, you must have a handful if Renji needed to handcuff your wrists and legs to the bed."

The raven-haired boy glared over to him and he found himself intrigued with how he was reacting. Most people would just quiver in fear at the thought of something happening to them, but this boy didn't show any signs of fear, only rage. He was probably angry at himself for being caught so easily but he could have cared less.

The redhead sat down on the same chair he sat on yesterday. Crossing one leg over the other, he said, "Why so angry?" the reply he received was much unexpected.

"I hate you."

Both his eyebrows shot up and he shifted in his chair. "I don't see why you would but since I did capture you, you must feel very humiliated at the moment, Ishida Uryū."

Uryū's eyes went wide at hearing the man clad in dark attire speak his name. "How do you know my name?"

Not answering at once made Uryū angrier.

"Answer me, damn it!"

"… Your very annoying," Uryū was about to retort something back but the redhead continued. "Here you are in a strange room and all you can think of is "How do you know my name?" that really is idiotic on your part. Maybe if you asked smarter questions like "Why I'm I here" or "Who are you" then I might take you seriously. The fact remains that you're merely a child who's just too stubborn."

Narrowing his eyes over to the redhead, he said, "Fine, who are you and what I'm I doing here?"

Leaning back on his chair, the man propped his elbow up on the armrest leaned his head on it. "My name is not important to you; all you need to know is that you're here because I want to hold you for ransom."

Going over what the man just said, he didn't know whether to laugh or feel bad for him. "Ransom? You think you could earn money from… me…" then somehow it all clicked in his head. Man with a mask, ransom… he's… "You're the masked man who abducts people in return for money!"

Clicking his tongue, he tapped his foot. "Yeah, I think I know what my profession is, Ishida."

"Well, let me tell you now that you won't make anything out of me. Ryūken won't pay off a common thief because of his son's mistake."

"Is that so…"

Uryū felt a shiver go down his spine. "Y-yeah."

"You do know that you're in a night club in were many people sell off their bodies, right?"

And Uryū finally felt at a lost. "Y-you wouldn't."

Shifting in his chair, the redhead looked at the boy through his sunglasses. "And why wouldn't I? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just leave you here and go find some drunk who would pay off to have a couple of minutes with you?"

One reason? Easier said than done, Uryū didn't know anything about the man across from him. For all he knew, this man could be some pervert or maybe someone who has killed many people before. But then he remembered something that he read in the news about the man. "Because you can't hurt someone, at least not intentionally, every time you get paid for having people's kids returned, they usually don't have any bruises except when you have to use force. Like that one boy who had marks around his wrist, you tied him up since you thought he tried to escape or something, right? So then you wouldn't hurt me if I just stayed put." Uryū was relieved that he could come up with something like that seeing as he was a bit nervous in being in front of someone that could easily kill him or do worse things; the man could be unpredictable for all he knew.

"… You really do talk way too much." This made Uryū scowl but he continued, ignoring the look. "But you do have a point, I don't usually use force on someone… unless they make me mad, but seeing as you're a smart boy, I don't have to tell you what to do and what not to do. But," he released an exasperated sigh, "since you think your father won't pay you off then that leaves me in an impasse." Rubbing his temple, he tried to think of something to do with the boy and then it hit him. "Are you good with children?"

"Children?" this was unexpected. Uryū never pegged the redhead to have kids, well, it's not that he's bad looking or anything; he could look hot... if he did something about that personality, of course, but he just couldn't see him as a family man, period. "You have kids?"

The redhead grunted. "No. And don't answer my question with another, it's annoying. Now, are you, or are you not?"

Was Uryū good with kids? He could assume so; he would sometimes visit the children in the hospital and chat with them as well as play with them, so, why not?

"I suppose so…"

Nodding, he stood up. "Fine, if you really are good then you will have no problem in taking care of someone really… precious to me."


The redhead walked over to Uryū and grabbed the keys that were left to unlock the boy from the cuffs. He reached to unlock him but stopped before he could. "You're not going to run or hit me, are you?"

Hell yes. But I need to play it safe; if I win his trust then I might be able to escape. Uryū shook his head and that was all the confirmation the other man needed. He took off the cuffs from his wrists and then moved down to un-cuff his legs. Once Uryū was free, he had half the mind to punch the man in sunglasses but pushed it out off his mind. "Thanks," he mumbled as he stood up and rubbed his wrists.

Not replying back, the man in black walked to the door and gestured for the boy to follow him. "Don't talk to anyone and stay close." That was all the advice he gave as the door opened up to have ear-piercing music ringing in their ears.

Who the hell runs a night club in the morning? But doing as the man said, he stood close by him all the way. When they made to a door, the redhead stopped and turned to face Uryū. He held out his hand for him to take and cautiously, Uryū took it. But when he took it his wrist was cuffed. "What the—!"

"This is for safety reasons." He then used the other part of the cuff to cuff his own wrist as well. Now they were both cuffed together. Uryū looked down at their cuffed wrists and right when he was going to try and pull away from the man, the other quickly pulled him through the door and went to his car. He pushed Uryū through the driver's seat since the bespectacled boy couldn't detach himself. Once Uryū finished grunting and trying to maneuver his body into the passenger's seat, the man in black turned on the car and made a quick reverse, making the car screech, and also making Uryū's body fly forward, hitting the dashboard.


"You should probably wear a seatbelt."

Uryū looked over to him with a glare. "You think?"

He placed on his seatbelt with more mobility since the man clad in black was driving with only one hand on the steering wheel while the other was resting in between their bodies.

Uryū looked around to see where they were going and couldn't stand not knowing anything about his captor. For all he knew, the man next to him could probably be leading him to some old home where he would keep him prisoner. So that's why he decided he needed answers and he needed them now.

"Why are you doing this?" he looked to his side and waited for a response. When he didn't get one he switched to another question.

"Are you going to kill me?"

Unknowing to the bespectacled boy, the man next to him was gritting his teeth at all the questions he was throwing at him. He had half the mind to just punch him and keep him knocked out for the rest of the trip but he decided against that. No sense of hurting someone who would become less obedient later on.

Releasing a sigh, Uryū turned his gaze to his window and looked at the other cars passing by. "Can you at least tell me a name that I can call you?"

Right when he was going to give up on the strange man, he was surprised that he got a response.


Uryū's eyes widen and turned to look over to the man who just spoke up. "Hollow? Why would—"

His hand tightened on the steering wheel due to his patience going down. "That's what the damn press gave me for a name. You asked for a name so I gave you one, now shut up and stop with these questions. Just because I don't have you tied up and tossed in the back of the car doesn't mean you have a freedom to act like we're buddies."

Scoffing at the last sentence, Uryū said, "I know we're not buddies. That would be insulting to the type of people I hang out with."

Holding back his smirk, Hollow retorted, "You have friends?"

Before the sapphire-eyed boy could respond, Hollow's usual scowl deepened. "I know much about you, Ishida, than you think."

Uryū scowled at what he was saying. "What the hell does that mean? Are you trying—"

"Let's see, you are very much antisocial, you don't like your so called father very much for one reason or another, and you tend to distance yourself from people if they try to get too close to you, am I right?"

Clenching his fists so tight until they turned white, Uryū sneered at him, "So, were you stalking me or something! That's called invasion of someone's privacy, you creep!"

Tapping his finger on the wheel, Hollow tried his hardest not to move his gaze from the road to the brat screaming nearly at his ear. "Did I say I stalked you, you ignorant boy. Although, I did have someone do that for me. I tend to find out who I am catching, though," his hand grappled the wheel tight and slid down and then back to its original position, "I never thought that your father wouldn't pay for your rescue. Not like I care, the last thing I want to hear is some sob story from brats."

Narrowing his eyes at Hollow, Uryū got curios and tried to push aside everything else he just said. "I've noticed that you keep calling me "brat" or "boy," what, are you older than me?"

"Way older than an eighteen year old."

Uryū's eyes widen. But, he looks young! He can't possibly be older than thirty, right? "If you're older than me, then how old are you?"

This time, Hollow did smirk. "What, are you worried that I might be too old? Don't worry; I'm still pretty much young. I'm in my twenties. Though, if you're trying to flirt— "

"I am doing no such thing!"

"—then at least try to act a bit more subtle."

Turning his face away from the man now, Uryū scowled out his side window.

Hollow looked from the corner of his eyes and let a small smirk show on his face, before turning his attention back on the road.

"By the way, I'm twenty-five."

When they reached a stop, Hollow turned off his car and kept his stare straight in front of his home. Uryū looked around and then stopped his gaze at the man who was motionless at his side. "Is this your home?"

"Yeah, so do me a favor and don't mess it up." He reached his hand to his pocket and pulled out the key to unlock the handcuffs. When the cuffs came off, Uryū rubbed his wrist while Hollow took the handcuffs and placed them inside his back pocket. "Also, don't think you'll just slouch around, I want you to take care of someone very precious to me in that house, and if you try anything, I'll make sure you lose more than your privacy." He got out of the car and closed the door, never taking his gaze from Uryū.

Uryū got his door open and got out as well. If I want to escape sooner or later, I'll… have to do what he says, for now. "So, someone important lives here with you?" he followed Hollow up to the front door and watched him take out some keys.

"Yeah, so, like I said, don't do anything stupid."

The door was then pushed open and both boys walked into the house. The first thing Uryū noticed was that the whole house was dark, even the shades were closed and he wondered how someone could live in the dark like this. Looking over to the other man, he knew that he wasn't going to turn on some lights or pull back the shades. He liked the way his home was set and Uryū didn't want to ask him about it.


Uryū heard a soft, young girls voice coming from somewhere inside the house. Hollow must have been the one this person meant since he was making his way up the stairs. Not knowing what to expect, Uryū followed him.

Hollow stopped in front of a door and opened it up. Light shown through the opened curtains in the room and he was glad he had his sunglasses on. He looked at the young girl on the bed and walked over to her.

A young looking girl with chestnut colored hair was lying down in a bed and looked to be ill as she kept a smile that she was trying her hardest to keep on her face. She looked so fragile that the smallest touch could crush her, also, her eyes looked tired, as if she wanted to go back to sleep from lack thereof, but, looking at her, she must have had hours of it.


Pushing his glasses up, Uryū stared at the girl. This man is her… brother?

Kneeling beside the bed, Hollow pushed away some strands of hair that fell on her face. "What is it?"

Before she could speak, she noticed a boy with glasses on behind her brother. "Onii-chan, is he your friend?"

He merely nodded, to Uryū's surprise, and said, "He's going to be taking care of you until I can afford a doctor, okay? I know I'm not here for a long time but now you won't feel lonely when I go out to work."

The girl looked from Uryū to her brother and then back to Uryū. "Oh," she smiled at the bespectacled man, "I'm Kurosaki Yuzu, nice to meet you."

Uryū's was once again surprised at how much this girl was different from her brother. "Uh, Ishida Uryū, nice to meet you as well." So, the man's last name is Kurosaki.

Hollow stood up and walked out of the room as he said, "I'll bring you your breakfast."

He hit Uryū's shoulder as he was passing and didn't apologize at all. Uryū brushed off his shoulder as he scowled at how the man was acting.

"I'm sorry about this."

Surprised at hearing the voice of the young girl, he moved his gaze over to Yuzu; Uryū then walked a bit closer to her. "Sorry about what, Kurosaki-san?"

Her gaze turned into a sad one, looking down at her bed sheets. "Onii-chan abducted you, didn't he?" before Uryū could reply, she continued. "I know, so please don't say otherwise. He used to be very nice, but I guess with his need to find me a doctor and try to pay for one, made him turn into this hollow of a shell."

Uryū saw how the young girl's hands began to tremble as she had them clenched around her sheets. Not knowing what to say, he still felt the need to comfort the poor girl, so, he told himself he was doing this for her and not for the sake of the other man. He kneeled down at the bed and reached for one of her trembling hands, placing his on top of it. This got her attention as she looked over to him. "He's probably going through a hard time now, and besides, I'm one of his friends that knows him from some of my friends. I don't know what you're talking about but please try to calm down. The last thing he needs is for you to cry, just believe in him and I promise whatever you're going through will soon be over."

Yuzu looked at Uryū and gave him a smile; Uryū wiped away some tears that were beginning to well up at her eyes and stood back up. "You must be a really good friend to say such nice things about onii-chan. Please keep him in the right track."

Her brother at that moment walked into the room with a plate of breakfast that included some bread and eggs. "Here," he placed the plate on the side table and delivered a small kiss to her forehead before once again leaving the room.

Uryū was confused as to why he just left.

"He's going out to work; at least that's what he says he does every time he leaves."

Looking over to Yuzu, Uryū could see that sad look upon her eyes and that made him angry. How could a brother leave his ill sister any moment he saw fit? He was about to leave the room until something on the bedside table caught his attention. Yuzu had her plate in her lap and followed Uryū's gaze to the side of where she was at. She noticed he was looking at a picture she kept of her sister. "That's Karin-chan, my twin sister. Onii-chan sent her to live with one of his friends and I haven't seen her since. Though, I do get to call her on the weekends."

A sister that was separated from her other sister because of their brother? That's it! Uryū left the room in a hurry and luckily he found Hollow in his room, lying down on the bed. The man noticed the atmosphere change in the room and felt like he was about to have some heart warm speech about his sister or at least something relating towards her.

Uryū remembered to close the door and turned on the lights. Hollow remained unmoving on his bed as he merely followed Uryū's movements with his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses. "I'm guessing you have some problem."

"You damn right I do!" trying to keep his voice low enough so that Yuzu wouldn't hear them. "Why would you separate your sister from her other sister? Are you really that heartless to go to such lengths because of your profession as some kidnapper?"

Not at all fazed by what Uryū said, Hollow moved up on the bed until his back was resting against the headboard. "I didn't send her away. I merely relocated her to one of my friend's home, and in any case, what does it matter to you on how I handle my business? All I'm doing is protecting what's left of my family and securing them—"

"Bullshit! You're only protecting yourself—" Uryū stopped when he was pushed up to the bedroom door. Hollow had him pressed to the door and held him by his throat, glaring at him for ever saying such a thing.

"You know nothing." He hissed with venom. "Do you think money will just land on my door steps? No. I need to make money so that I can find my sister a doctor and have her treated. I've already lost my parents and I'll be damned if I lose her!" Hollow released his hold on Uryū and turned to move towards a window, moving the shades from the window so that he could look outside.

Rubbing his throat and letting out some coughs, Uryū was surprised at how far the man would go to get his point across. But for some reason he felt sympathetic towards him. He said he lost his parents, meaning that he had to look over his two sisters for quite a while all by himself. How could he blame him for falling into desperation and doing what he needed to do to support what little family he had. If he was in the exact position as Hollow was in he would probably do the same thing, but it still couldn't justify that what he was doing was wrong. Kidnapping people with parents with money wasn't right, especially if he needed to send his own sister away to make sure none of them knew what he was doing.

Carefully walking towards Hollow as he stared outside; Uryū stopped a few feet behind him. "Look, I don't think what you're doing is right," Hollow scoffed, "but why don't you try to get a decent job," he saw Hollow move towards the door and opened it up, but even as he walked away, Uryū followed. "You could at least try."

Hollow stopped at his living room and turned around to face the boy that was driving him insane. "'Try,' you don't think I haven't tried that before. I had a life once too, you know. I went to school, just like you, I studied, just like you and above all, I had a family, just like you." Uryū looked to the side at the mention of family and felt his chest tighten. "The only difference between us is that everything around me crumbled and I became a hollow shell of what I once was. I don't need sympathy from you, and I especially don't need to justify myself with you. But if there was one thing I want for you to understand, it's that I'm doing this for her, and everything else…" he walked over to the front door and opened it, "… could go straight to Hell." He went through the door and made sure to lock it, keeping Uryū inside his home with no chance of escape.

Uryū looked at the door and remained where he was, just staring at the door as he knew the other man must have been on the other side of it. He didn't hear any engine start so he just assumed he was out there. Shaking his head, he walked over to a chair and sat down. Many thoughts went through his head but only one stuck. He's lonely and falling into sorrow.

Losing people you most love is tragic but not moving on and doing inane things is worse. The man was suffering, of that he's certain. Uryū also knew that he cares for his sister, keeping an eye on her and keeping her company must be exhausting and more so due to his profession as some kidnapper. He wanted to say that he was going by it the wrong way, that there was another way to handle things, but thinking to how he had made his life… he had a feeling that he wasn't going to give it up just because he said so. But maybe he could try.

Standing up from the chair he was in, Uryū walked over to the door and cautiously knocked on it.


Uryū didn't know what to say to him. At first he wanted to ask him if he could come back inside so that they could talk face to face, but his mouth had a mind of its own. "Would you allow me to remain here and not only watch over your sister but of… you as well?" he didn't know why but he wanted to understand the man and the only way he could do that was if he was near him.

Hollow became frozen on the spot. His mouth slightly parted at the ridiculous offer the boy made him. Why is he doing this? Turning his body so that he was facing the door, he softly and slowly placed a hand on it, unknowing that Uryū did the exact thing and both of them where touching the same place their hands where on, only separated by a door that kept them at a distance, like if they were two worlds apart, close but yet so far away.

Licking his dry lips, Hollow took out his keys and opened the door back up. Uryū was surprised by this as he was leaning on the door for support and felt himself fall forward. He knew he should brace himself for impact on the floor as he closed his eyes, but when he didn't feel the impact and instead felt a strong chest with arms around his waist, shock couldn't even come close to covering how he felt at the moment. When he opened his sapphire eyes back up, Uryū tilted his head up and saw how close he was to the redhead. So close in fact that their lips where merely inches away from coming into contact. Not knowing how to handle the situation at the moment, Hollow gently pushed the boy back and walked through the door enough to close it.

His gaze remained on the dark-haired young man and wondered why he offered such things to a man like him, a man who had nothing good to give but grief and disappointment. "Do you mean it?"

Uryū didn't know what he was talking about until he remembered what he offered the other man a couple of minutes ago. "I'm a man of my word."

Hollow looked off to the side and then back towards him. "You do know that if you agree to this then I will never let you go. Not even if you begged me."

Pushing his glasses up and smirking at the redhead, Uryū replied, "I don't beg, Kurosaki, and I most certainly do not change my mind when it's made up. All I'm waiting is for you to agree."

Crossing his arms over his chest, Hollow got curious as to why he would do such a thing. "What about your life, school, future, you aren't going to just give this all up, are you?"

The bespectacled boy knew what he was doing; he was testing him to see how far he was willing to go to keep his secret as safe as possible and try to see if he really was someone he could confide in, a friend if you will.

But just like the North Star, Uryū would not waver from his decision. "I trust you." And that was all truthfully what he could say at the moment. He did trust the man, he trusted him to know that he wasn't going to live in some hellhole for all his life. He showed that deep down he's still human and like every human, no one is perfect.

Holding his hand out, the redhead said, "Kurosaki Ichigo."

Uryū's eyes widen as he stared at the hand that he wanted him to shake. He then looked up to the covered up eyes and held his own hand out to shake it. "Ishida Uryū. Nice to meet you."

When night came around, Ichigo began to come awake after taking a small three hour nap. Uryū had proved to be a better cook than he had imagined. Rubbing his eyes and fumbling in the dark for his sunglasses, Ichigo stood up from the bed and headed to his sisters room. Opening the door he saw Uryū in a chair next to Yuzu's bed already asleep. The boy must have exhausted himself with keeping her company until she fell asleep which in turn caused him to fall asleep as well.

Walking over to the sleeping boy, Ichigo carefully lifted him up into his arms and carried him to his room. He softly deposited him on his bed and left the room to head into the living room. Looking for his keys that he left near the phone, he picked them up and then made his way out of the house, making sure to lock the door and not making any sound that would disturb the people inside. Once he completed that feat, he made his way to his car and opened the door up, quickly looking from side to side in a paranoid manner; he got inside and began the engine. Pulling out of his home he headed to his usual place.

Parking his car behind the night club, Ichigo exited the car, locking it and then walking over to the back door. Knocking on it, he was then let inside by Renji who was surprised to see him.

"Yo, Ichigo, what brings you here? Did you already place the kid for ransom?"

Walking past Renji as he followed behind him, they both made their way into the club and took a seat near the back area. Ichigo leaned back on his seat, tossing an arm behind it as he lifted the other to get a man's attention. Just looking over to who it was is enough for the man to nod and go get his usual drink.

Renji sat across from him and looked at Ichigo with a worried look. "So, come on, what happened?"

"To answer your first question I didn't place the kid for ransom."


A man came up and placed a drink down in front of Ichigo. Ignoring the look Renji was giving him; he took a sip of the red substance and placed it back down. "Apparently, the boy said that it was a waste since he knows his father wasn't going to pay for his rescue. Some father and son situations or something like that, I don't really care." He waved a hand up in the air in a nonchalant manner.

The tattooed man scratched the back of his neck and said, "Then what are you going to do with him? You're not going to let him go, are you?"

Letting him go wasn't an option anymore, Ichigo came to a conclusion that he wanted to keep Uryū for quite a long time. The only way he would ever think of letting him go was if for some reason something happened to him, then he would make sure that nothing tied him down to Uryū. "Of course not, I decided to keep him around in my home like some servant." It wasn't a complete lie.

Ichigo saw Renji relax and nod his head in understanding. "That's good. Keeping him like some servant is better than killing the poor kid off. Though, I wouldn't mind smacking the brat around for ruining my clothes."

The redhead had to clench his fists in order to stop himself from decking Renji right in front of everyone. No one threatened what was his, even if the person who did it was a long time friend. Uryū would not be insulted behind his back, another word like that and he would make sure to put Renji in his place. "Whatever, anyway, I came here because I need another job. Find me someone who is connected to wealthy folks again, I'm tired of going after small fish that can't even pay enough for my electricity. Ishida was a nice pick with the only flaw of his father being a jackass."

Propping his elbow on the table, Renji laid his head on it. "You know that after each kidnap that you need to lay low for awhile. Also, I can't easily give you a job since some of the higher ups tend to have more security around them, not to mention their kids. Just hang low for awhile and wait until I give you a phone call. Take your mind off of things."

Holding back a sigh, Ichigo knew that he had no choice but to do what Renji recommended. But even so, he still needed to earn money not just for Yuzu's doctor, but also for keeping enough food in the table for three and not just two. Nodding, Ichigo stood up and drank his drink all up in one gulp. "Fine, but you better call me when something comes up." Renji nodded and Ichigo began his walk out of the club.

As Ichigo walked to his car, he wondered how long Uryū would behave like a good boy. He wasn't use to having people other than his sister in his home but strangely, he found himself liking the thought of coming home to someone other than his sister. The redhead never actually dated, nor did he find himself sexually attracted to many females or males, but the mere sight of the small raven-haired boy was enough to get something inside him stimulating. Disgust would have been the first thing that would come to any normal person, but after everything he did, that feeling was nothing more than a word. The only thing he could feel now was very nonexistent. He had lost hope and love the moment he lost his parents. Having to go through and pick up the pieces of his left over family really stressed him out to the point of distress.

Shaking his head, Ichigo started the car and began to make his way back home. And sometimes, he thought to himself if his home was really a home.

Uryū woke to the sound of some engine and as he blinked his eyes open, he looked around his surroundings and noticed that he wasn't in the chair he was sitting in when Yuzu was chatting with him. Sitting up on the bed and pushing his glasses up over his hair to rub his eyes, he heard the front door open. Knowing it must have been Ichigo, Uryū stood up and finally took in the fact that he was sleeping in the redhead's room. Not thinking much of it, he exited the room and walked down the stairs.

When he saw the redhead opening the fridge, he said, "I could make you something, if you want?"

Not evening turning around to acknowledge the boy, Ichigo replied, "I'll eat leftovers."

As Uryū was about to head back up the stairs, he stopped when the redhead called out to him.


Uryū caught what Ichigo tossed at him and realized that it was his bracelet he usually wore. He turned his gaze back to Ichigo but didn't say anything. The man for some reason looked stressed out; he kept rubbing at his neck or either hitting his back as he was waiting for his food to be heated in the microwave. "Do you have anything I can wear so that I can take a shower?"

Ichigo nodded, "There should be some clothes in my closet that should fit you."

Turning to go up the stairs, Uryū walked into the room, turning on the light, and began to rummage through the closet to find clothing that was suitable to his figure. Finding clothes big enough so that he could walk around comfortably, Uryū then headed to a bathroom in the house and locked the door. Stripping himself of his school uniform which consisted of a grey jacket, white buttoned up shirt, a striped tie, and his grey pants to the floor, he merely kicked off his shoes and socks and walked over to the shower. Turning the knob for warm water, Uryū waited for it to be good enough to get in. Once he was satisfied on how it was, he stepped in and felt his muscles instantly relax, like all his problems were washing away from his shoulders.

He tipped his chin up as he closed his eyes and let himself unwind. Honestly, even though he's supposedly 'kidnapped' by some redheaded man, he doesn't see it as that. Usually the kidnappers don't give the leisure to let their victims do as they please, even though he can't go outside, it's still somewhat nice. Also, Ichigo hasn't done anything as of now that would make Uryū want to look for a way to escape. When he offered to give a helping hand to Ichigo, it was more like a spur of the moment, per say. The time he was in his arms when he let himself slip was… nice. Ichigo had a real good grip on his waist that made him know that he was very muscular underneath his clothing. His chest was also very strong and lean, unconsciously, with eyes still shut, Uryū began to run his hands over his chest, teasing his pink nubs of his nipples. No longer being in control of his thoughts, he let himself go and began to wonder if Ichigo was gay. And if he was, has he ever been with a man before, maybe he's bi, he could have been with a woman. Does he bottom or top? Is he a screamer or does he keep quiet as his mouth works on other parts of the body to keep himself from screaming? All these questions were really starting to make Uryū think that maybe the man was more into… older people…

Opening his eyes, Uryū came to sudden conclusion. Ichigo constantly reminds him that he's a "boy" or a "brat" but he never thought that that was something serious. Anyone would call someone names but the way Ichigo said it, it made him more curios if he saw the bespectacled teen as nothing more than that… a boy. Would it seem wrong for the redhead to even have any sort of relationship with someone so younger than him? Not wanting to think of it anymore, Uryū shook his head and looked down to see that he lost his erection due to over thinking too much. Sighing, he quickly finished his bath so that he could forget everything that just transpired a couple of moments ago. Damn, could I really be interested in… Kurosaki Ichigo. An older man who would see me as nothing more than maybe a companion? Ishida, you're so stupid for ever thinking these thoughts! Kurosaki is merely someone who is misunderstood and I'm imagining him as some sexual predator. Besides, Kurosaki is still a criminal in the eyes of the law; I can't let myself fall for these questions and unsure emotions. Kurosaki is just… out of my league…

Uryū has never been in a relationship before, but that was mainly because everyone around him proves time and time again that they are merely idiots who think that failing a class and having poor grades makes them look cool. All in all, he wasn't interested in, well, idiotic children that he didn't find were on his level. He didn't want to waste his time with people that wouldn't be able to go toe to toe with him. His need was to find someone who was smart, kind, strong, and could trust him. The entire student body lacked all these qualities. But with just being with Ichigo for awhile, Uryū has taken notice that he was indeed kind, especially when it comes to his sister, strong, if those muscles say anything, smart, if he was able to catch him without being spotted, and seemed to trust him since Ichigo left him to be by himself while he went to go out. Ichigo was just… different, and he liked that.

Finishing his shower, the raven-haired boy pushed the curtain away and reached for a towel. He cleaned his body dry and then finally ran it through his dark locks to try and dry them up as well. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he stepped out of the shower and began to place on each article of clothing. The pants were a bit loose on his skinny hip bones but he fixed that by pulling the sting and tying it on a knot, the shirt was small but it slightly fell from one shoulder to show his pale collar bone. He simply pulled the shirt down instead and in that little action part of his chest was more showed, sighing, he gave up and decided that was as good as it could get.

Ichigo was still seated in the kitchen table with a clean plate in front of him. He wondered where the raven-haired boy was going to sleep. Certainly not in his room, that room was like his sanctuary, but he also couldn't let him sleep on the floor, Ichigo was a kidnapper not a cold-hearted bastard. Being too caught up in his thoughts, Ichigo didn't notice the pale beauty walk into the kitchen, all cleaned and smelling fresh from the shower he just took.

The bespectacled boy saw that Ichigo was probably in deep thought and just picked up the plate in front of him, but nearly dropped it back down when a hand shot up and grabbed his wrist. "And here I thought you slept upright."

Scowling at the comment, Ichigo released his hand that neatly placed the plate on the table. "No. But you might have to, I never allow people to stay in this house so I don't have the usual accommodations you would be use to."

Uryū quirked an eyebrow up. "So, where do you expect I sleep. My neck still hurts from having slept on that chair for as long as I have."

Rubbing the bridge of his nose, Ichigo had never faced something like this before. Something so… so… normal. "Well, maybe I could allow you to sleep in my bed with me, seeing as it has enough room for two."

Hearing these words from Ichigo made Uryū think back to his thoughts he was having about the redhead. An urge came to him on how much he wanted to ask the redhead some questions, but he bit his tongue and played the conversation to his way. "So, you have no problem with a man sleeping in the same bed as you?"

Ichigo calmly picked up his cup of water, taking a sip he set it back down. "A man, yes. A boy, no."

Uryū wanted to scream at the damn redhead that he wasn't a boy. He was eighteen and old enough to do what he wanted. But it seemed that Ichigo couldn't get him out of that damn category that he was slowly but surely beginning to despise. Pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, he said, "Are you going to shower? Or can I just take your bed while you do… whatever you usually do."

What I usually do? Tch, such a boy. "Ishida, what I usually do is kidnap for ransom, but I'll catch up to you later in the bed. Just don't take all the covers, or I will push you off."

Sending Ichigo a glare, Uryū began his march up the stairs, leaving Ichigo to his own devices.

The redhead looked at Uryū as he left through the dark sunglasses perched up on his face. He couldn't get over how much he somewhat enjoyed company that wasn't work related. Renji was a nice guy and he knew him really well, but the redhead was just a bit... dumb. Ichigo isn't all smart on his behalf but he surely isn't dumb enough to let Uryū dominate him like he did Renji. Uryū was like a piece of chocolate, hard on the outside but soft in the inside. Hm, maybe some white chocolate.

Standing up and moving his plate to the sink so that he could wash it, Ichigo wondered if Uryū liked being here, or would he rather never been taken from his normal life. Shaking his head, Ichigo took those thoughts away, he has worked hard on keeping his emotions bottled up so that he wouldn't regret or let himself be overcome. But Uryū was making it difficult; the boy was everything the redhead wanted as someone to confide in. He felt like he could trust Uryū and never be betrayed, but if he let himself keep thinking these thoughts, then most likely in the end he would fall more than he already has.

Deciding on a shower, Ichigo made his way up to his room to retrieve some sleep wear. The moment he walked in, Uryū was sitting crossed legged on the bed, almost like if he was contemplating something? "Ishida?"

Uryū shifted his gaze from his legs to the man that called out to him. "Can I ask you something?"

"You already did, but sure."

Tch, smartass. "I wanted to ask why you are being so nice."

Ichigo closed the door behind him and made sure to lock it as he kept his gaze on the bespectacled boy. "You call someone kidnapping you nice?" as Uryū was about to respond, Ichigo continued. "Look, although I wouldn't do this for others, I wouldn't peg myself as a 'nice' man." He walked over to his closet and began taking clothes out, Uryū staring at him the whole time. "I'm the worst person you will ever meet," he began taking his shirt off, not wanting to take a shower anymore. "The only reason I have you here is because I had a feeling that you would be… different." Uryū's eyes widen and Ichigo turned away from him as he placed on his night shirt.

Different? Could he possibly be… Uryū stood up from the fairly large bed and made his way over to the undressing Ichigo who was working on getting his pants off. When he finally reached him a couple of feet away, Ichigo had already kicked off his tight pants and was standing still, holding his other pants in his hand. It felt like that night all over again. Both just standing still as the other waited their fate. The only difference was that Uryū had no sense of knocking out the redhead; instead, he slowly reached his hands up to where the front of his face was, taking hold of the sunglasses legs and began to slowly lift them off of his face. When he maneuvered them from around Ichigo's face, he looked down at the sunglasses and soon he had a need to look at the eyes of Ichigo. Uryū never saw him without something covering his eyes and he desperately wanted to see his eyes. That's why when he reached for the sides of Ichigo's face so that he could turn him around; he was surprised at the redhead softly placing his hand over the one on the right side of his cheek.

"Why are you doing this?" Ichigo wanted to know why Uryū would set his eyes on him, someone who has done wrong—who will continue to do wrong. Everything wasn't making sense to him and he wanted to know why the boy was so set on him, a monster.

When Uryū heard those words come out of Ichigo's mouth, he stopped everything and his mind went into overdrive. Why was he doing this? Maybe deep down he wanted to heal this broken man who was done injustice by the world who gave him no chance, or maybe it was because deep down inside him, he wanted to know what it felt like to be cared for, cherished and loved. Either way, Uryū had his answer—even though it wasn't the complete one he was searching for—in a couple of minutes. "Because we have been given a second chance."

And that was all it took for the pants in Ichigo's hand to fall on the ground and turn around to push the raven-haired beauty to the bed. He looked down at Uryū with intense eyes.

Uryū looked into his eyes and he softly gasped. Brown. Like some sweet chocolate hidden behind sorrow.

Ichigo leaned his face down until their noses were touching. "I'm going to make you regret ever meeting me." With that being said, Ichigo devoured Uryū's lips in his own, taking in the pale, soft lips of his captive until he embedded them to his mind. A soft moan escaped Ichigo as Uryū reciprocated his attack with his own mouth, enticing him to keep going as he angled his face so that he could be given the right position to let his tongue come out and enter the depths of his beloved seductress. He knew if he continued this that it would become his undoing, but he already has committed so many wrongs that adding a new scar to bear was nothing, but he would make sure to taint the boy in deep black so that he would never be able to go back to his pure safe heaven. He was going to have his virginity and he would be damned if anything stopped him from completing one of his unerasable sins.

Reaching a hand to the waistband of the pants the raven-haired boy had on; Ichigo began to insert his index finger inside and began to pull the front down. Uryū bucked his hips up and felt Ichigo slowly pushing his pants down until they stopped where his erection was fully hard and proudly pointing up. Their kiss broke so that both could take much needed gulps of air. Brown eyes looked to the erection and with one finger he glided it up the whole length. The bespectacled teen never felt this pleasure in his life, he felt like he was being taken to the sky and was slowly floating in the clouds. Ichigo leaned back and began to push the shirt off of Uryū, wanting to see the complete perfection and everything he could never be. Helping taking the shirt off the bespectacled boy locked eyes with Ichigo and without taking his gaze away, reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it over the orange-spiky hair. Feeling more exposed than he ever was in his life, Ichigo slowly pushed Uryū back onto the bed until he was lying on it. The raven-haired was softly panting and Ichigo didn't want to wait long to finally marred his skin with the soon claw marks that the boy would deliver to him in the heat of the passion.

Removing the glasses from the teen, Ichigo tossed them to the floor to where their pile of clothes was and licked his dry lips as he brought his face in front of Uryū. "If you think I'm going to prep you, then you're sadly mistaken."

And Uryū instantly knew what he meant by that as he carelessly pulled his boxers all the way down his milky, pale legs until they were tossed aside without care. Hurriedly Ichigo also removed his remaining clothing and covered the mouth that was so deliciously begging to be kissed until they were red, and puffy. As soon as he devoured Uryū's lips, he plunged himself inside and entered Heaven. The pathway slowly began to open up to him and he kept his lips over the ones that were ready to scream up to the sky so that someone could hear him, but he wasn't going to let that happen, his screams sole belonged to him and him alone. Uryū felt like he was on the verge of splitting into two but the thought of the other inside him—the wounded man—kept his mind on that and that alone. He wanted something from the redhead and now he finally knew what that was as he slowly opened his eyes the moment he felt water land upon his cheek as it trailed down his own cheek. Ichigo was holding in so much past suffer that finally, in this moment, he was finally letting himself go and became that insecure child he was back when his life was untouched.

Uryū reached a hand up and cupped the side of Ichigo's cheek, swiping away the tear with his thumb as it threatened to come down. Ichigo opened his eyes at the kind gesture and felt himself relax in the presence of this boy, this man, this angel that had his wings ripped off all because of him, so beautiful. "Ichigo," the redhead never heard his name said in so much desire that it made him fall even more, "I finally know why." Ichigo placed close attention to his lips as he continued. "I… I wanted to see you cry, until your tears had run dry from all your pain." I want to see you, the man behind the mask.

And Ichigo let new awaken tears run as he began to rock his hips into the slim ones, making sure hits of his prostate even in his disheveled mess. Uryū wanted to see him, all of him and who was he to disagree. He wanted to take Uryū to new heights of pleasure and when this was all over, he would still be there with his sinful essence coming down and dripping from his thighs. The pain was all but an afterthought as Uryū rocked his own hips up to meet Ichigo's and both felt lost in the sea of overwhelming pleasure, the bed rocking with their movements. Tan hands tightly gripped slim, pale hips that were enthusiastically trying to keep up with his movements, almost like if he was trying to prove that he could hold his own. Uryū wanted this broken man in any way possible because deep down he knew… he was also broken.

Wrapping his arms behind Ichigo's neck, Uryū brought him down to kiss at his lips. The touch of silk against rough lips made his pleasure rise to new heights and soon he could feel he was going to plumage down, but he was going to make sure he would take Ichigo with him. They were both just not designed for the world and the world was not designed for them. The clenching muscles in his abdomen meant a conclusion to their coupling. Uryū brought his legs up and wrapped them around Ichigo's midsection, giving him a new angle to thrust his hips. The moans and the smacking of skin was the only thing infiltrating their ears in the room.

Once Ichigo felt himself about to come, he reached a hand out to grasp Uryū's prick and began to stroke his shaft. Uryū chocked a cry out at the new sensation and could have sworn he saw Heaven as he felt himself come all around himself and Ichigo. The milky fluid also landing on the bed and with one final pump to his prick, Ichigo closed his eyes, tears all dried up, and released his seed into the raven-haired beauty, loving the way Uryū clamped down and tightly held him inside him. All too soon, Ichigo pulled out the moment he felt his cock go limp inside the walls of Uryū. Uryū moaned at the action and saw the redhead look down at him as he braced himself on his knees.

Uryū was softly panting as he reached a hand out for the redhead to take. Ichigo looked at it and slowly took it into his own, getting the feel of how small it was compared to his own large one. The raven-haired boy smiled and brought him down to him, making him lay his head on his sweaty chest. At that moment Ichigo felt himself caught by an angel whose wings were ripped off all because of him, and he was happy it was him who did the initiation.

As both let themselves give in to the world of dreams, Uryū had one final thought. I've brought myself to his level and now I don't want to let him go…

It was unknown whether Ichigo loved him but consequences be damned, he would keep Uryū as long as he saw fit. He belonged to him.

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