Unrequited Love: Part 1

A/N: Hello! I was looking through random pics and there was one where Gokudera was watching Yamamoto laugh and talk with other people with a really sad look on his face. That inspired me to write this Fanfic. This is AU, so like Tsuna never met Reborn, and stayed a loser, and Gokudera just lived in Namimori. He moved there to escape his parents. Possible angst but I'm not quite sure. And yes I know its a little cliché. Anyways on with the story!

Summary: Yamamoto is the popular jock that everyone loves. Gokudera is the bad mouth genius that the girls swoon over but isn't the type to socialize. If one falls for the other but both hide their feelings, can either of them be truly happy?

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Gokudera's POV

I looked up at the math teacher through my bangs. "80-x+s=59 for x= 33 and s=2" I told him. He nodded with an unhappy expression.

My eyes wandered over to the right where Yamamoto was sitting. He had a thoughtful look on his face, but confusion showed as well. It was pretty adorable.

I shoved my face back down into my arms. Had I really just called him adorable? God, I must be loosing it. I swore not to open my heart up to anyone! Damn it!

I buried my face further into my arms. Damn him. It's his fault that this is happening. Opening up to people ends in pain and loneliness. Time doesn't help either. Instead of healing the wounds, it infects them. You have to go out and find your own cure because what people tell you about time is bullshit!

I am seriously fucked up. Not only did I fall for someone after I swore to lock those feelings away, I fell for HIM. The stupid baseball freak that everybody loves and adores. This is just too cliché. I'm the punk, and he's the jock.

There's also the problem that were both guys. He's probably never even looked twice at me. He has over half the female population of the school drooling over him, why would he look twice at me? I smoke, have a bad attitude, and no social life beyond the girls who crowd around me.

Even if he has looked twice me, his eyes were probably full of pity.

Class ended in what seemed like five minutes later. For a few minutes after class I watched Yamamoto talk and joke with his friends. They walked out a few minutes later.

When everyone had left I slowly got up and gathered my things. I walked out of the classroom and headed towards the music room taking care to not cross paths with Hibari. Once at the music room I stopped with my hand upon the door. I closed my eyes for a second then opened them.

I opened the door and walked inside, searching the room for the grand piano. It resided in a corner near the window. Slowly I made my way towards it, almost as if I were afraid. I sat at the bench and lifted the cover off the keys.

My fingers ghosted over the keys. I looked at my hands wondering if they would still play the way they used to. If the melody would be distorted, or out of place coming from my fingertips. Were these really the same hands that had played those sweet tunes and melodies so many years ago?

I felt my eyes sting with tears from the painful memories. I blinked back my tears as I heard someone approaching the room.

I closed the piano lid and rushed out. I walked around aimlessly through the streets. I didn't want to go back to an empty apartment, and walking seemed to help, if only a tiny bit. My stomach growled angrily at me demanding food. I rolled my eyes and clutched my bag tighter.

I spotted a sushi restaurant named Take Sushi.

My stomach growled again and I figured sushi didn't sound half bad right now. It was then that I noticed how late it was. The sky was painted orange and red by the setting sun. I must have been walking for hours. I wonder how I hadn't noticed.

Well all the more reason to eat and go back to my apartment. I still had a report to finish and homework to do...

I quietly strode into the sushi joint and looked around. There were two people behind the sushi bar and one person cleaning the tables. My eyes fell on the one cleaning the tables. He looked somewhat familiar. I caught a glimpse of his face and immediately recognized him.

Yamamoto Takeshi.

As soon as I realized who he was I turned on my heels and walked as swiftly as I could out of the shop.

I wasn't quick enough.

"Gokudera?" a voice called from behind me.

I stopped in my tracks. Frozen.

"It is you!" I could practically hear the smile in his voice.

Slowly I turned to face him, wincing when that damned 1000-watt grin came into view.

"Y-Yamamoto... This is your place?" I willed my voice to stop stuttering, and I put my signature scowl on my face.

"Yup! Me and my old man run the shop. Right! You're here for some sushi right?" without even waiting for a reply he turned towards the sushi bar and called, "Hey Pops! Can I get some sushi for me and my friend?"

I answered out of habit. "Hey! I never agreed to be your friend, baseball freak!"

"Oh? Well then at the very least we're classmates." he said still smiling.

"Che. Baseball idiot. I'm not eating any of your damned sushi. I'm leaving." I turned to the door.

"No wait!" he grabbed my wrist and jerked me around. The skin contact surprised me.

I ripped my hand out of his grasp and stared him down. "What do you want?" I asked stiffly, glaring.

"Just stay for the sushi. It's really good." he said.

I scowled harder. He had a puppy-dog look on his face. It was disgustingly cute. I turned my head away from him a moment and nodded curtly.

He excitedly grabbed my hand again and dragged me over to a table in the corner. He sat across from me and began talking incessantly about some sport or something.

"…and then, whoosh! It came at me so fast! Like zirnnnch! Crazy!" he suddenly looked at me and fell silent. I scowled at him to hide my embarrassment. "Hey, Gokudera. Are you…."

"Food's here!" one of the other workers said loudly. He set three plates of sushi in front of us on the table and told us to enjoy before leaving.

Yamamoto fell silent again a moment before he began eating. Hesitantly I ate as well. To my surprise, the food was actually really good. For the rest of the meal Yamamoto was silent. Not that I mind him being silent.

When I had eaten my fill I tried to pay but was told that any friend of Takashi's was welcome to eat free. So I left.

On my way home I felt an odd presence following me, but I ignored it. I passed a music store I often frequented and stopped in to look at the pianos. They had more keyboards than real pianos, but a beautiful grand piano sat in the back corner.

For the second time that day I sat on the bench of a piano and traced the keys with my heavily ringed fingers. The woman who ran the store came up behind me.

"You know young man, I see you here allot but all you ever do is sit at this piano and stare off into space. Do you know how to play?" she asked.

I nodded mutely, and she said, "Really? That's wonderful! I rarely get any customers who know their way around a real piano like this one. Would you please play something for me?"

I froze a second. "What day is it?" I asked. "September 5th, why?" (yay, my birthday! XD)

I turned to face her for the first time. "How about I come back in four days and play you something then?" She looked surprised for a moment. Then she smiled kindly and said, "Okay!"

She skipped away happily. After a few more minutes of staring at the keys I finally stood and walked out waving to the owner as I passed.

I got outside the store and felt that odd presence again. I still couldn't pinpoint it so I moved on. I walked silently through the dark streets, marveling how people seemed to forsake the streets as soon as it got dark. My apartment slowly appeared through the stillness.

It took me a moment to unlock my door and get inside. I worked well into the night on my homework and report. When I deemed my progress passable I silently dressed for bed and slept.

A strange dream plagued me in the hours of unconsciousness, but I couldn't remember it as soon as I awoke. I merely knew it scared me, for I woke to the sound of my own screams. Sunlight poured in from my window. Never would I have thought that this would start a horrible day.

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